Life changed forever ( sequel to 'Love me')

this is a book about when Rory and Louis go on holiday with One Direction, then all of a sudden their life's changed forever by Mother Nature Herself.
I would recommend you reading 'Love me' before you read this if you haven't read it all ready !

~~~ MORGAN x = )



I woke up to a light breeze on my face and no Louis in bed. I looked at the clock it was half ten, I got up and smelt some bacon and eggs. "MMMMMMMMMMM smells soooooooo good "I said as I walked into the kitchen .

 "I was wondering when you would get up ?" Louis said and kissed me on the cheek . I sat at the bar thingy that connected the living room to the kitchen ."here you go my Queen " Louis said placing the plate of bacon and fried egg in front of me. I ate a bit of bacon and felt something come up. I ran to the bathroom and was sick in the toilet." are you all right Rory ?" Louis asked from the kitchen.

"yeh I'm fine " I said walking back to my breakfast. I knew why I was sick. I was pregnant. I was only like 3 weeks pregnant and you couldn't tell that I was pregnant though. I was planning on telling Louis either later on today or tomorrow. "I think you have a bug or something you have been sick a few times in the last week or so." Lou said I could tell he did not have a Scooby doo that he thinks I am pregnant. Just then the boys walked in "WHERE IS THE FOOD! I CAN SMELL FOOD" I hear Niall shout. I laughed to myself quietly.

"IN THE BATHROOM WHERE ELS WOULD IT BE HMMMM I DONT KNOW IN THE KITHCEN WHERE YOU COOK IT MABEY ?" Louis shouted back to Niall. As then they walked in and Niall took a bit of my bacon.

"YOU DID NOT JUST TAKE A BIT OF MY BACKON!?" I said standing up so I was looking in Niall's eyes. Niall had a huge smirk on his face.Okay, okay I get over sensitive about my bacon sometimes, I LOVE BACON !! "OHHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU DID NOT JUST TAKE A BIT OF RORY'S BACON!" Zayn said back "WELL NOW NIALLS GONNA GET IT !!!" I gave Niall a evil look and he started to run and I chased after him trying to slap and punched  him playfully .



"what are we going to do today?" Liam asked as he took a carton of orange juice out of the fridge and poured himself a glass."I don't know and who said you could get some of my orange juice?" I said. I had went to the shop earlier this morning. "we don't have any food." Liam said. "well get your own." I said  back to Liam. Now Zayn and Harry have placed themselves on the couches. " I don't know. How about we go to the pool ?" I said to Harry, Zayn and Liam

"WHOOOOOOOOO THE POOL !!!!" Rory shouted as her and Niall walked into the room.

"Okay the pool it is" Harry said getting up from the couch.

""were gonna go and get ready " Liam said getting up and walked out of the front door. Niall, Harry and Zayn followed him out the door too.

"Okay lets go and get ready " Rory said gesturing towards our room.





When I got into our room I close the curtains and looked in my suit-case I got out my pink and white polka-dot bikini and flung it on the bed. I then went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I got out of the bathroom and took my pyjama top off and put my bikini top on and then took my pyjama bottoms off and put on my bikini bottoms on and. I put my hair up quickly in a messy bun and I then put my flip-flops on and got my bag with my book, sunglasses, sunscreen and towel in it and me and Lou were ready and we opened the door. and found the boys outside the door "ready to go ?" Zayn said

"Yeh lets go " I said we started to walk to the pool that wasn't that far from our house's I was holding Louis hand as we walked.






I am sooooooo sorry if you are a vegetarian in this but if you are pretend the bacon was something else . sozzy if I offended you I did not mean too !!!! xxx


~~~ MORGAN xxx = ) 

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