Moon Girl [completed]

Melody Swan, a 15-year old teenager, leaves her family after an horrible accident. She's going to live with her father and half-sister Bella Swan. With their arrival, the two girls are sucked into a world they never thought existed. What happens when Bella finds out about the Cullens? What happens when they think there's something strange about Melody? And how does she fit in the happily forever after?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Stephenie Meyer has written!I do not have any intention to copy and publish her stories as mine!I love playing and messing with it, though ;)

This story is rated for language, slight violence and very slight sensuality. If you can't stand that, I suppose you shouldn't read it.


7. six

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As I was on my way for Biology, Bella suddenly hit my shoulder. I spun around to face her, her mind didn’t told me what she wanted. 
      “Can we switch seats today?” she asked hopefully. I frowned at her. Why would she want to switch,..oh right. Edward Cullen. She must be really afraid of him then. 
      “Why?” I asked anyway, not that I minded sitting next to him – I’m not that fragile - but the way she behaved was utterly ridiculous. 
      “Oh, I just want to sit next to Alice for today.” ‘Edward freaks me out and I don’t have sexy clothes on today!’ right... now that is clearly enough for me. I decided to play the game along with her. 
      “oh, right sure. We should as Mr. Banner if he’s okay with it.” I already knew it wasn’t going to happen – Banner never wanted anyone to switch seats, because he couldn’t remember his students’ names. 
      “Thanks!” Bella exclaimed, relieved. ‘You’re welcome’ I thought devilishly. 
      I hung my jacket on the hook, and entered the door. Bella waited for me at Mr. Banner’s desk. I joined her and she immediately spoke up. 
      “Mr. Banner? Is it okay that my sister and I change seats?” she asked in a seductive-like voice. Our teacher was a little mesmerized by the sweetness of it, but he held his own rule.
      “I’m sorry ladies, you have to stay with your lab partner for the next few weeks. After that we switch. “ Bella felt nauseous and swallowed thickly before she went for her seat. The seat next to her was still empty but that wouldn’t it be for long. Alice was already seated in her chair and smiled at me when I came close to the table. ‘Edward, you need to stop worrying about it and just enter the room. Everything is going to be all right, trust me.’ I must say that she had a weird thinking. Like she actually said it to him. I sat down, pulled my books out and began decorating the boring wrapper of my biology book. I sensed Edward entering the room and tensed up. Alice was trained on his movements and I was too. He sat down and turned to face Bella. She had noticed him but feigned to ignore him. 
      “Hello,” his musical, velvety, voice said. She looked up, stunned that he was speaking to her. For a second I was distracted by his wet hair. Like he just finished a commercial for hair gel. I snapped out of it and focused again. His face seemed open and friendly, but his eyes told otherwise. Like he was scared. It was strange. Vampires didn’t have to be scared for humans, it had to be turned, humans were their prey.
      “My name is Edward Cullen,” he continued. “ I didn’t have a chance to introduce myself last week. So, you’re Bella Swan?” Bella’s mind was spinning. She couldn't place it. ‘had I made up the whole thing? He is perfectly polite now.’ she swallowed.
      “H-how do you know my name?” she stammered. He laughed softly and my insides did those crazy flip-flops. I hated it. 
      “Oh I think everyone knows your name, the whole town waited for you and your sister to arrive here.” 
      “No, I meant why did you call me Bella?” she asked stubbornly. He looked confused for a second. ‘Edward, you didn’t call her by her full name’ Alice mentally rolled her eyes at him. 
      “Do you prefer Isabella?” 
      “No, I like Bella, but my Dad calls me Isabella behind my back, so everybody knows me as Isabella.” She felt uncomfortable and looked away. 
      “Oh.” Edward said. He frowned and looked in our direction, probably seeking for Alice’s help. His eyes met mine again and I dropped my already red head. I was caught staring. Damn it! 
      “Okay, class. Today we’re going to do a lab about mitosis with unions. Follow the instructions in your textbook, and get started.” 
      “Do you want to go first?” Alice looked at me and I shrugged.
      “You can go first if you like.” My voice was small and fragile. She just picked up the first slide, and studied it. At least, she pretended to. She’d done this lab a lot of times already. I found myself guessing how old she must be. 
      “It’s prophase.” She stated with her tinkle voice. She slid the microscope over to me and I took a quick look too. off course she was right, I had done the lab already in LA. 
      “You’re right, prophase. Could you give me the next one?” she gave it to me but over fingers touched. She gasped, I didn’t. her skin was ice-cold, mine just a few degrees warmer. That’s why I didn’t shrew away, even though I probably should have. Then, I was hit with visions again.

“Melody!? Where are you!?”a loud thunder crack disturbed the silence in the woods. It was dark outside and raining. “Melody!!? Please! Come back here!” he ran through the forest, bumping trees and obstacles out of the way. ”please, please, be okay! Please! I can’t lose you! Please!!” more running and screaming, until he saw a small body laying in the grass, bleeding.

      Alice and I both gasped, I saw Edward tense and he shot his head to mine. my hands shook and I tried to control it. 
      ‘We’ll talk to Carlisle about it, now don’t go acting weird. Keep up the charade.’ 
      “I-it’s anaphase.” I stuttered, still shocked from what I had seen. Alice looked too, and agreed with me. ‘smart girl.’ 
      “the last one is Interphase. You want to check it?” I looked at her and shook my head. 
      “No, I believe you. And then again, it's the left over answer so,..” I wrote it down on our worksheet and I sat back in the chair. My mind was trying to figure out what I had seen. It had something to do with me, that was for sure. The voice that screamed my name, was sealed in my brain – I could recognize it from far distances. It scared and thrilled me at once. A weird combination. 
      “So, you like it so far in Forks?” I looked up to see Alice’s chair angled to me. 
      “yeah, it’s nice to be with my dad again. I don’t really like the weather tough.” It was easy to talk to her, like we knew each other for years. Like I needed to tell her the truth instead of a stupid lie. 
      “Why? You don’t like rain? I must admit it’s not really good for your shoes. They get drenched.” She grimaced at the thought of her new Prada shoes, soaking and covered with mud and dirt. 
      “Yep, you’re right. I hate it when my shoes get soaked. It’s slosh-y.“ I chuckled a little. ‘such a sweet girl she is! I need her to go shopping with me once!’ Edward’s head shot up, to glare at Alice. I pretended not to notice, but I saw anyway. ‘Aw Edward! why do you always need to take away my fun! I want some friends too.’ 
      “Do you like shopping?”
      “Ehm…yeah, I went last weekend with my father. In LA I went shopping every Saturday, after I got back from the beach.” I smiled broadly as her golden eyes lit up. 
      “You need to go shopping with me someday! Oh wait! The school goes to Seattle at Valentine’s Day! Then everyone is allowed to explore the city!” I giggled at her enthusiasm. I liked Alice and I almost forgot she was a vampire. Almost. She still hadn’t killed me, nor had Edward killed Bella. There must be something different about their lifestyle, or they weren’t able to live between humans like this. I also needed to know what exactly happened in her vision. It was creepy and obviously me.I needed to prevent it. The question was; how? If it was written in the future, I suppose it was my faith to end this way. The thought angered and saddened me. I didn’t want to stop living. I needed to admit, that I’d had my depressive times. Times when I felt so lonely, that I felt I didn’t belong with someone else, that I had to spend my forever on my own. I was passed that now. something, in the very back of my mind, told me it was going to be okay. That I indeed was going to have my own happy forever after. With whom was still sort of a surprise. My thoughts flickered to Edward for a split second. No! Stop, now! What was wrong with me? I couldn’t control my emotions these days. Like I was a pregnant woman or something. And that was definitely not the case – I was fifteen and still a virgin. Humans didn’t understood this. It was always like ‘why don’t you go and bang someone, to just lose your virginity?’. Well, how about this: I wanted to wait until I’d found the love of my existence, my soulmate, my equal. They didn’t understand. 
      “Yeah, sure, if you don’t mind having me close to you, that is.” I answered. I saw her eyes narrow for a second and tried to read her thoughts, but she blocked them. How did she knew how to block them? 
      “Off course I have no problem with that! We could go to TheJeansFactory, or to Victoria’sSecret! It’s going to be so much fun!” babbling and clapping her hands, Alice kept talking about those cute shoes she’d seen. I smiled and laughed with her. Why did they have to be monsters? the same kind of monsters who took my mother from me? I was begging to whoever was there somewhere above they were different than the red-eyed demons. I shivered.
      The bell rang and I gathered my books. I was just pushing them in my overloaded back, when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around a gasped in horror at who stood there. 
      “Melody, I wanted to introduce you to my brother.” Alice gestured with her tiny hand to the tall Adonis next to her. I looked up, higher, to face him. He swallowed. I swallowed. The burning eyes again. 
      “Hello,” his voice was so quiet and shy, but yet beautiful and strong, “I didn’t introduce myself last week. Bella told me about you. I’m Edward Cullen and you must be Melodiana Swan, right?” the corner of his delicious mouth curled up on one side. I was like a jell-o. Breathe in, breathe out, think, breathe out, NO! it’s breathe in, breathe out! Answer him you moron!
      “I-I….Uhm…yeah?” sure, let him think you’re incapable of talking like any normal person could. Is began blushing crimson again, and saw Edward swallow again. His eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared slightly. It was that I knew what they were, but somebody else would’ve thought he was creepy. Well, he was creepy. And right now, he was doing anything in his might to control the urge to tear open my throat and drain me 'till the last drop. I decided to rescue him.
      “’s nice to meet you..Edward. I, eh, need to go. Don’t want to be late for PE.” Okay that was a huge lie. But I felt the need to make sure he was okay, even though I didn’t trust him. I grabbed my bag from the floor, slung it over my shoulder, managed to stumble half, waved, and made my way out of the room, leaving the two vampires behind me. 
      “Miss Swan! How nice of you to join us today, even though you made it an half an hour later.” Well, Coach Clapp didn’t sound nice at all. I hurried towards him. ‘such a shame a girl with a body like that, is as gracious as a donkey.’ Yeah, it wasn’t far from the truth, but thanks.
      “All right, is there anyone who wants to team with Miss Swan today?” he asked the group. I already heard the dismissive arguments in their heads. But then we always had Mike, my hero on socks. 
      “Coach, I’ll do it.” He jogged towards me, and the coach handed me a badminton racket. I followed Mike to the back of the sports hall and we started a miserable game of badminton. I just hoped he would survive it.

      PE was dangerous, as usual. I’d managed to hit Mike with a tennis-racket, again, and I tripped a lot. Again. My sisters were all graceful women. All beautiful, confident and smart. You could call me the black Swan - instead of the sheep. I was smart, but nerdy, I wasn’t at all graceful and I wasn’t extremely beautiful either. Sure, I was pretty, I read that in a lot of thoughts. But it was different. I wasn’t the girly-girl type. When I was younger, I liked playing with dirt and mud. I liked running through the rain. I liked playing football even though I always tripped over the ball. Maybe that was the reason that boys didn’t find me attractive enough. I would never find someone, because he couldn’t be human; that would be impossible. Why? Because I wasn't compeltely human myself. 
      “Hi, how was PE? Did you kill anyone?” Bella chuckled. She knew that I was way too clumsy and she also heard every detail of my fails from her friends. I suppose I had to live with that for the next few years.
      “Nah, Mike got a few hits with the racket though…” I stated, frowning. Bella shook her head. ‘Mike is hot. Maybe I should go on a date with him…but Edward is hotter...he would be so much better in-‘ I shut her out. I felt furious in an instant. She wanted to do WHAT!? Was she insane? Which stupid girl, wants to have sex with a vampire? Bella, obviously. Me too.... DAMNIT! Quit the daydreaming Swan! I was going crazy. I shook my head and felt the blush slowly sinking away. 
      We got in the truck and Bella started the engine. The thing roared to life, like it always did. Three cars from ours, I saw the pale-white vampire boy, standing next to...I could’ve known…the shiny Volvo. Bella noticed him too and she quickly left the spot, almost hitting another car. I saw Edward laughing.


   I woke up the next morning after a rather good sleep. The night before I’d lay there, thinking and trying to figure out what Alice’s latest vision meant. Every time it send my spine shivering. I stretched and rubbed my eyes. Slowly, I got up from under the warm duvet and walked over to the window. It looked lighter and I was hoping for some sun. when I opened the lacy curtains, I grimaced. There, everywhere, was a thin layer of snow. Nice. The worst thing was, that the rain from yesterday was turned into slick ice. I had trouble with walking without weatherly circumstances, but with would be deadly for the people in this town. It was going to be a long day. 
      I stumbled half asleep into the bathroom to take a shower. Today, I decided to wear dark baggy jeans, a grey shirt and my grey with white Adidas sneakers. That’ll make a change. I did wear Chucks a lot, but I had enough other kinds of sneakers. I just love sneakers. After I had gotten out of the shower and dressed, I did my hair. I created soft wavy curls with the curling irons and stuck the tresses into a pony-tail. I went back to my room to grab my bag, and hopped down the stairs. 
      “Morning, little one...” I was met with a sleepy Bella, eating her breakfast in the kitchen. She looked worn out. 
      “Morning. Are you alright?” I asked just to be sure. She hadn’t slept at all last night. Her thoughts would wander off to someone in particular. Good thing I slept well, since I didn’t really wanted to know what exactly she was thinking. I was positive that, that part of her mind wasn’t for minors. 
      “Everything is fine…I just feel so awfully tired.” She answered while she stood up from her stool to put her dishes in the washer. I grabbed a bowl from the cupboard and filled it up with cereal and milk, before I sat down on my stool. Bella and I talked for a bit about unimportant facts and things and after we’d cleared the table off breakfast leftovers, we went for the truck. 
      We stepped down the porch, Bella a little ahead of me, when suddenly Bella tripped on the ice. She fell backwards and her back hit me. I couldn’t get any grip and slipped too, shrieking. My head hit the ice covering the porch steps and Bella fell upon my stomach, which softened her fall. My head hurt like hell and I squeezed my eyes too clear my vision. Bella pushed herself up from above me and stood up. I moaned when a painful sting shot through my head. 
      “Melody!? Are you all right? Say something please?” ‘oh god! Please don’t tell me I made her unconscious! ‘ I sensed her by my head now and immediately felt her hand close to my right eye. ‘Oh help me! she’s bleeding! What to do?’ bleeding? Was I bleeding? I slowly opened my eyes, adjusting the light from the morning sky. Bella’s face was hovering over mine, with a concerned expression.
      “Are you okay?” I knew she was fine, I just asked to be sure. Bella let out a relieved sigh, happy I had said something. I sat up gently, squeezing my eyes again. Now I not only saw the blood covering the ice next to me, I smelled it too. That was something I’d never been capable of. I decided to find out more about that later, since the blood was actually seeping out of my head. 
      “I’m fine. I’m just startled. I’m so sorry! But, we need to see a doctor or something, you’re bleeding pretty bad. “ she winced. When we were younger, I found out she got nauseated when she smelled or saw blood. 
      “yeah, well…we have a first-aid kit in the kitchen. Dad gave it to me, since I do trip and make accidents a lot.” Bella chuckled and shook her head, “ And Scarlett taught me how to treat a wound, so..” Bella nodded and helped me get up from the sidewalk. I felt a little dizzy from the smack but eventually made it into the kitchen without any other accidents. I grabbed the first-aid kit from its place and opened it. Bella handed me a towel to dab my injured head. It was a nice gesture though, since she couldn’t stand it to be near blood. She cleaned my head while I cut the bandage and band-aid tape. 
      After making sure the white band-aid was on the right place, we got outside again, more carefully this time. Great. I was going to school and the first thing everyone would see, was this huge white thing on my forehead. Well, better this than being drained by a vampire. 

      We drove upon the parking lot and found a spot at the end. We were a little late because of my little accident earlier. Bella cut the engine and we both got out. I jumped, she stepped. Bella was wondering why the drive was so easy, even though the road was slick. I walked around the truck and saw her crouching down. I did the same. She smiled at me and when I saw the tires, covered with snow chains, we concluded there could only be one person who did such a thing.
      “Charlie” we said in unison, laughing because of it. we were just standing up and about to walk up to the building, when I heard a loud, screeching sound. Then I was hit with a vision again of a blue van skidding towards me and my half-sister. I saw how it crushed us against the truck. Blood covering the metal pieces of both vehicles, heart wrenching screams and a lot of pain. Alice. Edward. I turned my head, only to see it happen right now, in front of me. Everything happened so fast. I saw Tyler’s van racing towards us, I saw Bella in shock an dead in track next to me. I saw Edward Cullen's pained face. I quickly pushed Bella behind me, to prepare for the force of the impact against my tiny, but strong body. Then, out of nothing I felt something cold hit my chest. I fell backwards, my head hit the side of Bella’s Chevy truck, before I fell on the wet street beneath me. I blinked once, twice, seeing Edward stopping the van with his bare hands, while grasping Bella’s arm, before everything went black. 

      “Melody? Melody! Wake-up! please!” I heard Bella voice softly urging me to open my eyes. I felt pain, pressure and confusion. Before I could begin to think about it, I remembered. I just had an accident. Oh. My. God. I just had a damn accident. My eyes flew open, only to see a worried Bella and a tensed up Edward who was clearly holding his breath. I was bleeding. And he stood there, hurting himself. I sat up, slowly and shook my head. Around me, I heard a lot of screams and yelling. In search for any caused danger of exposure, I read from the human minds they thought we were completely dead. They hadn’t seen Edward to my relief.
      “Oh thank god you okay! I was so scared!” Bella was on the edge of crying but held back, she didn’t want to look pathetic in front of Edward. 
      “Yeah…apart from my head I’m just fine…” I was slurring. Maybe I had hit my head a little too hard. Bella sat back against the truck, waiting for the minute they would free us from the small space between the two vehicles. Edward was still tense and I decided to rescue him. Again. Very soft and low I spoke to him.
      “Edward,” is head shot up and I paused, checking Bella in the corner who was looking pretty irritated, before moving on,” try to think about your biggest wish or something you truly love. It’ll help.” He looked at me incredulously. We both looked each other deeply in the eyes, when I noticed him relax a little after a minute. I smiled shyly, blushing. He flinched a little and I knew exactly why. Suddenly, the van was shoved away from us, creating space again. I still sat against the truck in a rather unnatural position. It wasn’t very comfortable. Bella stood up, quickly, and waited for the first aiders to free us completely. Edward stood up too, looking at me wanting me to get up on my feet too. I wanted too, but my legs wouldn’t move. my head was still swimming from the impact it had made already. what a way to start the day. 
      Before the handsome vamp could do something to help me, the people from emergency were already kneeled in front of me. They packed me up on a stretcher and before I knew it I was placed into an ambulance. Bella and Edward weren’t packed up, but they had to go to the hospital to make sure they were okay. 
      When we arrived at Forks Hospital, they immediately began doing test and x-rays. It wasn’t even necessary to do such a thing. I had only hit my head. Okay twice. Okay it hurt and I was a little dizzy, but that actually made sense. Even though I didn’t like it, I listened to the nurses and let them play with me and my head. 
      After all the tests, they brought me back to the ER. They placed me next to Tyler Crowley, the driver of the van that almost crushed us. I read from his mind that he felt really sorry and he kept apologizing numerous times. Bella came to sit next to me on the hospital bed and she tried to tell Tyler it was all right. We were still alive and nothing was broken. Well, I thought nothing was broken. After another ten minutes of apologies and nurses to check me, I let myself fall backwards against the bed closing my eyes. Suddenly, I heard his voice.
      “Is she sleeping?” he whispered. I fought of the urge to open my eyes and look at him. I decided to pretend to sleep while I watched him through Bella’s eyes. 
      ‘Why does he concern for the baby kid? She’s fine…’ “Yes I think so.” It was weird to be in someone’s head like this. 
      “Are you okay?” the angelic voice asked again, his golden eyes smoldering. Bella’s thoughts fluttered for a moment before she was able to answer.
      “Yes I’m fine. She’s too. Thanks to you.” ‘I should just flirt with him. It’s normal to do so after a handsome guy saved your life!’Bella batted her eyelashes, in a way she thought was seductive. Edward swallowed. Okay maybe it was seductive. They just stood there for a moment, saying nothing. I chose too ‘wake up’ that moment. I pretended to move a little, let my eyelids flutter and then I opened one. Edward stood there, grinning and I was wondering if he’d seen through my little stunt. I continued to act and stretched my arms, rubbing my eyes and then sitting up slowly. I arched an eyebrow, showing I was confused.
      “Hey, how do you feel now?” Bella had turned away from Edward and was looking at me. I was sure I looked absolutely fabulous. Right. So not the case. 
      “Yeah…I feel pretty good actually. Something I tried to tell all the nurses in here, but they won’t let me go..” I was getting a little annoyed here. I was ,apart from the cut in my head and a few cuts in my hands, physically fine. I already knew my x-rays didn’t show anything serious either, so I thought I could leave. 
      “Don’t worry, I came to free you.” Edward’s velvety voice spoke up. I looked at him and then followed his nod in the direction of the doors. A blond man walked through. His skin was pale-white and his eyes were also honey-colored, just like Edward’s. Both Bella and I supposed this must be Edward’s father. Bella gasped at his beauty, I didn’t. I was still annoyed that they wouldn’t let me leave the damn hospital. I just had a thorough hate for hospitals. 
      “Well, Miss Swan…” he began. When he looked away from his clipboard and saw us, he chuckled. The same magical chuckle his son had. I heard Bella sigh and I inwardly laughed my ass off. She was fancying Edward and his father. That was just wrong. 
      “Let me get this straight, which one of you is...” he looked at the papers in his hands, “Isabella Marie?” he smiled and looked at me. I subtly saw Edward shaking his head no. the movement was so small no one else would’ve noticed. Bella just waved, letting the doctor know she was Isabella Marie. She mentally scolded that he’d called her full name in front of Edward. 
      “All right, Isabella, how do you feel? Are you dizzy, or nauseas, or anything else?” he asked her still smiling lightly. The man seemed really nice. I wondered why he was able to work in a hospital in view of the obvious grounds. 
      “I’m fine. No dizziness or nauseas or anything like that.” The doctor walked over to her, examining her skull, she winced slightly. 
      “tender? Edward told me you had hit your head pretty hard.” In his mind the doctor told Edward exactly what he was doing. It was still strange. They all seemed to think this way. Like they said it to him. 
      “a little, I’ve had worse.”Bella scowled at Edward, who pretended not to notice. The doctor stood up again.
      “All right. You can go home with your father, he’s in the waiting room. You can also wait until I’ve examined your sister. that’s up to you.” He smiled again. Bella said she would wait until I was done. 
      “Well, you must be Melodiana then! How are you feeling?” he came to stand next to me and began examining my wounds. 
      “I feel fine. My head hurts a little, but I think that’s pretty normal since there’s a wound there, so…” I shrugged and blushed. I wish I could do something about my shyness around people, especially when they wanted the blood that rose into my cheeks. The doctor however didn’t seem to be affected or uncomfortable by the way my blood rose. Maybe he had a great amount of self-control or he was immune for human blood. I would find out someday. 
      “Your X-rays are okay too, nothing serious. It is possible you’ll feel dizzy in a few hours though. You made a surefire hit against the truck.” I just nodded.
      “Well, lucky us Edward pushed us out of the way.” Bella shot Edward a death glare, but he wasn’t intimidated by it. he just ignored her. 
      “Oh, well, you are extremely lucky then.” The doctor answered. Bella’s intuition flickered. ‘He knows!’ while doctor Cullen signed the papers, and I made sure I got off the hospital bed without breaking anything, I heard Bella talk to Edward. 
      “Can I talk to you for a minute?” she seethed. Edward didn’t look very pleased. I kept tying my shoes.
      “your father is waiting for you. “ he said, his jaw clenched. I climbed skillful off of the high bed. 
      “I’d like to speak with you alone, if you don’t mind.” She pressed. I was waiting for doctor Cullen to give my papers so I could leave. 
      “Fine.” Edward almost growled before he turned around and strolled out of the ER space with Bella hopping behind him, trying to keep up. I watched them leave and sighed, shaking my head. I heard a chuckle from behind me.
      “Your sister is quite mad at him, isn’t she?” I spun around to see doctor Cullen with an amused expression on his face. I couldn’t help but smile back, but not without blushing off course. 
      “Yeah, something like that.” I held out my hand and he took it and we shook them. “Thank you, doctor Cullen.” I said sincerely. “it was nice to meet you, Melodiana.” He said back with a facial expression that I couldn't pinpoint. With that he gave me the papers and I left the room to go look for my dad. 
      I passed the hall way and caught Bella and Edward having a heated discussion. Walked back around the corner so they wouldn’t notice me. I placed myself into Bella’s head so I could follow their conversation. 
      "What do you want?" he asked, sounding annoyed. His eyes were cold. His unfriendliness intimidated her. her words came out with less severity than she intended. "You owe me an explanation," she reminded him.
      "I saved your life — I don't owe you anything." she flinched back from the resentment in his voice. "You promised me, remember?" Bella was determined to know what happened. 
      "Bella, you hit your head, you don't know what you're talking about." His tone was cutting. Bella’s temper flared now, and she glared defiantly at him. "There's nothing wrong with my head." He glared back.
      "What do you want from me, Bella?" his expression was aggressive and I flinched.
      "I want to know the truth," she said. "I want to know why I'm lying for you."
      "What do you think happened?" he snapped. Bella’s observations came out in a rush.
      "All I know is that you weren't anywhere near me —Tyler didn't see you, either, so don't tell me I hit my head too hard. That van was going to crush us both — and it didn't, and your hands left dents in the side of it — and you left a dent in the other car, and you're not hurt at all — and that should have smashed Melody's legs, but you were holding it up…" she could hear how crazy it sounded, and she couldn't continue with her story. I must’ve missed a lot of it after I blacked out. Bella was getting so mad I could feel the tears coming up. She tried to force them back by grinding her teeth and clenching her jaw.
He was staring at her incredulously. But his face was tense and defensive.
      "You think I lifted a van off of your sister?" His tone questioned her and my sanity, but it only made Bella more suspicious. It was like a perfectly delivered line by a skilled actor. Edward was a master in lying, but his mask was sliding away. Bella merely nodded once, jaw still tight.
      "Nobody will believe that, you know." His voice held an edge of derision now.
      "I'm not going to tell anybody." She said each word slowly, carefully controlling her anger. Surprise flashed across his face. "Then why does it matter?"
      "It matters to me," she insisted. "I don't like to lie"'unless I'm doing it myself and it's completely neccesary'"so there'd better be a good reason why I'm doing it."
      "Can't you just thank me and get over it?" his expression cold and hard again. 
      "Thank you." She said quickly and irritated. I waited for reaction
      "You're not going to let this go, are you?"
      "In that case… I hope you enjoy disappointment." And with that, he spun on his heels and walked away. Bella began clenching her fists and then spun around to go and find Charlie. I snapped out of her thoughts and concentrated on where I was. I made my way back to the foyer again, trying to find the right route. Then I heard doctor Cullen’s thoughts.
‘She is pretty, just like Alice told me. But that is Isabella so the other is the one from the vision? Am I right Edward?’ only a second after I heard doctor Cullen’s thoughts, I saw Edward slowly, but unnoted, nodding his head through the doctor’s mind. How in the world…? No! that’s impossible! He couldn’t…
‘So if I’m right, the blood of both of them calls to you, especially that from Melody?’ Edward nodded again without anyone seeing it.‘then how were you able to not kill when she started bleeding in front of you?’ Edward watched his father closely, his eyes telling him not to start about it. softly he murmured "I don't know." 
      I couldn’t believe this. That was why all his siblings thought towards him, not about him. Just like my father and siblings did with me. He could read minds. Just like me. I gasped loudly and Doctor Cullen, Edward and Rosalie Hale turned around, they saw me. I stood there with wide eyes before I turned around and ran away from them, fighting the tears that threatened to spill over. 

      “Melody! There you are! We were looking for you. What did Doctor Cullen say?” Bella and my Dad had stood up from their seats and came walking up to me. before I’d went back to the waiting room I’d been to the ladies room to make sure I didn’t look like I had been crying. Which I did. Awfully violent and I didn’t have a clue why. Thank God they didn’t notice, even though I met up with them an half an hour later after I ran away from the Cullen’s. I cleared my throat, hoping my voice wouldn’t crack, before I answered Charlie’s question. 
      “He said I was fine, nothing major. I need to come back at the end of this week so he can remove the stitches in my head. That’s it. I can go home now.” I shrugged. My voice indeed cracked a little but not that much I had expected it too. Bella came to stand next to me.
      “Come on. let’s get out of here.” And she winked at me knowingly. Yeah, apparently we shared our great dislike for hospitals. 
      “Girls, I think you should make some calls when you get home…” ‘maybe I shouldn’t have done it..’ “Bells, you should call your Mom. Melody you should call the Brights..” with quite a force I turned around and faced my very uncomfortable looking father, scratching his scalp. No, he indeed shouldn’t have done this. Now I needed to call my over worried sister and assure her I was alright for what could takes hours. It did the last time, but what happened then was ten times worse. 
      “You called my mom!” apparently, Bella also didn’t like it. She slammed the door of Charlie’s cruiser a little harder than I would. I slammed too, but with much less aggressiveness.

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