Moon Girl [completed]

Melody Swan, a 15-year old teenager, leaves her family after an horrible accident. She's going to live with her father and half-sister Bella Swan. With their arrival, the two girls are sucked into a world they never thought existed. What happens when Bella finds out about the Cullens? What happens when they think there's something strange about Melody? And how does she fit in the happily forever after?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Stephenie Meyer has written!I do not have any intention to copy and publish her stories as mine!I love playing and messing with it, though ;)

This story is rated for language, slight violence and very slight sensuality. If you can't stand that, I suppose you shouldn't read it.


22. Waking

Where was I? It was dark, uncomfortable. The pressure on my body was terrible as I felt the urge to cry the whole time.

I became aware of a weird beeping sound. A constant rhythm. I also felt something stream into me, numbing me – a strange feeling that I somehow was familiar with.

People. I heard people talking, without actually hearing any sound other than the annoying beep.

I wanted to get out of here – I didn’t understand.


My eyes fell close, fading into blackness as I saw the contour of someone running up to me, screaming my name.

I vaguely sensed and heard what was happening. I felt something cold on my neck, feeling my pulse, probably a hand.

‘Carlisle! Help me, NOW!’ a growl, furious and painful further away, while the hand never left me neck.


I wriggled, feeling something tug at my wrist as pain struck my shoulder.

“Nnghm,” I whimpered.


Another hand joined in at my wrist this time. Carlisle. It must be Carlisle just like the he said.

‘Alice, Emmett! Make a fire and burn him!’

Was that really Carlisle? He’s never been violent before.

I felt a sting as Carlisle touched my wounded shoulder. I let out a strangled moan from the pain. The other hand was back again, drawing soothing circles on my forehead and dabbing my cheek with a soft material. ‘Sssh, little girl, I’m here. You’re safe now. We’re going to help you.’ He kept sobbing heartbroken. Something as soft as rose petals and cold as ice, touched my forehead.


The constant beeping increased, getting louder and even more annoying. I squeezed my eyes.


I felt safe immediately, grabbing the hand that was busy at my cheek and holding onto it like a lifeline. He didn’t wince away from the strength at all.

I smelled fire, smoldering fire and I panicked. ‘Not again,’ I whined.

‘Edward I need you to help me move her to the car. Be careful – her shoulder’s broken and there are a lot of wounds. Can you handle the blood son?’

‘Yes. And If not I’ll make sure I will,’

He was here. He was with me.


My sight was blurry when I slowly began to see some light again. I saw shadows in shapes of humans. Where am I? Who was with me? Where’s Esmé? The Cullens? Edward?

I blinked a few times and heard someone calling out.

“She’s awake!” a high boyish voice squealed. Suddenly the face of to whom the voice belonged appeared above my head.

The dark-brown bouncy curls and his big golden eyes made me recognize him.

“Denim?” I croaked, confused. What was he doing here? Why wasn’t he in LA?

A sad smile covered his face, ‘I feel bad for her…’


 “Den? what’s going on? Where am I? Where is – “ 

“Melody, we’re all very happy you’re awake! You’re in the hospital of Forks. Carlisle Cullen brought you here together with his son. Don’t worry – you’re going to be just fine, my dear! Your whole family is waiting outside!” the chubby woman in front of me wasn’t familiar. If I was in the hospital, than she was probably a nurse. So weird that while I’ve always had so much hatred for hospitals, I always managed to get there.

“How does your shoulder feel? I’m going to give you another bit of diclofenac and then I’ll get your sisters for you all right?”  the chubby nurse rushed. I just nodded as she changed the sacks with pain numbing liquid. My eyes had better sight now and I could easily make out the few heads sticking around the corner at the door.

My family was here. Both.


As the nurse left, my three sisters entered the room, all wearing relieved and anxious expressions. Denim had left suddenly without me noticing.


“Oh Melody! We were so worried about you!” Scarlett had tears falling from her eyes, as she sat beside me on the bed. Layla started stroking my cheek, dabbing the salty moisture away whilst Skye caressed the skin of my hand where the IV was placed in reassuringly. 

“Scar…What happened?” I croaked warily. My whole body was zinging with a strange numbness, probably from the painkillers.

“I don’t know exactly…your friends are not telling us the whole truth. Nobody is, really. They said you had an accident while playing baseball  – it was all very vague. When I got a call from Esmé telling us you were here we immediately went to the airport.” She explained still sniveling. I creased my eyebrows together.

“How long am I already here?” I whispered, looking at the ceiling.

“Three days. You’ve been out for quite a while – you’ve lost a lot of blood.” Skye informed me. I was still so confused,  I knew there was more –  there had to be.


I thought about it, trying to bring back the right story when suddenly an amount of memories flashed back to me, making the ECG beep faster.

“N-n-noo! Where’s Bella? Where’s…Edward!?” I choked, feeling my eyes water up again.

My sisters silenced me, soothed me until the heart monitor got his normal rhythm back.

“Bella’s in the room next to you. She’s been clearly awake for a while now. She’s broken her leg and has a few scratches but except from that she’s fine.” Layla reassured me. I nodded, letting out a tense breath.

“And Edward?” Skye questioned.

“Who was Edward again..I mean we met a lot of friends of yours, seriously,” Layla giggled ,”At least I’m glad you found friends, best friends!”

I smiled, but was still tense – what if something happened to Edward? Where was he?

Scarlett had left my side and went outside, having closed her mind from me, which she knew I found was annoying.

A little bit later she came back, smiling slightly. I gave her a wary look when she still didn’t open up her mind to me. then she nodded to the door and as I followed her gaze I gasped.

The most delighted smile followed – a smile I only left for one person.


He smiled back and hurried to me while my sisters left, saying they’d go to the cafeteria and meet me later.

When Skye closed the door she thought, ‘He seriously is beyond hot! Go get ‘m Tiger!’ I did my very best not to laugh, praying Edward was incapable of reading her mind too.


“Hey,” he said, relieved but with a raw edge coloring his tone somehow.

“Hi,” I croaked, nervously, feeling the rosy color blossom in my cheeks again.

“I missed you. I was so terribly worried about you! You can’t even imagine how much!” he choked, grimacing and stroking my forehead with his icy thumb. I smiled slightly, feeling the warmth enclose my heart at his admission.

“Edward, you saved my life.” I stated. He didn’t agree with me though.

“Melody, if I hadn’t took you with us, you wouldn’t even be here. Then you would be al healthy and live a normal life. “ he choked again, his eyes troubled, as if he’d cry.

“Maybe it’s better if I don’t bother you anymore. It’s safer that way, and – “

“What!? No, no, no, no! you can’t leave! You can’t just say – “ I choked, the traitorous tears spilling over. Why was he saying this, doing this to me?

“No, I’m sorry okay? Sssh…I’m sorry I won’t say it again.” he soothed, still caressing my forehead.

“Promise me.” I ordered. I needed to know.

“I promise. You’re my best friend. I won’t ever leave you.”



                I lay there for another few days. Bella was already home with Charlie, while I was blown with visits from my siblings, cousins and friends. At least I didn’t get boring.

                Luckily, the heart monitor was gone so I wouldn’t get psycho from the annoying beeping tone.

                My shoulder was broken and I was sure there were a few lightning scars underneath. It angered me. a few more of those fights and my body would be full of them. For the rest, my ankle was squashed and bruises and small cuts and scrapes covered my legs, arms, neck and face.

                When Alice stopped by one day after school, I forced her to tell me what happened to James and what her family had seen.


While Carlisle and Edward were taking care of me, Jasper, Emmett and Alice had grabbed James from the ground and torn him to pieces before throwing him into a fire. That had been the smoldering smell I’d sensed. Alice ensured me he was dead now – only left of him were ashes.

She told me I needed to be careful around the Cullens. They were suspicious and wondered how it was possible. Alice told me she had explained them, that it looked like I was fast, because we were close to the woods and that the flash of lightning they briefly saw, was probably because of the thunderstorm. They seemed to believe her story – for now.

Carlisle however, knew something.

He checked upon me at a daily basis and I once got the courage to ask him why he knew he needed to change my name.


                “How did you know that? I mean I’m sure it wasn’t some random guess.” I questioned him. a look of someone getting caught flashed across his features.

                ‘how do I explain?’ “Well, I knew who James was – He’d been with the Volturi for a long time – I’ll tell the story about them sometime later – And I knew he was familiar with you. Melodiana Swan was a name that wasn’t allowed to be spoken between the castle walls. I got curious when I heard about you and did some research. Don’t worry, though, I don’t know exactly what you are, but I do know you’re quite like us.” he explained. I averted my eyes, not daring to look at him. I didn’t want to know what he’d found during his research.

                “You…won’t tell the others, right?” I asked, hesitating. Carlisle, patted my hair softly.

                “No I won’t if that’s what you want, Melody. You’re family to me and I’ll respect your wishes.” He smiled and I returned the favor, before he left me again, waiting for my brothers and cousins to visit me for the afternoon.





                Three knocks at the door, made me look up, and taking out my ear buds.

                “Buon pomeriggio á Melodiana!” Nathan’s voice boomed happily when he opened the door. I laughed at him. Faith was holding his hand as they entered and grabbed a chair to sit down. Chris, Alana, Adam and Denim followed him.

                “Hey guys! You’re going to annoy me again?” I chuckled as I put my IPod away.

                “Nah, we prefer nagging you.” Chris answered, smirking as he handed a bouquet of flowers.

                “Dude, that means the same.” I replied, annoyed already.

                “Yeah, I know.”


                “Hi chucks! Are you feeling better?” Denim appeared at my side, grinning.

                “Yeah much better. I hope I can go home soon, but they won’t let me go.” I said as Faith and Alana came to stand next to him.

                Alana started giggling as she thought about something. I rolled my eyes at her and she giggle dharder.

                “What? what are we missing? What’s the joke?” Nathan questioned desperately, making me giggle with my niece.

                “Alright, Lana, just say it!” I chuckled. she took on a serious face, looking exactly like Skye, and spoke, “I can’t believe Grandpa actually gave you pepper spray!” she gleefully stated.

                “No shit! He did? does he even know that pepper spray doesn’t work on a vampire?” Chris joked before starting to laugh.

                Charlie indeed gave me pepper spray, but not for this occasion – he’d given it to me so that I could protect myself. I didn’t say it wouldn’t work – it was about the idea after all.


                “You look like a robot with all those wires!”Faith exclaimed, making me chuckle.

                “Yeah, well it was worse three days ago. Thank god I lot a few of them.”

                We all talked about the usual for a while – just like we used to. They told me about their progresses in work and funny moments with the family while I was here in Forks. 

                My cousins and Adam left after a while – they were going to Charlie, having promised to spend as much time with him as they could. Bella was at the Cullen’s anyway, having her free time with Edward.



“You know, pigmy, I heard something interesting….” Nathan started. My eyes shot to his, which stood mischievous – the ultimate annoy-baby-sister-mood.

                “Is it seriously true that you managed to get away from the talk for at least 154 times in a row!?” he moved on. my face blossomed up.

                “Uuhh….” Oh shit, please not now! I can’t escape! I glanced at my brother’s face again. that was exactly what he thought.

                “Well, since you’re bored and we are here anyway, we’d gladly explain the whole thing to you.” He smirked and I whimpered from embarrassment, making Nate chuckle darkly. 



                “So, pigmy, do you know where your vagina is – “

                “I’m not listening!”

                “And what about the fact that you have tits? Do you know what you can do with them?”

                “Lalalalala! Seriously I really can’t hear what you’re saying.”

                “Nate, don’t be so mean to her..”

                “Ever heard of the G-spot before Melly?”

                I growled loudly, protecting my ears. Of course I knew all of this, but Nathan just liked to torture me with this.

                “Have you lost your V-card yet? I hope not, cause I’ll beat the shit out the guy who did it – “ Nathan happily talked further, humiliating me till no end while Chris tried to make him shut up, through my growls.

                “Nathan seriously, quit, you can see she’s getting mad you know...I think you’ll need to protect your hair and your crotch soon…”


                I was done with it. the bouquet of flowers in my hand had to suffer from my anger. Angrily I tore it into pieces because of my aggressiveness. Nathan only seemed to think it was highly amusing.

                “Now, now, don’t punish the plants please, they were probably busy bringing over their seeds to one another. Did you know that you can do that to? I’m sure you don’t listen to the lesson during biology..”

                “Nathan…maybe it’s better if you leave, like, now?” Chris’ brows were creased upon seeing my fire-red face, and my jaw clenched together. I was furious.

                “Nathan, fucking Charles, fucking Swan! Get. The. Fucking. Hell. Out. Of. here. Now.” I growled lowly. The look on his face was kind of priceless, but I couldn’t laugh about it this time. he quickly did as I asked or better said – commanded. Chris chuckled as he closed the door. I grabbed a spare pillow and pushed it over my face.

                “It’s a good thing you’re to messed up to move or I’m sure you would’ve snapped his neck.” Chris chuckled.

                “That was so..humiliating!” I whined, still with the pillow over my face. My brother-in-law pulled the pillow away from my face.

                “It’s okay, Baby Swan, I get it. but it’s normal you know. But Nathan just…” he paused.

                “He actually does this to make sure you’ll stay…innocent.”


                “You’re kidding? He does that because he’s afraid I’ll have sex someday?” I hissed, incredulously. Chris winced, not liking that very idea either.


                “He’s seriously unbelievable…” I said shaking my head and pinching the bridge of my nose.


                Suddenly, there was knock on the door.

                “Miss Swan? Dr. Cullen asked me to get you set to go home.” The chubby nurse that was here from the day I got in the hospital, which I learned listened to the name Annie, stood in the doorway, smiling. I looked at Chris, who smiled also.

                “I can go home.”



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