1. Chapter 1

“Hurry up Lou we’re going to be late” I sighed whilst pacing up and down the hall and burying my head into my phone every minute to check the time.

“For god sake Louis what is taking you so long” I exclaimed for what felt like the hundredth time today. I turned around and started slowly making my way up the stairs to find Louis, when suddenly the sound of the door opening filled the tense atmosphere. He was dressed smartly and threw a fake smile in my direction filling me with anger. “Finally” I shouted whilst rapidly walking down the stairs and sprinting to the car which was situated in front of the house. I sat myself in the car and took the time to relax for a second after a stressful day. Soon Louis entered the car with his eyes fixed on his phone as he tried to catch up. I watched him quickly put his seat belt on as he scrolled through his phone and I drove out of the driveway and through the gates. It was nice not to have fans crowding around our houses as we made a final decision to move into the country but not too far away from the city. It was a good decision as we no longer woke up in the morning to hundreds of screaming fans outside our house which was never great.

Today was the day when our new single was being released after a two year long break and we were already late. I drove down the untroubled country lanes and onto the busy motorways congested with traffic for miles. I sighed and looked down at the time, no way were we going to get there in time. I quickly glanced over to Louis who again was still fixated on his phone, Louis had been acting odd all day and I had no idea why. He was never like this and I was beginning to get worried but angry.

“You okay?” I asked whilst looking at Louis who quickly glanced away from his phone and looked at me.

“Yeah I’m fine… just tired I guess.” He uncomfortably said as he twiddled with his hair.

“Sure...” I muttered and carried on looking at the busy motorway as I felt Louis staring at me. “Looks like we’ll be here awhile then. I wonder whose fault this is.” I harshly said as Louis’ face filled with rage and anger.

“Harry fucking shut up okay. You’re really starting to piss me off now. I haven’t done anything wrong!” Louis shouted in a furious tone ringing throughout the car.

“Well you obviously have if you’re getting this worked up about it and you have ignored me all day.” Louis buried his head into his phone again ignoring me as I watched him. The atmosphere was tense and uncomfortable I couldn't stand it any longer. “Louis stop ignoring me.” I paused and waited for him to stop glancing at his phone. “What’s so important on your phone?” I said as I stared at Louis waiting for an answer but no words came out his mouth instead his eyes where now staring at the road in front. I sighed loudly to stop myself from screaming abuse and continued to look at his face.

“HARRY!” Louis screamed as his face froze with fear. I quickly shifted my eyes in front of me but I was too late.

Without warning the car lurched as my body violently flung forward creating an unbearable pain throughout my body. The sound of shattering glass echoed in my ears and pierced my skin as an airbag exploded in my face. The loud screeching of metal bending and snapping tore through the air but I couldn't do anything I was frozen. I squeezed my eyes shut feeling my life flash before my eyes. I could feel my mind distorting as my vision darkened leaving nothing but a deadly silence. 

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