Moon Girl [completed]

Melody Swan, a 15-year old teenager, leaves her family after an horrible accident. She's going to live with her father and half-sister Bella Swan. With their arrival, the two girls are sucked into a world they never thought existed. What happens when Bella finds out about the Cullens? What happens when they think there's something strange about Melody? And how does she fit in the happily forever after?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Stephenie Meyer has written!I do not have any intention to copy and publish her stories as mine!I love playing and messing with it, though ;)

This story is rated for language, slight violence and very slight sensuality. If you can't stand that, I suppose you shouldn't read it.


13. Nightmares

When we got home, Charlie wasn’t there yet. Bella stomped angrily into the kitchen, where I stood, cooking risotto.

                “You really should stop what you’re doing!” she suddenly said, standing behind me.

                “What? I think  I really should continue, since I don’t want half done food.” I said in a mocking tone. Off course I already knew she didn’t meant what I was doing right now. I just couldn’t resist.

                “That’s not what I meant, smartass. I meant flirting your ass off with all those guys. You need to quit that.” She said, gnashing her teeth during the process. I rolled my eyes, while I kept mingling the risotto.

                “I don’t know where you’ve got your eyes, but obviously not on the right place? I don’t flirt with guys. I think that’s actually your thing, isn’t it?” I bashed back at her. She stuttered for a minute. “How dare you! you,…bitch! That’s not true! But you’re ruining my chances with Edward! You’re always in the way! Because you’re so pathetic! He’s mine! You heard? M. I. N. E.!” when she finished her preach, she walked out of the kitchen, stomping up the stairs, until I heard her bedroom door slam close. I sighed heavily. I didn’t understand why she kept bugging me with this. I hadn’t talked with Edward since he apologized for being rude. And that was at least two weeks ago. And other guys? Mike is the one that keeps looking at me. Tyler is the one that keeps thinking about me. Eric is the one who keeps telling and dreaming about me. Jacob is the one that talks to me. They are flirting with me, not the other way around. Unfortunately, my dear sister was too stubborn to see that.


                “Melody? Bella?” I heard Charlie say from the hall. I sat in the kitchen reading a Harry Potter book. Those were one of my favorites.

                “Kitchen, Dad!” I yelled back. Not a minute later, his head stuck in the door opening.

                “Ah, I smell something. What did you cook tonight, sweetheart?” he asked as he entered the small kitchen and sat down in front of me.

                “I made risotto. Ever had that before?” I smiled. I loved risotto, my siblings too.

                “risotto? I don’t think I’ve even heard about that before.” He said with a frown. I giggled.

                “Don’t worry, it’s delicious. I’ll set the table.” I  stood up from my chair, placing the worn book on the shelf.

                Charlie called out to Bella while I scooped up three plates. She entered the kitchen, looking at me with angry eyes. I ignored het looks and started eating.


                After dinner, Charlie did the dishes, so we could ‘chillax or something’. His words, not mine. Bella had claimed the computer downstairs and I needed some time to think anyway. I stumbled up the stairs and just when I opened the door to my room, my phone rang.

                “Hi, it’s Melody.” I answered.

                “Hi! Skye here! How are you doing lately?” I smiled at the sound of my sister’s voice. We hadn’t spoken for a while.

                “I’m…fine. It’s still weird, you know, living here without you, without sun and without beachtrips. Although, I went to the beach today. “ I undid my jeans and popped down on the soft mattress of my bed.

                “The beach? Wow, was there one sunray or something?” she giggled.

                “No, a classmate asked if I wanted to join them. I felt guilty for letting him down earlier, so I agreed.” I said while I fidgeted with my t-shirt.

                “A guy?” she said suggestively, I rolled my eyes. “Yes, a guy. He’s not something for kissing material though.” I quickly said. I slapped my head. I shouldn’t have said anything about this.

                “right. But is there anything good enough for Kissing Material?” he asked further. I sighed. I could do two things – tell her or lie to her. If I’d tell her she’ll want to know every single thing. If I lie, she keeps bugging me about it.

                “Well, there actually is. Kind of. I..I think.” I stumbled while the hot blush crept into my cheeks. I heard my sister squealing through the phone. I rolled my eyes and snickered at her crazy enthusiasm.

                “Tell Me!! What does he look like? Is he sturdy? Handsome? Oh! What about absolutely fuckable!?” she kept ranting through the phone and I had to keep it a few inches away from my ears. I was positive the blush was a much deeper shade of red now.

                “Please tell me you’re alone! Or I’m definitely not going to tell you a thing!” I warned. The idea that my brothers heard what she said, made me want to hide in an instant.

                “I’m at work. Alone. The next models won’t be here until over an hour. So tell me! Please!” she begged again. I pinched my eyes shut, breathed out and hoped she wouldn’t take anything to seriously.

                “right. There’s this guy and he’s like…so fucking handsome..” I whispered harshly, staring into nothing while my mind worked to give my sister an description of Edward.

                “Aw! How does he look?” Skye urged.

                “He’s…his skin is pretty pale, straight nose and slightly puffed cheeks. He’s got this..jawporn and the most expressive eyes….” I thought about the way his jaw was hooked and how his golden eyes could smolder. His damn panty-dropping smile…right. Quit that. Immediately.

                I cleared my throat, “Anyway his hair is like, extremely wild. Like he never does anything about it after he leaves his bed in the morning.”  I was doing everything in my might, not to sigh.

                “Wow! From the sounds of it, he must be really awesome! Have you already gave him a lip-lock against the lockers?” there was her suggestive tone again. I just kept blushing, on and on, and on.

                “ the thing is…he’s out of my league. And I’m sure he doesn’t even like me.” I hated it, that my voice sounded so sad when I said this.

                “Oh will be fine. Just, have patience. Your Prince Charming will find you! And..” she was interrupted by someone, I heard her talking off the line.  

                “sorry, Mells, but I have to go. Preparations and stuff you know? Anyway; what I wanted to say before we hang up is this – Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect. You should think about that sometime.” Her voice was soft, holding the sound of the love she had for me as her youngest sister. I told her it was alright.

                “Good. Dream sweet dreams, Baby Swan. We’ll talk to each other as soon as we can, okay?”

                “Okay. Tell the other I love them.” My throat constricted with emotion. 

                “will do. I love you baby sis!” she said back.

                “love you to, sister, love you too.” With that, I hung up the phone.


                I got up from the bed to retrieve my IPod. I was in the mood for some hard music. Maybe a crying jag, would be nice too. I went back to the bed, crawled under the covers and shut the lights down, only leaving on the fairytwinkles.  I started the music player and closed my eyes.

                It started….


                Makes me that much stronger

Makes me work a little bit harder

                Makes me that much wiser

                Thanks for making me a fighter

                Made me learn a little bit faster

                Made my skin a little bit thicker

                Makes me that much smarter

                So thanks for making me a fighter!


                And went on….


                I didn’t want us to burn out

                I didn’t come here to hurt you

                Now I can’t stop


                And on…


                I won’t let it get to me no more

                I don’t wanna feel this way

                I can’t believe I let it go so far

                No, no it’s not OK


                And a little further…


                This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go

                I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home

                I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew

                I was enchanted to meet you




Until I fell asleep songs later with this….


                When I look into eyes

                It’s like watching the night sky, or a beautiful sunrise

                There’s so much they hold

                And just like them old stars

                I see that you’ve come so far

                To be right where you are

                How old is your soul?




“NO! please STOP! NO!”


‘It’s all your fault! Everything! I created a monster and I need to end it now too.’ her dark voice echoed through the old expired baseball stadium. The rain came down like a waterfall from the sky, while thunder rumbled in the air.

 Her blazing red eyes where those from a killer, ready to kill. ‘I couldn’t kill you last time, but this time you won’t be so lucky.’ She growled, her body shaking with the anger and restraint she put on her steel-like muscles.

‘Why!? Why are you doing this? I’m your daughter for Fuck’s sake! You made me! You gave birth to me! I haven’t done anything wrong!’ I stood there, completely soaked. The skin of my belly was completely smooth and tattoo-less. My stance was protective. I shouldn’t have been so stupid to take my three cousins with me. But at that time I hadn’t known this would happen.

‘haven’t done anything wrong!? You did EVERYRTHING WRONG! You’re dangerous! You don’t DESERVE to live! Nobody will ever love you! And I’ll end you!’  she was screaming now. My heart ached as she said those words. I expected tears, but it only seemed to fuel my rage.’


                “You don’t have to do this…”

                “No..leave them out of this..” I whimpered.


                ‘Her strong body shook with rage, the strength. Flashes of lightning shot out of her hands. Ready to attack. Before I could do anything to protect myself, it was too late. Blue lightning exploded and I was being electrocuted. I let out an heart-wrenching scream from the agonizing pain.

                ‘Melody! Please say something!’ I heard Faith by my ear.

                ‘Check her heart and lungs!’ I heard Alana scream.

                ‘What have you done you fucking LEECH!’ Denim screamed at the cruel women that called herself my mother.


                I screamed. I squirmed. I kicked and I cried. “NO! IT HURTS! HELP ME!! PLEASE!”


                I felt someone shake me awake. The desperate screams slowed down as snapped my eyes open. My vision was blurred with the tears I’d shed. I blinked a few times until I could easily make out y father worried face in the dark.

                “Melody? Ssshh…it was a nightmare. You’re safe here.” A huge sob escaped my throat and I busted out crying.

                “Daddy…” I managed through the sobs.

                “It’s okay. I’m here. Daddy is here.”




                I was stupid when I thought moving to Forks would fade the memories. I had been terribly mistaken. Charlie had cradled me in his arms, while I cried my heart out. He went away for a moment and then came back with his pillow. He got in my bed laid down and I curled up against him. I felt safe, just like ten years ago. When I was still a little girl in the strong and safe arms of her father. At some point, we both fell asleep.


                I stirred when I heard a door screeching. My eyelids fluttered and slowly, I opened them. It looked like it was a rainy day – my bedroom was still dark. I sat up, stretching my limbs and got out. I wasn’t in the mood for jeans and all today, so I grabbed my way to huge sweatpants and a dark grey shirt with long sleeves. It fitted my mood. After brushing my teeth and making a messy bun of my hair, I went downstairs. 

                I stumbled into the kitchen, having no clue of what time it was – seeing the clock it was after noon. I got myself a glass of milk and with a grumble I sat down on my chair.

                “Hey, are you okay?” I looked up and saw Bella standing hesitantly standing in the doorway. ‘Maybe I should just…leave her? But her screams were so…terrifying..’

                “I feel better now, thanks.” I tried a half smile, but it probably looked tired and missed the eye sparkle.

                “Dad told me why you were screaming.  It must have been a terrible nightmare.” She said as she sat down in front of me, still hesitant. She kept talking while I didn’t say a word.

                “I had a nightmare too. It was pretty silly actually.” She shook her head and snorted a little. “but, ehm, I wanted to ask you something..” she was nervous. I was surprised to read she felt a little guilty for the way she treated me. Especially because Charlie told her this morning I’d been through a lot before I got here. It was a good thing she hadn’t ask further about that.

                I nodded at her question.

                “Ehm.. alright, promise me you won’t laugh okay?” she said, biting her lip. I shook my head no.

                “Okay, well, did you notice there’s something..strange about the Cullens? Or am I just the only one? And with that story Jacob told, about them being vampires? I mean it’s so weird but I kind of believe it you know. I even searched the internet.” She confessed. Now I needed to watch out with what I said.

                “Well, they’re different that’s for sure. What did you found on the internet?” I wanted to know how much she actually found. Maybe it was just the crap everyone told kids with Halloween.

                “Oh, eh…about vampires. There are different kinds. Like, the Stregoni Benefici or… Nelapsi…even more. The site said the first one were good vampires. I mean that’s good news right?” she was still nervous.

                “Uhm..yeah I think it is. But maybe you should just let” I suggested. She knew more than I wanted.

                “No..I can’t. I want to know about Edward. He’s been acting so weird all the time. And I’m sure he’s in love with me, so I think it’s only fair if I know his secrets.” She answered curtly. And here I thought we were getting some peace between us.

                “Look, Bella. Do what you want. It’s not any of my business. But be careful. And don’t jump to conclusions so fast. Maybe you’re absolutely wrong.” I replied. I needed to safe their secret.

                “Exactly. I do what I want. And if I’m sure Edward is a vampire, you’ll be the last to know!” she hissed before stomping out of the kitchen. I still sat on my chair, staring into nothing when I heard her yell.

                “I’m going for a walk. See ya, captain clumsy!” with that, she slammed the front door shut. I sighed and grumbled again. I was bored of sitting at a table, so I started with the preparations of the promised High Tea. Maybe I could distract myself with that.

                I made sure everything I needed was set on the kitchen table, within reach. I started with making little sandwiches with different kinds of spreads – salmon with garlic butter and cheese with cream cheese and chervil.

                After those were done and placed neatly on a plate, I moved further with the cupcakes. I made the baking mix and let it drip into the tins. I placed it in the oven and moved on with preparing the fondant and icing. It wouldn’t be a huge high tea; only cupcakes and sandwiches, but Charlie would love it. While the cakes were baking, I picked up my Harry Potter book and read further until the chime of the kitchen alarm told me the muffins were done. I got them out and let them cool down a bit. Once cooled, I applied different colors of fondant and patterns. On one of them, I wrote – I Love Daddy.

                I cleaned up the counter and went back to reading, waiting for Charlie to return from the reservation.


                “Bella? Melody?” I heard the familiar gruff voice of my dad and I immediately shove my book aside.

                “Hey Dad! I made you the mini High Tea I promised you!” I said brightly. His face softened at seeing my smile.

                “You did, honey? That’s really sweet! So, where is your sister? than we can start before it gets wasted.” He said as he followed me to the kitchen, where the table was set with etageres and a teapot.

                “Bella’s taking a walk…oh wait, she’s back.” I said when I heard her thoughts from outside. What she was thinking made me worried. She’d made her choice – she wasn’t going to back down from Edward because he was a vampire. Having a vampire boyfriend sounded pretty awesome to her, just like in the vampire diaries.

                “Hey guys.  You’ve busy! I’m starving!” she kicked out her shoes and sat down next to Charlie. I gave Charlie the special cupcake I made for him and he smiled, the deep emotion written all over his face. At least I could make someone happy.

                “Enjoy.” I giggled and we started to eat. I had some thinking and warning to do, but that was planned for later – right now I would just turn the knob and stop thinking.


                Later that night, when I made myself ready for bed, I’d already made a plan.

                I would tell Alice as soon as Bella revealed her suspicious to Edward. Which she most likely would. I’d thought about telling her now, but I was sure they would run if I did. I didn’t want that to happen. if I only thought about a life without Alice or Edward in it…or even without Rose and Jasper..I didn’t even want to think about that. I didn’t understand my emotions and feelings anymore. maybe that was also part of the transformation, but I didn’t dare to ask Adam about it – he probably wanted to know why. I didn’t know why. I felt things I didn’t want to feel, things I don’t want to feel and things I never felt before. It was all really tiring.

                I quickly crawled under the duvet and sighed deeply once. I’d been trying to ignore the faint sounds coming from Bella’s room for at least ten minutes now. Her mind didn’t make it easier for me. The things she thought about Edward…Good Lord! And here I thought my siblings were worse when it came to anything that includes sexuality. I grabbed a pillow and pushed it over my ears, waiting for my sister to be..done. It was a good thing for her that Charlie always slept so tightly. Off course I had supersensitive hearing, he didn’t.

                “…My god!” I heard Bella whimper. I gritted my teeth and scrunched my eyes shut. it was like this every single night. It was almost like she needed an orgasm or she wouldn’t be able to sleep.

                I waited until it was completely silent and Bella was in dreamland. I put the pillow that was clamped on my head, back in its place.

                My sister have tried to give me ‘the talk’ for two years now. I always had a way to sneak away as fast as I could muster.  They kept asking me about my sexual activity. When I once asked them in return why the hell they wanted to know that, they just answered that it was an important subject to talk about. I’d blushed furiously and rolled my eyes, before diving under the kitchen table. It wasn’t something I was busy with. Bella, way to obviously, was. off course I’d been curious about things, but I never acted on it.

                And now I was actually considering that it maybe was smart to get a little used to that. You never know what could cross your path. But how in the world did it work? All those other’s probably had someone in their heads whom fulfilled their fantasies in lust-filled dreams. I hadn’t. Or maybe I did…but I couldn’t bring myself to supposedly think about him like that. The blazing blush that crept in my cheeks when I only thought about thinking about him. I really needed to stop that.  I shook my head and waited for my blush to sink. Now, thinking about how awesome the ceiling looked – really distracting – I fell asleep within moments, forgetting every sexy thought I wanted to think about someone in particular.


                Bella and I arrived at school a little earlier than planned. not that I minded much – I still needed a cool down and the morning air of Forks was a good way to go for that. I sat down on one of the picnic benches outside and started drawing mindlessly. I wondered where Alice was. maybe still hunting, but it was a little sunny. So they were possibly back in town, but couldn’t get out because of the weather. Which left me on a very boring friendless Monday.

                When I took a look at my ‘dribbles’ I gasped. This was getting creepy. I obviously hadn’t just dribbled little hearts, rainbows and stars. No, my subconscious was much more detailed. I had drawn a face portrait of Edward. everything included – smoldering eyes, panty-dropping smile and not to forget his amazing sex-hair. It looked like a real shot photograph. I’d drawn like this before – when my sisters asked me to do so, but it was weird I was so distracted, that I drew an almost cloned image of him.

                Why did he keep getting into my head?


                It was lunchtime by now.  It was awfully boring without Alice, Rosalie and Jasper.  I sat with my old group again, listening to their conversations without mingling myself in it.

                “Okay. So what time are we going tonight? Need to ask my Dad if he’s okay with it.” I caught Bella, Angela, Lauren and Jessica’s conversation while I slowly ate my sandwich. They were heading to Port Angeles tonight, a place close by, to shop for dresses. Bella’s wasn’t going off course, nether was I, but I wanted to go out for the night.

                “You’re going to PA? Do you mind if I join you? I need a few things from a few shops.” I suddenly ask, surprising myself. I was afraid for their answers – they probably wouldn’t want me there with them. As they considered, I read their minds sneakily.

                ‘She? Why does she suddenly think she can talk to us? She should sit with the Cullens. But…if she’s with us, I have lots of fun by making fun of her.’  Lauren Mallory would only agree with something, if it worked in her benefit.

                ‘she’s probably not what you call the shopping type. Look at those shoes, so ugly! At least she won’t claim my time for dress shopping then.’ I never expected Jessica Stanley to think anything positive about me, so this wasn’t a surprise either.

                ‘the things she said about me…and now she suddenly wants to be with us again? I don’t get her.’ Luckily, Angela Weber wasn’t all too cruel.

                ‘…does she have to..but if the other’s are fine with it...No! I don’t want my baby sister with us, but damn, what if she tells Charlie. Then I’m not even allowed to go at all. Stupid little sister.’ At least Bella thought it was kind of nice to have me with them. Yeah, right. Huge sarcasm.

                “Sure, Captain Clumsy, join us. we’re leaving right after school.” Lauren spat after the four of them had exchanged looks of approval.

                Luckily, like this, I wouldn’t have the chance to thoughts. I would spare myself lots of embarrassing moments.


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