Moon Girl [completed]

Melody Swan, a 15-year old teenager, leaves her family after an horrible accident. She's going to live with her father and half-sister Bella Swan. With their arrival, the two girls are sucked into a world they never thought existed. What happens when Bella finds out about the Cullens? What happens when they think there's something strange about Melody? And how does she fit in the happily forever after?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Stephenie Meyer has written!I do not have any intention to copy and publish her stories as mine!I love playing and messing with it, though ;)

This story is rated for language, slight violence and very slight sensuality. If you can't stand that, I suppose you shouldn't read it.


5. four




Since Bella and her newfound friends stayed pretty long at the table, I decided to walk with Angela to our next class. Advanced Biology. I was pretty young for someone in Junior year. I just turned fifteen, but nobody knew. Humans were supposed to think I was seventeen already, which wasn’t easy to pull off since I still looked like I was thirteen. But I was way too smart for my age. And since Adam and Scarlett were doctors, Biology was easy as breathing for me. 
      We walked into class together and when we entered the room, Angela sat down behind a black lab-table. She obviously had a partner to work with. In fact, all the tables were already filled, but two. I saw Alice Cullen sitting behind a desk and she smiled at me. ‘Squea! She’s having to sit next to me!’ I also saw Edward Cullen sitting on the opposite side of the classroom, also in the back. 
      I walked towards the teacher to let him sign my paper and he send me to the seat next to Alice. I was beet red again and I actually didn’t know why. I headed towards the desk, and sat down next to her.
      “Hi! I’m Alice. you’re…Melodiana, right?” she asked me. I saw that her eyes were charcoal black, it was weird since humans hadn’t such dark eyes. Creatures like me and my family did.
      “Just Melody. And nice to meet you.” I murmured. I’ve always been the shy one in my family. I was still crimson red and I hated it. The next second I saw Bella walk into the room. That’s when things got…strange.
      When Bella entered the room, I saw Edward visibly tense up. His body went rigid and he gripped the edge of his desk. Our teacher send Bella to the seat next to Edward. She stumbled in his direction. Stumbling is something Bella never did. Ever. I glanced at Edward again. His facial expression was furious, angry. No scratch that, it was murderous. His eyes were pitch black and he didn’t breath anymore. I tried to hear his thoughts, but it was useless. Bella sat down next to him and suddenly began sniffing her hair. Normally, I would laugh my ass off, but this was a really dangerous situation.
      Suddenly I wasn’t in the present anymore. What I saw was horrifying. I saw Edward Cullen, kill every student in this room in less than five seconds. He bit them. I saw my own body lying lifeless in a pool of blood. Then he bit Bella and drained her. When he dropped her body, his eyes were a terrifying crimson red. 
      I was back in the present again and everything seemed normal. Except from Alice. 
‘Edward! control yourself please! Don’t do this!’ What the hell was happening here!? I looked at Alice in shock. She looked back at me with questioning eyes. 
      I grabbed my stuff as fast as I could and headed straight for the door, ignoring Mr. Banner’s requests to come back into the classroom. 

      When I got to the Roaring Beast, I was breathing heavy, trying to wrap my mind about what just happened in that damn classroom. I was thinking that I was getting paranoid. Psycho maybe? Psychic…Oh My…I think Alice is some kind of psychic? That she can see the future? I was determined that I was just going crazy, but I was beginning to doubt that fact. It struck me that everything I saw, was from the place where Alice sat. I had even seen myself death, which was scary as hell. I thought about this for a few more minutes, but decided to wait until I had more information. 

      “What happened? Why did you leave the room?”Bella came walking over to looking irritated. Relief floated through me because she was still alive. I moved away from the Roaring Beast. 
      “I felt suddenly nauseous, so I headed for the bathroom. Then I thought the better of it and got outside to get some air.” I was good at lying. I did it all the time. I had debated with myself to tell Bella. But that wouldn’t be the best decision. She would find out about me. 
‘Damn Cullen! What the hell did I do wrong? Why did he look so angry?’ I was hit with images of Edward staring daggers at Bella. I must admit, it was terrifying. She obviously didn’t like it that he handled her like that. 
      We still had to hand in those papers at the secretary. Together we walked across the parking lot, which already began to fill with other students again, and entered the building. 
There, in front of the counter stood nobody less than Edward Cullen himself. I defensively took a stance in front of Bella. Even though what had happened earlier, I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. When the door closed, I saw his back tense up and slowly he turned around to face us. Every color in Bella’s face disappeared . I instead blushed like crazy. What was wrong with me? We both heard him talking to Mrs. Cope. Soon became clear that he wanted to exchange biology for another class. It didn’t matter to him which one, but to stay away from biology. Bella was already thinking it was her fault and I couldn’t blame her. Mrs. Cope informed Edward that it wasn’t possible so that he had to stay in biology. 
      “Never mind then" he said hastily in a voice like velvet. "I can see that it's impossible. Thank you so much for your help." he turned on his heel without another look at me and disappeared out the door.
      We both handed our papers to Mrs. Cope, wished her a good day and went outside again. We hopped in the Roaring Beast and headed home in silence. I felt tears pricking in my eyes, but tried to stop them. I would save them for tonight before I was going to sleep. At least, if I could sleep. 
      We both stepped out of the truck, still silent. Bella’s mind was full of hatred and confused thoughts. The hatred came from the fact that Edward Cullen had been awful to her. The confusing was for why he had been. She didn’t understand. Neither did I. Or I did. I was confused as hell. I was debating if what I saw in Alice’s mind was real, or I some figment of imagination. I was hoping for the latter, but the idea of some mystery in Forks, seemed appealing to me. The thought frightened me. I never was someone who looked for danger and violence. I always stayed on the background. Invisible. 
Bella and I separated ways and I went for my bedroom. I tried to make homework but it was difficult. My mind was a crazy madness. After a half an hour trying, I gave up, tossed the books aside and stared out of the window.
I didn’t know how long I had been staring, but at some moment Charlie stuck his head through the door. Normally, I would hear him thinking something from downstairs, but I was so dazed out I apparently hadn’t heard him at all. 
“Hey, are you okay? I called you many times, but no reaction.” He asked. he looked a little concerned. He didn’t really know how to handle the situation when it was going to happen. He thought it was happening now. ‘oh no! please don’t phase now! what am I going to do? Call Fio-‘ 
“Dad I’m okay. Just..tired and …thinking. I think I dazed out for a minute here. Sorry.” I lied, but I didn’t want him to worry too much. I followed him down the stairs and we ate together. 
Bella thought were a whirlwind. It made me dizzy. She was thinking about strategies to make Edward Cullen like her. Apparently, even though what Jessica said, she wanted to take the gamble and try to date Edward. She was thinking about ways to make him talk to her. At first they were innocent, but she began to think about a way to seduce him. ‘Should I go all sexy woman on him, or sweet and innocent?’ she was thinking about him as if he was a subject or something. 
After dinner, we watched some TV for a while. There was baseball and I felt a little homesick. Nathan and I always watched baseball with the boys…I decided to watch with Charlie before I went for bed. 
Later that night, I stumbled upstairs. I undressed myself, put on a shirt and let myself fall against the soft mattress. The baseball game had distracted me for a while. But now I was lonely and had nothing necessary to do, my mind started wandering again.

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