Moon Girl [completed]

Melody Swan, a 15-year old teenager, leaves her family after an horrible accident. She's going to live with her father and half-sister Bella Swan. With their arrival, the two girls are sucked into a world they never thought existed. What happens when Bella finds out about the Cullens? What happens when they think there's something strange about Melody? And how does she fit in the happily forever after?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Stephenie Meyer has written!I do not have any intention to copy and publish her stories as mine!I love playing and messing with it, though ;)

This story is rated for language, slight violence and very slight sensuality. If you can't stand that, I suppose you shouldn't read it.


14. Port Angeles

That afternoon right after the last class of the day ended, Bella drove us home to drop our bags and get out handbags and wallets for our shopping trip. We got in Jessica’s car – Lauren up front and Angela, Bella and I in the back. I was glad to sit next to Bella this time. they had put on the radio and whined along with the latest hot songs. I kept it at lip-syncing. They talked about the boys in school and which they’d once dated or were going to. Real girl talk. Not my cup of tea.

                I felt my phone vibrating in my jeans pocket. I pulled it out and saw who send me a message.

                AC: Hey! How was your weekend? Sorry I haven’t let u hear anything from me…was busy. I think I’m back @ school 2morrow. XOXO

                A nagging feeling crept over my spine. I couldn’t bombard the news over text messages.

                MS: Hi! It was fine. It’s ok! I had a lot on my mind, too. Yeah..about that: we need 2 talk soon. Don’t panic it’s not that bad. XOXO

                I pressed ‘send’ and prayed she’d take it in the right way – which meant don’t run.

                AC: …Alright. We’ll talk 2morrow. U sure everything is fine? Where are you anyway? XOXO

                I was far from fine actually. But she’d find out soon enough.

                MS: I’m headed to PA. needed 2 clear my head 4 a while. I’ll explain everything when we talk. XO

                Her last message said that it was okay and that she was curious. Off course she was. I put my phone back in my pocket and tried to catch up with the conversations that went on in the car.

                “I think that Mike is so cute! It’s so awesome we’re going to the dance together! Maybe Saturday is my chance for the next step.”I heard Jessica say from the driver’s seat. I thought it was kind of ridiculous they were thinking this way. Sure, Jessica had a thing for Mike, but she wasn’t head over heels in love with him.

                “Really? That’s so exciting for you, Jess! If it happens you need to tell us right after!” Bella said enthusiastically. The other two agreed with her. Lauren was next up about her boy-story.

                “Yeah, well I hope Tyler is up to that too. have you ever seen his six-pack during gym? That’s so awesome!” she sighed audibly and her mind showed exactly what she was planning. I did my very best not to puke.

                “Angela? Whom are you taking to the dance?” Lauren asked sneakily. She was just so false.

                “I’m going with Ben Cheney. You know that guy we share History with? I think he’s pretty.” Angela piped up. I watched her as she talked. She had changed – not only her way of being, but her appearance as well. She wasn’t that polite, shy daughter of the pastor any longer. Her glasses had changed into contacts, her hair – that was always in a ponytail – was loose and straight. She wore just as much makeup as the others did. And she even got mean to people. It made me sad that this happened. We could’ve been great friends.

                “And you Bella? You’re not going but with whom would you want to go? Maybe you can buy a dress after all!” Angela asked Bella.

                “I totally wanted to go with Edward off course. But who wouldn’t want that? He’s too hot for his own good. But we’re going to Seattle together!” I heard four girls squealing at the same time in the small space of the car.

                “Have you had a boyfriend before, Bell? “ Lauren asked suddenly. I was curious about what she was going to answer – she’d had boyfriends. You wouldn’t be able to count them on at least three hands.

                “Oh..uh. Well I’ve been out on a date once when I was thirteen. That guy gave me my first kiss and that’s it.” she looked sideways at me, silencing me with her dead-glare. I didn’t say a word. She’d need to talk herself out of lies like this later on.

                “And you, Clumsy? Ever had a boyfriend or just a guy?” she asked sneering while looking at me through the rearview mirror. I had an honest answer.

                “No never. I’ve never been busy with that.” I said, looking outside, seeing cars flying by.

                Bella made a huffing sound, “Well, you’re pretty well practiced with flirting, aren’t you?” she said snidely. I rolled my eyes. Why were we still having this discussion all the time?

                Jessica changed the subject by starting about which kind of dresses they wanted. I kept myself silent throughout the rest of the car drive.


                Once we got a parking spot, we got out and went for a nearby dress shop called ‘Dressies’. Very creative, I thought sarcastically. When I entered through the doors, the girls were already tugging at dresses on the hangers. I slowly walked over to a section with mini dresses.  I used to wear them a lot before. Maybe buying a dress or two wouldn’t hurt my closet. I was pretending to have a wedding that Saturday after all.

                “Can I help you with something, miss?” I turned around to see the sales assistant standing next to a mirror.

                “Oh, well, I’m looking for something cute. Romantic and girly? If you have that in store off course.” I asked for the first thing that came up in my head. Maybe I could wear it out to dinner sometime.

                “Off course I have dear! Follow me.” the sales assistant exclaimed. She began walking to another section. I saw lots of chiffon, lace and soft colors. I liked it.

                “Is it for a special occasion?” the older women asked further. It wasn’t, but I had a feeling I’d need it. I went with a white lie.

                “Well, I have a dinner date and I’m looking for something sweet. Not too dressy I think.” I explained. She nodded and grabbed one from its rail. It was mint green, probably above the knee with a chiffon skirt  and flowery details at the top. It was pretty, but not my style, which I told the sales woman. She grabbed another one, cream colored this time. It was satin with short sleeves and a v-neck. It was getting closer. As the sales woman took another one from its hook, I gasped.

                “Can I try that one?” I asked, smiling broadly. I gave her my size and she picked it for me.

                Once I squeezed myself into the dress and watched myself in the mirror, I smiled delighted.

                It was pale pink colored. The drapery bodice ended at my waist, a few inches beneath my breasts. The bodice had a heart shape, which made my chest look  more on display. At mid-waist, where the bodice went over to the chiffon skirt, was a thin black strap with a small bow in the middle. The skirt fell just beneath my thighs – not too long and not too short. I turned around and watched the v-shape back. The skirt wasn’t too puffy at all – something you see a lot with those dresses. I truly and absolutely loved it.

                “And? Does is fit?” I heard the sales assistant ask from outside the dressing room. I stepped out and she smiled.

                “You look beautiful darling! Is it the right size?” I nodded at her and twisted my hair into a knot with my hands, making my arms turn upwards, revealing my tattoo.

                Fast As Lightning..

                “Do I need to get you another? Or doesn’t it matter your tattoo is showing?” she asked hesitantly. I read from her mind she’d had tattooed women before who desperately wanted to hide their body arts beneath the dress. I didn’t. I was proud of it.

                “No. I think this dress is just perfect.” I turned around to get back into the dressing room, when I saw Lauren’s head sticking around the corner, followed by the others. I quickly rushed behind the curtain.

                “Is everything alright, dear?” I heard the sales assistant, whose name was Claire, asking.

                “I’m fine. I just wanted to hurry, that’s all.” I quickly began unzipping the dress before stepping out. I dressed into my own clothes again and got out of the dressing room. My sister and her ‘army’ stood with their backs to me, looking at the dress Lauren was wearing – hot pink colored off course.

                I hurried out of the dressing area and headed back to Claire.

                “I’m sorry Ma’am. I didn’t want my sister to see it yet, that’s why I acted so strange.” I smiled shyly, lying everything together today. I truly was a sinful creature.

                “Ah, it’s alright dear! Do I need to wrap it,  miss?” she asked in return. I nodded and handed her the dress. She wrapped it in see-through paper and positioned it in a black shopping bag.

                “Do you want to watch further or purchase?” Claire asked me. I told her I wanted to look for a few others so I would pay later. Claire wanted to know if I needed any help with it but I told her I probably would later.


                “Oh, there you are. We lost you. Did you get drowned in the dresses or something.” Lauren’s shrill voice made the hairs in my neck stand up straight.

                “That I’m not going to the dance doesn’t mean I can’t look around for a dress you know.” I replied sharply. She huffed and went back to looking at herself in the mirror.


                After sitting, complimenting and advising for a while, I went back to looking for something on my own. I walked up to Claire for some help.

                “Ma’am, is there a section with casual dresses too? Which I can wear to school for example?” I asked shyly. Claire gave me directions and I thanked her before walking to the very back of the shop. This was casual dress heaven. So sad Alice wasn’t here to squeal with me. I started with the basics – thigh length, tightly fit and long-sleeved in every color I’d want. I grabbed a few to try later. I kept  tugging and grabbing dresses when I found one that made me blush and wanting it at the same time.

                The dress was black and tight fit with short-sleeves. On the front was a zipper that went from top to the bottom. The back was low cut, until the waist I guessed. It was simple and seductive. I added that one to my growing pile too.

                I went back to the dressing room area and saw the other busy trying on all kinds of dresses – short, long , straps, bandeau, black, colors.

                “Well, from the looks of it you’re quite on a roll.” Jessica commented when I shoved a curtain aside and hung up the dresses.

                “Yeah, those aren’t so expensive and I like them.” I said while shrugging.

                “You need to get out when you’re wearing one. Then we can advise you.”Lauren said. ‘this is going to be so much fun. And if I can talk her off of those dresses, I can buy them.’ Yeah, right. As if I’m not buying something because they say it’s not pretty.

                I started out with all the basics – they all were the same but just different colors and prints.

                I did as Lauren asked – once I’d put on a simple black one, I stepped out.

                “That’s so boring. It’s black. What shoes would you wear beneath it? sneakers?” they all giggled at Lauren’s comment. I knew better.

                “Well, I have those black high-heels with red sole. I think they’d be great with this.” I said casually. It wasn’t a lie – a guy would run away screaming once he saw all my shoes.

                Without waiting for any response, I went back behind the curtain to try all the others.

                Pink “the color doesn’t suit you.” Lauren cawed. I have a lot of pink in my closet.

                Blue “ makes you too pale.” Jessica said. I already was paler than pale so that didn’t make sense.

                Green “You look like grass or something.” Bella disgusted. Then I would feel at home in Forks.

                Dots “do we need to say anything about that?” Angela asked. no you don’t -  I like dots.

                I was starting to get sick off it. I had a few of them to go but I wanted to try those for myself. I put on the black simple but seductive dress I drooled over earlier and put that on. I got out and I inwardly grinned as their eyebrows shot up in surprise. They hadn’t expected it.

                Lauren was already starting to comment “Eh..isn’t that way too slutty for you? I mean..” I interrupted her

                “No it’s not. I choose what I want myself – I don’t need any off you for that. Got it?” and with this being said I went back to trying the dresses on my own, without getting out of the dressing room.

                When I was done, I had twelve dresses, including the chiffon dress from earlier.

                I got, red, soft pink, blue, black, white, harsh green, black with pink dots, pale pink covered in lace, wine-red, nude colored and last but not least the simple but seductive as I preferred to call it.

                I took them all to Claire and placed them on the counter. “Wow! You’ve been busy, dear. And you’re lucky – those are two for the price of one, which makes $ 10 per two dresses!” Now that’s great. Claire began purchasing all of them and wrapping them up. Luckily it were thin materials, so it all fit in one shopping bag. Except for the other which was already wrapped.

                “That makes $140 dollars, miss.” She said, looking a little guilty. She thought I couldn’t pay it.

                “Can I pay by credit card?” I asked as I took the black card out of my wallet. ‘Oh Lord! She must be from a wealthy family then.’

                Well, Claire, you could say that. I handed her my credit card and she took the right amount from it. ‘Swan? As in daughter of the Chief from Forks? He’s never been really wealthy…’

                I almost rolled my eyes, but didn’t. Charlie wasn’t, but me and my siblings were. Because when you can read minds yourself and you have two brothers and a sister whom are more than one hundred years old…Yeah, then you have a good bank.

                “Here you go, miss. Have a nice day!” Claire exclaimed as she handed met the two bags. I thanked her and went back to the others.

                “$ 140 dollars? Do you have a sugar daddy or something?” Lauren couldn’t just shut het mouth now could she?

                “No,” I said nonchalantly, “I had a job.” I’d worked with Layla in her Cake shop every day after school.

                We left Dressies and were headed to another shop.

                “So where are we going next?” I asked.

                “You’ll see.” Bella said. I searched her mind and almost fainted when I found our destination.

                Victoria’s Secret. Lingerie.




                While they were picking things of the racks enthusiastically, I felt awfully uncomfortable. But it wasn’t because of the lingerie – I had to choose things with them close by. The worst thing was, that I actually needed new stuff. As I stood close to a table with sales, looking around and checking my surroundings, someone spoke up to me.

                “Can I help you with something, Miss?” I whirled around, facing a woman in her mid-thirties, smiling at me. I looked at the group of girls, my ‘friends’, again and decided.

                “Actually, you can. I’m looking for just the basic underwear section?” I let it sound like a question. The sales assistant nodded, “Sure, Miss. Follow me.” I did as she suggested, walking behind her through the aisles.

                “This is our basic section. If you need any help, or want to have something more exciting, you can ask me.” she said, the bright smile still plastered on her face. The reason for her brightness was, that she just found out she was pregnant for the first time. her mind was giddy and sweet with images of the future. I smiled back at her. I told her thanks and went for the things I needed.

                Once I got my basic stuff from its rail, I caught sight of a rail with nightgowns, barely there thongs and lots of lacy bra’s. I looked back at the things in my hand – two bra’s, plain black and plain white and two thongs, same colors. I looked at the more exciting things again. I bit my lip, completely in duality. I blushed just thinking

about wearing it, but on the other hand, something told me I needed it. I wanted it. I was fifteen and I wanted to feel…sexy. Like a woman, even though I still wasn’t one.  I looked around, watching if Bella or someone else wasn’t close and then hurried to the next section. It must have looked pretty funny, seeing me waddle like that.   When I reached my destination, I began to explore. So many textures, sizes, colors and prints. And here I was – always wearing plain colors. I saw a white bra with  romantic lace and a little bow in the middle. I looked for my size and grabbed it, adding the matching thong with it. I did the same with a black set. Just when I was about to turn and seek for a few nightgowns to replace my pajamas, I saw another set. It was nude colored , but pale-pinkish. On the borders of the cups was a trail of lace which made it complete. Even though it was so not a Melody-thing to shop lingerie – I was totally in love with it. I added this set to my pile too. I turned around to look at the aisle with the nightgowns. Babydolls, teddies, garters and a lot more things that made me blush like a Brit. I gathered all my courage and started searching for something cute, but sexy.

                Sometime later, I had added four gowns to my pile. I got on my way to the dressing rooms, praying I would have an encounter with Bella and her army.  Thankfully, I got into a dressing room without one of them noticing me.  Jessica, Lauren, Angela and Bella were a few booths across from me. I hung up the articles and started undressing my upper clothes and bra. I faced the large mirror and studied myself. I felt so vulnerable, standing like that. I was little with my 1.59 meters, but meanwhile, I was slender. I had this ultra famous hourglass shape. My breasts stood proudly on my chest. I was generously created – they didn’t hang or had a strange shape. Sometimes my sisters joked about me having fake ones, which wasn’t true off course. It was meant as a compliment, but still I felt so unsure about my body. I couldn’t imagine a guy being interested in me that way.                              I caught myself when my thoughts sneakily went to Edward. I didn’t understand why that always seemed to happen.


                After trying on the three bra’s, which all fitted perfectly, I grabbed the first babydoll from its hook. It was night blue and the voile fell naturally alongside my skin. The texture felt fabulous. Thanks to the deep and dark color, my scars and tattoos weren’t too visible underneath. Looking into the mirror, I blushed once more. I felt so different, yet only more myself. I think it’s supposed to be a phase I need to go through – from a girl to a woman. A confident, independent and above all sexy woman.  A smile spread across my still red face. Enthusiastically, I threw out the first gown and quickly grabbed the other. It was the one which matched the nude-pale-pinkish set. This time I could see my scars and body-art, but it didn’t matter – I felt beautiful, even though I thought it myself.

                I moved on with the last two – black with lace and soft pink with little bows and roses on the cups. Those two were most definitely going with me as well. It was a good thing I had an endless amount of money.

                I hurriedly redressed in my clothes and got out of the dressing room, noticing that Bella and the others were already standing at the cashiers desk. I slowly walked up to them, hoping they wouldn’t want to see what I’d chosen.  

                “Are you going to buy something Mells?”I heard Bella ask. I felt my face warm up in embarrassment, while I placed the articles on the counter for the cashier to purchase.

                “Yeah…I needed new…stuff.” I quickly said, hoping she’d drop the subject. 

                “Whatever. Bells are you going with us? I need a smoke. We’ll wait outside for Clumsy.”  Lauren said snidely. How I loved her. Yeah, right. As they left the shop, I focused on the task at hand. The cashier looked in the gowns, looking for my size, which was strange. Why would she  need to know? Then she walked over to a small closet and grabbed three packages from different piles. I frowned.

                “What’s in there?” I asked, still not understanding what she was doing.

                “Oh, we have an action at the moment – a free lingerie-present along with every bra-thong set.” She said smiling. I blushed again. now I had seven gowns – one for every night of the week. She wrapped everything up while I paid for it.

                Once she’d handed me the bag, I left the shop.

                “Have a nice evening, Miss!” I heard the cashier say from behind me. did I even want to know what was in the in pink wrapped ‘presents’? I shook my head and searched for the other girls, who were smoking.

                “Right. Where are we heading now?” Bella asked as she dropped her cigarette on the ground before tapping it out.

                “What about EllaBijoux? We seriously need some awesome jewelry with our dresses.” Jessica responded, dropping her cigarette as well, Angela following the movement.

                “Okay, EllaBijoux it is then. Bella, Clumsy, you’re in?” Lauren asked. I already decided to ignore the silly nickname she’d given me.  

                ‘Damn! I want to go but…I need that book…’ Bella was hesitating.

                “Well, I want to go to a bookstore. I’m through my novels. Bella?” It was a lie, as usual, but I wanted to know what book Bella was looking for.

                “Ah, well. I have the same problem here. I’ll go with Mells. Where do we meet again?” she asked, happy she wouldn’t have to go alone.

                “Okay. What about we have dinner in that super cute Italian restaurant? You know, Bella Italia or something? At six?” Jessica suggested. I nodded, “fine by me.”

                We all agreed with Jessica’s idea and Angela gave us the route for the bookstore and later for the restaurant. We parted from the girls and started our way to the bookstore.

                After it was silent for a while, Bella suddenly started talking.

                “Mells? Remember when, you know, we talked about…that story Jacob told us? do you believe it? That’s it true I mean?” she asked, biting her lip in nervousness. I didn’t really know how to answer, but seeing Alice being my best friend and Bella already almost knowing, I couldn’t deny it any longer.

                “Yeah…I think it is. What about it?” I asked in return. Bella seemed to relax a bit after my answer.

                “Well, I need a book from the bookstore. It’s about cold ones. Then maybe we can find out more?”

                “I think you’re right. We can search together. Just don’t tell the others, though.” She nodded in understanding and I checked her mind if she meant it, which she did. We walked further, thinking of the best ways to approach this of confront the Cullens.

                I had a feeling the evening wouldn’t end anytime soon.


                “Look, here is it.” Bella said, having found our destination.

                “Let’s find that book then.” I said smiley. We entered the shop and I looked at my surroundings. There were Indian headdresses settled in the window and dream catchers were everywhere.  Having a quick look at the book covers I started to get curious. There were a lot of books about fantasy stories, humans and above all; legends.

                “Melody, over here!” I heard Bella say. I rounded a bookcase and saw her standing in front of the ‘Legends and Myths’ section.

                “Okay, so, what book do you need?” I asked. Bella wanted to answer, even though I’d already heard it in her mind, but she was interrupted was the flimsy voice of an old woman.

                “do you darling girls need any help?” she asked. the hairs in my neck stood straight. Bella gasped in shock – she hadn’t heard the woman nearing us. We traded a look at each other before Bella answered the woman’s question.

                “Well, we’re looking for the book ‘Quileute Legends’. Do you have this in store?” she asked, her voice a little shaky. The woman was, apparently, creeping us both out.The native American woman squinted her eyes and looked sharply at me.

                ‘She’s not human…vampire…no, something more detailed….Hybrid. she’s an hybrid.’ I swallowed the gasp that was about to escape form my throat and looked away. How could she possibly know?

                “Well, I don’t have that book. But tell me, why would two young ladies be looking for a book like that? Maybe I can help you further.” She asked snarly. She didn’t like me, that was for sure.

                “Ah, well, thank you but no thanks. We’ll try somewhere else.” Bella told the woman, who was still looking at me sharply. “Mells, I’m going to look for a fantasy book or something.” My sister walked past me and the scary woman. I turned around, wanting to search further in hope to find something for Adam. You never could have too much information.

                “If you kill that girl, I’ll make sure they come after you, you leech.” The dark woman said darkly, anger seeping around the edge of her voice. I turned around, angered now too. I was done with this.

                “for your information, dog, as if you never killed. Don’t act like it worse when I do.” I growled. Luckily Bella didn’t have a clue this woman and I were having this conversation.

                “Get what you need and leave my shop, mutant!” she hissed. “Fine.” I growled back. I quickly began searching again for something useful. Dragons in War, Demons are among us, Vampires A till Z, the Gods of Mount Olympus, werewolves and enemies. Still not what I wanted. Then, my finger landed on a book with a velvet, black cover. In red letters was written Mythical Humans. The syllable of Hybrids of all kinds. I grabbed it and looked into the index.

                It wasn’t about hybrids of all kinds. It was about my kind. Vampire Hybrids. Maybe I could find information in this that could help me, us – my siblings. I closed it again and walked to the desk where the old-Quileute descendant was standing. Her eyes widened as I placed the book on the counter.

                “ $8 dollars, mutant.” She hissed at me again. I huffed frustratingly. She threw it into a paper back and handed it to me.

                “Get out of here, monster.” Her voice full with hatred didn’t affect me.

                “With pleasure, fur ball.” I growled at her before turning around fiercely and leaving the shop. Bella stood outside, waiting for me. I swallowed, trying to control my rage before I walked up to her. The woman stood watching us closely, I saw it in her mind.

                “Bella? Did you find anything?” I asked, the raw edge still in my voice.

                “No. it didn’t look like a shop with chicklits, so.” she smiled. “Damn, now we can’t search further. I searched through the internet but that was actually pretty stupid and all.” She admitted, casting her eyes downwards.

                “We won’t need it. if you’re sure about it, then confront him. You’ll notice soon enough if he wants to drop the subject or not.” I advised. Bella nodded. “Alright. Let’s find that restaurant. I’m starving.” She chuckled and started walking towards the path. I shook my head, gave the woman from the shop one last fury look and followed Bella.      

                We were silent during the walk. It was getting dark and there wasn’t much light. The night send shivers down my spine. When we rounded a corner, I saw two shadows stalking towards us. they were laughing and barely walking straight. Drunken men.


                “Bella, we need to get away from here.”I said, pulling at her arm.

                “That are those gross dudes.” she said engrossed. I looked at her warily. In her mind, her memory, I saw a group of men walking past the window while Bella, Jessica, Lauren and Angela were fitting dresses. They’d whistled and tapped on the window.

                They came closer and I dragged Bella with me.

                ‘We’re so lucky….nice bodies…easy victims…sex..’ one of their minds lulled with a drunken haze.

                “Bella we need to get out of her. Now!” I exclaimed. She looked at me, fear written in her eyes. “Run.” Was the only thing I said before we ran away from them. They followed us, but we were faster.

                We came upon and industrial area when I saw another group of drunken men coming in our direction. ‘We are being hounded!’ Bella’s fearful thought made the adrenaline race through my veins and I started to get furious again, coupled with the fear from what was happening. We were trapped. We had nowhere to go.

                “Hey…pretty ladies…want to have some fun…do you..” one of the men said. The smell of alcohol was thick in the air. I tried to ignore the sick lustful thoughts they were having about us. I blocked the images of what they wanted to do with us.

                “Don’t touch me!”Bella exclaimed when one of them tried to. We stood with our backs against one another, praying to get out of here. But I couldn’t kill them. They were human after all. When the man who had spoken wanted to grab me at the waist I tensed. Without thinking I rammed him on the nose, making it shatter while blood started to stream. Right at that moment, headlights of a car caught us in sight, when it raced around the corner. When I looked at whom was seated in it, my heart swelled with an emotion I never thought I would feel.



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