The Cottage in The Woods

The story of a young boy who has been alone his whole life. He lives in a small cottage in the woods. One day, a local girl named Misty falls into his life.

This story shows how their lives become linked and intertwined together.


1. The Man With The Beard

The bristles on his chin waved to the branches and the branches returned the polite gesture. It was a cold autumn day and the trees were bare. He stepped inside of his little cottage. The ringing bawling of a baby bounced around the tightly enclosing walls. "Shh little one," he whispered. "Your mother will be home soon."

The loud cries slowly reduced into a soft gurgle, and then into a silent snore drifting into the fluffy clouds of heaven. Happy with his words, yet disappointed with his lies, the old man sat down in his chair and drifted off to sleep.

He was awoken by a leaf that had flown through the window and landed on his lap. Half-consciously he brushed it aside with his left hand, only to find it replaced by another leaf. This leaf was bigger than its predecessor, and stirred the old man. Yet again, he casually brushed it away. The leaf was brushed in the baby's direction. It fell into his small cot. As the baby held the leaf, its colour turned into a bright, healthy green. The boy had restored the dead foliage back to life.

Amazed at the child's fantastic miracle, he took the boy to an old tree, in the vicinity of the hut. As the child was lifted nearer to the dead oak, his young face smiled. He reached out to touch the bark. As his tiny hands made contact with the dry outer layer of the tree, an amazing change appeared infront of the old man's eyes. The tree suddenly seemed fresher, newer. It grew new leaves, and the moss on its bark retreated.

He had healed the tree.

The old man took the boy back to the cottage to write up the events that had just taken place in his presence. The small boy started to cry again. Once more the old man whispered to the boy. "Shh little one. Your mother will be home soon."

 He was wrong. The old man was my grandfather. The small boy was me. And this is the story of the cottage in the woods.

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