The Cottage in The Woods

The story of a young boy who has been alone his whole life. He lives in a small cottage in the woods. One day, a local girl named Misty falls into his life.

This story shows how their lives become linked and intertwined together.


2. Chirping Birds

I was awoken by a soft fluttering of wings, as a bird flew through my window and landed on the foot of my bed. It sang its little happy tune, and then went on its way. I watched it swoop out, diving in-between the branches of the old oak.

I shifted my body to an upright position, and allowed the light breeze to tickle my hair back. Happily, I watched the leaves dance in the wind, and play like little children. Still in my bed clothes, I stepped out of my door, and let the light from the morning sun bathe my body. I stepped over my grandfather's grave, and walked out towards the old oak. I perched myself on a lonely root, the finger or the tree's stump. As I sat, a collective group of assorted wildlife gathered before me. Birds, rabbits, foxes, and smaller animals like spiders and butterflies. They all seemed to be calling to each other. Yet, they were looking at me. I concentrated - hard - and slowly, I deciphered their language.

I opened my mouth, and spoke to them.

I was only five then. A five year old orphan, living all on his own in a small shack. I was eating the food the animals ate, drinking out of the stream the animals drank out of, and playing in the playground that was my woods. The animals taught me all I needed to know.

Sometimes, in the distance, I would hear noises from the nearby town. I would hear engines, and shouting, and people. I never went near the town. It scared me.

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