Moon Girl [completed]

Melody Swan, a 15-year old teenager, leaves her family after an horrible accident. She's going to live with her father and half-sister Bella Swan. With their arrival, the two girls are sucked into a world they never thought existed. What happens when Bella finds out about the Cullens? What happens when they think there's something strange about Melody? And how does she fit in the happily forever after?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Stephenie Meyer has written!I do not have any intention to copy and publish her stories as mine!I love playing and messing with it, though ;)

This story is rated for language, slight violence and very slight sensuality. If you can't stand that, I suppose you shouldn't read it.


17. interrogations

        Slowly, I opened my sore eyes, squeezing them close again. My sight was blurred and my nose was pressured and my head hurt. That could only mean one thing.

                I vaguely remembered why the tears were streaming down my cold cheeks – flashes of images I didn’t want to see again. It was strange to wake up like this – I felt like I had been crying through my sleep all night.

                I opened my eyes again, blinking the uncontrollable tears away and letting out an heavy sigh. I didn’t want to leave my warm and safe bed. I felt like a wreck, broken. I sighed again and eventually managed to get upright. When I untangled my leg from the thick sheets to free it, It kept sticking between the material and I tumbled over – face down on the floor. I gathered myself up and saw a small droplet of blood on the flooring. With my index-finger, I lightly touched my under lip. I’d found the source of the droplet.

                So it was going to be such a day.


                Once I got in the shower, I tried to relax and let myself envelop in the feeling of the warm water streaming down my body. My shoulders were tense, so I massaged the knots in the muscles away, feeling the ache fading within seconds.

                After rinsing off all the shampoo and soap, having dried off and shuffling myself into underwear, I looked into the mirror to check my lip. It looked like someone had punched me in the face.

                There were huge shades beneath my eyes, my skin almost seemed hoar and the small wound on my lip made the picture complete. I wasn’t in the mood for much makeup, so I stayed with eyeliner and mascara. Then I made my way to back to my room searching for something comfortable to wear today. As I rummaged through my closet, I heard Bella shuffling through the bathroom.

                I dressed myself into the pink-dotted black, long-sleeved cotton dress, I’d bought the night before. Beneath it I put dark blue jeggings and black, ankle-high sneaker-like booties.

                During packing my bag, I waited for Bella to finish her shower – I could easily hear when the water would be shut off. When I heard that sound, and was sure Bella wasn’t butt-naked anymore, I could use the bathroom for my hair.

                “Morning Mells. How..did you sleep?” Bella asked as she was applying her makeup. I took the space next to her, having great view into the mirror and started brushing my hair while I answered.

                “Morning, Bells. I didn’t, not really…you?” I questioned. I busy making sure my hair would be tied in a perfect ballerina bun.

                “No, I didn’t sleep really well, either. But that wasn’t really unexpected, right?” she replied as she started doing her hair as well.

                “Yeah. You’re right.’s still strange to really know. Do you know what I mean?” I asked hesitatingly while I draped a little bow around the bun on my head. Once done I leaned against the door, waiting for Bella’s response.

                “Yes, it is. But I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Do you?” she asked as she finished her hair as well, having just hung it into a pony-tail. She looked me in the eye. I thought about that for a minute. Was it good that I knew? Wouldn’t it have been easier to forget him if I hadn’t known?

                “No. now we know how to treat them. Kind off.” I said. Bella nodded. I pushed myself away from the door post and started walking downstairs.


                I quickly made myself breakfast and also poured a glass of milk. Bella was still busy dressing herself upstairs. When I’d washed the dishes I’d used, I saw a note sticking on a cabinet.

                ‘Can you please get the mail form the mailbox? Love, Dad.’

                I dried off my hands, threw the, now prop formed, note into the trashcan and headed outside. I gasped when I saw it. or better said, saw him.

                When he noticed me, his lips magically turned into his crooked smile. Just the one that made my face and other parts heat up slightly. He stood next to our mailbox, which was my destination.

                “Hey,” he said as I neared him. I smiled shyly, feeling the blood creep into my cheeks. An uncomfortable look appeared on his face, he almost looked…shy.

                “Hi.” I said breathlessly, praying he wouldn’t notice. He started rubbing the back of his neck – it reminded me of the nervous habit of Nathan. What was going on?

                “I..uh...”, he stammered. I frowned. Why in the whole world, would Edward Cullen stammer over? What was he doing here anyway? Not that I minded.

                “Edward, what’s wrong?” I asked when he clearly wasn’t able to form the right words. He swallowed and averted his eyes from mine.

                “Well,…I found something last night when I got home…and uh..” he stammered again. I started to have a feeling this wasn’t going to be nice. “And?” I encouraged him.

                “I was wondering if you..or Bella…did you..lost something?” he stumbled, looking me straight in the eye now. I frowned. What could I have lost? I look back at him, in his eyes whose were fast changing into black holes. Oh…My…no….

                “Oh no,…” I squeaked, feeling so utterly embarrassed.

                “So…’s yours?” he said again, his voice rough and hoarse this time. I nodded weakly, knowing exactly where he was talking about. I saw his hand sliding into his leather jacket, retrieving were I’d been looking for last night.

                There it was – my bright pink ‘bite-me’ thong, dangling proudly on his index-finger.

                “Well, then I believe this is yours.”


                With wide eyes, a scarlet red face and conflicted feelings, I slowly reached out my hand, to grab the pink scrap of cotton from his finger. Once I’d gotten a hold of it, I quickly stuffed it in my pocket. Thank god those jeggings even had packets. I didn’t dare to look him in the eye – my hormonal balance would let my body do things my mind wouldn’t want to.

                “So…eh… now that is taken care of,” Edward spoke softly again. I still adverted my eyes from him, having crouched my arms against my chest. “I was actually here to ask if you two wanted a lift to school? You don’t have to. You won’t hurt my feelings by saying no, so don’t feel obligated now I’ve asked.” he ranted. I could barely make out what he said.

                “Oh! Ehm…sure, I mean, if that’s what you want to….” I said, being sure Bella already would’ve jumped his car. “I’, sorry by the way. It was so stupid to – “ before I could say my whole apologize about losing my thong, he interrupted me.

                “No, don’t apologize, Mells. It could’ve happened to anyone.” He said, smiling reassuringly. I looked at him skeptically, arching one eyebrow. When he realized why I looked like that he let out a snicker. “all right – things like this only happen to you. Happy now, miss?” he said, his eyes holding a wicked gleam. It felt so natural, talking to him like this – so carefree, like there was nothing mythical and mysterious about us. I felt a sudden warmth spread through my chest, right at the place where my fast beating heart lay. “Yeah, I am. It’s the truth!” I said giggling lightly, letting him know I wasn’t sad about the fact I was too clumsy for words. His delighted smile made my eyes flutter. What he could do to me, just by smiling…

                “Should I get Bella? We don’t want to be late, do we?” I said, feeling brave out of nowhere. Edward nodded, “I’ll wait here.” He handed me our mail he, clearly without me noticing, had gotten out of the mailbox. I rolled my eyes and added a ‘thanks’, before walking up to the house.


                I opened the door, stealing one look from over my shoulder, seeing Edward still leaning against his Volvo, very lost in his thoughts. I was starting to understand his constant frustration to not being able to hear what we thought. I wanted to know so badly what was happening in his head.

                “What took you so long? Did you trip over the mailbox?” Bella chuckled. I walked up to her.

                “ Get your stuff; our taxi is waiting.” I said giggling at seeing Bella’s confused look.

                “Taxi?” she questioned, brow furrowed. I grabbed my bag from the kitchen floor before walking to the door again to get my jacket.

                “Yeah, Edward. He suggested we could have a lift.” I said before heading outside again, Bella quick on my heels. ‘Oh my god…he’s so handsome…’ she thought lustfully. The smile plastered on Edward’s face when he saw us was incredible. Just as we both descended the porch steps, I remembered something.

                “Oh, uh, Bells, I have to…get something from my room. I’ll be back in a minute.” I said before hurrying back inside, for the stairs. I swear I saw Edward laughing, knowing exactly what I needed to do.


                Not a minute later, after dropping my thong in my underwear drawer,  I was back outside again, looking all kinds of flustered from running. Bella and Edward had already occupied the front seats, so I took the backseat again. When I was seated, Edward drove to school.

                It was awkwardly quiet during the ride. At some point, Edward had enough of it.

                “What? no question games today?” he asked, smiling crookedly.

                “Do our questions bother you?” Bella replied.

                “No, not really. It’s just your reactions. You’re both so..relaxed about all of this. I’m still waiting for you two to run.” He answered incredulously.

                “We’re not that fragile you know.” I said, shrugging. It was true..almost. we drove further without words. When we rode upon the parking lot, Bella suddenly asked where his family was – they always drove along with him. Just as he parked next to a red convertible, the answer wouldn’t be hard to guess.  

                “They took Rosalie’s car. Ostentatious, isn’t it?” Edward said as me and my sister stared at the shiny red car.

                “I take it, Rosalie has a thing for cars?” I asked smiling. I certainly didn’t expect this from the stunning blonde vampire.

                “I don’t know if you two noticed, but I’m breaking all the rules now.” he said as he exited the car.  I immediately felt guilty – it was basically our fault his family rebelled against him. Off course they knew, we knew; lying wasn’t possible when you had Alice, Edward and Jasper in your household. I wondered if Alice was mad at me. I truly hoped she wasn’t – she was my best friend. Bella and I got out of the silver Volvo too – she stepped, I stumbled. The usual.

                Bella thanked Edward and ran off to Jessica without waiting for response. Off course they started gossiping and talking about how a ‘superduper hottie’ Edward was. Their words, not mine. I walked up to the Cullens, where Edward had rejoined. His siblings al looked pretty irritated, attacking him with their thoughts. I felt really bad for him. Slowly, I went in their direction and saw Alice smiling at me, before pushing her brother out of the way and running up to me – at a human pace off course.

                “Baby Swan!” she squealed as she developed me in an ice cold hug. I gasped in shock. But not from the fact that she was cold and hugging me.

                “How in heel do you know about that name!?” I exclaimed exaggerated. Alice laughed,  “Charlie calls you that and I heard when I drove by last night.” She explained to me.

                “Wow. You’ve got a good hearing range.” I said awkwardly, not really knowing what to say. Then, Bella joined us after having given all the ‘human’ details of last night. I read from Jessica’s mind she wanted to know more.

                “Edward? Can you help me? Jess wants to know..I don’t know…things. What does she want to know?” she asked, trying to sound seductive. Edward walked toward the building, all to willingly explaining what Jessica wanted to know.

                “She wants to know if we’re secretly dating. And she wants to know how you feel about me.” he said in a low, lovely voice. My attention was full on what was being said.

                “What should I say?” Bella tried to make him ask her to be her boyfriend. “Hmmm..” he mused, while placing a strand of hair that had fallen from her tail behind her ear. I felt my heart clench tightly. “I think you should say yes to the first – to avoid other difficult explanation. If you don’t mind.”

                That was it. He just declared his love for her, and she caught it. I felt tears prickling in my eyes.

                “Ali, I-I…I need to use the bathroom. I’ll see you at lunch.” And with that, I ran off, letting the tears droop over, hoping no one would notice my heart was in thousand pieces – it would take forever to pull them back together.



                When the coast was clear and nobody, apart from me, was in the bathroom, I opened the door from the loft where I’d locked myself up. there were lots of thoughts flying and spiraling through my head, but there was one that kept floating above all.

                Edward was in love with Bella.

                And the worst thing was, that I couldn’t do anything about it – only accepting it.  during my crying session from no five minutes earlier, why I missed my first class, I decided that when Edward was happy, I’d be too. I’d take everything he’d give m, even if that meant we’d stay ‘just friends’ for eternity. I sighed as I looked into the mirror. A few strings had fallen from my twist, hanging along my face. The bruise on my lip from that morning was getting more noticeable. I made sure every mascara line was washed away but reassuring that no one would see I’d cried was no start on. my eyes were red and blotchy and my nose and cheeks happily joined the group. I was a mess, that was for sure. After another deep sigh, a few good breaths and one last look into the mirror, I left the bathroom.

                I went for my locker to change my books and leave my jacket, which I was still wearing, on its hook in the small cabinet. When I wanted to close the locker door, something fell upon my head.

                “Ow! Damn-it!” I whisper-yelled through the empty aisles. the spot on the back of my head stung irritatingly, so I caressed it, searching for any caused damage that could provoke blood. Thankfully, there was only a bump to find. I bowed down, wanting to grab my Spanish folder from the ground, when an icy-white hand already got it for me. I could read his mind. I stood straight again without any balance problems and came to stand face to face with Emmett. His slight grin told me he’d probably seen what happened.

                “How’s is your head?” he asked sincerely, his honest golden eyes shining. A shy smile curved my lips.

                “There’s only a bump on there, so, nothing major.” I answered shrugging. I’d never talked to Emmett before so it surprised me he started to talk to me so all of the sudden.

                ‘She’s really nice, just as Ali, Jazz and Rosie said…I think I can trust her. She won’t tell our secret, but just to be sure..’ “Right, little lady, this is probably very sudden but; you don’t seem like the kind that gossips about the vamp-family in town, do you?” he asked, putting my folder back in my locker, safely and secured.

                “You’re right. I’d never, ever bare your existence. I’m a very closed person, so no gossip for me.” I said, sniffing away the last bit of my crying time. Emmett noticed.

                ‘Did she cry? Where would she cry about? Aw man! Why do I want to hug this little girl and give her the most fluffy teddy bear existing?’ his face stood sad, frowning. I felt a rush of safety course through my body. No matter how tough Emmett looked from the outside – he was just a hugger.

                “Are you sure you’re all right? Do you want me to walk you to your next class? I don’t have anything better to do and walking around on your own is boring.” He babbled, a toothpaste smile plastered on his face. I smiled back.

                “I think if I’d say I was fine you wouldn’t believe me so; no not really…but it’s just..girl stuff?” I added the question mark not knowing what I meant myself. “but, sure. I think that’d be nice. “ I ended, closing my locker. The bright smile I was met with, cheered me up. this way, at least someone would be happy.

                “Awesome! Where to go Captain Clumsy?” he asked, chuckling, while I started walking in the direction for my History class.

                “Seriously? Did Alice told you that? How many horrifying nicknames do you all already know?” I asked giggling. Emmett was a joker – it made me miss my brother even more.

                He chuckled along with me, “Yep, Alice’s fault. You should totally kick her in the ass!” he exclaimed gleefully, “Right, the ones I know are Captain clumsy, Chucks, Mells, Ody, Pigmy and Baby Swan.” He stated proudly. We exited the main building on our way to the science classrooms. I shivered from the cold.

                “Wow! You’re right. They’re all quite embarrassing, though.” I admitted.

                “Where does Baby Swan come from? I mean, is there a reason why they call you that?” Emmett asked, hesitating – he thought he might touch a raw nerve.

                “Well,” I debated whether to tell him about my siblings or not.”I’m the youngest of five and I’m very little. And I’m not even counting my siblings-in-law with it. I’m also still daddy’s little girl,” I added mockingly, but in a joking way. Emmett seemed surprised -  nothing strange when nobody knew I had more siblings than just Bella.

                “Wow, Bella never mentioned that, or well Edward didn’t. I’ve never really spoken to your sister.” we stood in front of my classroom now, the bell could ring any minute.

                “Explain me one thing though, Why would you and Bella leave a whole bunch of siblings behind? I don’t really get that…Okay, you do have Bella as one sister – “ before he could finish I interrupted him, making one thing clear; I didn’t want to be the fifth wheel because I was Bella’s ‘baby sister’.

                “Bella’s my half-sister. We’ve never lived together until now. and my real siblings are all married and have kids. I was a loner there.”I choked, unable to hide the sorrow and pain from my voice and facial expression. ‘Where she must go through right now…no wonder she has cried,..’

                “I’m sorry to hear that.” He mused, and then  added, “If something’s bothering you, you can talk to me – like a brother, you know?” he suggested, laying his huge, cold hand on my tiny, slightly warmer shoulder in a brotherly gesture. I looked him right in the eye as I answered before turning around and heading into the classroom.

                “Thanks Em, I will.”


                After three hours of trying to keep myself together and stopping myself from reading Bella’s mind, so I could see what she and Edward were doing, it was finally time for lunch. I wasn’t sure if I should be so happy with that – I was accepting the fact they would be couple any time soon, didn’t mean I wanted to watch. I was debating if I should sit with the Cullens or not. I’m sure Alice wouldn’t mind and since this morning Emmett wouldn’t either. Maybe sitting outside would be nice…better if not – I would only start thinking again. I would just enter the cafeteria, get my lunch and see what would happen.

                With my head up, I entered the crowded space where the humans were eating, thinking, gossiping and all the things that belonged to an high school student. I already saw Ali, Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper sitting at their usual table. Upon my entering their heads shot into my direction, their faces holding all an inviting expression. I searched further for the bronze head. He was sitting at the other side of the cafeteria – with Bella at his side, off course. I ignored the sting that zinged through my chest and grabbed an ice-coffee and a cheese sandwich. Just when I was paying for my food, the vampire with black spiky hair, a.k.a. my best friend, appeared at my side. I picked up my red lunch tray and looked up at her. Her face seemed a bit troubled for some reason – a reason she blocked from me. I sighed, looking at her frustratingly. She smiled slyly, knowing exactly what my problem was at that moment. For my own benefit, she nor I spoke about it – I didn’t want the others to know about my mind-reading ability.

                “Come on,  let’s have lunch.  Em spared a seat for you since our brother seems to think he isn’t part of our family anymore.” her voice held a snarling edge, which surprised me. I’d thought Alice was the one whom supported Edward in his love for Bella. Together we crossed the cafeteria until we reached the table in the corner. Emmett’s beaming smile made mine widen.

                “Seriously Em, you look at her like she the cutest teddy bear existing!” Jasper exclaimed, chuckling while saying it. Rosalie chuckled along. Emmett padded the seat between him and Alice and I sat down.

                “Well, I actually adopted her as my brand new baby sister since Neddieboy is clearly too busy with following his lower head.” He stated. I tried to not dwell too much about his last remark.  I started taking a small bite from my sandwich, catching a glimpse from what happened on the other side of the room. Edward was looking at Emmett with a dark expression – an expression that made my face heat up. Hell! I was starting to think I needed to get off once.

                When I looked back at what happened surrounding the table where I sat, I saw Jasper looking at me sharply. I knew why – he’d probably sensed my lustful emotion for a second before I automatically shielded it. I averted my eyes and started eating again.

                “So, eh, did you guys have a nice weekend?” I felt so stupid when I asked it. it sounded better in my head.  Even though I might’ve been a weird question to ask vampires, I was met with four warm smiles.

                “I did! I’ve been searching the internet for the last fashion trends and colors for this season. And Jazz and I have been hunting.” Alice said stated, her voice unsure at the end. I arched an eyebrow.

                “Have you been busy with fashion trends, like, all weekend?” I asked incredulously, ignoring her hunting comment. Alice smirked, “Yeah! Do you know how many research that is? And well, hunting took a whole day too, so…” she said. I had a feeling they were testing me – how I would take it.

                “Okay, strange question maybe, but; what is your favorite…should I say drink? Or..which animal?” I asked, giggling nervously. Emmett’s face lit up.

                “Grizzly bears. Definitely grizzly. Their feisty! I like that shit!” he told enthusiastically. I laughed at his reaction.

                “Yours?” I asked Alice, “deer,” she replied. I found out Jasper and Rosalie both preferred grizzly as well.

                “Well? What your favorite?” Rosalie asked genuinely. My eyebrows creased.

                “Do you mean drink..or food?” I asked in return. She giggled.

                “Both?” she questioned. I started to like Rosalie. I thought about her question for a minute.

                “hmmm…” I mused, “my favorite drink is hot chocolate and my favorite food is probably lasagna.” I said.

                “See? I told you she was Italian! We have a brotherhood, Mells!” Emmett smirked widely and the others laughed.

                “Wait, so you’re are Italian?” I asked Emmett. He nodded, “Only partly – my dad was. My mom was American.” He explained, I nodded. “I’m only part Italian too – but in my case my Dad is American and my…well, you get it.” I finished. I couldn’t get the word out. She wasn’t my mother. Not anymore. She was a sadistic monster but I couldn’t say that to my new friends, even though they were vampires as well.

                They’d all caught the pause but didn’t ask, only questioned in their heads.

                Then I heard Rose make a gagging sound, ”He’s lost his mind didn’t he? I can’t believe why in the world he would fall for her for crying out loud!” she spit. Well this was the less friendly side of Rosalie Hale.

                “He’s taking her out on Saturday, hoping he won’t kill her and then he’s going to take her to the dance too!?” she raged further. Ignore the sting, ignore the sting was the mantra in my head.

                Suddenly Alice’s mind was full with an idea I didn’t want to be a part off. dreadfully, her vision already told me I would be.

                “Guys! We can go too?”she suggested, glancing sideways at me with a sly, sneaky smile.

                “Really? I’d like that then I can wear my new red dress! Em, you sure want to be my date right?” Rosalie had calmed down a little after her outburst about my sister and Edward. Emmett chuckled and nodded greedily. Jasper agreed to go with alice.

                “And you? Are you going with us? It would be unfair if you sat at home, alone.” Jasper asked me, a wave of serenity washing over me. before I could say no, Alice talked before me

                “Yes, she is. I’ve seen it! How about you come over Saturday afternoon, then Rose and I can do your hair and makeup!” she ranted, enthusiasm sparkling off her tone.

                I had one weapon left, “But I don’t – “ I started, being interrupted by the evil elf again.

                “and don’t you dare to claim you don’t have a dress! You’ve bought one yesterday!” she said smugly. I sighed, “I guess you’ll abduct me if I don’t agree, right?” I stated. Alice nodded having a dark look on her face. I nodded, “fine, I’ll go with you but on one condition,” I said, lifting my finger in front of her.

                “No! please! Don’t do that to me!” Alice whimpered. I smirked, knowing I had her in my might.

                “I’m not wearing any, in my case literally, killer heels.”












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