Soccer Styles (Not famous,14+) ~finished~

The name is Spencer. Spencer Moore. I'm 17 and soccer is my life. Our coach says we all need to work our hardest. We all need some motivation. I got an injury and found my motivation. This friend will help me through my career with some benefits along the way.


18. e i g h t e e n

Carter POV

Spencer and I sit on the chair in our flat, looking at Harry and Jake talking outside as the small drizzle began to turn into rain. They jogged toward the house, but stopped at the door and stood under the awning. You could her them talking, but not words, just mumbles. About 2 minutes later hey walked in. Harry's hands in his pants, looking down.

"I think, we'll leave you guys alone to talk it out." Jake suggested.


Spencer POV

"What do you want, Harry?"

He smirked, "I know you're address now."

"Harry, stop. I'm serious. What do you want?" He sighed and shrugged.

"You." I laughed mockingly.

"Ok......" He nodded his head and stepped closer to me. Our bodies were touching and I breathed deeply at is touch.

"I do. I cried for an hour straight when you left. I didn't know what to do. I....I love you, Spence." I shook my head and held back my tears. That' not true. No one can love me.

"No you don't. You think that." He smirked and leaned closer. I tried my hardest not to kiss him but that didn't work. I stood on my toes and pecked him quickly. He smiled and leaned in farther. I held my hands on his chest.

"I think you should go." He sighed and kissed my lips. I tried to push him off, but let him stay. I kissed back for a short  amount of time before he left my lips.

"Bye Spence," he whispered while his warm breath danced against my neck that broke out in goose bumps. "I'll always love you."

He was gone....forever. He wouldn't ever come back. He could become famous, but I didn't care about that. I just wanted him with me at all times.

I sat down on the hardwood floor and cried. Cried my heart out. Every feeling for him dripped out and evaporated into the air. He left. Gone..never coming back.

****two years later****

I sat down on my couch with a bowl of ben & jerry's ice cream. Why did I have such an obsession with ice cream? I switched on the TV and surprise, surprise guess what came on? One. Direction. There he was, sitting there with that stupid smirk and perfect curls and everything about him was just perfect.

The audition I gave him....yeah, it made him as famous as Neil Armstrong when he landed on the moon. And not once he thanked me for it. Not on TV or on the phone. Nothing. Zilch. Zero. That's how much "loved"  me? Pathetic.

The interview continued as I just stared blankly at the other four boys who looked very sensible compared to Harry. Then, one question caught my ear. "Have you ever been in love? was sent in from Jenna," the interviewer announced and eyed each one of the boys. Most of hem blushed all cutely, but Harry looked down at his hands that were intertwined with each other. He looked as if he was about to cry...what?

"I have....with Eleanor," the one I think is Louis answered with confidence and smiled cutely at the camera. I guess Eleanor's his girlfriend. "I love Perrie!" the one with the black qiuff answered all cheery. "I have been before," Liam answered...I think that's his name. "With Danielle Peazer," he continued. I smiled at this. He was so cute. I think that's also his girlfriend along with Perrie with Zayn.

"I haven't ever really been in love," the blonde one answered all upset. I instantly felt bad for him. I stared at Harry whilst he stared at his somehow interesting hands. "Well?" the interviewer asked him when his head popped up in fright. "Ummm....." He didn't answer right away. "I've been in love. Only once." He looked right into the camera. "I met her at the soccer camp I coached at." I dropped my bowl of ice cream on my pants and screamed at the freezing cold.

"She knows who she is. I love you. Never forget that. Thank you so much for giving me the audition. I would be no where without you. I love you so much, babe." I slipped a few tears from my eyes and smiled. "I love you, too," I whispered, but knew he would never hear it. 

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