Life changed forever ( sequel to 'Love me')

this is a book about when Rory and Louis go on holiday with One Direction, then all of a sudden their life's changed forever by Mother Nature Herself.
I would recommend you reading 'Love me' before you read this if you haven't read it all ready !

~~~ MORGAN x = )







As we got to the pool we found 6 sunbeds in a row in front of the pool. I put my bag on the ground and sat on the sunbed I started to put on some sunscreen. I have always burned easily so I had to be careful about how much time I spend in the sun. Louis had disappeared and the boys too. I was the only one here except families and couples next to the pool . After I put the sunscreen on I started to read my book and then I got hit playfully in the head by Louis. I looked up too see Louis and the boys behind him

"OWWWW... THAT HURT !!!!"I said playfully, it didn't actually hurt but that was like one of the things you say as a reflex sorta thing

"I am sorry but we did go and get inflatables to put in the pool and I got you a ring" Louis said with a sile planted on his face and as he said it he held up a pink inflatable ring (that was already inflated ). I put the book back in my bag and got up and grabbed the inflatable ring and hit Lou in the head with it "OWWWWWWW, WHAT WAS THAT FOR ??" Louis said holding his head as if I just smacked a chair against his head "HA GOT YOU BACK !" I said to Louis. then I put the ring on the ground and lay back on the sunbed and closed my eyes. As then I felt like I was getting lifted up by the hands and legs. I looked up to see that Harry, Zayn, Liam and Niall lifting me up by the ankles and arms "WHAT ARE YOU DOING !?!?!?!?!?!?" I shouted. I was being carried I tried to wriggle free but that was useless. "PUT ME DOWN NOW !!!!!!!!!" I screamed.

" CHUCK ER IN LADS " Louis said pointing to the pool

"NO NO NO NO PUT ME DOWN !!!!" I screamed as I said that I was trying to wriggle free but it was still no use. Then I felt me rocking back and forth. I knew it I  was going to be chucked into the pool. I close my eyes and held my breath. I could feel the hands let go of me, I was currently in the air and then I felt a sudden hit of water  on my back. I swam back to the top to get my breath and revenge.

"I AM GOING TO GET YOU TOMLINSON " I gave Lou and evil look. and charged towards him sadly for him he is standing next to the pool. hehehe. as I was running I pushed Lou into the pool. ahaha it was funny as. "NOW TO GET YOU GUYS BACK" I turned  around to see 4 boys running away from me I just didn't bother right now but I WILL get them back. I grabbed my inflated ring and got in the pool with Louis. Louis had a huge grin on his face because of what he had done to me. about ten minutes passed and we saw the boys come back and join us in the pool. me and Lou played there for a few more minutes and went out of the pool and sat on the sun beds.

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