Soccer Styles (Not famous,14+) ~finished~

The name is Spencer. Spencer Moore. I'm 17 and soccer is my life. Our coach says we all need to work our hardest. We all need some motivation. I got an injury and found my motivation. This friend will help me through my career with some benefits along the way.


5. f i v e

Spencer POV

I hopped away from Harry and jogged to the field. I set up about 10 balls and waited for him. "I need a whistle."

He laughed, "Oh yeah *BLOW* go."

I got right on it and started to kick all of them in. "Set 'em up again" I did and them we ran a bit after that.

Harry POV

It was starting to get later, "So" I poked her stomach

She chuckled, "What?" 

"Are you excited for tomorrow?"

"Yeah, really." She started to blush, as did I.

I looked at her, perfect brown orbs, glistening body, perfect teeth, and lost control. I leaned in and kissed her. To my shock she kissed back. It was passionate, and sweet. 

"What the hell is going on here?!" Lou screamed. We quickly pulled away, and she stood up. 

"Nothing, I swear it's not what it looks like!" She panicked and looked back at me mentally asking for an explanation. 

"Yeah, it was nothing." I said.

"By the way you two were sucking face, it doesn't seem like nothing. Are you dating?"

"No-" Spencer, chanted but I cut her off,

"Spenc, we don't have to lie, just tell him. Yes, we are dating." After that I mentally face-palmed myself.

"Yeah. Sorry we didn't tell you sooner, Lou." She apoligized. 

He became serious, "Just use protection." 


"Just kidding guys. Chill!"

Spencer and I fake laughed.


Spencer POV

It was so awkward. After Lou left Harry and I hugged and waved goodbye.

I went back to my cabin, Carter wasn't there. I decided to get in the shower to clear my head. I turned on the shower and stripped. About 2 minutes into my shower I hear a knock. "Shit!" I scream, "I'll be out in a minute!" 

I wrapped the towel around my  body and ran out of the shower. 'Oh, I guess Carter forgot her key or something' I thought. 


I opened the door and Harry was standing there looking at me. "Harry!" I screamed, 

"Sorry." He smirked.

"Come on in, I guess."

He walked in my cabin and sat on my bed, "Was I interrupting something?" 

I playfully smacked his arm, "I was in the shower."

"No?" He laughed,

"Shut up Harry. Oh, and about tomorrow, I don't think we should go."

His face went white, "Why?"

"I have nothing nice to wear. This is soccer camp. I only have sports bras, T shirts, and baggy shorts."

I put his finger in the air, "Good point."

"Now, Harry. I'll call you later, I would like to return to my shower."

He smiled and left, "By Spenc."

I went back into my bathroom and continued my shower.


--You can come back if you want. I texted him.

-I'll be there in a minute.xx 

--Ok, you'll get to finally meet my roommate and best friend(:


-I already did. Didn't I?xx

--Yeah, but not officially.

-Yeah, I guess. I'll be over in a bit. I have suprise for you.xx

--And what would that be?

-If I told you, would that be a suprise?xx

--I guess. come over quickly!

He was over in minutes with a big gold box. "Here ya go, Spenc."

He handed me the large box, "What's this?" I ask in awe. 

"Go find out." He smirked as did I.

I opened the large gold box to reveal a beautiful black and gold dress. I pulled it from the box and admired the dress, ending about and inch above the knee, and the one shoulder with ruffles on it. 

"Harry. I-I, Whats this for?"

"Our date." I got up and hugged him, 

"Thanks. Your so cute!"

He ruffled his hair and flipped it to the side, "Go try it on!" 

He also handed me a pair of black pumps and a strapless bra.


I came out with the dress on, and he wasn't there, but instead a note.

Had to go, but I'm sure you look fabulous. Call me later. -Harry.xx

I smiled, and just looked at myself before Carter came in.

"Oh lala. What do we have here?"

I smiled and held the note closer to me, "I have a date tomorrow."

Her eyes lit up, "With who?!"

"Harry." I smiled at those words, "Yeah Harry." I repeated. 

"Congarts girl! Oh, and if you don't mind Jake is coming over for a bit."

I shook my head, "Sure go ahead."

Jake. Jake Reese, Carter's boyfriend. She was so lucky to have him, every girl in the camp is in love with him! That's why Eve hates us so much, Carter stole her boyfriend. Just seconds later Jake walked in. 

"Hey Spencer." He greeted me with a hug. 

Carter grabbed him and backed him up, "don't damage the dress." She joked before pulling him into a hug of her own, then shoving her tongue in his mouth.

I laughed to myself, "How ya doin' Jake."

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