Soccer Styles (Not famous,14+) ~finished~

The name is Spencer. Spencer Moore. I'm 17 and soccer is my life. Our coach says we all need to work our hardest. We all need some motivation. I got an injury and found my motivation. This friend will help me through my career with some benefits along the way.


2. t w o

Spencer POV

"Would you like to get started?" He smirked me me.

I nodded,  "Yeah. What do you want to work on?" He ignored my question and led me to the workout room. He opened the glass door and motioned me to go in.

"Your going to run." He teased me. But litle did her know, I loved running. Carter and I were on the track team in grade school. 

I pluged my headphones into my ear and put it on shuffle. 'Mean' by Taylor Swift played first. I paused it and took one ear plug out. Harry smiled at me, and said "Put the speed on 10, and run for 5 miles."

"Speed 10 and 5 miles! Jeez, Harry."

He smirked again. "What is that to much for you?" He crossed his arms around his chest. I could tell he liked me. 

"Not at all." I let the words roll off of my tounge.

I pluggd the earphones in and listened to my music for a while. I was on mile 2 when Harry stopped me. 

"Your good for now. Some girl named um, Carly wanted to see you?"

I corected him, "Carter?"

"Oh yeah. She's right outside." I walked past him and he high fived me on the way out.

I ran to her and hugged her, "Hey. How long was I out?" 

"Uh, about an hour." She guessed.

I was in pure shock, "An hour? What the hell happened?"

"Well," she started. "You went to take the shot and on your way back, Eve threw a ball at you." 

"A soccer ball. And I passed out?" 

She chuckled, "No a medicine ball."

I was in total disbelief. "She's only jelous of us."

She hugged me again, "No doubt."

Harry interupted us, "Can Spencer geet back to her training?" Carter, nudged my soulder and looked at me all flirty. 

"Of course, sorry to interupt you, uh"

"Harry." I butted in. 

"Harry." Carter finished before walking off. "I'll text you, Spence." 

She then alked out and returned to our cabin.

Harry POV

Spencer and I got back to our training. "Do we have to run?" She questioned me.

I laughed at me and put my arm around her. She quickly retailiated, then just let me leave my arm there. "I guess we don't have to run, but Lou is expecting me to give you a workout."

She groaned, "Fine. lets work on shooting. Long distance."

I smiled at her, and raised my eyebrow. "My favourite. Lets get to work."

We went back in the workout rom and she grabbed her red soccer bag with 'Spencer' written in pefect cursive across it. She grabbed her phone out of it and checked the time, "I have until 5." She warned.

"Fine with me. I'll see you back here tomorrow. 6am, sharp." 

Her mouth dropped at made an 'O'. "6am? Realy Harry?" I chuckled at her, "Yes 6am. Be there."

She then let up, knowing I wasn't going to change my mind. We grabbed about 10 soccer balls and set them out on the half field line. "Shoot." 

She smirked at me and backed up a few feet and blasted all 10 in the net and made all as well.

"Nice job, and go get in the showers." I ordered of her.

"OK, bye Harry. I'll see you tomorrow at 6am." She reminded me like I would forget a day with her. 

We hugged and went off in different directions.

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