Moon Girl [completed]

Melody Swan, a 15-year old teenager, leaves her family after an horrible accident. She's going to live with her father and half-sister Bella Swan. With their arrival, the two girls are sucked into a world they never thought existed. What happens when Bella finds out about the Cullens? What happens when they think there's something strange about Melody? And how does she fit in the happily forever after?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Stephenie Meyer has written!I do not have any intention to copy and publish her stories as mine!I love playing and messing with it, though ;)

This story is rated for language, slight violence and very slight sensuality. If you can't stand that, I suppose you shouldn't read it.


4. three





I woke up, thinking that It was sunny. I literally jumped from my bed and raced to the window. When I looked outside, I was immediately disappointed. It was fog. Just fucking fog. I pushed myself away from the window and checked my alarm clock once. It was a little early, but I decided to just take a shower and get ready for school. It was going to be an hell of a day. 
I grasped some undergarments, and jeans out of my closet and tip-toed to the bathroom. I stripped off, hopped in and relaxed under the warm water. After a few minutes I got out and dried off. I could smell the heavenly scent of coconut mixed with bananas in the air. My favorite shampoo. 
I threw on my panties, bra and jeans and then looked at myself in the mirror. 
      My hair was still wet from my shower, of course, so it looked almost black. I took a glance at my clothes and snickered a little. When I picked out my underwear, I just grabbed something from the drawer. I had ‘chosen’ white panties with little pink hearts on it, but luckily, I was wearing a plain white bra. My jeans were hanging low on my hips. I always wore my jeans a bit baggy. 
I looked at my skin. The most people from California were pretty tan but I wasn’t. My skin was actually quite pale, except for my permanent pink blush-like cheeks. I wasn’t really tall as well. I was pretty tiny actually, but slender. I shook my head to snap out of my ‘think-modus’, dried my hair and walked back to my bedroom. 
Since it was grey outside, I decided to wear grey as well. It just fitted my mood at the moment. So, I grabbed a plain, charcoal grey, long sleeved shirt and headed for the bathroom again, but this time to put on some makeup and fix my hair. I tied my hair in a simple ponytail and didn’t apply too much makeup. Just a bit mascara and eyeliner and I was done.
      After putting on a pair of green Chucks and my tags necklace – which I inherited from my grandfather – I grabbed my bag and tip-toed downstairs. 
When I entered the kitchen to make myself breakfast, Charlie was sitting there reading the paper. I kind of expected that he’d already left for work by this time.
      “Oh, morning Baby Swan. Up early, aren’t you?”
      “Morning Dad. Uhm…yeah, I woke up and didn’t feel like sleeping any longer so,…” I walked over to the kitchen counter and made myself a bowl of cornflakes with milk. 
      “I was thinking,” Charlie said out of the blue,” Since you’re not sixteen yet, maybe you could drive with Bella at first? I need to find a car for you and a license…” he questioned me. I sat down on the chair next to him.
      “Well, it’s okay. For now. but it will be a little difficult sometimes. Maybe I should look for my own vehicle next- “ before I could finish my sentence my dad interrupted me.
      “No, you’re getting it from me. I gave Bella one too, so next time it’s your turn. But you have to wait for a while…” he was thinking about his finances when I realized this must be the reason he had shut me out in the car. I saw him smiling and I agreed with him to wait.
      “Dad, I’m not mad. Don’t explain yourself.” I finished my breakfast and chanced a glance at the clock. It took me pretty long to eat. Maybe because I was mostly talking? Charlie looked at the clock too and stood up, noticing he had to hurry up.
      “Honey, I have to go. I’ll be home around six…” ‘what the hell can we eat? Maybe we can go to the diner for a few hamburgers?’
      “Dad, I’ll order dinner, don’t worry about it. safe okay?” I chuckled a little at his inner rambling. It always occurred me, that I didn’t really heard my father’s thoughts the whole time. I didn’t hear others spontaneously either, but only if I concentrated? I didn’t really know how it actually worked, but what I did know, was that I was just weird. 
      “Always am.” He answered and got out the door, leaving me waiting for Bella.

      Fifteen minutes later, Bella and I were sitting in a red Chevy truck, on our way to Forks High School. When Bella appeared in the kitchen this morning, I nearly choked on my glass of orange juice. She was wearing jeans, a green shirt with way to deep cleavage and high heels. A 'subtle' thing she inherited from her mother. 
The whole car drive I was secretly praying, nobody would say, or even think, we were twins. I admit, we quite looked like each other and we were born on the same day, I just three years later. I sighed. 
      “So, are you nervous for today? I am.” Bella asked me after a while. She was. She was hoping people would like her and maybe even going to have a boyfriend this year. 
      “Yeah…a bit.” Big understatement. I was nervous as fuck and wanted nothing more than to suffer in silence. As soon as conversation started, it was over. 
After a few more minutes, we arrived at school. It didn’t look like a school, but seeing the big sign telling us this was ‘FHS; Home of the Spartans’ it obviously was. Bella drove around the parking lot, looking for a space to park The Beast, like I nicknamed the pick-up. 
When she finally found a spot, she shut the engine which died with a roar. Yep, I’m going to call it The Roaring Beastfrom now on. 
I found out that a lot of students had already noticed us. 
‘Nice car…. What a piece of junk..’
‘I’ve never seen this one here before? Must be the new girls then!’
‘Geez…weird that the Chief let his daughters drive in this..thing..’
‘Good. Apparently the Chief’s daughters are nerds or something, or you’re not driving such a ugly car.’

      I ignored it, at least I tried, and Bella hopped out of the driver’s seat. I did the same after taking a huge breath. The truck was pretty high, for me that is, and I literally had to jump down. Bella waited for me and together we walked to the secretary building. 
‘Seriously? What the hell is the girl wearing? And those shoes, God they’re awful!’ Nope. Bella still didn’t like my shoes. Like I care.
‘Oh my god! Those chicks are hot! I’m so going to date one! Or both…’
‘Why are the boys drooling over those girls? They’re not even that pretty!’

‘Are they twins? Nah! The left one is smaller, less pretty. She looks like a kid…’
I growled out loud on the last one, causing Bella’s head to snap up. ‘What the hell is she doing now!?’ she thought rolling her eyes. Fuck, it’s a good thing she doesn’t know anything about my gift. And the other weird things.
      We entered the little building and walked to the desk. A chubby woman with red hair and round glasses, looked up after hearing the door close. Her face looked a bit confused. She thought about it, that she had never seen us before. Then her face lit up and she smiled warmly at us. ‘Of course! The new girls! They’re lovely!’
      “Good morning, I suppose you are Chief Swan’s daughters? I’m Mrs. Cope and if there are any problems you can ask me. Right here I have your timetables and a map. “ she stood up from her chair and walked to a cabinet, fishing out a bunch of paper. She shuffled back and sat down, pushing her glasses back on her nose. ‘let’s see…oh! Which is for whom?’ 
      “Well, this one is for Isabella Swan?” she looked at me in the first place, but Bella extended her hand. Mrs. Cope gave her the right paperwork and without saying something Bella left the building. Mrs. Cope looked a bit confused but shook it off. 
      “And you must be Melodiana Swan, then!” she smiled. I smiled back at her. 
      “Yes, Thank you. Uhm…are there any classes I have to share with my sister?” I asked hesitantly. Mrs. Cope shuffled through some paperwork again, thinking about cleaning up later, and looked for the right piece.
‘Wow! She must be a smart girl! Perfect grades at her former school, following Advanced Biology…’
      “Yes, you share Biology and Trigonometry. Now, hurry up because you don’t want to be late on your first day!” She smiled again and I giggled. I took the map and other stuff and hurried out of the building. 
I exited the building and walked over to Bella, who was leaning against the wall under the roof, not wanting to get soaked. ‘I truly hate rain!’ she thought. I couldn’t agree more with her. 
      “Done?”she asked with that sick-sweet voice. “Yep.” I answered. We stood there for a few minutes, not sure where to go or what to do. “I don’t know what you’re going to do, but I’m heading to my first class.” I looked at her hesitantly. She might be bitchy at times, but she was a nice girl. For now.
      “What’s your first class then?” she asked me, still staring into nothing. 
      “Sociology with Mr. Jefferson in building four.” I answered checking my schedule.
      “English with Mr. Mason in building five.” She informed me. 
Not long after that, we separated and I walked, with the map in front of me, to building four. I saw others hanging their jacket next to the door and I did the same. I noticed that a lot of students were pale, so my skin wouldn’t be notable. Before entering the room, I took a deep breath. I can do this! I was lying to myself. I was nervous as hell but I couldn’t figure out why. Maybe it was because I was actually really alone now. not just lonely but alone. On my own. For a split second I thought that I had made a wrong decision. But I quickly shove it away. No! I’m happy to live with Charlie now, I just need to make some friends? Yeah...that’s going to be difficult I think.
I headed towards the teacher’s desk and took out the little paper - Mrs. Cope told me to let it sign by my teachers. The balding man gawked at me a little too long for my liking and his thoughts weren’t very appropriate either. Disgusting actually. ‘Hmm. Must be the new girl. Nice body…if I were younger I would do….’ I blocked him out not wanting to know what was coming next. 
After a minute or two, he send me to a chair in the middle of the room. Great. Just fucking great. A lot of my classmates were looking at me, curiously. They all knew who I was. Most off the boys were thinking about how pretty Bella and I were. I had to admit, it stroked my ego a little. The girls were generally thinking about why the guys kept looking over at me and that I wasn’t pretty. There goes my stroked ego. It was quite weird. In LA there were sure people who were thinking like this, but they had seen me grow up. They had seen what an abnormally klutz I am, so I wasn’t in their interest any longer. Not that I minded though. I kept my gaze on the table, pretending to be reading in my book. 
      The bell rang and I hastily gathered my books, when suddenly someone stood behind me. 
      “Hi, you’re Melodiana right?” a female voice said. I spun around, luckily able to keep my balance, and was met with a shy, but genuinely looking girl. She had black hair which she had tied up in a knot – just like me - and she wore glasses. She smiled.
      “Just Melody.” I managed to squeak out. What the hell happened to my voice? The students who were surrounding us turned around. I felt an awful blush creep up to my cheeks. 
oh! She’s shy too! It must be pretty awful, on her first day here.’ It surprised me that this was the first person with sincere thoughts. I smiled back at her.
      “Okay. I’m Angela Weber. Do you want me to walk with you to your next class?” she asked. I liked this girl, maybe we could be friends. I nodded and we walked out of the room. We found out that we were in a lot of classes together, and I felt kind of relieved. At least I knew somebody now. 
      “So, it’s a lot different than Arizona, huh?”she asked me. I could hear in her mind it took her a lot of courage to talk to me. 
      “Yeah, but I have lived here before. I just miss the sun.”
      “Well, summers here are sunny, but not warm.”
      “I think I would already be happy if I’m able to see the sun.” I giggled and she joined me. 
      “You don’t look very tan though.” She asked. oh fuck, there you have it! Think Swan!
      “Yeah, mother is- was part albino..” I mumbled, hoping she would take it. She thought it was kind of odd, but didn’t ask further. 
We stopped in front of the door, hung up our jackets and went inside. I had to sit alone again, but I didn’t mind. 
The whole morning went on like this. At Trig, which I shared with Bella, I had to answer a question and I answered wrong. I already hated Mr. Varner because of the subject he taught, but he let us both introduce ourselves and me being,, stumbled over my words and stood there blushing cruelly crimson. 
      After a few classes, I began to recognize several people. Angela suggested we meet up for lunch and together we walked to the table where her friends sat. as soon as we neared it, I saw Bella sitting next to a few girls grinning like a fool. Apparently she already had a new clan. We sat down and everyone stared at us. 
      “Hey, this is Melody. Melody this is…” she began introducing them while I listened to their thoughts.
      “Jessica Stanley.” ‘Okay..apparently we have both new girls here…Ough! Bella does look better.. at least Mike doesn’t ogle her.’ 
      “Bella, but you obviously know each other.”
      “Lauren Mallory” ‘toddler.’
      “Eric Yorkie” ‘hmm..they’re both pretty…’
      “Mike Newton” ‘Hot stuff number two! Which one is going to the dance with me? maybe both…then we coul-‘ 
      “And Tyler Crowley” ‘Nice! Finally some hot chicks in this town’
They all greeted me with ‘hello’ or ‘hi’ or whatever. Then they went on with their conversations. I plucked absentmindedly at my sandwich, trying to block out the babbling of people in my head. It was difficult though. 
      ‘Edward! Isabella is looking at you!’ 
I shot my head up in Bella’s direction and saw she was staring at something intently. I followed her gaze and my eyes landed on the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen in my life. 

      They were with five of them. Two girls and three boys, al sitting there in the farthest corner of the cafeteria, just staring at nothing in particular. One of the boys was huge. From the spot where I sat, you could see the muscles taut, of course my eyesight did help a lot, and his short cut hair was dark. The other boy was leaner but also quite muscled and honey blond curls framed his face. The last boy was boyish, lanky and less muscular than the other two. I was quite mesmerized by his hair. It was bronze colored and unruly, like he just stepped out of his bed without combing it. Or maybe it had a life of its own? It was sex-hair, I was completely sure of that. The girls were opposites. One was absolutely beautiful. She looked like she just stepped out of some magazine. Her hair was blond, wavy over her back. She had a figure that made me feel horribly self-conscious. The other girl was smaller, but still taller than me. Her hair was spiky and short, sticking in every direction. She looked a bit like a pixie. It made me snicker a little. There was something about them, I couldn’t place a finger on. 
      “Who are they?” Bella asked Jessica. Before Jessica turned to look at the beauty’s, I could already see in her mind that she knew whom Bella was referring too. 
‘Edward Cullen, God he’s so hot!’
Suddenly after I heard Jessica thought, the boyish one, looked at Jessica. Like she said his name out loud. He looked completely bored and uninterested. The next second he looked at Bella. She quickly ducked her head and blushed a little. Then he faced me. I gasped, holding my breath and blushing like I was a bomb, about to explode. He frowned but kept staring. I wanted to know what he thought so I concentrated. What the…!? I heard nothing. This time it was my turn to frown. He was still staring at me intensely and I growled in frustration. “Fuck! I can’t damn hear him!” I exclaimed, but too soft for anyone else to hear. I looked away from his stare, but I was positive I saw the whole table look up, shocked. I thought we had hold each other gaze for what seemed like an half an hour, but it wasn’t even a whole minute.
      “That’s Emmett, Alice and Edward Cullen and Rosalie and Jasper Hale. They all live together with Dr. Cullen and Mrs. Cullen.” Jessica explained to Bella. I stole a glance at the table again, seeing Mr. sex-hair looking at his tray. His lips moved fast, like he was speaking to the others. I decided to join the girls’ ‘gossip’. 
      “ They are very…good-looking..” I struggled with the biggest understatement of the century. Jessica turned around to face me. Both Bella and Jessica arched and eyebrow. Then they spoke at the same time.
      “Melody, they are Fuck Hot!” Bella said.
      “They’re awfully sexy!” Jessica told me. They both giggled and Bella snuck a glance at the table again. It was clear she had a thing for Mr. sex-hair. God! What’s with the nickname already?
      “But, they ‘re all together though. Rosalie and Emmett and Jasper and Alice I mean. And they live together. That’s freaking weird!” I looked at the table again, seeing the pixie-girl look at me. my face flushed again. Bella, whose mind told me she was very curious about one boy in particular, asked further.
      “Which ones are the Cullens? They don’t look related..”
      “Oh! No they’re not. They are all adopted kids. And the Hale’s are foster kids. The doctor and his wife are pretty young, they’re in their mid- thirties. Anyways, The big burly one is Emmett and he has something with Rosalie, that blond girl next to him. Call them Bear and Goldilocks.” They both snickered at the nicknames. 
      “The blond guy is Jasper, whom is Rosalie’s twin brother, and he has something with Alice, the other girl. Call them Cowboy and Pixie. “ they snickered again, trying to contain their laughter. 
      “Have they always lived here? “ I asked Jessica. I guessed not since I came here almost every summer, I must have noticed them. 
      “No! “her voice laced with venom. They obviously weren’t accepted here. “They just moved here two years ago from Alaska. “ she finished.
I looked at the table again, examining them. Then the youngest looked up again, this time with his eyes full off curiosity. like he was trying to find something in mine. I desperately tried to control my breathing, crimson blush and violently beating heart. Turning away from his gaze again. 
      “Who is the boy with the reddish brown hair?” I peeked at him through my lashes and found him still gazing at me. 
      “That is Edward Cullen. He’s single. But don’t waste your time, the guy doesn’t date.” Jessica’s face turned into a scowl when she remembered how Edward turned her down after several times of asking him out. I bit my lip form laughing out loud. I looked at Edward again, seeing his head turned away but noticing his cheek was lifted. He must be smiling too.
      “Call him Hottie Hair by the way!” she exclaimed, smiling again. Bella seemed to like the nickname too. 
I tried desperately not to laugh. Were they actually serious? I would die from embarrassment if they called me like that! I shook my head to clear my thoughts. After a few more minutes, I saw the Cullen’s leave the table. They all walked incredibly gracious, and you didn’t need high sensitive vision to see that. It was ridiculous! The boy named Edward didn’t look at me again.








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