Moon Girl [completed]

Melody Swan, a 15-year old teenager, leaves her family after an horrible accident. She's going to live with her father and half-sister Bella Swan. With their arrival, the two girls are sucked into a world they never thought existed. What happens when Bella finds out about the Cullens? What happens when they think there's something strange about Melody? And how does she fit in the happily forever after?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Stephenie Meyer has written!I do not have any intention to copy and publish her stories as mine!I love playing and messing with it, though ;)

This story is rated for language, slight violence and very slight sensuality. If you can't stand that, I suppose you shouldn't read it.


3. Two

“Baby Swan? Already done with packing? Want to join us? We’re watching some movie.” I opened my eyes, which I had closed during being lost in my thoughts, and saw Layla, my sister-in-law, standing in front of me, smiling shyly. 
                ‘I hope she joins us, Nate is pretty upset…’ she turned her eyes towards me ‘Melody please? Let us enjoy your presence for as long as we have you here.’ She looked a little teary eyed. I knew I had hurt them, and I hated myself for it, but it was time to think about myself for once. I nodded at her and followed her downstairs. Together with my family, I made this Christmas perfect. I tried to push away the unpleasant thoughts and enjoyed the last few days in LA before I would leave northward. 

                I went shopping with my sisters and went to a baseball game with my brothers. My cousins wanted to bake cookies, cake and pie and I loved them for it. I was going to miss those little crazy kids. Even though I was their aunt, it felt more like we were siblings. Maybe that was because I was much younger than Skye, Nate and Scarlett. Hell, Scar was thirteen years older than me and her own son was two years younger than me. It made sense. I was in between my adult siblings and my not-yet teenage cousins. A weird situation. And I'm wondering, where do I belong, forever?






*Would everyone who flies with Alaska Airlines to Seattle SEA head for the custom authorities? Have a nice flight.*

                “Well, I have to leave for customs now…I...I’ll call when I’m at SEA.” I shrugged and tried to sound casual, but I was nervous. I was going to leave the place where I grew up for the most part. And even though I liked Forks, I was going to miss the sun. In the Washington state, beneath a cover of clouds was the small town Forks. It was almost raining every day there. 
                “Yeah, probably should. Please say ‘Hi’ to Dad for me, would you?” Nate was scratching his scalp. It was a poor habit he always did when he was…nervous? At home I'd said my goodbyes to the rest of the family. Denim, Faith and Alana were agonized by the fact I was leaving. It pained me so much to hurt them...Scarlett, Skye and Layla had been so supportive. They even joked about me finding my 'Prince Charming'. As if that would happen, even though I wanted it so much. The boys, Chris and Adam, just said they'd be looking forward on seeing me again. I was too.
Then out of nothing, my brother literally yanked me from the floor beneath me hugging me for dear life, leaving my legs dangling numb in the air. 
                “Nate!? Breathe! Air! PLEASE!?” I managed to choke out. Seriously, the guy needed to think about his strength if he wanted to hug me. He chuckled and almost dropped me on the floor. I stumbled backwards a little before he steadied me. 
                ‘Poor Baby Swan, forever and always the klutz…’ the brown-haired devil was grinning at me.
                “I love you Bro, I’ll call you later!” with that I kissed him on the cheek and headed towards the customs. Before I went through the gates, I turned around once more, but Nate was already gone.

                The flight from LAX to Seattle took an hour or five, from there I had to take a small plane to Port Angeles and there would Charlie pick me up and we would drive the last hour to Forks. Charlie told me on the phone that Bella already arrived yesterday so it wouldn’t be all stress in the little house. 
                When I got off the plane, stumbling and tripping the whole time, it was raining already. Yep, I definitely had said goodbye to the lovely sun. Charlie waited for me while I searched for my suitcases – I had a lot of clothes with me, even though there were things I couldn’t wear with this kind of weather, but a vest or long sleeved shirt will do wonders. Charlie greeted me and hugged me awkwardly. We both weren’t really comfortable with expressing our feelings, so it was a little weird.   

  We walked to the car in silence, at least I thought ‘car’ but of course, Charlie wanted to drive his Police Cruiser, since he was the Police Chief himself. 
                ‘Oops…hope she doesn’t mind going with the cruiser…maybe I should buy another car? Oh, wait it’s not necessary since..’ Why would my father shut me out? He looked at me, and I raised an eyebrow. He smiled - his thick, black mustache raised in the corners - and shook his head. Nope, I had to wait then I guess. 
                The car drive was pretty quiet, despite a few sentences about the weather. When we drove into town, I began to recognize it here and there. I’ve been here before, but it was years ago. The last five years, Charlie would visit us in LA. We finally arrived at the little house where Charlie lived since he was alone. The house where I was born, stood a few miles away from town. I didn’t know if it was still there, but maybe I could visit it sometime. 
                We stopped In front of my father’s house, my house now too, and together we picked up my suitcases from the trunk. I carried three big, blue, suitcases with me. The whole trunk was full, it just fitted snugly. 
                “Melody, let me take this one, it’s heavy and you- “ before he could even finish his sentence, I already had picked up the two suitcases. Yes, they were heavy, but I could handle it. He looked at me wide-eyed and I just rose my eyebrow quizzically. 
                ‘It looks like you got stronger since the last time I saw you! Are you already…you know?’ he studied my face and appearance for a minute, especially my eyes. But those were still the same. The same light-caramel, golden color they always had been. Off course they would change colors sooner or later. I shook my head ‘no’. I would explain it later, but right now, wasn’t the right time to do so. 
                We dropped the suitcases in the living room, since Charlie wanted to show me my bedroom first. I followed him up the stairs. On the end of the staircase was the bathroom, which we had to share with the three off us. on the left side of us, was a door with ‘Isabella’ on it. It was painted in elegant letters, with swirls on the end. Obviously Bella’s room. On my right, was another door. On this door stood ‘Melodiana’ . The letters were different than the ones form Bella’s door, but those fitted me better. My Dad gestured for me to open the door and I did. I swung it open and gasped in surprise. 
                At the end of the room, was a large window. It was in line with the door. Surrounding it, were hanging white, lace curtains. Like I preferred, the color of the left wall, was Royal Blue. The opposite wall was white. Against the blue wall, stood my new bed. The bedding was also white with blue swirls on it. Against the white wall were a dresser, desk and surprisingly, my piano. Those were from steel, silver or grey colored. It all fitted together, and I truly loved it. I’m going to hug this designer-woman!
                “Wow! Dad, this is absolutely awesome! We seriously have to thank this designer!” I smiled broadly at him, and his face colored slightly red. ‘Really? I mean,…you like the desk and dresser? I chose them….and eh-‘
                “Dad it’s beautiful. And I’m surprised my piano is here already,..and my other belongings too! Thanks Dad! I’m going to drag my suitcases in here and unpack.” I stormed out of the room, but not before kissing him on his cheek, which made him blush even deeper. 

                I quickly unpacked my stuff, placed every piece of clothing in my new dresser, all my shoes – and I had a lot of them- on the destined shelf and pictures and other decorations on my nightstand. Charlie had asked me what kind of pizza I liked and I went to call Nathan that I was in Forks. After that, I hopped down the stairs, feeling pretty good, actually. But before I could sit down at the table, I saw something what made my good mood die down. Bella.
                “Melody! I haven’t seen you in a while!” she hugged me. She fucking hugged me. I hated it. We liked each other, but she always wanted to be the ‘boss’. Like I was her twin and I needed to listen to her. The best part of it was, that she didn’t have a clue about my gift. The only reason I let her ‘act’, was because of Charlie. 
                “Yeah, missed you too, sis…” I managed to say, almost feeling the venom literally flooding. She smiled at me, but in the meantime she was thinking about ridiculous nicknames for me. Charlie called from the hall that the pizza was here, and we ate together. 

                Later that night, I fell upon my new bed, clenching and unclenching my fists. The whole time during dinner, my sister was talking non-fucking-stop! It was crazy. I roughly rubbed my eyes with the palms of my hands, before sighing audibly. I stood up again and stripped down to my panties and threw on my pajamas. Good thing my sisters and me went shopping before I left. Sure, I had enough pajamas, but they were a little too cold. For tonight I chose the grey ones: grey long-sleeved shirt and a bottom with white, horizontal stripes. I combed my hair, brushed my teeth in the bathroom and crawled under the covers. As I looked at the ceiling, I saw the fairy-twinkle lights hanging across the room. It made me smile because fairies where mythical creatures, they didn’t exist. It made me think about myself…the thought made my smile change into a scowl. I sighed again.
                Suddenly I was thinking about last summer. I felt the knot in my stomach return. 
Why did she leave us, just when we needed her? Why did that damn accident have to happen? Why did she hurt me? I though back to the day that they told me, when it went wrong the first time. Memories off Scarlett and Skye, crying and screaming shot through my head. It had been horrible to see that. I didn’t understand it completely. I was just six years old at that time. Another memory came back. An eighteen year old Scarlett trying to explain it to me, without hurting me any further than I already was. The pain I had seen in her eyes. The anger and frustration that gleamed behind it. It was heart wrenching to see her struggle so much. How she tried to tell me that my mother was dead. And what she did afterwards.

                I cringed again, while I tried to blink away the tears before they could spill over. I rolled over in my bed, needing to find a more comfortable position to sleep in. I shook my head, letting the terrible thoughts and memories disappear. Long after that, I fell into a restless sleep.


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