Moon Girl [completed]

Melody Swan, a 15-year old teenager, leaves her family after an horrible accident. She's going to live with her father and half-sister Bella Swan. With their arrival, the two girls are sucked into a world they never thought existed. What happens when Bella finds out about the Cullens? What happens when they think there's something strange about Melody? And how does she fit in the happily forever after?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Stephenie Meyer has written!I do not have any intention to copy and publish her stories as mine!I love playing and messing with it, though ;)

This story is rated for language, slight violence and very slight sensuality. If you can't stand that, I suppose you shouldn't read it.


9. eight

 The next week stayed, apart from what happened in biology, the same.They kept ignoring us. I didn’t like it. From Alice’s mind I’d picked up that they tried to figure out what was wrong with Edward. Apparently he had been acting weird since the day of that vision. I could only think he was this disgusted by the image, that he tried to avoid me even more than Bella.
      “You’re sure you don’t mind?” Jessica asked Bella for one last time. I remembered Angela telling me about this Spring Dance in two weeks. Jessica wanted to ask mike, it was a girl’s choice theme, and wanted to know if Bella was okay with that. 
      “No Jess, just ask him. I think I’m not going anyway.”’I’m only going there if I can get Edward to go with me..’ Ah, there was it. she wanted to go with Edward to flaunt around and be the first in school to have dated him. Typical Bella. I knew though, that Jessica wouldn’t stand a chance; Mike was going to ask Bella just as Eric and Tyler were planning to do. I was their second choice. The next day, Jessica was really quiet. Mike hadn’t reacted like she wanted him too. He hadn’t agreed to go with her, but didn’t say no either. If Bella and me would reject him, he’d still have an option. Mike was just an asshole. It was time for Biology again and as usual, Alice ignored me. I had forgiven her though. She always apologized in her thoughts and wished it was different. I was beginning to think she really knew there was something off about me. Which there was. Bella sat next to Edward and Mike didn’t chat as hyper as he’d done the last few days. He was working up the courage to ask her for the dance. I watched their conversation curiously.
      "So," Mike said, looking at the floor, "Jessica asked me to the spring dance."
      "That's great." ‘Shit, if Edward doesn’t want to go with me, I’m stuck with the other losers..’ Bella made my voice bright and enthusiastic. "You'll have a lot of fun with Jessica."
      "Well…" He floundered as he examined Bella’s smile, clearly not happy with the answer she’d given him.
      "I told her I had to think about it." ‘doesn’t she understand I want to go with her?’
      "Why would you do that?" She let disapproval color her tone. His face was bright red as he looked down again. Here we go…
      "I was wondering if… well, if you might be planning to ask me." Mike’s voice cracked a little.
Bella paused for a moment, feeling her ego rise, ignoring it. I saw Edward's head tilt reflexively in her direction.
      "Mike, I think you should tell her yes," she said eventually, eyeing Edward. 
      "Did you already ask someone?" ‘Did Edward notice how Mike's eyes shot to his?’ "No," Bella assured him. "I think I’m not going to the dance at all."
      "Why not?" Mike demanded. ‘Because I want to go with Edward, you, stupid!’ Bella quickly made new plans.
      "I'm going to Seattle that Saturday," she explained. 
      "Can't you go some other weekend?"
      "Sorry, no," she said. "So you shouldn't make Jess wait any longer — it's rude."
      "Yeah, you're right," he mumbled, and turned, dejected, to walk back to his seat. ‘Plan B then…’ his thought sflickered towards me. Nice. How am I going to turn him down with a good excuse and without hurting his feelings too much? I closed my eyes and pressed my fingers to my temples, trying to relax a bit.
Mr. Banner began talking. I sighed and opened my eyes. Edward was staring at me, curiosity coloring his now black eyes. I stared back, surprised, expecting him to look away aster than possible, but instead he continued to gaze with probing intensity into my eyes. There was no question of me looking away. From my peripheral vision, I saw Bella looking at me, annoyed and awfully jealous. A shiver shot down my spine. The look his eyes hold made me think about the vision again.
      "Mr. Cullen?" the teacher called, seeking the answer to a question that I hadn't heard.
      "The Krebs Cycle," Edward answered, seeming reluctant as he turned to look at Mr.
Banner. Off course he knew, he’d read his mind to know the question and he’d lived long enough to know the exact answer without thinking. He didn’t look at me again, but I saw Bella looking furious in my direction. I looked back and rolled my eyes. Come on, as if there’d be a possibility that Edward Cullen – perfect, angelic and sexy – would like me – clumsy, tiny and childish.
      When class finally ended, I started packing my stuff. I saw Edward starting to talk to Bella. He was apologizing for being so rude but he warned her it was better this way; for them not to be friends. Bella fired back by saying he could’ve saved himself al this regret by saving her life. That wasn’t really a good reply; Edward got angry in an instant. Dramatically, Bell turned around and strode out of the classroom. When I looked next to me again, Alice was already gone. I continued packing my stuff when I sensed someone behind me. No thoughts. Edward. 
      “Melody?” his velvety voice did magical things to my body. It was hopeless. Slowly I turned around, waiting for what he was going to say next. I looked up into his expressive eyes, he looked down into mine. Black into black this time. I wish both pairs could be golden though…
      “I’m sorry for being so crude. I wish things would’ve worked out differently.” I didn’t know what to say. He was apologizing, yes. But I couldn’t read him to know what would work best to say. I bit my lip and averted my eyes from his.
      “I understand it, really, but you could’ve…” I was interrupted by him, voice on edge. “Don’t say you’re sure I regret saving your life! I don’t, believe me. I don’t know what would’ve happened if I hadn’t..” His voice trailed off at the end, his face troubled with a pain I’d never understand. 
      “I actually wanted to say that I’m grateful. I’m very grateful that you, Edward.” there’s the shiver again. We stared at one another for a few seconds before he spoke up again. 
      “How did you know what to do back then? You know, what you said. It helped me, but why did you do it?” There it was; the question I didn’t want to answer. I went for the half truth. 
      “I..I thought you had some kind of panic attack?” my brows furrowed and his face got an amused expression, “And I’m familiar with that, I wanted to help you. Why? Don’t ask me why, it just felt right.” I simply shrugged, but saying this was really hard. In some way I admitted I felt something – what I didn’t know – for him. His eyes twinkled and a grin appeared on his face. 
      “Funny, actually; the little girl saves the bad boy in school.” he began walking out of the room and I followed him, smiling and blushing. 
      “Funny? I think it’s pretty bad-ass!” I smiled broadly at him and he chuckled. The sound made my hearth warm up again. He stopped walking. I turned around.
      “I talk to you…later..sometime.” he shrugged and chuckled again. I nodded and managed to squeak out a “Bye” before turning on my heel and haste myself to the gym. I was late again. This was going to be so lovely. 

      As expected, gym was brutal. Not only the coach got mad at me and had me sign up for detention, but I got a soccer ball against my head. Twice. Thank god it didn’t hit the huge wound next to my temple. That would’ve been pretty bad. After gym I made my way out of the building and headed for the truck. On my way out, I was halted by someone standing in front of me. Mike Newton. 
      “Hey Mike.” I said, trying to at least look friendly. ‘I’m sure she’s going with me! She likes me!’ Yeah, in your dreams.
      “So, Melody, I was thinking…Are you going to ask me for the Spring Dance?” he was much more confident than when he asked Bella. 
      “ for asking me Mike, but I’m not available that weekend; my sister’s getting married and I need to go there.” it was true. Kind of. It wasn’t Skye and Chris’ first wedding but they wanted to renew their vows. 
      “Oh..well that’s a pity.” he wanted to pull off he didn’t care, but the smile he tried was more like a scowl. “You should ask Jessica! I’m sure she wants to go with you.” I smiled, genuinely this time. he just nodded and walked off to his car. All right, that was number one. During my chat with Mike, Eric had tried to ask Bella, who declined with her Seattle tale again. She looked awfully irritated and I couldn’t help but giggle. It was actually pretty genius. Tyler was next. Eric stood talking with Mike; he was telling Eric I had a wedding and wouldn’t be any close to Forks. Like I’d said once; my hero on socks. When I decided to go back to the truck again, I didn’t see it anymore. I only saw Tyler standing next to his new car looking kind of smug. He was fully convinced Bella would go to the Prom with him. Which she never answered to before driving off. Wait? Driving offWithout me!? I sighed heavily and stomped of towards the road. It was raining, it was cold and I was getting extremely cranky. The damn bitch just drove off without me! I sloshed through the rain, my purple sneakers were getting awfully wet. She was going to pay for his! Through my angry haze, I didn’t notice Alice waving at me at first. My head shot up and my face showed confusion. She stood leaning against the silver Volvo. Edward’s car. How..? Oh right; she’d seen this. She waved me over an hesitantly I headed to her. 
      “Want a lift?” she smiled broadly, her thoughts telling me she was ‘allowed’ to speak to me again. “Uhm..sure, but where are your siblings? Shouldn’t they ride with you?” she giggled. 
      “No, silly! They’re with Emmett’s Jeep.” She pointed behind me. Across the lot stood a huge jeep, with Jasper, Rosalie, Edward and Emmett himself next to it. They were looking at me. “Come on! get in, I’ll drive you home. I’m sure you hate it you’re shoes are soaked.” A grimace covered her face and I giggled. I went for the passenger seat and opened the door.
      “Wait! Isn’t Edward going to get, like, fucking fuming about me getting his seats dirty?” before Alice could answer, I heard this bouldering laugh from behind me. Emmett was doubled over, laughing so hard that if he could, he’d cry. Jasper and Rosalie were laughing too and Edward stood there, scratching his scalp very uncomfortably. Then I heard Emmett thinking ‘Getting his seats dirty!? Hilarious! Neddie, I’m sure you want her to get your seats dirty! Maybe your bed sheets too!’ I blushed furiously and my brain started make images of me and Edward ‘getting his seats dirty’. Edward hit Emmett against his head, looking totally embarrassed. Alice giggled and shook her head. “I don’t know where that was about, but I’m sure Edward won’t mind.” she winked and mentioned for me to get in the car.


Alice Cullen drove through Forks like a maniac. Thank God my Dad wasn’t close to see her racing through the streets. We talked about pointless things; shopping, shoes, jeans, dresses, designers. Just about everything a girl talks about. Sometimes I’d catch her look at me closely, a wicked gleam in her eyes. She definitely knew something. I wanted to figure out what, but she kept blocking me. it was extremely frustrating. When I exited the car once we got at my house, I greeted her and she promised she’d see me tomorrow at school. 
      I entered the front door and called out for someone. “Bella?” normally my voice would be questioning and unsure. Not now. now it was fuming and icy while I spit her name. I heard her voice coming from the kitchen area.
      “….Jess! No, I’m not going, sorry. Yes, see you tomorrow! Bye!” she placed the horn in its place and turned around, gasping when she saw me leaning against the doorpost, blocking her way out. My face was murderous - yes I could look like that – and I just stared at her. Bella feigned innocence. 
      “Hey Melody, what’s wrong?” her voice quivered, clearly afraid of my appearance. 
      “Why the fúck did you drove away without me! What the hell, Bella? Did you think that was funny or something?” I stood in front of her now, one and a half head smaller than her.
      “Yeah, well…payback is a bitch. It’s not just a bitch, it’s for a bitch!” she spat. So we were going to do it this way? 
      “Did you just glanced in the mirror or something? I didn’t do anything wrong so why did I need that payback for?” Bella began shaking with anger. Not very wise – it only seemed to spur my predatory side on. Dangerous. 
      “You…you…” Bella stuttered, her face red. I raised an eyebrow for good measure. 
      “Stay away from Edward, dwarf! He’s mine! I saw you looking at him, with your stupid tiny face! You’re not even pretty!” That was the last drop. I was so angry now, that I couldn’t control myself anymore. I hit her, right in her face, my nails scratching her cheek during the process. Her nose began bleeding, so did the small cuts on her cheek. Bella stared at me in shock. I was shocked too. I’d never hit someone like this. I hit Nate sometimes, a playfully slap if he made a joke about my virginity or something else. Forks was starting to make me a violent person. The caged monster was starting to get free. I wanted to get out of the kitchen, get out of here, but Bella wasn’t so fond of that idea. Before I knew it, she grabbed me by my arms and started shaking me, hitting me, and then she pushed me against the table. My wrist hit the sharp hook and cut it open. It fucking hurt. I stood up again, turning to face her. The last left over of my human façade was gone. When I opened my eyes to look at her, I was positive they were fire spitting gold. Not the black ones I’d been walking with the last few weeks. Bella noticed.
      “What the fuck are you!?” I stalked towards her, but before I could do anything, Charlie flew into the kitchen.
      “What the hell is going on here!” he bellowed. His mind starting to take us in. ‘What? all this blood…What did you do!’ his thoughts were directed towards me now. ‘Golden eyes! Melody they’re golden! And why is your sister bleeding? What. did. You. Do!?’ tears started to fill my eyes. I wanted to say something, but Bella beat me to it.
      “Daddy! She came home and then she started screaming at me! and then I said she should calm down, but she wouldn’t listen! And then she just hit me!” she cried. She was making sure Charlie would believe this was all my fault! Charlie looked at me, angry, holding Bella against his chest. This was too much. I quickly walked past them, I needed to get out of here.
      “Melody…!” Charlie called after me, but it was useless. I slammed the front door open against the wall and ran out. 

      I let myself slump down against a large tree. It was twilight now. almost the end of a day. My wrist was still bleeding - even though I had bandaged it with a piece of my sleeve - leaving a trail of blood drops behind me. it struck me that it wasn’t very wise. If Edward would catch my scent, he’d kill me. I stood up again and walked a little further, until I reached a small brook. I cleaned up the blood and moaned from the pain when the water hit the wound. It wasn’t huge, but it stung awfully. I bandaged my sleeve around it again and fastened it. My phone began ringing for seventh time already and even though I knew it’d be Charlie, I checked the caller ID just to be sure. It wasn’t Charlie.
      “Jesus Melody! Are you oaky? Where the hell are you! Dad called and told me you left the house after a fight with Bella? What happened?” it was Skye, my sister. My real sister. I sighed and told her what had happened this afternoon. I left out the temper tantrum that occurred. 
      “Can I have Adam on the phone please?” I was still walking through the woods, extremely hungry now. it was nine in the evening and I hadn’t eaten since lunch.
      “Melody? You wanted to speak to me?” Adam replied. I asked him to go outside or somewhere the others couldn’t hear what was said. Once I knew he was out of hearing range, I spoke.
      “Adam, you have to help me! I don’t know what’s happening!” I was absolutely panicking now. Even though I was pissed at Bella for driving away without me, it wasn’t a reason to start a fight like that. 
      “Tell me what’s wrong then, sis, only then I can help you!” he sounded desperate. I knew he was worried about me, and this time he had a right to.
      “during that fight with Bella, I got a huge temper tantrum. I was losing control and wanted nothing more than to bite something.” I explained.
      “Tell me you didn’t bite Bella!” Adam was tense now. off course he’d assume that.
      “No! god, no! I didn’t. well,..” I trailed off. I may not have bitten her, but I did violate her. 
      “Well what?” 
      “I did hit her. Hard. She has cuts in her cheek and her nose started bleeding.” I admitted with a small voice. I felt so ashamed for what I’d done. I hear Adam sigh on the other side of the line.
      “All right, when you get irritated, and someone, Bella in this case, spurs you on, you get the urge to bite and violate; am I correct?” 
      “Yes, unfortunately, you are.” I kept walking through the woods, hoping I’d find a place to stay for the night. 
      “Okay, did anything else happen which you think was different or strange?” I rolled my eyes at that. We were strange. And strange things happened here. Vampires with gifts were part of that. 
      “Yes, Dad saw my scars and he kind of flipped and then he went for a walk. When I woke up later that night, I thought he wasn’t home yet, so I tried to find him. Then he suddenly spoke and said it looked funny to see me flying up the stairs. Which hadn’t happened in months.” I pinched the bridge of my nose. Seriously, this forest never ended!
      “Okay, anything else?” he asked. I needed to tell him, needed to know how I could handle it.
      “There’s more. I think it could be part of the reason I going through all of this. But I need you to keep It a secret. You can’t tell anybody. Not even Scarlett!” I pushed some shrubs aside and entered a meadow. 
      “All right. I promise, I won’t tell anyone. But, it that bad?” my brother answered. 
      “Okay,..don’t freak, but,” I paused, thinking of the best way to say this, and decided to just go for it.
      “There’s living a vampire family in this town.”


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