Moon Girl [completed]

Melody Swan, a 15-year old teenager, leaves her family after an horrible accident. She's going to live with her father and half-sister Bella Swan. With their arrival, the two girls are sucked into a world they never thought existed. What happens when Bella finds out about the Cullens? What happens when they think there's something strange about Melody? And how does she fit in the happily forever after?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Stephenie Meyer has written!I do not have any intention to copy and publish her stories as mine!I love playing and messing with it, though ;)

This story is rated for language, slight violence and very slight sensuality. If you can't stand that, I suppose you shouldn't read it.


15. Questions

The  car door swung open and was slammed close with a crash.

                “Bella, Melody, get in the car!” he growled loudly, his piercing golden eyes blazing with fury. Bella didn’t think twice and ran up to the Volvo, jumping in the passenger seat. I was motionless, eyes wide in shock, lips slightly apart. My arms couldn’t move, my feet weren’t able to make a step. I was completely dazed by what was happening. I wanted to say something, wanted to get away from here, but m body wouldn’t let me.

                “Edward….” I whispered so soft that is barely audible. His eyes shot to mine and my breathing sped up. he jogged in my direction, pushing the men whom had been focusing on their friend, out of his way. He gently took my hands and looked into my eyes, whose were still wide open. There was a strange sobbing sound heard, before he took me in his arms. My body was shaking.

                “Shhh, Mells, they won’t hurt you anymore. You’ll be fine.”  I felt his hand stroking my hair, while he rocked me from side to side.

                When he pulled away I gasped, afraid he would leave me. instead he picked me up, bridal style, and carried me to his car, whispering soothing words into my ear. He placed me behind Bella in the back seat, buckled my seatbelt  and then closed the door. When he was settled in the driver’s seat, he started the engine and drove away from the industrial area.

                “Is she okay? What’s going on?” Bella anxiously asked Edward. tears were streaming down my face now.

                “Edward! she’s crying! What’s wrong with her?” my sister, whom always bullied me, started to get angry.

                “She’s probably in shock, Bella. That’s not strange seeing what almost happened to you two.” He said slowly, a raw edge in his voice. Bella nodded in understanding.

                He was right. I was shocked. But none of it had something to with those men and what they’d wanted to do to us. It was him. Because of Edward. My sisters once told me that falling in love, for our kind, would give a lot of impact.

                And I had fallen. Hard. I was in so much trouble.

                “Are you okay, Bella?”he asked her while he sped through the streets of Port Angeles. I still hadn’t moved or said a word.

                ‘play him.’ “Well, I feel a little shaky. I think I need something to eat.” She said with a voice so thin you would actually think she’d faint. Which she wasn’t going to do – she was faking it.

                I felt the car, which was racing out of town, stop immediately. Edward turned the vehicle around quickly, before racing back into town. Then I remembered something.

                “We were supposed to meet up with your friends for dinner, B.” I said, shocked by the rawness and husky edge in my voice. I was still shocked with my feelings.

                Edward’s eyes shot to mine via the rearview mirror, the intensity of his golden gems sending me shivers. I blinked once, waiting for Bella’s response.

                “Well, yeah we did. Edward? Can you get us to Bella Italia?” Bella asked while thinking hatred thoughts because I ruined her plan to be alone with her ‘soon-to-be-boyfriend’.

                Edward focused on the road again, shielding the pain his eyes hold away from me. he nodded and sped further through the streets of Port Angeles.


                Not much later, he parked the car perfectly in a spot alongside the road, in front of the restaurant. Bella got out, Edward followed her. While I was till seated, not knowing whether to do or not, I saw Bella wanting to call out for her friends. They were just walking away from the restaurant, worried about where we might be. Edward stopped Bella from doing so. He grabbed her arm en whispered in her ear that she needed to stop them, before  he needed to track down them later and that he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself when he’d meet our other ‘friends’ again. I shivered again, not from the cold.

I must have been tuned out for a while – I hadn’t noticed Edward and Bella had been talking about what almost happened.

Bella called out to the girls and they turned around, relieved. I followed their conversation, watching Edward and Bella closely as they talked to them.

                “Where have you been?” Lauren asked flirtatiously because Edward was near.

                “We got lost. Luckily we found Edward and he brought us here.” She looked at Edward, admiring his beautiful features.

                “Do you mind if I join you?” he asked with the most irresistibly voice I’d heard in my life.  Jessica and Lauren nodded hastily.

                “Ehm..We actually already ate. “ Angela said dryly. The other two looked at her irritatingly.

                “Right, what about it that I make sure Bella and Melody,” he glanced back toward me, still sitting in his car,” get something to eat? I’ll drive them home afterward.” He ensured them.

                “Err…okay. Well, goodnight Bella,..Edward,” Jessica said before the three girls went for her car. They looked back over their shoulders a few times, jealousy obvious in their faces.

                “Bella, can you search for a table? Something private? Then I’ll get your sister out of the car.” Edward said to her. Bella nodded warily and went inside. Ten I saw Edward turning around and making his way over to me, opening the door. He bowed down to unbuckle my seatbelt. My eyes fluttered as he leaned over me to do that. His smell was intoxicating. Once I was freed from the seatbelt, he looked me, his pale angelic face  close to mine. I was doing everything in my might not to do anything reckless, stupid or sudden. His face had softened, a small smile curved his lips.

                “Do you feel better now, Mells?”  he asked. I swallowed, feeling a bunch of emotions fly around making a teardrop leak from the corner of my eye.  Edward saw it, frowned and ever so gently, he brushed it away with his thumb.

                “Don’t cry, please, don’t. They can’t hurt you anymore.” his face was scrunched up in agony. it looked like he was really pained to see me cry. But that couldn’t be true. I snapped out of my daze. He wasn’t in love with me. He wanted Bella. Not me.

                The soft teary look in my eyes was traded by one harsh, cold look.  I saw his eyes widen when he noticed.

                “I’m fine. I want to get out of this car.” I said harshly. I felt a painful sting in my chest, at the same place where my heart lay, that heart he’d captured forever without even knowing it.


                Edward moved away from the door, seeing me wanting to get out. The pain was still etched in his beautiful features. But I ignored it. I needed to. Only then there would be a chance I could get over this and accept his love for my lying sister. I got out and closed the door, maybe with a bit more strength I had intended, but I didn’t care. I went into the direction of the restaurant and without having to look after me, I knew he was following me in a slow pace. As if I could sense him. I entered the restaurant and searched for the right mind. The mind I never wanted to hear again. Bella’s. without thinking I went to the back of the restaurant where she was seated on a red cushioned bench.  I plopped down in front of her in an all too unfeminine move. Bella arched her eyebrow when she studied my face, which stood hard in fury, frustration and heartache. She wanted to make a snarly comment but one look from me made her shut her mouth. She shouldn’t start playing with fire here. I sensed him before he brushed past me and sat down between us, his face still conflicted. I averted my eyes and grabbed the menu. I was here to eat after all. 

                “Good evening, my name is Amber and I’m your waitress for tonight. What can I get you to drink?” I studied Amber for a second. She was tall, with short black hair and ruby red lips. she looked smart but internally she was thinking of the best ways to get Edward. I was starting to get why he always looked so frustrated – no wonder with all those girls breathing down your neck and thinking the most dirty thoughts about you. I rolled my eyes.

                “Maybe you should ask the ladies first, miss.” Edward said with his velvety voice, eyes smoldering as always and that small boyish smile curving his kissable lips. my mind was getting way too detailed about his appearance but I was too far gone to actually care. The waitress stood there, completely fluttered and changed into jell-o. she asked us for our drinks following his request.

                “I’ll have a Coke.” Bella answered her. “Can I have some coffee?” I asked. I totally was in the mood for a mug. The waitress nodded and turned to Edward, whom ordered a Coke as well. When amber left to prepare our drinks, Bella huffed.

                “What?” Edward asked, frowning. I looked at my sister who was thinking exactly what I was.

                “I think you should stop doing that to people.” Bella said, “it’s just unfair.” He kept looking at her confused. I sighed audibly, which made him turn towards me.

                “Dazzling. You should stop to dazzle people. I think she actually fainted.” I said, my voice still held an edge from the pain. Time to get used to that I guessed. He kept looking like he had no clue.

                “You have to know what kind of influence you have on people! You can see that right?” Bella replied astonishingly.

                “So..I dazzle people?” he stated, forming a question of the sentence.

                “No, dude, you mean it.” I said sarcastically.  He chuckled – he must think it was amusing. Right at that moment, the waitress got there with our drinks. She placed Edward’s and Bella’s coke on the table, followed by my warm, steaming mug of Latte Macchiato. My absolute favorite.

                “Do you want to order?” she asked looking only at Edward. it was actually starting to get rude.

                “Bella? Did you chose already?” Edward ignored Amber’s stares. 

                “Uhm…the mushroom ravioli?” Bella said with a questioning tone. Amber wrote it down before looking at Cullen. “And you?”

                “Nothing for, thank you.” Oh really? 

                The waitress wanted to walk away. She’d forgotten me. so I called after her.

                “Spaghetti Carbonara, please.”  I said, ensured they had it. Edward seemed surprised and amused at the same time. I was starting to hate the word and phrase ‘amusement’.  He looked at me eyebrow raised, as I blew in my Latte.

                “What?” I asked, irritated by the amused smile on his face.

                “How in the world do you know that without even looking at the menu?” he asked in return. I snickered. Bella giggled.

                “Edward, I’m part Italian. I grew up with this kind of food and stuff.” now I was getting cocky. Wow, never expected that. Edward looked genuinely surprised at my statement.

                As Bella drank something from her Coke, she shivered.

                “Are you okay? Cold? Dizzy? Anything?” Edward hastily asked her. I concentrated on stirring my coffee with the spoon.

                “I’m fine. It’s just the Coke. Nothing’s wrong, really.” Bella responded.

                He turned to me, “And you? Do you feel better?” the pained expression was back. He’s not in love with me.

                “Fantastic. Never better, maestro.” I said, huffing. He looked suspiciously at both of us.

                “Edward, we’re not getting in to shock.” Bella ensured him.

                “Every normal person should.” He replied. Well he was right. Little did he know there were actually two mythical creatures sitting at this table. It could be a perfect scenario for some bad-ass movie. They should play poker and then one of them jumps up and kills the whole kitchen staff because they don’t have pasta anymore. Voilá, end of movie.

                I was totally losing my mind here.


                “you’re always crabbier when your eyes are black. Then I expect it. I have a theory about that.” I heard Bella say. My poker-monster-pasta fantasy clearly made me miss something of the conversation at the table.

                “I hope you’re more creative this time. or are you still stealing ides from comic books?” with a faint smile he wanted to show he thought it was funny, but his eyes stood tight and tensed. I looked at Bella, she looked back with her decision clear in her brown eyes and in her head.

                ‘I’m going to tell him. after dinner I will know what he is, damn-it.’


                ” Well, I didn’t come up with it on my own, but there weren’t any comic books either.” Bella moved on. Was she planning on baring his secret in a restaurant?

                “And? What’s your newest theory?” Edward asked in return, which I didn’t got. If I were him I would do everything in my might to keep my secret and change the subject. Just as I wanted to jump in and do just that, the waitress rounded the corner with our food. She set our dishes in front of us and then turned to Edward. I think she didn’t got the message earlier.

                “did you change your mind? Isn’t there anything else I can do for you?” ‘giving you access to my bedroom perhaps?’  I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Edward noticed.

                “No thanks,” his eyes stood icy as he said it, “ but new drinks would be great. A Coke and….Melody,” I turned my head, which was studying the table, towards him, “do you want coffee again or something else?” he asked genuinely, the softness had returned into his eyes and I did my very best not to swoon. Off course the blush was unstoppable.

                “Uhm…I think I’d like some Apple juice.”I stammered, receiving one of his lovely smiles.  The waitress picked up the empty glasses and left again.

                “Where were we?” Edward said, wanting to know what Bella came up with this time. I looked at Bella, pleading with my eyes that she wouldn’t reveal it here.

                “I’ll tell you in the car, but only if…” he interrupted her. “There are conditions?” he asked, eyebrow raised and his voice iced again.

                “We have questions.” Bella simply answered.  Somewhere, I was grateful that Bella wanted me to be part of this conversation. Edward let out an audible sigh, right at the moment that Amber, got back with our drinks, set them down and left without a word.

                “Ask ahead.” His voice was still harsh. I sipped at my juice as Bella asked the first question.

                “Why are you in Port Angeles?”

                He looked down at the table, his eyes flickering to mine and surprisingly, a smirk appeared on his face.

                “next question.”

                “but that’s the easiest one!” I objected, raising my voice a little.

                “next” he repeated. I huffed. Stupid cocky vampire.

                “all right. No question then. You know what people are thinking, don’t you?” Bella moved on. Edward’s eyes widened for a second and I hold a gasp that was about to escape. How in hell did she know?

                “How does that work? How did you find us? How did you knew we were in trouble?” she moved on.  Edwards eyes were conflicted, deciding to tell the truth or a lie.

                “I don’t have a choice anymore. You know more than I thought or gave you credit for. but the truth? Yes. You’re right.” He admitted. I already knew off course, but hearing him confessing it was so strange, making it much more real.  I took another sip of juice followed by a small piece of my spaghetti.

                “I followed you. I never tried to keep certain people alive. It’s extremely difficult, believe me,” his words came out in a rush, hard to follow.” But that’s probably because of you, “ he looked at me, “you seem to get in so many trouble and problems just because you’re so adorably clumsy. You’re a danger to yourself.” He finished. Did he seriously think that my clumsiness was adorably? The guy lost his mind. I didn’t get him anymore. The one time he acts like he doesn’t want to even know me. And then another time he’s acting like I’m his high school sweetheart. I was lost for a minute, with the image of me being his. His girl. His love. Images of us holding hands, laughing, hugging and having fun. A  dreamy and satisfied smile curved my lips slightly upwards. Edwards harsh voice woke me from my little daydream.

"I started to drive in circles, still… listening. The sun was finally setting, and I was about to get out and follow you two on foot. And then —" He stopped, clenching his teeth together in sudden fury. He was trying to calm himself.

"Then what?" I whispered softly. He stared straight ahead at something far away that only existed in his head now.

"I heard what they were thinking," he growled, his upper lip curling slightly back over

his teeth. "I saw your face in his mind." He said, looking at me. I knew, I’d seen it too. Suddenly he covered his eyes with his arm, startling Bella with the sudden movement.

"It was very… hard — you can't imagine how hard — for me to simply take you two away,

and leave them… alive." His voice was muffled by his arm. "if I’d let you with Jessica Angela and Lauren I would’ve gone looking for them.," he admitted in a whisper. It was silent for a while and I ate the rest of my food, even though I wasn’t so hungry anymore. When Bella and I placed or forks back on the plates, Edward looked up again.

                “Are you ready to go home?” he asked with a graveled voice. Bella nodded.

                “Yeah…ready to go.”

                If I thought this was bad – the worst was yet to come.

                As if called in, the waitress appeared at our side, pen in hands, ready to write.

                “The check please” Edward said, his voice held an scary edge which made Amber shrank away from him, out of instinct.

                “Off course, here you go.” She stumbled as she handed him the black leather folder. I was already getting my wallet to pay for my food, when a strong, icy white hand grabbed my wrist. His touch made my body heat up, the blush crept in my cheeks as I wasn’t able to hold back the gasp.

                “But, I want to pay for my..” I was interrupted again.

                “Nonsense. A real gentleman pays instead of the girl – girls in this case – he takes out.” He said definitely. I sighed and stuck my wallet back into my pocket, as Edward paid for our food. Once done, Bella and Edward stood up without any problems while I almost fell from my chair. Bella laughed at me and Edward just shook his head, a smile playing along his lips.

                I followed them both when we walked to the door. the real reason why I walked behind them, was because I was sneakily – my brother would snap my neck – checking out his bum. I just couldn’t help myself when I sighed approvingly, just as he held open the door to let me pass by. I saw him looking at me weird before he let go of the door and followed me. I sensed his gaze while he was looking at me – the thrills and electric shivers coursed all over me. I swallowed.

                I hurried to the back seat of the car – that way I didn’t have to sit too close to him, even though I secretly wanted to. Bella sat in the front, which she didn’t mind at all and Edward got in as well. Once I was buckled up, the engine was started and we had left the parking spot, Edward spoke significantly.

                “It’s your turn.”              









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