Life changed forever ( sequel to 'Love me')

this is a book about when Rory and Louis go on holiday with One Direction, then all of a sudden their life's changed forever by Mother Nature Herself.
I would recommend you reading 'Love me' before you read this if you haven't read it all ready !

~~~ MORGAN x = )


4. Telling him


After we had fun in the pool me and the boys had to go change for lunch. I wore a pink and maxi dress with black sandals and black over-the-shoulder handbag with my hair curly and my sunglasses.

***AT LUNCH***

"Is that all, what drinks would you like ?" the waitress said, we had just been seated at the resorts restaurant

"6 beers ?" harry said looking around to see if every one agreed. Oh shit I cant drink cause I am pregnant and the boys would think that I am unwell or something for me not to have a beer "5 beers and a mango smoothie please " I said back to the waitress. "okay I'll be back with that in a moment" the waitress said and walked away. the boys just stared at me like I was seriously ill "are you okay Rory?, you never turn down and offer for beer " Liam said a bit concerned looking. All the boys looked a bit concerned. shall I tell all of them the now that I am pregnant? shall I just slip it into the conversation and see if anyone notices? "seriously Rory what's wrong  ?" Lou said to me. " oh, oh, yeh I'm fine I'm just pregnant" I said looking at the table I hoped nobody heard me say I pregnant, but of course they did hear me. I looked up to see and hear all the boys celebrating and congratulating me all except Louis, he just sat there looking at the bare table I could see a tear fall down his . Louis got up and ran out side. I got up and went after him . I walked out the doors of the place to see him next to them on the ground with his head in his hands. I bent down next to him and sat on the ground. Louis looked up "am I the father?" he said looking at me with a little smile

"yes you are the father, and you'll be the best" I said back. could see his smile grow bigger. Louis grabbed my two cheeks and kissed me. I let go and hugged him I was now crying too.  "let's go back inside"  I said getting up from the ground and started to walk back inside.



as I heard Rory say that she was pregnant  I just looked down at the table trying to believe what Rory just  said. I couldn't tack it anymore. I got out of my seat and walked out the restaurant and sat beside the door on the ground. I just knew I was the father. Unless Rory cheated on me, but I know she would never do that.

I heard Rory come out of the restaurant and sit beside me on the ground I looked up  "am I the father ?" I asked Rory  "yes you are the father ,and you'll be the best" Rory replied back to me and as I heard those words I smiled. I couldn't believe this but I had to. I then grabbed Rory's cheeks and kissed her. Rory let go  and I could see her crying with happiness. "let's go back inside " Rory said getting up from the ground and she then started to walk back inside and I got up and followed her. As we  got back to the table I could see and hear the rest of the boys discussing baby names. as me and Rory sat down our drinks came I took  my beer and sipped on that. after about 5minutes of talking our food came and eyed the big burger I had ordered and it smelt absolutely amazing



~~~~~~~~~~SKIP EATING LUNCH !~~~~~~~~~~

We paid for our food and left. we decided to just hang about the boys' house thingy. we just watched movies that were in Thai and we did not even understand a thing they said so we started to take the micky-mouse (yes, yes instead of me saying taking the mick ectra I say taking the micky- mouse ?!) and to say what ever they looked like they were saying. "MMMMMMM this jobby tastes like a banana" Harry said in a little high-pitched voice. we all burst out laughing after we started to calm down "OH BABY DON'T YOU STOP!.........LIKIN'N THIS WINDOW" Niall said out of nowhere like a sassy middle aged lady (if that makes sense??) . we burst out laughing at Niall's statement. we just decided to turn off the movie and we all helped to make dinner and Lou insisted me just to sit and watch T.V and I did cause I couldn't be bothered to make dinner............... SCORE !!!  


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