Moon Girl [completed]

Melody Swan, a 15-year old teenager, leaves her family after an horrible accident. She's going to live with her father and half-sister Bella Swan. With their arrival, the two girls are sucked into a world they never thought existed. What happens when Bella finds out about the Cullens? What happens when they think there's something strange about Melody? And how does she fit in the happily forever after?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Stephenie Meyer has written!I do not have any intention to copy and publish her stories as mine!I love playing and messing with it, though ;)

This story is rated for language, slight violence and very slight sensuality. If you can't stand that, I suppose you shouldn't read it.


6. five



The next day at school was awful. I did fell asleep last night, only to wake up several times during the night. Each time I tried to get to sleep again, I would wake up gasping for breath. The whole night, a red-eyed demon was chasing me in my dreams. Or should I say nightmare? At four o’clock this morning, I gave up trying to sleep and was thinking about yesterday’s events again. My nightmare made my theories about the Cullen’s more appealing. But I still wanted to know more details. 
Another reason why I hated today, was because Mike Newton was following me like a dog the whole freaking time. I guess he liked me. 
The worst part of the day was, that Edward Cullen didn’t show up at school. At all. It surprised me I felt that way. Why did I bother about a guy who obviously was a myth? I didn’t know. I never expected the feelings of remorse when I didn’t see him in the cafeteria next to his siblings. Why did I care?
I sat there at our lunch table, staring at my food, when a few thoughts struck me. 
‘I can’t believe he left! It’s rude! And I’m sure Melody and Bella Swan officially hate me!’ I looked between my lashes at Alice Cullen. She was scowling and pouting all the way. 
‘Thank God, Emoward didn’t lost control yesterday! He would’ve freed our secret. I don’t want to move again!’ Rosalie Hale looked annoyed. She did look annoyed pretty often. I desperately wanted to know what secret she was thinking about. 
‘Geeez, what a wimp! He left us only because those new girls are his singers. Lucky for the little one she wasn’t as close as the other. He would’ve have drained her without a second thought.’ my eyes got wide in shock, staring in the direction of Jasper Hale in disbelief. I seriously needed to know what the hell their secret was! What the fuck are singers? 
‘Poor Neddy. Does he finally think he is going to find his true love, appears she to be a human and his singer. And we don’t even know which girl it is from those Swan kids…Oh boy! A human girl for a vampire can’t be good!’ I choked on my soda at that last thought. I was right! I wasn’t imagining things yesterday! Angela clapped me on my back and I coughed my throat dry. 
“Melody, are you okay? Why did you choke?” Angela looked worried. I took a deep breath and spoke to her, staring at the table in the far corner of the cafeteria. 
“Nothing really, I just took a way to big gulp from my soda. I’m fine.” I was still staring darkly at the Cullen table, my eyes charcoal black. 
‘Seriously, the girl needs to be more careful. Choking on soda? She barely even drank.’ I could hear in Emmett’s thoughts that he was worried. Worried about me? Why? 
‘Why is she so…anxious? Or is it anger? Shock maybe? Hell! She’s an emotional whirlwind! Just like our Emoward…’ Jasper was rambling in himself. It piqued my interest. Did they have weird gifts too? I needed to find out. I felt weird. On one side, I was scared shitless from what I discovered a few minutes ago, but on the other hand, I felt… hopeful? Hopeful because there were more freaks with weird things in Forks. It made sense actually…
The bell rang and I got up from my seat. Angela and I walked to our next class, PE. I truly loath PE. It’s not just dangerous for me, but also for my classmates. I always managed to hurt them in class in LA, so it would make no difference here. I was silently praying the First Aid team would be on the side line to catch the victims, but that wasn’t actually the case. Damn! 
Angela headed for her own class and I walked towards the dressing rooms. I quickly entered the door and looked for a empty space for me to dress for class. I made sure to keep my top on – nobody needed to see what was hidden underneath. While I untied my shoes, my mind wandered back to what I’d heard in the cafeteria earlier. They were vampires. I had seen Alice’s vision, and Emmett’s thought was the confirmation of my theory. I already knew they weren’t human and yes, I had thought about superhero’s with kryptonite and stuff like that. And in the back of my mind was this theory, vampires. I didn’t want to think that. It was impossible. Until I saw Edward draining Bella in the vision. I still refused to believe it, but now I was certain. They actually were Vampires. I needed to find out more, maybe even call Scarlett for extra information. I wasn’t going to let this slide. I wanted to know more about the Cullen’s. I wanted that Edward Cullen came back.
Gym was horrible. I managed to hit a few others with my badminton racket, hit Mike Newton in the head with a volleyball and tripped over my own feet. A lot. 
I exited the school and walked over to the truck. Bella was already standing there, thinking about the same thing I did. Edward Cullen. I didn’t know why, but something about him, and not the vampire part, made me want to get to know him. He was mysterious, an enigma I wanted to figure out. It gave my stay in Forks a new challenge. Maybe I could found out more about them if I studied them, read the myths and legends….
Suddenly it struck me that I could be the reason he left. Because I came into town. And because I apparently made his control loosen. Did he hate me? I thought back to yesterday, to the way his charcoal black eyes, stared at me with intense hate and fury. A shiver shot down my spine. 
“How was your day? Mine was,” Bella broke me from my thoughts. I looked up at her, since I was very tiny, and though for a moment. My day was simply weird and a bit shocking, but I couldn’t tell her that. I chose for half of the truth instead. 
“It was fine. I had a great time with Angela today.” I smiled a little. We both were thinking about a certain boy, or vampire or whatever he was while we drove home. Bella parked the Beast in our spot and I hopped out. Seriously I needed to grow in length! I looked like a baby. 
I had dropped my jacket and shoes in the hallway and got to my room to finish my homework. Because I’d had a lot of lesson material in L.A already, I was done in less than twenty minutes. I snuck out of my room and knocked on Bella’s door. 
“Yeah? Come in.” she answered and I opened the door. I saw her room for the first time, it looked quite like mine, but with subtle differences. Bella’s was painted Mauve Purple, with wooded accessories, but the way of decorating looked like mine, but only like it was mirrored. Her window looked out over the front yard, while mine looked out over the back yard. It was actually funny. 
“I was thinking, maybe we should make a cooking schedule? Dad can’t cook and I don’t want to eat pizza and beef burgers every day, so..” I suggested. Seriously, the man lived on microwave meals and junk food. Time to learn him eat the great stuff! 
“Yes, that’s a good idea! Do you want to start tonight?” 
“Yeah, I already thought about making some Lasagna?” I let it sound like a question, even though I already had the ingredients in the kitchen. Bella thought about how lasagna would taste from a real Italian, if I could cook. Well, I was going to prove that, since my family in LA craved my lasagna. My mother taught Scarlett how to make it, and she taught me. I was just placing my Lasagna á la Melodiana in the oven, when the front door opened. 
“Hey Girls,…what’s that..smell?” Charlie walked in placing his holster in the highest shelf above the peg in the hallway. He looked a little suspicious when he noticed me placing food in the oven. Must be my mother’s fault. She always cooked the crazy stuff, I guess he never tasted her lasagna or never saw me making it. I chuckled at his facial expression and shook my head. “Hi Dad! How was work? I making lasagna for tonight! Hope you like that?” I asked him, taking my oven-mittens off and placing them on the counter. 
“Lasagna?” ‘like your Mom made it?’ 
“Yeah, Scarlet taught me how to make it and now my siblings all beg for extra portions if I’m cooking!” I laughed a little, but I didn’t really liked the fact he brought Mum up, even though he just thought it. He didn’t asked aloud because Bella wasn’t supposed to know. Hell, she didn’t even knew I had a whole family back in LA. Bella thought Scarlet and Adam were my foster parents, but in reality they were my siblings. She also didn’t knew about the kids. My cousins. So many secrets, and I couldn’t talk or ask about it to anyone here. Unless…if I’d become friends with the Cullens? I promised myself I would do some research tonight. 
Charlie just smiled at me and suggested to set up the table. While he did that, I went for my bedroom to pack my stuff for the next day of school. 
Twenty minutes later, the only thing you heard – well, what Charlie and Bella heard - were forks and knives scratching against the plates. We ate in silence, nobody saying anything. Until Charlie decided to ask us about school.
      “So, did you like school? have you made any friends yet?” he asked while cutting a big piece from the lasagna. Bella answered as first.
      “Well, I’ve met a girl, Jessica, she’s really nice and a boy, Mike. He’s very friendly too. I sit with their friends at the table with lunchtime. Everyone here seems pretty nice.” ‘with one outstanding exception..’
      “Mike Newton and Jessica Stanley? They’re good kids. Nice family either. Mike’s parents own the sports shop in town. Good place for hikers and campers.” Charlie replied. He was a little worried about the fact that one of us, or even both was going to have ‘boyfriend-things’ dragging around. I mentally laughed about his weird thinking. He turned towards me.
      “And you? Have you met anyone yet?” I told him about Angela and that I sat at the same table as Bella did. He was pleased by it, that we ‘got along’. I just left him be. Then, out of nothing, Bella asked about the Cullens. 
      “Dad, do you know the Cullen family?” she asked hesitantly.
      "Dr. Cullen's family? Sure. Dr. Cullen's a great man."
      "They… the kids… are a little different. They don't seem to fit in very well at school." she stated. I didn’t know why, but Bella was anxious to know about the whole family, not just Edward. the name send a shiver down my spine. Why? 
      "Stupid people in this town," Charlie muttered. 
      "Dr. Cullen is a brilliant surgeon who could probably work in any hospital in the world, make ten times the salary he gets here," he continued, he began talking louder.
      "We're lucky to have him — lucky that his wife wanted to live in a small town. He's an asset to the community, and all of those kids are well behaved and polite. I had my doubts, when they first moved in, with all those adopted teenagers. I thought we might have some problems with them. But they're all very mature — I haven't had one speck of trouble from any of them. That's more than I can say for the children of some folks who have lived in this town for generations. And they stick together the way a family should — camping trips every other weekend… Just because they're newcomers, people have to talk." He finished. It was the longest speech I'd ever heard Charlie make. He felt the need to protect them. I was going to ask him about that some day.
Bella immediately backpedaled. 
      "They seemed nice enough to me. I just noticed they kept to themselves. They're all very attractive." She said. Well, that’s the understatement of three centuries. Charlie chuckled.
      "You should see the doctor," Charlie said, laughing now. 
      "It's a good thing he's happily married. A lot of the nurses at the hospital have a hard time concentrating on their work when he is around." With that conversation ended, and we finished dinner in the same comfortable silence we started in. 
      Charlie and Bella suggested to do the dishes since I had cooked. I went for the living room to hang around on the couch en read some. I loved reading books about supernatural stuff. Like wizards, fairies, monsters, everything. Even though I always get relaxed after a reading session, I still felt restless after two chapters. I needed to clear my head, or out my feelings. I felt confused and I wanted to get it out. Maybe I could call my siblings? I was positive they would be very happy to hear from me again, but I was a little taken aback by if I should tell them about the ‘Cullen’ issue. I decided to go against that, and just have happy-talk with my family. 
“Dad? Do you mind if I call Scarlett? I promised to call once in a while.” I yelled in the direction of the kitchen area. I heard his thoughts first before he answered me.
‘Tell them I love them and let your cousins know I said ‘Hi’? I miss them so much..’ “Yes, that’s okay! Let her and Adam know I said ‘Hi’!” he yelled back a second later. I hopped from the old red couch and grabbed the phone from its hook and dialed the number. It went over three times before someone picked up.
“Casa Swan, with Scarlett Bright? “ I giggled at her answering. 
“Casa Swan? Are you serious? That’s my line!”I giggled through the phone. I needed to talk a little softer since I needed to watch out for Bella. 
“MELODY! Oh honey! How are you? We miss you so much here!” she screamed into the phone, and I felt the lump in my throat, laced with guilt, returning. 
“I’m fine here. It’s nice to hang around with my father again. And I miss you too..” I said, my voice cracking. I hated it to pretend. I wanted to go all Sister giggles with her and laugh, but I couldn’t. If I did, hell would break loose, and I wasn’t in for that. Scarlett and I talked for a minute or two. After that the phone was passed through the house, and everyone had a chance to speak to me. I tried to keep my voice a low as possible, but it was hard sometimes. Denim wanted to know if had spotted a hot car in town already, the boy was obsessed with cars, and I told him about the silver shiny Volvo I had noticed. He gave me a lot of details about the car and I just listened to him, finding comfort in hearing his voice. Even though Denim was my little Nephew, he was like my little brother. And so were the girls, my nieces, my sisters. Denim and I got along really good, since he was only two years younger than I was. Always fun with him around. Still talking about the silver Volvo, he was interrupted by Faith and Alana. They missed me at school and were highlighting me about the latest fashion trends in LA. At last I got Adam on the phone. 
“So, little sis, what about we go visit you in a while? Maybe next school break?” he asked. Adam was kind of the ‘leader’ of the family. If there was a decision to make, he always had the highest word. If there was something wrong, he was the one to calm down the others. 
“You would do that!? That would be so great! I’ll ask Charlie and then I’ll let you know okay?” I kind of squealed through the phone. I couldn’t stop the tears this time. 
“Great! now…how’s..your…any changes lately? “ I heard him stumbling. He knew I didn’t like this topic of conversation, but It had to be discussed. I hesitated.
“No… not that I know, no big changes. But thanks for asking. And If I notice some, you’ll be the first to know.” I managed to say. I lied a little maybe, but it was time to figure things out on myself. And next to that, I didn’t want to tell my theories about the Cullens just yet. Scar will get worried and I don’t want that to happen.
“Deal.” He said, I could hear the smile in his voice. I told him to say ‘Hi’ from Charlie and then we said our goodbyes and hung up. That night, I got upstairs and fell asleep, exhausted. 

During the rest of the week nothing special happened. I got my schedule in my head by now and didn’t need a map or guide anymore. By the time it was Friday I already could recognize several people and knew most of their names. My classmates in PE knew they had to look out for my clumsiness and not pass me the ball or walk to close to me. Everything went fine and I had been quite busy all week. Except for one thing.
Edward Cullen didn’t come to school. At all. 
Every day – both Bella and me – we would look in the direction of the Cullen table, only to find just four of them there. And every day, I was tense and would only relax when I was sure nothing would go wrong. I carefully searched their minds, just to be sure. After this week, I was definitely sure they actually were vampires. But they were way different than the myths told people. Despite the fact that they were inhuman and maybe monsters, I already knew what features they had. How they were like. 
Alice was always very enthusiastic, and she could kind of see the future. She had visions regularly, but I never understood them. They changed every time. 
Rosalie was a very vain woman. She was beautiful and she knew it. She obviously didn’t like me nor Bella, and wanted us to leave. Sometimes she would think vicious comments, like she said them to us, but not knowing I could actually hear them. I was kind of frightened of her.
Emmett was a joker, just like Nate. He was very strong and liked to play wrestling games with jasper. I noticed he didn’t care about what he was, and just enjoyed his life. 
Jasper was a little strange too. But that could be because he was thirsty the whole time. It was exhausting. Every time he thought about it, I got thirsty and tense too. like he could control me. It was weird.
About Edward Cullen, I never had a chance to find out about, and I never would. His mind was completely silent to me. Not even a whisper. It confused me to no end. It confused me even more that he didn’t show up. and the worst thing was, that I was so bothered by it. 
I was yanked from my thoughts when Mike asked me if I wanted to join them for a trip to La Push in a few weeks. I didn’t really wanted to go, but I told them I’d join them. It wasn’t like I had something better to do. The rest of the day went on without anything special and before I knew it Bella and I stood by the truck again, reading to leave for home. 
“Are you going to do anything special this weekend?” Bella asked out of the blue. I turned my head to look at her.
“Uhm.. I think I’m going to Port Angeles, maybe shop a thing or two?” I answered. “You?” 
“Jess, Lauren and I are heading to Port Angeles as well, but we’re going to the cinema, but that’s at night and I guess you aren’t going out on your own in the evening.” She said to me. her words made me feel like a little kid who couldn’t take care of herself. It was probably her intention to make me feel like that, and I let it slide this time.
That Saturday I had driven to Port Angeles with Charlie’s cruiser. He sat next to me and let me drive. He had to go for PA too, because he needed a new pair of shoes. So we went together. Charlie wasn’t super fashionable, not that I was, but he didn’t look that bad. 
We came back home with a few bags after our shopping trip. Charlie had a new pair of shoes and a plaid shirt I insisted him to buy. He looked great in it. I had bought a complete new outfit. I’d found a pair of blue jeans with gaps and frayed edges, a pair of green Chucks – it made me think of Forks – a black long-sleeved shirt and a cute little bow for in my hair. The following Sunday I just hung out in my room, playing the piano, reading or drawing. Bella had made dinner for the three of us and in the evening we watched a baseball game. I could say I officially survived my first weekend in Forks.

      When Bella and I entered the school parking lot on Monday, a lot of people greeted us. I couldn’t tell who was whom, but I recognized others by face. Bella went for Jessica and Lauren and I was stuck with Mike, since Angela wasn’t there yet. it was pretty cold this morning, but it didn’t rain, which surprised me. It had rained the whole weekend. I made small talk with Mike while I waited for Angela. Together we headed for class. We had a pop quiz about a few books, which was very easy. I realized I felt pretty at home here. Of course I missed my siblings dearly, but with my Dad and Bella things got pretty well. 
After the first few classes of the day, we headed outside for the cafeteria. That’s when I noticed white puffy things were falling from the sky, into my hair. Snow. Cold, watery snow. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t really like it either. 
“Awesome! It’s snowing!” Mike and Angela were both enthusiastic about it. I read from their thoughts it must be the first time this year. 
“Awesome? It’s cold.” I replied. Mike shot his head over to me thinking I was crazy.
“You don’t like snow!?” Angela asked in disbelief. I shrugged and said. “Not really, no.” we walked further to reach the cafeteria where we met up with Bella, Jessica and Lauren. Together we got in line to get ourselves food. I saw Bella look in the direction of the Cullen table. Before shock filled her mind. I followed her gaze and stopped dead in track myself. There were five people at the table. I quickly looked back to Bella to see hear ears red and her face flushed. I looked back to the table again, and saw Edward looking at Bella. I suddenly felt a little nauseous. I sighed picked out a sandwich and followed the others to the usual table. I felt like crying. Why? I didn’t fucking knew. 
The whole time I tried to look elsewhere than the table in front of me. Bella looked at her feet. It shocked me that she was afraid of him. But yet excited to see him again. A weird combination. 
We arrived at the usual table where we sat every lunch. I tried to take a seat where I wasn’t forced to look at the Cullen table. But it was to no avail because Lauren Mallory had to sit on the spot I was referring to. Damn! Now the only seat that was left, was across from Bella and behind her, I looked straight onto the Cullen table. Now I was the one with the reddened ears. I sat down and looked at the table trying to ignore the strange urge I had to look up. It was uncomfortable. 
Bella, who feigned to be sick, was now hesitating if she needed to overreact or leave it. Mike had asked her twice if she felt okay.‘Maybe I should play it up and escape to the nurse's office for the next hour. No that’s ridiculous! I shouldn’t have to run away. Maybe I can look once…if he’s glaring again, I can skip biology..’
It was strange to see Bella struggling like that. Now I was hesitating myself. Maybe I should look and find out more about them. But if I had any sense of self-preservation, I would stay away. It was impossible.
I, the stubborn being I was, decided against the better and stole a glance at the table on the other side of the Cafeteria. Bella did the same. 
      They were laughing this time, Edward, Emmett en Jasper had snow in their hair, which was melting. I saw Rosalie and Alice lean away when Emmett shook his wet hair in their direction. Bella thought it looked like a scene from a movie, and I couldn’t agree more with her. I studied them again, like I had done more times last week. I examined Edward more thoroughly. There was something different, Bella noticed too. She couldn’t pinpoint what it exactly was, but I – with my supervision – could name the differences and their reasons for it. Except from one. 
His skin was little less pale than I was that first day, the dark circles under his eyes weren’t that obvious anymore. But there it was, that one thing I couldn’t place. His eyes. 
“Melody, where are you staring at?” Jessica intruded my examination, her eyes following my point. At that same moment, his eyes flashed over too Bella’s, then too mine. Bella dropped her head, letting her brown waves enclose her red face. I had no place to hide. I sat there, flushed crimson, with wide-eyes. I swallowed and cleared my throat uncomfortably. I was lost in the intensity of his astonishingly beautiful golden eyes. The way his thick lashes enclosed his shaped eyes was beautiful. He was beautiful. It was like I could see his soul through them. I was sure I wasn’t so lonely anymore. because, he had those same eyes as I had. He had the same features as should have, he was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in my poor human life. 
Then I quickly searched for my backpack, trying to find a reason to not look at the handsome guy on the other table. I felt dazed. Like I was flying high. I didn’t understand the feeling in my chest. The longing to go over to them, straight into his arms and to never let go….No! you can’t! They’re dangerous, he’s dangerous. I shook my head, trying to concentrate again. I heard the bell ring, announcing us that it was time for class. When I opened my eyes, he was already gone. Now I only needed to survive biology for today…

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