Moon Girl [completed]

Melody Swan, a 15-year old teenager, leaves her family after an horrible accident. She's going to live with her father and half-sister Bella Swan. With their arrival, the two girls are sucked into a world they never thought existed. What happens when Bella finds out about the Cullens? What happens when they think there's something strange about Melody? And how does she fit in the happily forever after?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Stephenie Meyer has written!I do not have any intention to copy and publish her stories as mine!I love playing and messing with it, though ;)

This story is rated for language, slight violence and very slight sensuality. If you can't stand that, I suppose you shouldn't read it.


19. The Dance

My next hour after lunch was biology. My whole being was tensed and torn from that fact – luckily I didn’t sit next to him, it would only worsen my hurt feelings.

                “Are you okay?” Alice asked me, while we took the walk to the science buildings together. That everyone was asking me if I was alright, was a sign that I needed to pull on a better mask – especially with Jasper and Alice around me.

                “Oh, I’m just…you know..I don’t feel really well.” I said, not lying – only hiding the whole truth. Nobody could know that I was in love with Edward. Alice her eyes squeezed together suspiciously. Off course she knew there was something I wasn’t telling her.

                “Emmett told me you’ve been crying. And you ran away this morning so all of the sudden. That not because you just don’t feel really well.” She mocked.

                “Fine! What you want! Inhuman stuff alright? That’s what’s bothering me. Are you happy no?” I whisper-yelled at her – at this pitch no one else would hear it. Alice gasped at my answer – sure we knew from each other we weren’t human and her secret was out in the open now, but I’d never actually admitted I wasn’t completely human.

                ‘Right, right, sorry. I didn’t mean to be so bitchy, but…can you tell me what you are? It would make things so much easier.’ Her perfectly shaped brows were furrowed in confusion and probably frustration. But I couldn’t tell her even though she was my best friend. It wouldn’t get easier – only worse. I sighed.

                “I’m sorry, Ali, but I can’t, I mean – not yet. it’s not the right time. And it’s…complicated. Really complicated.” I explained her miserably. Alice nodded sadly, but from her mind I read she understood, ‘Don’t apologize – my family copes with the same thing. The fact is that you and Bella guessed it. I can’t guess with you.’ She smiled apologetically, yet reassuringly.

                “Our secret?” I asked at a soft tone. She nodded, ‘Our secret,’


                When Alice and I sat down for class, I saw Edward and Bella enter together – everyone, including me, was staring at the two of them. They sat down and starting talking about upcoming Saturday – he indeed had asked her for the spring dance. I started to feel sick in my stomach again just by thinking about them slow dancing, kissing and telling each other I love you’s – which only would be true from one of them. I scanned Mr. Banner’s mind for what was up for class today. A movie about the propagation of the human. In easier terms – sex. Thé talk I’d tried to flee for, for 154 times and then my siblings lost counting. They’d lost counting last year.  My head started spinning while sweat broke out on my head.

                “Melody? What’s wrong?” Alice asked, alarmed. It was true, so true. I’d always been too stubborn to believe in all this mating and soulmate stuff. They had been right – I was physically getting sick of not being able to be near my mate.  And we hadn’t even, and never would have, proceeded the ‘mating-process’. I swallowed and stuck my hand in the air, not answering Alice’s question just yet.

                “Yes, Miss Swan? Is there a problem?” Mr. Banner came walking up to me, his face carrying a look of worry upon seeing my, obviously, ashen pale face.

                “I feel really awful, sir. Can I please, please go home?” I pleaded, trying to not notice that everyone, including him, watching me. Mr. Banner nodded.

                “Should I call your father so he can pick you up?” he asked again. I nodded and he took off to get the phone and fulfill his teacher-duty. Alice’s icy hand started rubbing my shoulder in a friendly way. ‘You’ll be fine Melody. Whatever it is you’re suffering from, it will be alright.’  She thought to me. I desperately wanted to believe her, but I couldn’t. I was too late.




                Ten minutes later, I was seated in the passenger seat of my dad’s cruiser. My eyes were red and swollen from crying and I couldn’t hold back the tears this time either. Charlie let me cry but after a while he’d had enough.

                “Melody, darling, can you tell me what’s wrong? Then I can try to help you.” He asked miserably. I knew he hated seeing me like this – he’d seen me like this enough over the past year.

                “Dad…it’s just…” I stumbled, trying to find the right way to at least tell him something, “I think it has to do with all this…changing stuff? I’d always thought that only my body would become stronger and immortal, but everything is changing! Every single thing!” at the end my voice was raised, followed by another sob and a round of tears. Charlie didn’t say anything for a while, even though his mind was spinning with something to help me, something he could cheer me up with. It was difficult for him – having four hybrid children to raise. He’d never known any details about the process and changes we went through – my sadistic mother had never told him anything he ‘didn’t need to know’.

                “I feel sorry that I can’t help you enough with that. Your moth – I know who I mean, had almost endured the whole change when we met. The thing is – whatever happens, Melody, nothing happens without a reason. Theirs is a reason why you’re going through this right now. There is a reason why you started to change now. And if you want to, I can ask Adam for a bit information so I can help you the best I can.” He finished. He felt hopeless for not being able to help us getting though all this – he could only watch and let it happen.

                “I understand dad. Maybe you can…I bought a book yesterday. It’s called Mythical Humans. It’s about my kind and everything that belongs to it. Maybe you can, you know, read that? Then you’ll understand more of us.” I said, the last tears of another crying jag streaming down. Charlie nodded a small smile covering his lips, curving his mustache upward. it was a funny sight to see.

                “Now tell me, are you really sick or is this just because you were stressed out. Not that I mind this, sweetheart but I just want to know.” He asked as we turned into the driveway.

                “Well, I do feel sick…it’s both actually. I just need a break.” I explained as we got out of the car. Charlie walked me to the front door and I took off my jacket and shoes. He was already busy laying a blanket and pillows on the couch. Then he went to the kitchen to make me some hot chocolate.  That always made me feel better when I was younger. I’d gotten upstairs to dress into grey sweatpants and an old forest green shirt. Upon entering my room, I saw the book lying on my desk. I would give Charlie the book, but now wasn’t the right time. Maybe he could read it later tonight.

                When I got downstairs, the steaming mug of chocolate already stood on the side table next to the couch. Charlie gave me a hug and tucked me in on the couch. I felt like a seven year old girl all over again.

                “I’m going back to work again. if there’s something wrong or anything else you should call all right? “ he said sternly, knowing me too well. I nodded seriously and he left again.


                While I was warmly settled beneath the thick blanket, I watched TV for a while. There was some kind of drama movie on; exactly what I needed. The only thing that missed was a bucket of Ben&Jerry’s® and a huge spoon.

                When the movie was starting get boring, I put the TV on stand-by.

                “Great. what to do now?” I mused to myself. Then an idea struck me – maybe Charlie couldn’t read it, but I most definitely could. I got up from the couch and went upstairs to grab the black book from my desk. Once down, I settled back on the cushions of the couch and opened it. At first, I was met with the index.  I followed the words with my finger as I read.









1.       Newly born

2.       Feeding habits and lifestyle

3.       Childhood

4.       Body

5.       Changes

6.       Causes

7.       Legends

8.       Abilities

9.       After change

10.   Facts and fables “




I started with the prologue which was written in an old, gracious handwriting.


‘Dear Hybrid,


You’re a mystery, an enigma. Human but not whole. Often titled as soulless monster. Often titled as incredibly beautiful mutant. Exists between humans and myths and close to a vampire. You have enemies – natural and human beings that pester you during puberty.

You live a double life in the first phase – weak and a danger for yourself. But, dear Hybrid, you’ll be stronger someday.


                Let Fate guide thou.’



The text made me afraid of it, but intrigued by it as well. I wondered whom had written this. Were there really more of my kind?

                I quickly turned the page and started searching for the second chapter – I didn’t feel the need to read the first one. It didn’t seem important to me. the chapter was also enormous thick – I didn’t have the patience to read about something I didn’t need to know.

                As I read into the chapter about feeding and lifestyle, I could recall a lot of things. But there were new things as well. After my change, for example, I would be able to feed myself in two ways – human food and blood. Another interesting thing, was that a Hybrid related to a vampire, could affect the natural diet of the vampire. After a  while, the vampire would be able to live and feed like a Hybrid. Adam, Chris and Layla had been through that.

                There was something else that sparked my interest. During the longtime change during puberty, a hybrid would start to lose sleeping hours – in general it would only sleep three to four hours a night. Maybe this was something that would happen soon.

                After having read the whole chapter, I felt satisfied. This book was like some kind of instruction for me. I didn’t want to read further yet – this was already a lot to take in. I placed the book under the couch, grabbed my IPhone and dialed the familiar number.


                “Hello, this is Nathan Swan speaking.” I heard from the other side of the line.

                “Hi! This is your sister speaking.” I replied, grinning.

                “Pigmy! How have you been lately?” Nathan asked, enthusiasm coloring his tone. I giggled at the nickname. Pigmy wasn’t very far from the truth.

                “I’m sitting home actually. I don’t feel so well at the moment.” I told him honestly, even though he didn’t need to know what was the real reason behind that. He made and ‘aaaw’ sound.

                “I’m sorry to hear that, but hey! I can cheer you up, can’t I?” I could imagine the smirk that covered his face at the exact time. I chuckled again

                “Yeah, well that’s why I kind off called. I haven’t spoken to you in a while.” I admitted, twirling my hair with my fingers.

                “No you didn’t. What a shame! You couldn’t even leave your..biology shit book and have some talk with your one and only favorite brother could you?” his voice was so dramatic and I swear I heard a fake sob. I started laughing

                “Nope. Sorry, dude, but I was too busy with studying.” I replied in an fake arrogant tone. It was always funny to talk with Nathan like this.

                “Ha! I knew it! you were too busy studying the basics of sex!’ he yelled, laughing during the words. I blushed scarlet and quickly replied.

                “WHAT!? Oh my God! DUDE! Do you know how fucking good that stuff feels?” I yelled back at him. Suddenly, it was deadly silent and I tried to contain my laughter.

                “You did WHAT!?” he screamed so hard I needed to distance the speaker from my ears. Before I could say it was a joke, he began rattling like a drowning man.

                “Melody! Holy fuck! You…you!”

                “ Nate – “

                “You fucking fucked a fucking DUDE! What shit is that! Your fifteen for fucks sake!”

                “Nathan.. – “

                “I’m going to damn kill the bastard! I’ll rip his d – “

                “NATHAN DRAMAQUEEN SWAN!” I screamed through the phone, silencing him and talking further before he had a chance to go roaring again.

                “I’m only joking! Do you seriously think I jump some random guy and sex him in the dressing rooms at the gym?” I confessed, talking at a normal pitch again.

                “Will you please, never, ever, ever, say something like that to me again, like, never?” he growled. I chuckled. “You started it yourself bro.”  I said. He huffed and I could almost see his eyes rolling.

                “Anyway – still clumsy s ever?” he chuckled, the snarky comment obvious in his voice. I rolled my eyes. “Do even have to ask?” I replied. Nathan always thought it was funny when I would fall or slide or almost accidently kill someone. He even made a video once of me tripping, falling and doing all kinds of clumsy things with the most annoying song beneath it.

                “hmm. I’d rather not. Btu seriously, you’re going to be the clumsiest vampire ever!” he busted out laughing again, probably imagining me with red eyes, falling from a tree or something in that effect.

                “Nate, vampires aren’t clumsy.” I stated smugly. I’d thought he would know since he already was a fully grown hybrid.

                “That’s the point, sister.” he remarked, laughing once again. Why did I call him again? he only seemed to annoy me. But yeah…he always did, actually.

                “Hey, pigmy, I need to go – got to pick up Faith from school. I’ll talk to you soon alright?” my brother said. It was so weird sometimes- the one time he was acting like sixteen year-old always nagging his little sister and then he suddenly was the father for his child. I chuckled. “All right. I love you bro, never forget that.” I said feeling my throat constrict for some reason.

                “Love you too Baby Swan. Bye”

                “Bye..” I said, but the lien was already broken. I threw my phone on the table, let myself fall back on the couch and slung my arm over my face. Not long after, I fell asleep, exhausted.






                I woke up from the sound of a door closing and Charlie calling out the usual ‘Bella? Melody?’.  I got up slowly, stretched and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, before heading to the kitchen where Bella stood, cooking burrito’s. 

                “Hey little lady, how do you feel now?” Charlie asked me when I sat down on my kitchen chair. I knew he wasn’t just asking about the fact I was suffering from a headache and a slight fever.

                “I feel a bit better, thank you.” I replied. Bella was obviously quiet, but her mind was full of giddiness and confusion. I didn’t want to hear her thoughts.

                “Bella? About that Seattle trip Saturday…” Charlie suddenly asked. he wanted to know for sure what her plans were. Bella’s back tensed before she turned around with an oven plate filled with burrito’s. “What about that, dad?”

                “Well, I just want to know what your exactly going to do that day.” He stated. Saturday was going to be one of my biggest nightmares.

                “Oh, well, I’m going to Seattle early in the morning and…I hope to be at home in time for the Dance at school.” she answered, still tense. Charlie nodded, surprised somehow that she was going to the dance after all. I was just hoping he wouldn’t fall from his chair when I told him I was going too.

                “Alright, that’s fine by me. Melody? What are your plans for upcoming Saturday?”

                “Uhm..well, Alice kind off forced me to join them at the Spring Dance,” Charlie’s eyes went as big as golf balls, “so, I’m going to spend the afternoon at their place so they can use me as their life-size dress-up doll.” I finished. The look on my father’s face was quite priceless and I started to chuckle. Bella however, seemed enormously chagrined by the fact that I was going there with the other Cullen’s – she hated it that they accepted me instead of her.

                We enjoyed the burrito’s , which Bella actually made deliciously, did the dishes and finished our homework. After that, I decided to call it a night. My temperature had reduced and was almost back at its normal degree.

                When I lay in my bed, staring at the ceiling, I wondered what would happen to Charlie after I’d changed too – he was completely human after all. Would he just let us go , grow old and die someday? The idea of a life without Charlie in it, frightened me. Sure, some day, I’d want a life on my own, if Charlie would still be somewhere, that I’d be able to visit him if I’d want too would be great. But what if I didn’t make it until then? What if my mother got a hold of me before that could happen? What if she’d kill anyway? Because, I was still only human after all.

                I panicked, trying to calm myself with thoughts like: ‘relax, you can shield yourself then she won’t find you,’ or ‘she gave up anyway after last time,’ or ‘by the time she’s found me, I’m probably already changed and stronger,’.

                I kept thinking about things, I didn’t want any thought about. When I started to get tired, I chanced a glance at the clock. My eyebrows shot up in surprise – 03:40 AM, it read. Then I remembered something and I jumped out of the bed, tiptoeing downstairs.  When I reached the couch, I crouched down, stuck my arm beneath it and retrieved the book I’d shoved under there. it would’ve been risky if Bella found it there while cleaning up. I clutched the book to my chest and tiptoed back upstairs again, sneaking into my room and clicking the door close without making much of a noise. I let myself fall on the mattress again and felt the sleep creeping into my consciousness.



I fell down from sky high, the force of air whipping my hair backwards. I’d fallen, but didn’t know where I was headed. When I neared the ground, I closed my eyes, preparing for the impact. It never came. When I opened my eyes again, I was standing in the middle of the dance floor. The spring Dance. I saw a few classmates, but I searched for someone. I’d know when I saw him. My ruby red dress, flowing behind me, trailing over the gym floor. The music was blaring with a vast bass beating. Where was he? For whom was I looking?

                Then I saw him, with his back to me. his wary bronze hair sticking at all sides. Whom was he talking too? why didn’t he turn around? I walked closer, but the distance between only seemed to get bigger. What was going on? I knew his name, I wanted to call for him, I did call out to him but as my lips moved desperately, my voice was stuck. I blinked once and then, he was gone. I began running now, searching, still silently screaming his name. Out of the blue, someone tapped my shoulder, which made me turn around. I gasped at the sight before me, even though I didn’t notice whom had tapped me. There he was. Edward. In a tux, dancing with a women wearing a enormous white puffy dress and a veil. What was happening.

                ‘Sorry, you’re not invited. Get out of here.’ A voice echoed through my ears. I wanted to know whom was the women dancing with him. I needed to. When they turned around, I saw her face. My heart broke again. it was Bella.

                ‘I told you, you weren’t invited. Leave! NOW!’ he suddenly growled next to my ear. No! I wanted to scream, don’t leave me! but there was nothing heard. I grabbed Edward’s hand and struggled but another force of air, blew me backwards,  making me lose grip of his sparkling hand.

                I fell again, into darkness. ‘


I gasped, startled and bolted upright in bed. the alarm clock was beeping while I studied my surroundings. It was my bedroom, the blue walls with silver decorations, the fairy twinkle lights hanging on the wall. It was just another nightmare. I sighed heavily before climbing off the mattress, heading to the bathroom for my morning routine. Bella was already awake, having breakfast in the kitchen. Her mind was swirling with scenario’s of her and Edward at the dance party. A flash of the nightmare flooded back to me, making me drop my toothbrush and almost knocking a few bottles from its shelf. I pinched the bridge of my nose, calming myself. The nightmare must have been a sign – I needed to let him go. Why? Because I loved him.


                Once dressed in jeans, a red college sweater and black chucks, I descended the stairs, carrying my bag with me. Bella stood in the hall waiting for me, so I rushed to the refrigerator to grab a bite and hurried out of the door after her. She didn’t utter a word to me.

                The familiar silver Volvo stood parked in the driveway, with its owner standing gloriously leaning against the door. Let him go, my mind reminded me. I glanced at him once, seeing him looking back with a sad expression. He did that a lot – as if he felt pity for me.

                Without a second thought I went to the old rusty truck and slung my bag in it.

                “What are you doing? You’re not going to drive with us?” Bella hissed at me. I looked back, eyes narrowed. “No. have a nice ride.” I growled back before slamming the door of the roaring beast shut. in my rearview mirror, I saw another pitiful look from Edward. completely into the rush of anger I couldn’t stop the remark I barked out.

                “Fuck you.”

                The pathetic feelings of heartbreak were suddenly replaced by ultimate hatred and anger towards the man I’d fallen in love with. He wouldn’t love me back anyways. I ignored the shocked look on his face and started to rhythmically tap the steering wheel, waiting until he’d turned out of the driveway. When his car raced through the street, I started the rumbling engine and backed out of the driveway, starting my ride to school as well. 


                I’d calmed down a bit during the way to school. why I acted like that in the morning, was because my feelings were awfully conflicted. Maybe letting him go completely, wasn’t an option – it made me feel depressive just thinking about it. I decided I needed to find the right compromise.


                “Where the hell was that right for! I mean, God! Why are you always being so mean to Edward!” Bella was by my side the minute I’d safely jumped out of the truck. I rolled my eyes. She was acting like the protective girlfriend already. the irony of it made me chuckle.

                “What!? do you think this is funny or something?” she bellowed.

                “Christ Bella! I’m not happy peppy all day! Can’t you just leave me the fuck alone for a change!?” I fumed back at her, slinging my bag over my shoulder, ignoring the Cullens and stomping my way to my locker.



                When I was on my way to the cafeteria, I saw Edward and snatched him away. He’s way stronger than I am off course, but he just obliged while I pushed him between two buildings where no one could see us. when he turned to me, he got a wary look on his face. I, however, was like always the blushing picture of innocence.

                “Melody, what’s go – “

                “I want to apologize to you.” I rushed out. There, I did it. Edward looked confused for a second, wanting to ask why when I interrupted him once more.

                “Look, the reason why I acted so weird this morning was because..I don’t feel really well. I mean – everyone seems to think that I’m always happy, clumsy and irritating, but seriously; I’m most definitely not. And you know, that ‘fuck you’ comment, well it was quite ironic since – “ I was cut off by his large hand covering my lips, making my nervous ranting stop. I blushed even more than I already did.

                “I already accepted you’re apology when you snagged me away from my path. No need to explain yourself, little one – you’re my best friend. So, I’m going to drag my hand away and then you’re done apologizing alright?” Edward said, his voice soft like velvet. I nodded and he let go of my mouth.

                “ – you’re actually already undead so the term fuck you doesn’t suit with it.” I finished the Edward induced broken sentence. He laughed, throwing his head back.

                “You’re crazy you know that?” he chuckled, leaving the space between buildings with me following him.

                “I’m surprised you’re even saying it – I knew I was going to be like this from the moment I was conceived.” I stated  dryly. Edward laughed again, leading us to the cafeteria.

                “you must’ve been a smart egg then.” Edward said with a serious tone.  I looked up at him, mouth agape until he shot up his eyebrow, “What?”

                My lips started quivering from the laughter I tried to hold. He was so dead. A giggle escaped my throat before the bouldering laughter followed.

                “An egg..!?” gasp “ Seriously!? “ laughter, gasps “oh fuck me!”more laughter “have you seen you’re eggshell head in the mirror lately, Cullen!?” I snorted through my huge giggle fest.

                “Eggshell head? Do I look like an eggshell? Fuck! I’m supposed to be beautiful!” he replied, chuckling. I decided to make I a bit worse.

                “Have you ever seen a sparkling eggshell?” I asked, calmed down a bit but still giggling. He gave me a weird look. “No?” I chuckled again.

                “Well, then you seriously should’ve seen my Easter eggs from when I was  four, I mean those eggs we’re covered in pink sparkles.” I chuckled, Edward went along with me.

                “What’s wrong with the pink sparkle part?” he asked seriously, eyeing me with amusing filled eyes.

                “I wanted blue sparkles! You should’ve seen me crying!” I added. He roared with laughter, and by this time I was doubled over, holding my stomach that hurt from the fun. I didn’t know for long we laughed and this topic went absolutely nowhere, but it felt so natural to have fun with him like this. When we were just after-giggling, they bell rang.

                “Oh fuck! You haven’t had any lunch, I’m sorry.” Edward apologized, grabbing his bag from the ground.

                “Ah, I don’t mind. I’ll eat between class shifts.” I reassured him. Just at that moment, Alice came bouncing to us.

                “What have you guys been doing? We missed you at lunch.”  ‘I didn’t know Bella could look so chagrinned.’

                “Well, we wanted to got here, but we didn’t even made it to the cafeteria.” Edward told Alice seriously. Alice’s eyes went wide and she thought about one thing, ‘Oh my GOD! Did you guys jump each other in school!?’

                “What! Woah! Alice no, I meant that we were laughing so hard on our way here that we didn’t make it to the cafeteria.” Edward explained hastily.

                “What did you do to make him laugh so hard?” Alice had turned to me. I shrugged.

                “ I only apologized and told him about what happened to me when I was conceived.” I told her seriously. When I finished the sentence Edward was already gasping from laughing again.

                “Seriously, what have you done with him!” Alice laughed joyfully along with us.


                The rest of the week went on like this. Edward and I started to form a really close friendship. But that’s what it only was – friendship. And even though I longed for more, I’d put my feelings aside, enjoying the time an fun I had with him.

                The problem was – I began to fall in love with him even more.











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