Soccer Styles (Not famous,14+) ~finished~

The name is Spencer. Spencer Moore. I'm 17 and soccer is my life. Our coach says we all need to work our hardest. We all need some motivation. I got an injury and found my motivation. This friend will help me through my career with some benefits along the way.


3. t h r e e

Harry POV

I couldn't wait to see Spencer tomorrow. She would look so hot, sweating in the morning sun. I let out a slight groan thinking about her. I walked to my cabin, and opened the door. I was so happy, I got a cabin all to myself. My phone buzzed


--Who's this?xx


I chuckled, I forgot she had my nymber.

--I didn't work you out to hard today? Did I?xx

-Not at all! I had fun with you today(: I can't wait for tomorrow.

This couldn't have been her. I knew she didn't like me.

--Uhm, is this Spencer?xx

-Yah. Who else would it be, Carter is asleep.

--Oh. I didn;t think you like me. That's all.xx

-I never said that, did I? And plus, like you, hate you, love you. I have to train with you Lou said.

--True, you can't get away from me!xx

-I don't want to. Well, I'm going to sleep. Mr. six the fuck am. Jeez, Harry!

I laughed. 

--Goodnight, love. Stay beautiful.xx

-Night, Styles.


I threw my phone on my bed, and garbbed a pair of boxers and a T-shirt. I hopped in the shower and started singing 'I knew you were trouble' after a while I realized I was a guy. "Ew, I'd never date Taylor Swift." I laughed aloud. (SORRY MARIA)  I got out of the shower and got dressed. I heard a knock on my cabin, and put pants on before I opened it.

"Hey Harry. How did Spencer to today?" Lou said being his loud self.

I nodded, "She did really good." I assured him.

"No club soccer, right?" 

I laughed again, "No Lou. Really she was perfect. Did everything I said."

He nodded, "OK. I want you to work with her tomorrow, too." 

I was kind of relieved he said that considering I already invited her.

I said OK, and shook his hand before he took off to his cabin. I decided to go to sleep, I had an exciting day tomorrow.

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