Soccer Styles (Not famous,14+) ~finished~

The name is Spencer. Spencer Moore. I'm 17 and soccer is my life. Our coach says we all need to work our hardest. We all need some motivation. I got an injury and found my motivation. This friend will help me through my career with some benefits along the way.


22. t w e n t y - o n e

I prepared myself for the concert with a shower. Afterwards, I wrapped the blue towel around my body and washed my face. I got dressed, a pair of bright red high-waisted shorts, and a 'Mrs.Styles.' shirt. Did I like Harry? Depends. Friend? Yes. Boyfriend? No. It was just a joke. I blow dried my newly dyed aburn- redish hair, leaving it puffy-looking. I plugged in my flat iron, putting it on 370 degrees. I sprayed heat protecter generously all over my hair, making sure not to burn it before I actually straightened my hair. Running the hot device along my hair making it stick straight, weirdly made me feel good about myself. After I unplugged my straightner, I took my brush and brushed my hair out, giving it a more' lay back' look. I did my makeup really carefully and with precision. Firstly, I put on some concealer and foundation. Using my NAKEDpallete2 by MAC. I used the colours, busted, bootycall and smug all over my eyes, but making sure not to look like a hooker, I blended it out taking away the harsh lines, leaving it kind of modest if you ask me, with just a little flair. I winged out my eyeliner, and put on my mascara. Cat eye Colossal & Mega Plush, by Maybelline New York. Finishing my look off with a pair of red Keds, with white polka dots from the Taylor Swift line. To be honest, I thought I looked nice. 

Carter POV

I had gotten a shower the night before, so I skipped that. I put some concealer and foundation all over my face, making sure not to look to 'caked'. I took some eyeliner, cat eye style and some mascara. My favourite was the Falsies by Maybelline. I curled my eyelashes a few times, before I was satisfied. I put on a pair of black leggings and a 'Take Me Home' T shirt. I tucked just the front of the T, called the Tennessee tuck. I put on my grey TOMS. I did my hair like I usually do: A French braid across my head bobby pined underneath some other hair. I straightened the rest of, brushing it out afterwards. I brushed my teeth and called Spencer. 

"Hey, you ready?"

"Yeah, I'll be at your house in 5." She sounded so depressed to be going. 

"Oh kay. Thanks."

She muttered a no problem and hung up.

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