Moon Girl [completed]

Melody Swan, a 15-year old teenager, leaves her family after an horrible accident. She's going to live with her father and half-sister Bella Swan. With their arrival, the two girls are sucked into a world they never thought existed. What happens when Bella finds out about the Cullens? What happens when they think there's something strange about Melody? And how does she fit in the happily forever after?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Stephenie Meyer has written!I do not have any intention to copy and publish her stories as mine!I love playing and messing with it, though ;)

This story is rated for language, slight violence and very slight sensuality. If you can't stand that, I suppose you shouldn't read it.


8. seven

As soon as we got home, we took turns calling. Bella had been on the phone with Renee for at least and half an hour. I thought I would break the record, though. After my now irritated sister handed me the old phone, I dialed the familiar number. They picked up on the second ring. Someone had been waiting for me to call. 
      “Please tell me you are okay! What happened! Are you in pain! Melody!?” my oldest sister was ranting like a madwoman and I mentally sighed. 
      “Scar, I’m…,”before I could even finish my sentence, I was rudely interrupted by my dearest brother.
      “Don’t tell me you’re fine! What happened? Dad sounded awfully upset when he called.” Nathan sounded angry through the phone. I imagined his face with it, all crunched up, his jaw clenched and his sharp teeth bared in an all too dangerous smile, which wasn’t funny at all. 
      “But I am!,” he wanted to interrupt me again ”No, no, no ,no! I wasn’t finished yet! Bella and I were on our way to school, just like every morning, but today the road was slick with ice. Before you go mad at that fact; Charlie placed snow chains on the tires. Bella and I were checking that out and then…” I wanted to say it, all of it. but I couldn’t bring myself to bare their secret. It didn’t seem fair to me.       “I saw a van skidding towards us, “I dropped my voice to a lower and softer pitch, “I made Bella stand behind me and prepared myself for the impact. Then one of my classmates pushed me out of the way and I made a smack against the truck….” I heard my brother whimpering and I understood it must be hard for him not to be here to check upon me.
      “Melody please tell me you didn’t use any superpowers close to Bella and that classmate of yours!” my brother was getting frantic and on the background I heard several shocked reactions from the others.
      “No, I didn’t! And don’t be such a drama queen Nate!” I was getting angry now. Why did they always treated me like I was a baby, capable of nothing.
      “Then how in the damn world did you stop the fucking van!” Nate had raised his voice and started cursing. That wasn’t a very good sign. I maintained my posture and kept silent during talking.
      “I didn’t, he did.” I all but half-growled through the phone. 
      “Who is he? How did he do that?” his tone was derisive now, clearly not believing me.
      “He had an adrenaline rush. Google it. He stood close by, jumped in front of us and stopped the van with his hands. Happy now?” I hissed at him. He was silent for a while. 
      “Are you hurt?” he asked in a low voice. I leaned back against the counter and slowly caressed my forehead in a soothing manner.
      “Yes, but only a little.” I replied softly. Suddenly I heard something crack loudly. I gasped at the sound.
      “Melody, it’s okay don’t freak out now. He got outside to lose his anger. And..he broke down the door…” upon hearing Adam’s voice I relaxed slightly.
      “What are the injuries this time, dear?” Adam always spoke so neat, ancient actually. It must have been from the time he came from.
      “There’s a huge cut near my temple and my hands are covered with smaller cuts, but nothing major. No bone fractures or inner bleedings, nothing.” It was silent for a while again, and I heard him walking away, saying the others he wanted to talk to me alone for a minute.
      “Look Melody, there is something you’re not telling me. you’re hiding something. Don’t worry I won’t pressure you to tell me, but I want you to know that if theirs is something you don’t understand about being a hybrid, you can ask me anytime okay?” I flinched at the word. Hybrid. I preferred the monster, but let’s be nice towards my family. 
      “Okay, I’ll tell you when I’m ready for it…I just can’t right now.” my voice cracked with the tears that had fallen. I hated those crying jags. 
      “Good. Now, how is it with the…you know..?”he struggled to ask me. Everyone did. Scars. It used to be a word to make me paranoid, but it didn’t anymore.
      “it’s fine. There not even red anymore, they look less angry now.” I answered tracing the lines of the huge scars that lay under my shirt.
      “That’s good to hear, baby sister. I’m going to hang up now. you should eat.” I chuckled at his care for me. Scarlett and Adam were like parents I’d never really had. Not that Charlie wasn’t a good parent, but Adam was there when Charlie wasn’t. I just saw it as having four instead of two. I said goodbye to my siblings, whom wished me a ‘get well soon’ and when Adam hung up I just stood there. everything that had happened came rushing back with an effect like that from an earthquake. I only heard the phone beeping while I lost myself into a world I’d wanted to escape from.
….Beep! beep! beep!....

      “Melody? Earth to my daughter please.” My eyes focused again and I saw Charlie standing in front of me waving his hand. I must have zoned out for a minute here. 
      “What? oh sorry Dad, I zoned out I guess.” I shrugged, pretending like there wasn’t some kind of emotional hurricane storming into my head. I didn’t want to cause the old man a headache.
      “You guess? You were in here for fifteen minutes. You sure you are okay? I can call doctor Cullen if you need anything..” in his mind he let me see what he meant. I saw myself leaning against the counter, motionless, phone in hand and not even breathing. I was happy, though, he had let me stand there without interrupting. I had needed the fifteen minute break from the normal world. Not that the place I went in my head was a happy place to be; it was more like pure hell, but I needed to face my past and try to get over my grieving. I had thought about my mother, my appearance, my siblings, Edward Cullen, the accident...I shook my head. I didn’t want to zone out again and I absolutely didn’t want Charlie to call doctor Cullen. 
      “Oh Dad, no. you don’t have to do that. I was just…you know.. a little lost…I…I was thinking about..di mia Mamma..” I felt the traitorous tears welling up again. I tried to force them back but it wouldn’t. a loud, painful sob broke loose, my knees lost their stance and my Dad caught me with his save embrace. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I wondered where Bella was, but I was to enhanced in my own grieve and pain that I didn’t worry about it so much. Not now. Now It was my time to let go of the memories that had caused me so much pain. Charlie knew something had happened last year and that I was covered with scars. He had visited me for a week while I was in the hospital. He had never heard the true story. We didn’t want him to hear such things. How monsters violated his children. How dangerous our nightly hunts were. We wanted to protect him from us, the hybrids, the half-bloods. Another heart wrenching sob shot out of my throat. I noticed Charlie had placed me on my bed. he had brought me upstairs, carrying me with his human arms. He didn’t care it hurt. He wanted to make sure I was fine. And he knew I wasn’t. Far from it. He let me cry for a few more minutes and when it slowed down to soft sniffing, he spoke up. 
      “I know you and your siblings don’t want to tell me what happened that night. And I’ve accepted and understood it. But if you don’t tell me what’s going on, I can’t help you. And I want to help you, Melodiana. You’re my Baby Swan and I want to help you. I want to understand it, everything. From diets to appearances. Everything. ” I blinked the tears away from my eyes and looked up at my father. He looked tired, old even. I felt like a little girl again. When I was younger, the first time Mom left, I’d had a moment like this, too. He let me curse and scream until I had razed out. And it was relieving. But this time I couldn’t. 
      “Dad, I-I know. And I w-wish I could tell you, but I’m not ready f-for that yet. It’s so,…” my voice cracked, I didn’t recognized it. It was hollow, lifeless. Absolutely not me. I’ve always been shy, but crazy. Laughing about everything, running around in the rain, singing and dancing like there was no tomorrow. But I didn’t do that anymore. I wasn’t that girl anymore. 
      “I know, sweetie, I know. It’s hard. Believe me if I say I keep thinking about her too…” Charlie’s voice was gruff. I indeed knew he thought about her a lot. I saw the memories, but only the nice ones. Memories of my mother holding each of us for the first time. memories of her taking care of me when I fell, which I did, and still do, a lot. That was great time. A time where no one could hurt me, or leave me a scar. Now I was full of them. I had been scarred. She, our mother, was our angel, our savior. But it was her who hurt us the most, by leaving. 
      “Melody?” my father asked me hesitantly. He hid his thoughts from me, something he did when he was afraid of my reaction. “Yes, Dad?”
      “Can I,…see…your scars?” he looked me straight in the eye when he asked me this, something he never did when he was emotional or pained. He’d never wanted to see them or face this, so the question caught me completely off guard.
      “You don’t have to if you don’t want to…” 
      “No, Dad, it’s okay. I think I can handle it. I just hope you can handle it.”

      “I’m sure I can handle it,…I think.” Charlie scratched his head uncomfortably. I just sighed and shook my head. I stood up and inhaled deeply.
      “All right, Dad….just don’t freak out okay?” he nodded and I grabbed the hem of my shirt and tugged it up high and stopped under my bra, baring my flat stomach, covered with lightning-like scars. I heard Charlie take in a sharp gasp. ‘Oh my dear God! I didn’t knew…this is so..they hurt my little baby girl…’ I pushed the cotton of my shirt down again, hiding the still slightly red scars from his now angered eyes. He was stuck between being utterly pained and being furious as hell. It looked like anger was winning from the pain. His fists clenched and without saying anything he marched out of my room, slamming the door. I was quick on his heels. 
      “Dad?,” the panic in my voice was clear, “Dad, what are you going to do?” he kept walking down the stairs and turned around when he reached the end. The look on his face told me, he clearly couldn’t handle this, which I’d been afraid for. 
‘I’m sorry, I really am! If I could’ve stopped it, I would’ve….’ His head was the same hurricane now, as I had been through only an half an hour ago. 
      “Dad,…maybe you should go calm yourself down…take a walk or something? Bella shouldn’t see you like this.” I was aware of Bella being in her bedroom, having her own mind battle. Hers was about Edward, though. It was a good thing Charlie was thinking instead of speaking; his mind’s voice thundered through the empty living room we were standing in. And yet it was completely silent. ‘That’s what I’m going to do…tell Bella I’m at La Push.’ With that he marched over to the peg to get his coat.
      “Where are you really going? How late will you be back?” my voice was small, afraid. I’ve never been afraid of my father, there never had been any reason too, but now I feared him. Not because of the way he would act towards me, but I feared his mind. I didn’t want him to get depressed or something like that.
      “I’m just going to walk along the street and back. I won’t be away too long, don’t worry.” A faint smile tried to light up his strained face, but it fell as soon as it started. I nodded at his reply.
      “We’ll talk about this when I’m really ready for that. I should’ve listened to you, though..” the man shook his head, waved, “See you in a few” and left the house. After I heard the click of the door, I lost it. Again. 

      “Little one? Hel-looo? Anybody down there?” my head shot up when I heard Bella calling out for me. I stepped away from the wall I’d been crying against. Quickly drying my tears, I walked to the stairs and saw my sister standing there with her toothbrush.
      “Oh there you are! Why is it so quiet? Where’s Dad? Hey, do you have some toothpaste left over? Mine’s is empty.” I tried to keep calm. I wasn’t in the mood for ‘hyperactif Bella time’. without saying anything, I walked up the stairs and went in my room to get the toothpaste. 
      “Yes, here I am. I dozed off on the couch and Dad is at La Push. He’ll be back soon. “I said tiredly as I handed her the toothpaste. ‘chagrinned much?? Ugh! Stupid child.’ She thought, rolling her eyes. 
      “Anyway, I’m heading to bed now. See you in the morning.” Bella rolled her eyes for another round and then walked back to her bedroom to retrieve her toothbrush. Without the brush she wouldn’t need the toothpaste right? I stood there for a minute, debating with myself what I should do. I could head downstairs to grab some Tylenol for the pain of that damn wound and go to bed, or I could wait until Charlie got back and then crawl under the covers. I decided the last. I wanted to be sure my father had calmed down after his not so little outburst. 

      Much later, I sat up, startled. Thank God it had been a dream. It felt like I had relived a déjà vu. Alice’s vision. But in this dream, I was the one running and searching for someone, something. Edward. Why in the world did I dream about that? Why would I scream and cry for him? I still didn’t understand the feelings he brought up in me. I chanced a glance at the clock on the wall, opposite of me. One AM it said. With a gasp I leapt of the couch where I had fallen asleep on. Was Charlie still not home? Had something gone wrong? Anxious I fled up the stairs ins search for my father. He wasn’t here. I got back downstairs ready to go outside and look for him when the sound of a throat clearing scared the shit out of me. I let out a yelp and faced the one who’d made the sound.
      “You know, I decided to stay here with you so you wouldn’t sleep alone. You seemed to have a pretty vivid nightmare, darling. You okay?” normal as ever, Dad sat in the big fauteuil across from the couch I’d been lying on. 
      “Christ, Dad! You scared the hell out of me!” my breathing began to go back to its normal rhythm and Charlie chuckled. 
      “I’m sorry. It looked pretty funny to see you jump from that couch and almost literally fly upstairs, though. I didn’t knew you were able to do that at this stage.” Realization struck me. Had I really used my speed when I was looking for him? I had. And I could only mean one thing: The path of my change, had begun. Now I needed to find out whom had caused it.

 The following days, everyone kept asking us what exactly happened and how Edward rescued us. Every single time I said the same thing: “Yes, I’m fine. That van came skidding toward us and Edward pushed me away. End story. But people like Jessica Stanly wanted to have a proper gossip to spread around town. Like I needed any of that. 
      During lunchtime Bella, Angela and I reached our, now permanent, lunch table. Sitting down, I chanced a glance toward the beautiful but strange family in the end of the cafeteria. Just like that horrendous first day, each of them was staring in a different direction. Not looking at anyone, nor looking at each other. They didn’t talk, didn’t eat, and nobody, not even Alice, looked in our direction. Bella was already thinking she was a pity girl, by her awareness of Edward. 
      Alice didn’t speak to me anymore. Every day I would get an occasionally ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi Melody’, but since the accident, she hadn’t uttered a word. During Biology, she only said something when needed and I noticed Edward ignoring Bella again. Like he was completely unaware of her presence. I Could tell he wasn’t. Now and then his fist would clench against his leg, just like that first day. I was sure they would have a good reason to act like this. Another thing I completely hated, was the fact that Alice kept blocking her thoughts from me. She knew, off course, how to do that. Maybe she was just blocking them from Edward without knowing she blocked me too, or she knew something was up. Sometimes, I eventually caught her studying me intently, eyes narrowed and smoldering. 
      Bella was already thinking he was regretting it, he saved us from the van. It was a little overdramatic, even though I did think the same way. 
      After lunch we entered the room for biology, seeing Edward and Alice already in their seats. Edward was ‘drawing’ on his book. When Bella neared him she offered him a pleasant “Hey, Edward.” before sitting down. Edward only nodded his head very slightly, before he went to ignore her again. Bella grumbled and stared at the blackboard. I sat down next to Alice, but instead of Bella, I decided to not say a word. If she could act like this, I could do this too. Loudly, I plopped down on the chair, forcefully I grabbed my books and threw them on the table with a low growl. Then I sat back with my arms crossed. I heard Alice struggle in her mind. ‘Damn it! Thanks Edward! now she really hates me! And I just wanted to have a friend….’ I could almost see her pouting. I took it a step further by giving her my best bitch face and looking at her for a few long seconds. Now I just hoped she was going to say something to me. ‘Oh no! now I made a complete bitch of her! Maybe I should just..’ before she could think any further, I was bombarded with a vision again. 

      Lots of rain. Darkness. Me. Edward. We stand in the pouring rain, facing each other. ‘What is it with you?’ he asks slowly, driving me near the wall behind me. I take small steps back until my back hits the brick wall. I hear myself laugh icily. ‘I know what you are.’ When the words leave my mouth, he pushes me against the wall with such a force, cracks from in the bricks. My face is scrunched up. ‘What? did you think you could kill me?’ I ask sarcastically. His finger lifts my chin, making me look into his golden eyes. Golden into Golden. Ice against ice. Fire consumed into fire. Then, his lips smash against mine, kissing me into oblivion. His icy lips against my rosey ones. After a while we stop groping at each other and we part, panting. ‘if you don’t run now, that's exactly what I'm going to do.’

      Alice, Edward and I gasp. I force myself to look at the blackboard. That was just…the idea of Edward kissing me sent jolts of excitement over my spine. ‘I just wanted to say ‘Hi’ to her! Fine, I’ll listen to you. This is not over, brother!’ even though there was danger in this very situation, I saw Alice smirking wickedly. When I glanced at Edward I couldn't stop the blush heating my face. His eyes held and intense expression I'd never seen. oh hell...
      Realization struck me. NOOOO! I was completely and utterly mortified! Edward had seen this. He had seen everything. But, damn, I found myself wanting it to happen so badly. 

      I was in so much trouble.

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