Life changed forever ( sequel to 'Love me')

this is a book about when Rory and Louis go on holiday with One Direction, then all of a sudden their life's changed forever by Mother Nature Herself.
I would recommend you reading 'Love me' before you read this if you haven't read it all ready !

~~~ MORGAN x = )


7. The 18th of July part 3



I woke up gasping for air.

I sat up and it hit me.

I looked around.

I couldn't believe it.

I was still looking around and then it hit me.


I looked down and saw myself I was covered in cuts and I was dirty.

I had this searing pain from behind my ear to my neck. I dared not to touch it.

I stood up ignoring the pain coming from all over my body and started to look for the biggest tree. the water has died down and its just like knee deep at some parts, but VERY messy and muddy ! everywhere I looked there was just rubble and occasional dead bodies. (A/N I just wanna say a little prayer for all those people who have lost their lives in any natural disaster and for their families R.I.P ) and there were tons of trees knocked down.

I saw one in the distance and walked- no limped to the tree and used all my effort to climb it and sat on a branch.

all I had to do now is wait until someone came and found me.

I was looking about I still couldn't believe it. I hugged my legs and started to silently cry, that soon turned into violent sobbing.

I couldn't stop thinking about Liam, Harry, Zayn Niall, Louis..... and..... and Rory. she was my best friend, I could tell here everything, she is probably dead .

I looked up and I could see a tiny Zayn in the distance walking towards my direction.

"ZAYN !!!!!!! OVER HERE IN THE TREE, ZAYN !!!!!" I shouted waving my arms about like mad.

a moment later and he noticed me and cane running to the tree, I quickly climbed down the tree.

This so far was the highlight of my day. I ran to Zayn and I was sooo happy to see him!!

we both hugged each other in excitement. we were in the middle of a hug an he pulled away and grabbed my two cheeks and smashed his lips into mine. I started to kiss back. the kiss was a long and passionate kiss. we eventually pulled away breathing heavily and I just looked into his dark chocolate brown eyes and Zayn looked into mine. "I am sorry Gemma....I just have always wanted to do that...... I don't  know if you feel the same way.....but ... I like you Gemma " Zayn said blushing I smiled

"me too I have always like you too " I was staring to blush too. I completely ignored all of the pain in my body.

"we should try and find other people" I said to Zayn.

"yeh okay..... lets go that way" Zayn said pointing in a direction. we started to walk about to try and find people.









am I dead ?

am I alive?

I don't know

"Rory wake up, wake up..........p-p- please "  I could hear that Irish accent I will never forget. I slowly open my eyes to the sun blinding me. I turn my head to see Niall with his head in his hands crying. I reached my hand out to grab his bare foot. Niall looked up relived. "Omg Rory, I thought, were dead " Niall said engulfing me in a hug.

"aaahh" I groaned. I could feel intense pain all over my body. Niall was always like a big brother to me.

"oh, oh, sorry ! " Niall replied and let me go gently. I sat up and look around me.


LOUIS !!! I remembered about Louis. I put my hand over my mouth and started crying loudly.

I looked down and saw a big wound on my stomach. I actually think I passed out because the last thing I remember was getting tossed and turned violently and,......and.......and............l let go.

I started crying even harder.

"h-have you seen anyone else ?" I asked Niall. Niall seemed like he was about to cry.

"n-n-no your the first person I have seen since the tsunami. Niall replied.

"w-we should climb a tree or something just in case another wave comes." Niall said I could tell he was really scared.

"y-yeh your right, can you give me a help up please ?" I got up and we walked to the nearest tree, we climbed. a while later  I was looking off in the distance when I heard Niall behind me doing something. I turned around to see Niall climbing down the tree.

"Niall what are you doing ?"I asked

"I saw a mini fridge over there I am going to see if there is food in it "

"be careful, Niall"

"yeh Rory"

"I am so sorry when I screamed at you this morning, I didn't mean it, I like just woke up-and you know how I am when I just wake up in the mornings"

"that's okay you were right though."

I watched as Niall walked to where he was going and looked in the min-fridge and by the looks of it there was food in it because he jumped up and down.

a few minutes later Niall came back with the food and it turns out there was 2 sandwiches,3 cokes and like 5 chocolates

"I am starving but we need to make this last" I said, you could practically hear my stomach growl like a mile away.

It soon turned dark. all me and Niall did was either talk or sit in silence.

I really do wish everyone is alright.

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