Moon Girl [completed]

Melody Swan, a 15-year old teenager, leaves her family after an horrible accident. She's going to live with her father and half-sister Bella Swan. With their arrival, the two girls are sucked into a world they never thought existed. What happens when Bella finds out about the Cullens? What happens when they think there's something strange about Melody? And how does she fit in the happily forever after?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Stephenie Meyer has written!I do not have any intention to copy and publish her stories as mine!I love playing and messing with it, though ;)

This story is rated for language, slight violence and very slight sensuality. If you can't stand that, I suppose you shouldn't read it.


21. The Hunt

I ran as fast as I could, shielding myself from the outer world. That way it would be extremely difficult for James to get a hold of me.

                My hand was still burning from the flash of lightning that erupted when I fled. It didn’t go how I wanted it to – I’d bared my secret.

                I growled, angered with myself for being so reckless as the tears kept falling down. I bumped away a few bushes and jumped over out-sticking roots on the forest floor. My sneakers were full of mud, just as the rest of my clothes were from running.

                I was going to miss them so much. My friends. My family back in LA. My new family here in Forks.

                Carlisle – I would miss his fatherly behavior about me. I felt so safe and protected when he roared at James like that.

                And Esmé – my now one and only mother figure existing. I let out a heart wrenching sob as I ran further, racing through the groups of trees. Esmé was caring about us. about her whole family. She’d scoff at Emmett when he’d enter the house all dirty from a hunt, but smile at him because she thought it was funny. She’d roll her eyes when Jasper would tell her another story about the Civil War again, but wink at him because she enjoys his fascination for wars. She always hugged her two daughters when they’d get home from a shopping trip or helped her with any kind of decorating.

                And she’d ruffle Edward’s unruly hair, looking at him with pity and so much love for her youngest son. Because he deserved someone to love. And he had that now. He had Bella.

                The agonizing pain in my heart made my hands flash lightning again, while I had no idea where I was headed.


                I would miss Emmett and Jasper – their jokes and goofiness. And beneath that sturdy appearance, they were only big teddy bears, totally huggable.

                Even Rosalie, who didn’t want to let me in at first, was a part of my life now. She was like a big sister to me, just like Scarlett, Skye and Layla were.

                And Alice, oh no, Alice -  that force of nature, always bouncing around you like an enormous ball of energy. She cheered me up, just by being in my presence with her happy-peppy moods.

                I smiled slightly through the tears, feeling the muscles in my legs aching from the long run. I still wasn’t changed yet – I should’ve thought about it, that I wouldn’t last too long.


                Then, my phone rang. I snatched it out of my pocket and looked at the caller-ID and pressed the green horn, still running to no destination.

                “Jasper.” I called over the line, “Are you guys alright? Where’s Bella? Wher – “

                “Melody where the hell are you! What’s going on!” I heard him yell back at me. it was difficult to hear him because of the rain, thunderstorm and speed I was going with.

                “I can’t really explain! Not now! I’m somewhere in the woods, I think close to Edward’s meadow?” I wasn’t sure, but I’d seen the meadow in various minds before.

“Look, listen! Wherever you are – you need to get the hell out of there! James is coming after you! You should run, Mells, RUN!” he roared. I gasped, almost tripping over. He was coming after me.

                “Is Bella okay?” I desperately wanted to know – she was my sister after all.

                “No, but Carlisle is making sure she’ll get through. You seriously need to get back to the house before he – “I looked back over my shoulder once, letting out an relieved breath when I saw nothing behind me. When I focused to the front again I shrieked, tripping over my own feet, letting my phone drop.


                “I finally got you in my hands.” He growled loudly, making me gasp as he tightly took hold of my forearms, lifting me until my eyes met his. They were blackest as deep midnight.

                I tried to squirm out of his grasp but he wouldn’t let me.

                “Let me go! Damn-it!” I yelled at him, spitting in his face. His hands tightened and I cried out in pain. “AAAH!”

                He threw me to the ground, into a puddle water in the middle of the field. My muscles ached and I was dizzy. My arms were probably covered with bruises.

                James stalked towards me, a cocky smirk covering his face.

                “You keep running from me don’t you little Melody? Can’t you just accept that this is your fate? Or was what your mom did not the right message?” he hissed. I growled.

                “Nuh-uh, not so feisty here. I’m not done with you yet. Did you think I was going to kill you thus fast?” he let out a cynical laugh. I pulled myself together and started scooting backwards, somehow trying to get away on instinct.

                “Where do you think you’re going!? Don’t you want to hear what I did to your little boyfriend?” he sneered at me, grabbing my ankles a bit too harsh. I bit my lip from letting out a painful whimper, pushing my fingers into the mud.

                “What did you do to Bella!?” I said in a low voice. He just smirked and shrugged and started to tell the story.

                “She went with your little boyfriend – “ I interrupted him, “He’s not my boyfriend!” I snapped. James just smiled.

                “Like I care. Like I said, Bella went to her house, playing an awful break-up scene for her daddy. She was so hurt,” he feigned heartbreak as he clutched his chest, still having one hand snaked around my ankle.

                “And they left, thinking that I would take the amateur acting and leave. It was all very pitiful, really.” He laughed again, hitting my knee as I once again squirmed against his grasp.

                “If you want to live a little longer I should stop squirming, slut!” he roared in my face. I huffed.

                “So, where was I? Oh right! I followed them as they headed outside town, trying to shake me off. this Edward guy went with his sisters to set me on a dead end. And that elf girl and her cowboy stayed with Bella, you see. But Bella was a bit stubborn.” He chuckled darkly, and I held my breath for what might come. Luckily I knew Bella was fine now.

                “I called to tell I held her mommy hostage and she believed me! isn’t that nice? So she went to some old boathouse where I told her to meet me. did I already told you she smelled mouthwatering? Bad me for me though that the baby boyfriend needed to disrupt my fun.” His face stood sad as he put on a obvious played pout. I didn’t squirm, moved or said anything.

                “Poor Bella that I already bit her,” I gasped and gnashed my jaw together at his evil snicker, “They all wanted to make a pile of ashes of me, so I ran. I knew you ran off into the woods. Scared your happy family didn’t you?” I growled as his finger tapped my cheek.

                “Now now, don’t get mad at me! I only did you a favor! Now you don’t have to worry about being alone anymore! Edward has his Bella and you’re only left. Can you even imagine how much fun it is for me to finally end you after all this time?” he laughed again hitting my cheek, cutting it with his frayed nails. He growled when he smelled the blood spilling out of the wound.


                “Do you remember why your mommy wanted to end you?” he asked sickly sweet as he tightened his hands around my jaw, licking his lips in  anticipation.

                “Yes, you don’t have to remind me.” I managed to choke out, swallowing.” But tell me though – was she really so flaccid and a coward  that she let you do it?” I shot back, smirking.

                I could see in his eyes that he had enough of it.

                “She’ll be so mad when she hears this – that I have done it.” he smiled slyly before he grabbed upwards at my forearms again, making me hiss from the pain, and slung me to stand across from him. My legs and ankles hurt while my clothes were damp and dirty from lying on the ground.

                “Take off your shirt.”



“What!? Hell no!” I sneered, regretting it immediately. I already imagined the worse. James fumed at stood in front of me, ripping my upper clothes from my body, leaving me in only my bra.

                “What do you want?” I cried, softly, desperately wanting this to be over.

                “Don’t worry baby girl, I just want to see how beautiful those scars look on you.” He snapped, roughly grabbing me at the waist, rubbing the tender skin, covered with the scars that signed me for life. He grabbed my neck, grinning from ear to ear, pushing his nails into the skin at my waist, where my tattoos were drawn in an attempt to cheer up the angry scars.

                “Exquisite,…such a pity I have Vickie now…you would’ve been great company in my bed…. it’s so unfortunate that it will never happen…” He slurred, reminding me of that night in Port Angeles. his mind created images I never wanted to see. He showed me how he wanted to rape me, how he wanted to violate me until I breathed out my last breath.

                “STOP!” I cried. He laughed loudly before shaking his head.

                “Aaah….I forgot you’re a dirty mind-reader. Just like this Edward guy.” His sly smile started to sicken me. The nauseous crept into my stomach from abhorrence.

                “What about this then, little Melody? If you don’t like playing with me, then I should entertain you with this instead..” before I could devise what he meant, he fired off old memories.

                I relived every single thing that had happened only one year ago.


‘Why!? Why are you doing this? I’m your daughter for Fuck’s sake! You made me! You gave birth to me! I haven’t done anything wrong!’ I stood there, completely soaked. The skin of my belly was completely smooth and tattoo-less. My stance was protective. I shouldn’t have been so stupid to take my three cousins with me. But at that time I hadn’t known this would happen.

‘haven’t done anything wrong!? You did EVERYRTHING WRONG! You’re dangerous! You don’t DESERVE to live! Nobody will ever love you! And I’ll end you!’  she was screaming now. My heart ached as she said those words. I expected tears, but it only seemed to fuel my rage.’


                “Stop that! PLEASE!” I could feel the pain again. I’d thought that that nightmare was bad but this…those feelings…this pain – it was ten times worse.


                My tiny body started shaking now too, flashes of lightning flickered out of my hands. My mother had mirrored the action. Hers were stronger. Ready to attack. ‘NO!’ Denim wanted to jump in front of me, but it was too late. I lost control. Blue lightning exploded and I was being electrocuted. A heart wrenching scream was heard, followed by nothing.


                James laughed at my agonizing expression, my visible pain as he went to torture me further with his mind.


                ‘Melody! Please say something!’ Faith stood leaning down, next to my ear.

                ‘Check her heart and lungs!’ Alana screamed.

                ‘What have you done you fucking LEECH!’ Denim roared at the cruel women that called herself my mother.

                James stood next to her, smiling wickedly, black eyes shining with thirst.

                ‘Bring her to me.’ Fiorenza urged. James obliged and went to my still jerking body. Suddenly I saw myself stand up, bleeding all over, the violent tears in my skin.

                ‘James, get back here.’ She ushered. He came to stand next to her. I looked torn, broken and terrifying.

                Fiorenza took a deep breath, ‘I’m so done with you!’ she growled darkly. She started trembling again, as James went to go stand behind her, as she once again fired.

                Lightning and bolts of true fire flew into my direction and the intuition in my eyes meant one thing – motherly protection.



                “NO! please stop it!” I bellowed, sitting on my knees holding my head in my hands. I was getting lunatic.

                But James didn’t listen to my pleas.


                I jumped in front of my cousins, turned around and spread my arms widely, wailing from the pain, but ignoring it.

                As the final attack neared us I shot out my shield, keeping the flames away from my family. I shook all over, getting weak.

                Denim, Faith and Alana looked at each other – they jumped in, one by one, making my shield stronger by blending theirs into mine.

                Like this, we were invincible, more immortal than ever.

                As the fire slowed down to its stop, I gave up – I dropped to the ground, face-down, letting her win and get what she so desperately wanted.

I saw eyes -  golden, cold and lifeless.


                Finally, when the whole memory was over, he stopped, standing in front of me again. he picked me up from the mushy ground again placing me on my feet.

                I was so tired.


                When his dirty, with blood covered hand, itched its way to my breast and wanting to unclasp its hook, I started squirming again. My body shook with hate, fury and lethality. Just as he reached his goal, I exploded and his hands touched my left shoulder.

                “DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME!” I roared as the flashes of killing lighting shot to his hand but unfortunately, electrocuted myself during the process. But it was worth it. 

                James was forced backwards once I pushed him off of me, tripping to the ground, crying out from the excruciating pain that shattered his veins. 

                The lightning stopped and panting, I dropped on my knees, falling down, bleeding at several places. 

                I’d done everything I could and stopped fighting. As my eyes fluttered close, I faintly saw the vision from a few months ago, appear back in my head.


‘Melody!? Where are you!?’a loud thunder crack disturbed the silence in the  woods. It was dark outside and raining. ‘Melody!!? Please! Come back here!’ he ran through the forest, bumping trees and obstacles out of the way. ‘please, please, be okay! Please! I can’t lose you! Please!!’ more running and screaming, until he saw a small body laying in the grass, bleeding.









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