Moon Girl [completed]

Melody Swan, a 15-year old teenager, leaves her family after an horrible accident. She's going to live with her father and half-sister Bella Swan. With their arrival, the two girls are sucked into a world they never thought existed. What happens when Bella finds out about the Cullens? What happens when they think there's something strange about Melody? And how does she fit in the happily forever after?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Stephenie Meyer has written!I do not have any intention to copy and publish her stories as mine!I love playing and messing with it, though ;)

This story is rated for language, slight violence and very slight sensuality. If you can't stand that, I suppose you shouldn't read it.


12. Scary Stories

The next day, before lunch, Alice jumped in front of me. She studied my head intensely and the giggled. I rolled my eyes.

                “Oh my god! I thought Carlisle was joking!” she was laughing now, trying to find words, “you’re seriously a crazy thing Mells! A Harry potter scar? That’s genius. I mean there could be only one person who manages that!” doubled over now, she laughed only harder and I couldn’t help but laugh with her.

                “Yeah, well, I’ll just say you’re right.” I said after the giggle fest was over.

                “Anyway, I’m sure you’re hungry so let’s go for the cafeteria. Do you..want to sit with me?” she asked. it caught me off guard; I surely hadn’t expected that.

                “I don’t think that’s a great idea. I mean, not yet? you’re siblings obviously don’t like me.” Alice pouted but she thought back to me, ‘Jasper likes you and Rose just needs to get used to the idea of you and me being friends. Bella is the one she doesn’t like. Please?’ I nodded and she smiled broadly, clapping her hands during the process. Together we entered the cafeteria, getting lots of stares.

                “Where are your brothers? Emmett and Edward?”  I couldn’t say his name without the shiver that shot through my spine every time.

                “They started the weekend early. Camping and stuff.” She said as she tried not to think about why they were away. Not that I didn’t know. I nodded and didn’t say anything about it. I followed her to their table and saw Bella and the others where I was normally seated look at me in jealousy, shock and even anger. It didn’t matter to me anymore; they had divested me. I felt the panic rise as we neared the Cullen table. Jasper looked curious at Alice. Rosalie looked like she always did. ‘What is she doing here? She’s probably just as worse as her sister!’ Rosalie hated the idea of Edward dating Bella. I couldn’t agree more with here on that.

                “Hey Jazz, Rose.” Alice started as she looked at both of them, ”This is Melody, my friend, you know, Bella’s sister?” I totally rolled eyes at that, “Anyway you mind if she sitting with us today? Em and Neddie aren’t here, so there are seats enough.” she finished happily. I looked down at my plate an studied my bottle of water. It was silent for a while and I only heard their minds working. They both rebelled at first.

                “Sure, why not? Take a seat.” I heard Jasper say. Alice smiled broadly at him. I sat down next to Alice.

                “I’m sure you already know, but I’m Jasper Hale. I’m Alice’s boyfriend.” He said smiling lightly, but wincing at the same time. Everyone said he always looked like he was in pain. Although, they didn’t knew it was actually true. And right now, it was actually my fault. I tried to shield myself, so he wouldn’t smell the worst of it. I saw him relax immediately.

                “I’m positive you know me as well, but I’m Rosalie Hale.” Her voice was icy, but she was willing to give me a chance. She thought there was something about me that seemed different than others.

                “Hi, Jasper, Rosalie. Ehm…Thanks for letting me sit here…I think.” I babbled. It was a bit awkward for a while until Alice started talking.

                “Right. Melody, what are you doing this weekend?” she asked sincerely. The other two listened curiously.

                “Tomorrow I’m kind of forced to go to the beach. And for Sunday I promised my dad to make him a high tea. He loves that and I don’t have anything other planned, so.” I shrugged as I told them this. A frown stood on their foreheads.

                “kind of forced? Why are you forced to join them?” Rosalie asked me.

                “yeah, well. I really hate La Push. Those people there…they give me chills. They always seem so…watching. You know what I mean? They’re watching me all the time. But I didn’t want to say no to Mike because I already let him down for the dance.” They all looked at each other in surprise.

                “Well, we don’t like La Push either. Join the club.” Jasper snickered. I started to feel like…myself with them. Like I belonged there. it was strange I could feel that so strongly after only speaking to them. We talked about a few unimportant things like movies, makeup, games and even clothing stores, until lunch was over.

                I could actually say ‘mission accomplished’ – Rosalie was beginning to like me, even though she still thought I was an invader and Jasper already liked me and promised himself to never hurt me, no matter how thirsty he was. I wished them a good weekend and  went back to class to bore myself through another three hours of wisdom.


                That evening during dinner, Bella suddenly started asking things.

                “Dad, do you know a place called Goat Rocks or something like that? I think it's south

of Mount Rainier," she asked casually. I knitted my eyebrows together in confusion.

"Yeah — why?" Charlie answered.

Bella shrugged. "Some kids were talking about camping there."

"It's not a very good place for camping." He sounded surprised." Too many bears. Most

people go there during the hunting season."

"Oh," she murmured. "Maybe I got the name wrong." ‘I knew something was up! I’m so close now.’

I already knew Bella was suspicious about Edward and his family, but I didn’t knew she was this close to finding out. I had to keep an eye on her from now on.


That night I’d been restless. I kept tossing and turning and looking at the clock every hour. Something wasn’t right. Like I was missing something. When it was seven in the morning, I gave up and got out to take a warm shower. The stream of sunlight that came through the window, didn’t go unnoticed by me. it was warmer in Forks now, which meant I could put on a tee with short sleeves.

After my shower, I applied a little makeup, styled my hair and got it in a high sideway ponytail. I grabbed an old pair of skinny jeans and a dark blue oversized tee with my old school logo on it - ‘Bay View High’. My scuffed sneakers were downstairs.

Once done, I got to the kitchen and made myself a banana with chocolate toastie. I loved that on Saturday mornings. After a few minutes it was done and I sat down at the table with three uneven chairs. The smallest was for me off course. Taking tiny bites, piece by piece, I started thinking about what Adam said on the phone last night.  


“I guess it won’t take much longer now. But, tell me honestly, who’s the guy?”


I hadn’t understand him. What guy did he mean. He actually said it like I was secretly having sex with a dude in some shiny car. Yeah, like that.

He explained me that the only way to start the change, is to fall in love. Now he got me wondering who the hell I possibly had fallen in love with. I didn’t dare to think about it too much.


“You’re up early.” I’d been so lost in thought, that I hadn’t noticed Bella seeking in the refrigerator for breakfast.

“Oh, yeah. Couldn’t sleep. How was your night?” I asked politely. Not that I wanted to know where she had been thinking about this time. Bella’s…needy…thoughts got me blushing on extra range lately. It was a good thing I blushed so much anyway.

We ate further in silence – well, she ate and I just sat there. Not that I minded much. I liked the silence, even though her mind was elsewhere.

“Are you ready to go?” I asked her when she finished her breakfast.

“Yes, I’ll only need to grab my camera.” She answered and went to the living room. This got me to an idea. I followed her to grab mine too. This beach trip wouldn’t be anything spectacular, but at least I could enjoy myself by making pictures.  I hadn’t changed my photo’s on Facebook in a while and I was sure my siblings would want to see pictures from me here.


“Hey! There you are! Come on let’s go. You can ride with me. Bella do you want to sit in the front seat with me? there’s place enough.” Mike was extremely happy we had arrived and now we could go. I noticed Lauren and Jessica giving me the bitch face and I winced. Everything had turned out differently than I’d thought at first. I’d thought I was going to end up being friends with Angela, but they had ruined that chance. She didn’t speak to me anymore, not even now. of course I could ask her what was wrong, but if she thought I wasn’t good enough, she clearly wasn’t worth my time. Easy as done. It occurred me, that I acted more colder, icier with situations that held a certain emotion. Rejection. Since what happened between me and the sadistic creature that we supposed to call Mom, I could start to feel completely numb when someone rejected or divested me. I didn’t gave up; I moved on.


Once at the beach, I felt strange. I used to go to the beach almost every day. And yet here I was, standing as far from the water as I could, frowning. This place wasn’t really something I called beach. I’d rather call it a big puddle of water, enclosed by sand and depression. The sun was there, but I missed the scorching heat. I lumbered to a tree trunk and sat down. A few others were seated there to, but they didn’t remark me. As I sat there, I watched Bella having the greatest fun with her friends. I sighed. Secretly I wished Alice was here or Jasper and Rosalie. Maybe even Edward. They’d talk to me. But they weren’t here for three reasons. First, it was sunny. Secondly, they clearly didn’t like the reservation. And thirdly, they were out, hunting. I wondered if Alice was aware of the fact that I already knew what they were.  We both knew from each other, that had secrets. Huge secrets. But we never talked about it after that night I’d fought Bella.

Suddenly, I heard a fast whooshing sound. I looked to my right to see a ball flying  at me and hitting me right in my face. I gasped as it hit my cheek. It started glowing and a bruise would start forming soon. I gnashed my teeth together and  stood up, looking for the one who had thrown it at me. Lauren Mallory. She, Jessica, Bella and Angela were laughing their ass off. I blinked the tears way that had started to flow when the ball hit my face.

“Hey Melody! Thanks for catching it with your face! Give it back!” Lauren incised. I picked the thing up, leaned backwards with my hand and threw it at her, with such a force that it pushed her on the ground. They stood two hundred meters away from me. they all helped her up while she whined about how much it hurt. I looked at my hands in shock, catching an image I never had wanted to see again – an extremely tiny flicker of blue lightning, flashed along my finger. I swallowed, took a few deep breaths and the urge to burn left.


For another half an hour, I sat alone at the tree trunk. nobody talked to me, nobody noticed me. they were all too busy to watch my sister and her friends run along the shore line in her bra. It wasn’t that warm. I finally had enough of it and went to Mike’s car to grab my camera. I made pictures of the beach at first. Then I made one of my small feet, between seashells in the sand. My bright blue polished toenails gave it an extra touch.

After putting on my shoes, I went into the forest. I heard there were tide pools close by. I made various pictures of trees while the sun shone through the leaves, making the droplets of water glisten up. I lovely sight to see.

When I found the tide pools I was in awe. It was wonderful, and I made lots of photo’s. I placed the camera on a rock, set it on timer and sat down on the side of the tide pool. A sudden breeze blew my hair backwards. I heard the familiar click and got up again. I grabbed my camera and walked further for a few more tide pools. I used the timer on more places to get a picture of myself and then I made my way back to the group. The clouds had covered the sun and it looked like it could rain any moment.


When I got back to First Beach, the group het multiplied. From my place, far away from them I could easily see whom had joined the group. The teenagers from the reservation. I walked closer and saw them all talking happily. Food was passed around and everyone tried to claim a few pieces. I wasn’t hungry. When I neared the circle with tree trunks, one of the Quileute boys, looked at me curiously. I shivered. Something about them always freaked me out.

Eric, who had been introducing everyone, saw me and pushed me in their direction.

“Oh, and this Melody Swan. Bella’s sister.” he said cheery. I blushed, as usual and waved sheepish at them. I sat down on the end of the trunk and enjoyed the silence. It wasn’t silent at all, but at least I didn’t have to say anything. The group made plans to go hiking and when they asked me, I declined. So did Bella. I had the feeling she was already lusting after one of those new guys.

‘I’m positive I’ve seen her before. I already know Bella, but she looks different. She’s pretty, that’s for sure.’  

I looked up, searching for the one that was thinking about me. My eyes fell on the boy who had been watching me when I came closer earlier. His skin was russet colored, his long, wavy black hair, was tied in a ponytail. He wasn’t ugly, but I wasn’t attracted to him.


"You're Isabella Swan, aren't you?" the boy asked Bella. She sighed. “Bella.”

"I'm Jacob Black." He held his hand out in a friendly gesture. "You drive my dad's truck if I’m right." He grinned.

"Oh, you're Billy's son. I probably should

remember you." She said back, shaking his hand.

"Maybe; I'm the youngest of the family — I’m sure you remember my older sisters." He smiled again, showing his ultra white teeth.

"Rachel and Rebecca," Bella suddenly remembered. I remembered them too. They were nice girls. We used to play with sand sometimes. I vaguely could recall those trips to the beach. I used to like it here, until I became older and more aware of what I was.

"Are they here?" Bella examined the girls at the ocean's edge, wondering how they looked like now "No." Jacob shook his head. "Rachel got a scholarship to Washington State, and Rebecca married a surfer — she lives in Hawaii now."

"Married. Wow." Bella was stunned. I was too, a little, but not much. My oldest sister married at nineteen. Rebecca and Rachel, the twins, were eighteen.

"So how do you like the truck?" Jacob asked further.

"I love it. It runs great." Bella answered simply. Not that she cared a lot about cars.

"Yeah, but it's really slow," Jacob laughed. "I was so relieved when Charlie bought it. My

dad wouldn't let me work on building another car when we had a perfectly good vehicle right there."

"So you build cars?" Bella asked, impressed.

"When I have free time, and parts. You wouldn't happen to know where I could get

a master cylinder for a 1986 Volkswagen Rabbit?" he added jokingly. ‘oh my god, that voice. So husky.’

"Sorry," she laughed flirtatiously, "I haven't seen any lately, but I'll keep my eyes open for you." She winked at him. As if she knew what that was. He flashed a brilliant smile, looking at her appreciatively in a way I was learning to

recognize. I sighed mentally. Admirer number something was on his way.

                Suddenly, he looked at me.

                “So, you’re Melody? I do remember you. We built sandcastles together when our dads went fishing.” He smiled broadly.

                “Oh, yeah, that’s true. I don’t remember much of it though.” I said. I didn’t even know, until I saw his thoughts – or actually his memories. I couldn’t recall the memories from my childhood anymore. only if someone thought about it, if it was clicked on photo’s or filmed. They were all faded after the accident.

"Do you know Melody, Jacob?" Lauren asked from across the fire.

"We've sort of known each other since she was born," he laughed, smiling at me. I smiled back even though I felt a little uncomfortable.


"Bella," she called again, "I was just saying to Tyler that it was too bad none of the Cullens could come out today. You invited him today right?" Her expression of concern was unconvincing.

"You mean Dr. Carlisle Cullen's family?" the tall boy asked before  Bella could respond. He was really closer to a man than a boy, and his

voice was very deep. I didn’t like him at all.

"Yes, do you know them?" she asked condescendingly, turning halfway toward him.

"The Cullens don't come here," he said in a tone that closed the subject, ignoring her


I stared at the deep-voiced boy, taken aback, but he was looking away toward the dark

forest behind us. There was something about the way he’d said it – not like they just didn’t want to be here, more like they weren’t allowed to. I concentrated on his mind, which, to my surprise, was difficult to read. like I caught the signal, but let it slip away.

                ‘…bloodsuckers. Always in the way….break the treaty….their fault we’re..’

                I frowned. It was like listening to a radio with bad receiving.

                “Jacob? Do you want to walk down the beach with me?” Bella asked, batting her eyelashes. Jacob looked at me for a split second and then jumped up.

                “Sure, Bella! You want to come too, Melody?” the smile on my sisters face changed into a grimace as soon as he asked me. her hatred thoughts didn’t affect me though. Jacob was a nice guy and I certainly hadn’t anything better to do.


                As we walked north, Bella suddenly started with her plan. When that guy said that the Cullen’s didn’t come here, she had picked that up, just like I did. She’d been thinking of a plan to get Jacob to talk.

"So you're nineteen?" she asked as she fluttered her eyelids the way she'd seen girls do on TV.

"I just turned seventeen," he confessed, flattered.

"Really?" Her face was full of false surprise. She already knew he was only seventeen.  "I would have thought you were older."

"I'm tall for my age," he explained.

"Do you come into Forks much?" she asked waggishly, as if she was hoping for a yes. Which she did. If she couldn’t get Edward, Jacob would be her next bait. It was stupid to see how Jacob fell for it.

"Not too much," he admitted with a frown. "But when I get my car finished I can go up

as much as I want — after I get my license," he grinned boyishly.

"Who was that other boy Lauren was talking to? He seemed a little old to be hanging

out with us." she purposefully lumped herself with the younger kids, trying to make it clear that she preferred Jacob above the other guys.

"That's Sam — he's nineteen," he informed us.

"What was that he was saying about the doctor's family?" she asked innocently. Now we’re getting somewhere.

"The Cullens? Oh, they're not supposed to come onto the reservation." He looked away,

out toward James Island, as he confirmed what I’d guessed when Sam implied they didn’t come here.


"Why not?" I asked suddenly.

He glanced at me, biting his lip. " I'm not supposed to say anything about that."

"Oh, I won't tell anyone, I'm just curious." I tried to make my smile alluring. Sometimes, being a monster had its charms. He smiled back, though, looking all too happy with all this attention he was getting from us.

“Neither will I.” Bella let him know. Then he lifted one eyebrow and his voice was even huskier than before.

"Do you like scary stories?" he asked ominously.

"I love them," Bella enthused, making an effort to smolder at him. I nodded.

Jacob strolled to a nearby driftwood tree that had sticking out at different size. He perched lightly on one of the twisted roots while Bella sat beneath him on the body of the tree. I sat down next to him. He stared down at the rocks, a smile

 around the edges of his lips. He wanted to tell this as creepy as possible.

"Do you know any of our old stories, about where we came from — the Quileutes, I

mean?" he began.

"Not really," I admitted. Bella shook her head just as I said that.

"Well, there are lots of legends, some of them claiming to date back to the Flood —

supposedly, the ancient Quileutes tied their canoes to the tops of the tallest trees on the

mountain to survive like Noah and the ark." He smiled, to show me how little he believed from the histories. "Another legend claims that we descended from wolves — and that

the wolves are still our brothers. It's against tribal law to kill them.

"Then there are the stories about the cold ones." His voice dropped a little lower. I tensed up.

"The cold ones?" Bella asked, not faking any interest now.

"Yes. There are stories of the cold ones as old as the wolf legends, and some much more

recent. According to a legend, my own great-grandfather knew some of them. He was the

one who made the treaty that kept them off our land." He rolled his eyes.

"Your great-grandfather?" Bella encouraged. I kept silent, afraid of what he was going to reveal to Bella.

"He was a tribal elder, like my father. You see, the cold ones are the natural enemies of

the wolf—well, not the wolf, really, but the wolves that turn into men, like our ancestors. You would call them werewolves."

"Werewolves have enemies?" I asked.

"Only one." He looked at me, grinning from ear to ear. The fear must be written all over my face. But it wasn’t from what he told. It was for Alice and her family. Edward.

We stared at him, waiting for him to continue.

"So you see," Jacob continued, "the cold ones are traditionally our enemies. But this

pack that came to our territory during my great-grandfather's time was different. They

didn't hunt the way others of their kind did — they weren't supposed to be dangerous to

the tribe. So my great-grandfather made a truce with them. If they would promise to stay

off our lands, we wouldn't expose them to the pale-faces." He winked at me.

"If they weren't dangerous, then why… ?" I tried to understand, struggling not to let him see through my anger.

"There's always a risk for humans to be around the cold ones, even if they're civilized

like this clan was. You never know when they might get too hungry to resist." He

deliberately worked a thick edge of menace into his tone.

"What do you mean, 'civilized'?" Bella asked with a frown.

"They claimed that they didn't hunt humans. They supposedly were somehow able to

prey on animals instead."

Bella tried to keep her voice casual. "So how does it fit in with the Cullens ? Are they like

the cold ones your great grandfather met?"

"No." He paused dramatically. I knew what was coming.

 "They are the same ones."


Bella’s face paled when she heard that. ‘What the hell is he!?’

                My face held an expression of shock. I had thought about it, that they were possibly older than eighteen. I guessed they were secretly only ten years older than their real age. But seeing that Jacob’s great-grandfather met them before… they must be much older than I’d first thought.

                Jacob thought we looked like that because we were intrigued by the way he told the story. He smiled, pleased, and continued. 

"There are more of them now, a new female and a new male, but the rest are the same.

In my great-grandfather's time they already knew of the leader, Carlisle. He'd been here and gone before your people had even arrived." He was fighting a smile.

"And what are they?" Bella finally dared to ask. "What are the cold ones exactly?"Jacob smiled darkly.

"Blood drinkers," he replied in a chilling voice. "Your people call them vampires."

Bella stared out at the rough surf after he answered. Her mind was a in a knot when she heard this. I stared done at my shoes. I was okay with it, the fact that my best friend was a vampire. I was okay with thinking it, knowing it. But hearing someone else saying it, made me feel so…unknowing.

"You have goose bumps," Jacob laughed delightedly.

"You're a good storyteller," I told him, still staring at my old, scuffed shoes.

"Pretty creepy stuff, though, isn't it? No wonder my dad doesn't want us to talk about it

to anyone." He rolled his eyes. That Billy holy believed in the legends was one thing, but I was positive there was more behind it. he didn’t just believe it, he probably was part of it. there was something between the Cullen’s and the Quileute tribe. A mystery. I was sure that could be the reason they were so watching. Why they always watched me so closely. Maybe they suspected something about me, but never had any proof to threaten, or ban me from the reservation.


"Don't worry, I won't give

you away." Bella said to Jacob. She was too afraid everyone would think she’d lost her mind.

"I guess I just violated the treaty," he laughed. "Seriously, though, don't say anything to Charlie. He was pretty mad at my dad when he

heard that some of us weren't going to the hospital since Dr. Cullen started working

there." he scowled.

“We won’t tell. We promise, right Bella?” Bella nodded after I said this.

"So now you girls think we're a bunch of superstitious natives?" he asked in a playful

tone, but with a hint of worry. Bella turned and smiled at him as normally as she could muster after his story.

"No. I think you're very good at telling scary stories, though. I still have goose bumps,

see?" she held up her arm, which indeed was covered with goose bumps.

"Cool." He smiled.

                Then we heard rocks clattering, letting us know someone was approaching. Our heads snapped up at the same time to see Mike and

Jessica about fifty yards away, walking toward us.

"There you are, Bella, Melody," Mike called in relief, waving his arm over his head.

"Is that a  boyfriend from one of you?" Jacob asked, alerted by the jealous edge in Mike's voice. Mike was way too obvious with his crush on us.

"No, He’s not," Bella said.

“No way in life, he’d be.” I said scornfully.

Jacob grinned, happy we weren’t already claimed. Not that he’d have a chance with me. He was nice, like a friend. Nothing more.

                “So, eh, maybe when I get into town soon…maybe we can hang out once?” Jacob asked Bella, suddenly nervous.

                “Oh, yes, if it works for me. with school and all…” she winked at him.

                Mike and Jessica stood next to us now.

                “Hey, we’re getting everything packed now. I think it’s gonna break anytime soon.” He said as he pointed at the dark clouds in the air. So much for a sunny day in Forks.

                “All right, it was nice to see you again girls! We’ll talk soon!” Jacob smiled his bright smile as we waved at him.

                Once everything was packed the only thing I had to do was to sit in the car and try to think of a way to warn Alice.




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