Moon Girl [completed]

Melody Swan, a 15-year old teenager, leaves her family after an horrible accident. She's going to live with her father and half-sister Bella Swan. With their arrival, the two girls are sucked into a world they never thought existed. What happens when Bella finds out about the Cullens? What happens when they think there's something strange about Melody? And how does she fit in the happily forever after?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Stephenie Meyer has written!I do not have any intention to copy and publish her stories as mine!I love playing and messing with it, though ;)

This story is rated for language, slight violence and very slight sensuality. If you can't stand that, I suppose you shouldn't read it.


10. nine

  It was silent for a while – Adam was probably thinking if he knew them. Probably not, but with Adam, you never knew. 
      “Are you serious?” he whispered through the phone. Meanwhile, I sat down in the meadow I’d found. In comparison to the rest of the forest, it looked peaceful and comforting. 
      “Yes, Adam, dead serious. I noticed them on my first day at school. they were different. The second day, I heard from their minds what they were. But they are even more different; they’re vegetarians. Just like you.” I left out the danger that had occurred the first day. It’d be too much at one time. 
      “Vegetarians hmm..? I can only think of the Denali’s in Alaska. You’ve never had a chance to meet them, but I’ve told you about them right?” The Denali’s were vegetarian vampires. Adam lived with them for a while, to get the same lifestyle. 
      “Yes, you did. But back to the point; what do I do? Do I need to confront them, or stay away?” I was confused. I was secretly hoping Adam knew them, things would be easier that way. 
      “Did you have a chance to speak with one of them? Told one of their minds they’d cause you any harm?” he asked. 
      “Yes, I did. A lot actually. One of them is really nice to me. She was the one who brought me home after the car thing this afternoon. Another one is strange…” should I tell him? “…I can’t read his mind Adam. It’s so frustrating! The one time he’s like; leave me alone, I’ll kill you and then he acts like he’s so happy to see me. “ finally I’d said it. I didn’t tell him about their gifts, but this would be enough for now. I heard Adam chuckle softly. “so, you’re making new friends? Vamps, huh? Anyway, I think you should just keep things like they are. Don’t run, but don’t come too close either, not when you don’t have enough information about them. And with the changes…well, what about we call on a daily basis?” he asked, leaving the choice to me. if I’d decline, he’d accept that. 
      “All right that’s fine, actually. Maybe this’ll help. And what should I do when I get a temper tantrum again?” I was sure that, once this started, it’d happen frequently. 
      “Remember the ‘spell’ we told you when you were younger?” Yes, I remembered - the same spell I’d rescued Edward with at the accident. I told him yes.
      “Use it. And Melody..?” 
      “Yeah?” my head thumped against the tree behind me.
      “I know it’s going to be tough, but you’re strong enough to endure it. And if it’s getting to hard on you, just call and I’ll stop by. Now, I need to go. I’ll call you tomorrow night at this time all right?” his words sent tears in my eyes again. I missed them and I was wondering why in the world I left my family. But something told me I couldn’t go back. As if a strange pull was keeping me here.
      “All right, talk to you tomorrow. Bye Adam.” My voice cracked with the rush emotions that started flowing. He wished me a good night and hung up. 
      Now; how do I get home?

      Just as I wanted to leave the beautiful meadow, which I definitely was going to visit another time soon, I heard a twig break. Shit. Please let it be a cute bunny or something, please…
      I heard another one, and my senses told me that who or what it was, had come closer. Sweat started to break out and I tried desperately not to go run. It’ll only worsen the situation. I saw something move on my right and then, out of the blue, there was someone in front of me. I shrieked and wanted to run this time, but I was grabbed my arms and another hand clamped down on my mouth, silencing my screams. 
      “Jesus, Melody! You scared the crap out of me! What are you doing here?” When I finally came down from the shock, I saw who it was. 
      “I…I...I eloped from home.” I admitted. The hand around my arms loosened. ‘Don’t run.’ I nodded and Alice let go of my arms. I could see her more clearly now, her pale skin shining in the moonlight. 
      “Why did you…ah, forget it…I know, you know something. I know you can read my mind and I know, you know, I can see the future. So, yes, I know what happened. That’s why I’m here.” She said. For some strange reason, she seemed very happy with that. 
      “How..what? Explain please?” I asked her. Couldn’t I just live like any normal teenager? Like checking my facebook right now and eating popcorn instead of talking with a psychic vampire in a dark forest? 
      “I was having those strange visions all the time…and I wanted to find out what they had to do with you. Every time I’d see something shocking, you’d be shocked too. So I studied you and I noticed that how you handle things are similar to how Edward does. So you must be a mind-reader then! And it’s true because I just thought to you ‘don’t run’ and you didn’t!” she stated happily. I couldn’t help but giggle. She could be so happy about things. 
      “All right. It’s true I can read minds..since I can remember.” something struck me, “Wait! Do the others know!” 
      “No, they don’t. They don’t even know I’m here with you. 
      “Why not?” I asked. she began walking towards the end of the meadow and I followed her. 
      “I saw you would go mad and take flight if they did. I don’t know what it is with you, but you seem different than other…humans.” Alice said. I’d been right when I thought she knew something was up. 
      “Yeah, well…I could say the same about you..but it doesn’t really matter now, does it? I mean, we’re friends right?” I felt immediately unsure of myself and my theories. I knew what she was, she knew about my gift, even though she didn’t know what I was. Yet. 
      “You’re right. And Yes! Off course we are! I like you as a friend, you’re cute!” we giggled at her words. Cute. If only her brother would think that…
      “Anyway; for as much I’d love to have a nightly chatty with you, I think you should go home? Aren’t you hungry? You are! Let me take you home?” her friendly face made me smile slightly and I agreed. 

      We walked further in silence , listening to our surroundings. We were close to Charlie’s house now. I could almost smell the pizza that was waiting for me. My stomach growled longingly. Alice giggled and I blushed. When we were across the street from my house, I suddenly panicked again.
      “Alice? You’re not going to tell anyone anything right?” 
      “No I’m not. This is our secret. No one’s going to know.” She said with authority. I nodded. 
      “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow then. Good night Alice.” 
      “Yep, totally! Good night to you too!”I smiled and crossed the street. When I stood in Charlie’s driveway, Alice interrupted my step.
      “Oh and Melody?” her voice was just at a low pitch, too soft for any human to hear across the street in the dark. I spun around. “If there’s anything you want to know, just ask okay? That’s where friends are for.” She finished. I nodded and she did the same. When a car rushed by, she was already gone with the wind, fast as lightning. 


Silently I crept into the house. I knew they were still awake, but I didn’t want bounce in and yell ‘Dude I’m home and I’m fucking hungry!’ yeah, not so wise. I hung my , now wet, cardigan on the heater beneath the peg, untied my shoes without making any sounds and tiptoed on my soaked socks to the kitchen. The kitchen area was dark – after dinner no one used it, if only to get something to drink. I kept tiptoeing to reach my goal. When I got to the refrigerator without any trouble, the lights flew on, blinding me. 

      “Ow Shit!” I barked, irritated and scared at the same time. I stood up straight and kept staring at the white refrigerator doors, knowing exactly who was standing in the doorway.
      “I do not tolerate such a language in my house, is that clear young lady?” I was extremely positive now, my Mum had taught Charlie how be angry like this. His ice cold, low, dark voice, made the hair in my neck stand straight and caused goose bumps all over my body. I was freezing. 
      I turned around to answer, “Yes, perfectly clear, Sir.” My voice still tight from the anger and fear from not even ten minutes ago. Charlie pinched the bridge of his nose, something I did too, when I didn’t have anything on the rail. 
      “Do you have any idea, how worried I’ve been? What has gotten into your head to run away like that!?” I knew how worried he’d been, he just showed me. it hurt me, he honestly thought Bella was right – that I was the guilty one in this story. Which I was, but not alone. Charlie raged on.
      “I’ve called you twelve times! You could at least have picked up the phone! Where did you go?” I hadn’t thought about a tale to tell Charlie for where I’d been. I asked another question instead.
      “Where’s Bella?” I stared at him, he stared back. I read from his mind, this wasn’t over. 
      “Upstairs. She said she was so shocked about what you did, that she couldn’t stand it to be near you when you got home. Is that what you wanted? Did you want to bare your secret? Did you want everyone to know what you are?” that hurt. Deep. “And don’t change the subject; I asked you questions, Melodiana!” uh-oh…when your parents start to call you on your given names, you should be careful. When he says ‘Melody’ nothing’s wrong, ‘Melodiana’ is getting bad. ‘Melodiana Helena Marie’ is very bad and as soon as ‘Swan’ is following, it’s my cue to run.

      “She’s lying.” I said softly. He hadn’t heard me correctly.
      “Excuse me? if you speak to me, I’d like you to do that with some respect!” he roared. Damn, if I thought the names were bad; this wasn’t very good either.
      “She. Is. LYING! She drove away without me from school, without saying anything! I got a ride home from a friend and the only thing I started with was ‘Do you think it was funny to drive away like that’!” I fired back. I was getting pissed again and wanted this to be over. Charlie seemed to think about that for a few seconds.
      “You’re both guilty in this then.” He said dryly, emotionless. My stomach growled loudly again and I winced.
      “You, sit down and eat something. I’m going to talk to your sister and don’t you dare, to eavesdrop! When we’re done, we’ll talk together and I’ll tell you what kind of penalty you’re getting.” With that he left the kitchen and went up the stairs. I made quick work of the pizza that lay in the oven, left over for me. when it was warm and crunchy enough, I sat down at the kitchen table and attacked. I was trying really hard to block out what was being said upstairs. But, yeah, if they’re talking so loud it’s quite impossible to do so. Eventually, Bella and Charlie came downstairs. Charlie looked irritated and his mind told me he was clearly disappointed in us. Bella just looked downright pissed at me. ‘I hate her so much! She’s stealing my boyfriend! She’s so going to pay for this! I’m probably not even allowed to go to Seattle next week!’ Well, if she hadn’t drove off in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened. Charlie mentioned for us to sit down next to each other and he sat down in front of us. 
      “So, let’s start with, that I’m really disappointed in you. I know sisters fight once in a while, but that’s not meant in the literally sense. Which means no blood, wounds and violence. Bella, it’s not fair to just drive home without your sister. she has no vehicle and it’s too far to walk.” He looked at her sternly.
      “Can’t she get her own vehicle? A bike or something? I have to wait all the time!” she seethed. She never hated me this much before. 
      “She can’t get sick every two days.” He said icily. I could see now why he was cop. 
      “And you, little lady, you shouldn’t have gone mad like that. I don’t tolerate it when you go hitting one another. I don’t want any of you to get seriously injured. Got that?” I nodded quickly, waiting for the rest.
      “Good, now, I’m not going to let this slide. You are both getting a penalization, which includes house detention and chores.”Bella and I both moaned at the house detention thing. I truly hated that, but I deserved nonetheless. 
      “The house detention means that you are home at nights, so no late night dates or friends and you may only leave this house in the afternoon if I gave you permission to do so. Is that clear?” we both nodded slowly, unwillingly. It could’ve been worse. 
      “How long do we have house detention?” Bella asked. she’d planned a shopping trip to PA with Lauren, Jessica and Angela and there was the beach trip to La Push with the whole group. 
      “A month. But if you behave correctly, I’ll cancel it earlier. “ with that said he stood up, arms crossed over his chest. We stood up too, looking at him.
      “Apologize to each other for what you’ve done. And mean it.” he said sternly waiting for one of us to start.
      “Sorry Bella. I shouldn’t have done that.” I said honestly. I felt really sorry what I’d done, regardless the issue. ‘No you indeed shouldn’t have. This is so not over.’
      “Sorry Melody,” she spat ,” next time I’ll tell you when I leave.” She huffed, already deciding she wasn’t going to do that. I think I was going to buy a bike at last…. 

      The next morning, When we pulled in the parking lot – after a silent drive with two chagrinned faces and thoughts – Bella parked the truck as close to the silver Volvo as possible. She hoped he would notice her and start talking to her again. I jumped out of the cab, slamming the door and wincing when I realized this wasn’t a really good move for my wrist. The night before Charlie had bandaged it carefully. We’d talked for a bit about my changes. I explained to him that it was really starting now. I also admitted that I can lose my temper too fast. He told me he would keep it in mind. This afternoon I had to go back to the hospital. Dr. Cullen would remove my stitches today. I just hoped the scar wouldn’t be too huge. I walked around the car and noticed Bella fumbling with her keys. She dropped them into a puddle of water. I went to grab them, when a white hand flashed in front of me, snatching away the keys. I jerked upright and noticed Edward Cullen, leaning casually against the truck. He stood next to Bella, a grin covering his face. 
      “How do you do that?” she asked in irritation.
      “Do what?” he replied. I came to stand next to Bella. She gave me a look which was quite creepy. ‘Why is she standing here? I’m taking to Edward for God’s sake! Wasn’t I clear enough yesterday?’ I quickly turned around and walked away from them. Suddenly I bumped into someone. Before I could fall, I was grabbed by my arms and steadied. I looked up and saw the happy face of nobody less than Alice. My friend Alice. 
      “Hi!”’Did everything end well?’ her eyebrows creased. I nodded, “Hi, yourself. I do have house detention though.” My face changed into a scowl, and so did Alice’s. 
      “That’s awful! For how long?” 
      “A month, but if I behave correctly, he’ll cancel it. which means no shopping trips for me…” we both pouted. We wanted to go to PA ourselves next week. Maybe I could convince Charlie to let me go? 
      Just as Alice wanted to say something, I caught Bella and Edward’s discussion.
      “…think you’re funny or something?” Bella groused. Edward looked wickedly amused by her reaction. Apparently he’d teased her about all those guys who wanted to be her date for the dance. She obviously didn’t like that.
      “Will you please allow me to finish? I heard you were going to Seattle and I was wondering if you wanted a ride.” He asked her. My gut dropped. I instantly felt nauseas. 
      ‘now, that’s better, Mr. delicious!’ Bella thought. Edward was actually asking Bella on a date. A date. Bella. With Edward. 
      “Sure…but I thought you didn’t want to be friends with me?” she purred. The sound sickened me. 
      “I said it would be better if we weren’t, not that I didn’t want to be.” Edward replied. “So, you want to go to Seattle with me?” he continued. Bella’s mind had changed into jell-o. She nodded and bit her lip. Edward smiled and turned around, facing Alice and me. Bella quickly walked inside for class. 
      “Edward! you did it! I’m so proud of you! Oh! Did you know Melody is my new best friend?”Alice rattled on while I was dazed. He was taking Bella to Seattle. Not me. he didn’t like me. He liked Bella. 
      “Helloooo? Melody are you in there? somewhere?” I snapped out of it when I saw Alice’s hand waving in front of me. Edward looked confused and I noticed the others had joined us. they all held weird expressions on their pretty faces; Rosalie looked irritated – nothing new actually – Emmett had this smug grin plastered on his face – nothing new either – Jasper, though, was studying me intently I didn’t have a clue why, until I caught his thoughts. ‘Why did she feel so..rejected, unwanted? Oh, now she’s panicking. What the hell?’ I was indeed panicking hugely now. he knew how I felt. Must be his gift then. Oh my god….a psychic, a mind-reader and a emotion controller too? where did I deserve this for? Couldn’t things get easier sometime?
      “Huh? Sorry Alice, Edward…others? I uh…I need to go for class. Don’t want to be late and all. Bye.” I grabbed my bag from the ground and squeezed myself pass them and made my way too class.

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