Moon Girl [completed]

Melody Swan, a 15-year old teenager, leaves her family after an horrible accident. She's going to live with her father and half-sister Bella Swan. With their arrival, the two girls are sucked into a world they never thought existed. What happens when Bella finds out about the Cullens? What happens when they think there's something strange about Melody? And how does she fit in the happily forever after?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Stephenie Meyer has written!I do not have any intention to copy and publish her stories as mine!I love playing and messing with it, though ;)

This story is rated for language, slight violence and very slight sensuality. If you can't stand that, I suppose you shouldn't read it.


16. Theory

We drove through the streets with a speed that made your hands claw frantically at the leather seats.

                “Can I ask one last thing before I tell you? I need to be sure.” Bella asked Edward softly. He sighed deeply, but nodded.


                Bella took a deep breath – I knew what she wanted to ask and it wouldn’t be a question he would answer all to enthusiastically. “You said you knew were going south. I was wondering how you knew that.” Her tone was still soft and unsure. The atmosphere in the car tensed.  Edward was silent possibly deliberating what to say or not.

                “I thought we were going to place all the cards on the table.” Bella grumbled impatiently. I saw Edward’s lips twist via the rearview mirror. He almost smiled.

                “Fine – I followed your scents.” He said softly barely audible. Bella looked out of the window, composing herself. ‘oh my god…it’s really true…’

                She swallowed before asking further. All the while, I stayed silent in the backseat, following the conversation closely. “You still didn’t answer my first question…you know the easiest one..” she moved on hesitantly.

                He kept silent, a disapproving look in his face.

                “How does it work? The mindreading thing? Can your family do that to? Why can’t you hear us?” Bella rushed out. She was kind of freaking out, desperately wanting to know it – having it said.

                “That’s more than one question,” he pointed out, “I’m the only one able to read minds. It ‘s like I’m constantly between an huge crowd of people talking. It’s not something I can control. And I honestly don’t know why I can’t read your minds…it’s a frustrating mystery to me.” he frowned and looked at me through the mirror. I looked away.

                “so, my mind doesn’t work right? I’m a freak aren’t I?” Bella felt hopeless. Edward chuckled.

                “I just confessed I hear voices in my head and then you say you’re the freak?” he rolled his eyes, whose were filled with glee. It was silent again.

                “Holy shit! Slow down!” I suddenly yelled through the small space of the car. I winced at the volume. Edward gave me a wary look and Bella checked the speedometer as well.

                “Oh my God! Are you crazy!” she yelled after me. Edward frowned. “what’s wrong?” he exclaimed.

                “Hell! Do you want your car to hug a fucking tree or something!?” I yelled back at him. with that he busted out laughing, squeezing his eyes and letting his head fall against the headrest of his seat. Still driving the car with hundred miles an hour.

                “Watch the road!” Bella panicked, her voice tight. I was literally clawing at the seats right now. Edward laughing slowed down to giggling.

                “Relax, we won’t crash. Built-in radar remember? I never had an accident.” He ensured us through a few more giggles. Then he looked into the mirror at me again.

                “Do you have more of those comments, Swan?” he chuckled, his eyes shining with amusement. He seemed to have forgotten why we were here. I just looked at him angrily.

                “Only if you slow down the car till eighty, Champ.” I said, still mad. Bella huffed at him. he listened, luckily, but got the giggles again.

                “Champ? So I have, like, won a price? Enlighten me please.” He kept giggling. I’d never seen him so loose, so..himself. I smiled.

                “Well, it’s actually short for champignon.” I said mockingly, trying to hide my smile. Bella couldn’t however and started laughing with him.

                “Why am I suddenly a champignon? Is that your theory?” they kept laughing and gasping. I decided to give it an extra mile.

                “Oh yeah, Superhero Champignon! I think you forgot your cape though…” now it was my time to join them. The weight of the subject was shoved to the back of our minds.

                After a few more minutes of laughing Edward’s demeanor changed into seriousness again.

                “What’s your real theory?” he asked, his voice hoarse from the giggle fit we just had.

                “I..we don’t know where to start actually…”Bella answered, hesitant again.

                “How about from the beginning? It can’t be that bad.” He tried to sound lightly, but I saw his hands taking the steering wheel into a vice grip.

                “Well, it is. I think you’re going to be angry at us.” Bella replied. He didn’t say something, Bella’s cue to move on.

                “We ran into an old family friend…Jacob Black.” Edward looked confused, wondering how we could get a theory out of this. I jumped in.

                “His dad is one the Quileute elders.” I said carefully. He froze.

                “We went for a walk…and he told us a story. A legend from their tribe.” Bella told further. And paused afraid of his reaction.

                “Go on.” he urged. I held my breath.

                “He told us about the Cold Ones, Vampires.” She said barely audible. I closed my eyes.




“And you immediately thought about me? “ his voice sounded calm, but I bet his eyes stood hard while his hands would still grip the steering wheel like some kind of lifeline.

                “No, not really. But the story was about your family…so I got curious.” Bella’s voice was so thin. I started to feel sick for some reason.

                “What did you do then?” Edward’s voice had tensed and held a tired edge somehow. Bella hesitated before answering. “I searched around the internet for a while.” She admitted.

                “And that convinced you.” He stated, still frozen. Bella started shaking her head no.

                “No…it was…all of it was quite nonsense. And then I…”  she stopped. I knew what she wanted to say and I was scared and angered me at the same time.

                “Then what? What happened then?” still calm, still frozen but somehow greedy for the answer she wasn’t giving him just yet.

                “I decided it didn’t matter to me. it doesn’t.”  she whispered, looking straight forward. I felt dizzy. She just kind of confirmed she was in love with him. My breaths were hard and probably audible.

                “It doesn’t matter!?” his incredulous tone made me gasp. Finally we had – or Bella had – broken through his precious mask. It surprised me to only find a small hint of anger. he couldn’t believe what he just heard.

                “No, it doesn’t matter to me what you are. You’re Edward to me. Nothing else.”  ‘and you’re incredibly hot, but that’s another story…’  

                I fought the urge to roll my eyes at her thought. He really should be happy he wasn’t able to read her mind.

                “How is that possible!? You don’t care I’m a damned monster!? That I’m not human!” Edward roared further. It was the first time I was actually scared off him.

                “Can you please stop…?” I didn’t know how, but in a way, I’d found my voice again. His eyes shot to mine via the mirror – they were shocked. Like he remembered I was sitting in this car too. Then he turned back to Bella, anger really coloring his tone now.

                “Did she know beforehand!? Bella she didn’t know! Can you even imagine how scared she must be right now! How can you be so damn – “ he roared to Bella, but interrupted him, my voice stronger now.

                “I knew. She told me. so don’t scream at her. Especially because we can hear you perfectly without raising your fucked volume!” I started to get aggressive again, which I needed to stop. Bella couldn’t find out what I was – I wouldn’t risk it.

                It was silent for another while. Edward seemed to think about what I said, he seemed to assimilate it, the fact that I also knew. I started to feel guilty. He must be feeling terrible right now.

                “Does…does it matter to you? What I am? Does it?” he sounded like a torn angel, ripped apart, and even then, he was still beautiful.

                I swallowed. “No. like Bella said – you’re just Edward. Edward Cullen, my friend. We’re friends.” I think I was trying to convince myself more than Edward. We were friends. Nothing more.

                Edward sighed heavily.

                “So…I’m right? You’re a Vampire?” Bella suddenly asked, wanting it confirmed so there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings.

                “It didn’t matter right?”

                “Well, I am curious.” She replied. Believe me or not, even though I used to live in a house with three vampires – I was curious too. I wanted to get to know him this way. How he was, not his mask.

                “What do you want to know?” he asked us both, looking at me through the mirror again. Bella thought about it for a minute.

"How old are you?"

"Seventeen," he answered immediately.

"And,…how long? How long have you been seventeen?" I asked, feeling brave. His lips twitched as he stared at the road. "For a while now." he admitted at last. I smiled, so did Bella – happy that he didn’t lie. As I heard Bella’s thought for a next question, a giggle escaped me. luckily Bella just started talking.

"Right, don't laugh, but how can you come out during the daytime?" Edward laughed anyway "It’s a myth."

"Get burned by the sun?" Bella went further.

"Another myth." He chuckled.

"Sleeping in coffins?" was her other stereotype vampire assumption.

"Myth…" He hesitated for a moment, and a strange tone entered his voice. "I actually can't

sleep. I’m not able to.” He admitted softly.

                Bella thought about that for a minute, ‘no wonder that he got this shade under his eyes…hell, not having to sleep has its advantages…’ “Like, not at all?”

"No, never," he said, his voice nearly inaudible. He turned to look at the mirror, at me, with a wistful expression. His golden eyes held mine, my black ones, and I lost my mind at the intenseness of his gaze. I stared at him until he looked away.


"You haven't asked me the most important question yet." His voice was hard now, and

when he looked at me again his eyes were cold. I shivered. He was talking about the blood.

Bella blinked, dazed. "Which one?"

"Shouldn’t you be concerned about my diet?" he asked sarcastically.

"Oh” Bella murmured, "that." ‘ he getting mad now?’

"Yes, that." His voice was bleak. "Don't you want to know if I drink blood?"

I flinched at his tone. I didn’t like where this conversation was heading. Terrifyingly, it made me thirsty.

"Well, Jacob said something about that." Bella said hesitating.

"What did he say?" Edward asked flatly, eyes focused on the road.

"He said you didn't… hunt people. He said your family wasn't supposed to be

dangerous because you only hunted animals."

"He said we weren't dangerous?" His voice was deeply skeptical, a dark laugh covering his sentence. Talk about dangerous.

"Not exactly. He said you weren’t supposed to be dangerous. But the Quileutes still

didn't want you on their land, just in case." Bella quickly finished. Edward didn’t reply at it.

"So was he right? About not hunting people?" Bella started to get impatient, desperate almost.

"The Quileutes have a good memory," he whispered. I took it as a confirmation.

"Don't let that make you imprudent, though," he warned us. "They're right to keep

their distance from us. We are still way too dangerous." He ended.

"We're usually very good at what we do. We try. But, sometimes we make mistakes. Me, for example, allowing myself to be alone with you two."

"That’s a mistake?" I heard the sadness in Bella’s voice, and I felt my heart clench.

"A very dangerous one," Edward murmured.

                It was silent for a while. For a long while. As I looked outside, through the window, barely seeing what flew by, the tiredness and exertion from this night, started to get a hold of me. I didn’t want to, I struggled against it, but I fell away. Lost in a world of unconsciousness.


                “Melody? Are you okay?” I snapped out of my mind. Edward concerned voice shook me awake and blinked, seeing and feeling that the car had stopped. We were probably at our house now. I turned my head away from the window and looked into the mirror. His eyes were trained on me, searching for something, or just wanting to read my mind so bad.

                “Oh sorry, I think I dazed off. I’m pretty tired.” I said when I’d found my voice again. I noticed Bella had already left the car. Not even a second later, I heard the trunk open behind me.

                “I can imagine you are.” Edward said. He’d turned around to face me now. My cheeks heated up, just like they always did – especially with him around. I smiled a half-smile and moved to leave the car when his icy hand gently grabbed my wrist.

                “I’m sorry.” Was the only thing he said. I didn’t really got what he meant. I looked him in the eye for a minute before getting out and he got out as well – always a gentleman.

                I walked up to Bella who was gathering her bags from the trunk of the Volvo. I quickly did the same and closed the trunk when I’d retrieved all my shopping bags.

                Edward stood leaning against the car door, casually.

                “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said, waved and got in the driver’s seat.

                “Bye..” I said softly before turning around and following Bella inside. As we entered our house, I heard the soft purr of the engine when he drove away.


                “Bella? Melody? Is that you?” Charlie clearly was clearly always expecting someone to break in his house. I could imagine he held his baseball bat close, ready to attack.

                “Yes, dad. We’re home!” Bella exclaimed as I was kicking out my shoes – our jackets were still in Jessica’s car.

                “Bells! Get your bags upstairs before he’s going to talk to us!” I whisper-yelled at her. Her eyes went wide, shot to the shopping bags from Victoria’s Secret and then she ran up the stairs. I quickly followed after her, half tripping on the stairs. I dumped the bags on my bed and went back downstairs looking like the picture of innocence.

                “Did you girls have a nice time with your friends?” Charlie asked as I scanned his mind. I didn’t want him to get suspicious of anything.

                “Yeah, we have. They all got a dress and we found something too.” Bella tried to outrun the question about what we bought. If he knew that, we wouldn’t live it down.

                “So you actually had fun together. Without fighting?” his incredulous tone made my eyes go for a roll.  We both nodded, knowing it was true.

                “I’m glad to hear that ladies. Come here and give the old man a hug.” he said, spreading his arms. Bella and I both giggled and walked up to him, holding him for dear life. We both knew we had started a new path – a dangerous, mysterious but above all adventurous path. But it’s what I wanted and then the danger and sacrifices ought to count for something.


                The tiredness was really getting to me so I told Charlie I was heading to bed. Bella was phoning with Jessica about how her ‘date’ went. Not what you call romantic.

                Tiredly, I undressed myself, happy to lose the heavy material of my jeans and thick clothes. I took of my plain white bra and searched through the pink bag, only wearing my blue polka dot panties – I was alone in my bedroom after all.

                I took out the three sets and folded them neatly before placing them in the right drawer. the gowns I bought following. Then I opened the ‘presents’ I got with it. in the first present package was a two-set -  one was white cotton with pink stars on it and the other grey with black bows. It was cute. The next package held a red one – I knew it would fit perfectly with the blush that covered my cheeks at that precise moment. It was sexy. The last package made me gasp a throw it off of the bed.

                “Oh my…” I whispered, amazed somehow. It was from black lace and completely see-through. With it were a garter and stockings that completed it. this was just outright kinky. I couldn’t believe I actually thought that word but it was undeniable. I placed this set back in its box and hid it far in the back of my closet. Apart from the grey one, I folded the rest and placed them with my pajamas. I shuffled myself into my new jammie and checked the bags.

                “Wait a minute…” where was my pink ‘bite-me’ thong? Did I lost it? I probably did when we ran from those creepers. I shuddered when I thought about them. I shook it off – I could always buy another one someday.

                After having hung up the dresses at a hanger, I pushed the duvet aside and climbed in. as I lay there, my mind spinning with images, emotions and fantasies, I was sure about a few things.

                First – Edward admitted he was a vampire.

                Second – He was hopelessly in love with Bella

                And third – I had fallen for him. I was totally, unconditionally and unbelievably madly in love with him. In love with my friend, who was in love with my sister.

                A lonely, single tear flowed down my cheek as I fell asleep.







































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