Chasing Pavement

~Should I give up,Or should I just keep chasin' pavements? Even if it leads nowhere~

I always question myself .. "What is it you're chasing? and end up with the only true answer that's deep beneath my mind and thoughts .. 'You're chasing an empty pavement." i never wanted to believe it , but i knew deep inside of me its only the truth.

Its me Abigail ,19 years of age and i've been One Direction's makeup Artist for a year and a half now.

Yeah! I've been in-love with Harry Styles since then.



  I sighed getting up from my bed before heading to the bathroom to take a quick morning shower. I turned the shower on and got under water, brushing my face to try to wake up a bit. 

After , that felt like 20 minutes ,i was finally dressed up and ready to go to my work.

To be more specific. I'm Abigail (my close friends Madison and Aaron calls me by the nickname 'Abi') i'm 19 years old and i've been working as one direction's makeup artist for like a year and a half now.

The boys have always been kind and sweet towards me since the day i started working with them. i know i must be a lucky girl to be working with One direction and mostly being their makeup artist ,but that has a big thanks to my moms friend who arranged this work for me.

moving on.. I love being with the boys, they make me laugh everytime we hangout with each other . Oh! what i forgot to mention is that i'm they're closet friend, we hangout alot , laugh at each other and enjoys each others company.

But .. i've always had a special place in my heart for that special person in the band.


Harry Styles! oh Yeah! i've been in-love with Harry Styles Since Then....


I rushed down the stairs of my apartment in mid london, Putting on my heals and hidding outside.




"Hey guyyyys??" i spoke out loudly once i got in the boys House, leaded by the maid.

I went directly to the first room Which was liam's and i stormed in making a loud noise.

"Get up daddy liam. I'm hungry and we so need breakfast NOW!" i said pulling the curtains open so that sunlight enters the room.


"Mmm Awake .. please wake up the boys Abi" liam smiled with closed eyes.


'sureeee" i said going to the other room which was right next to liam.


"ZAYNNNNN Vas happenin' man GET UP!" i giggled trying to wake him up. i was soo hyper this morning not sure why thou! lol i laughed at  my own self!.


"ABIIII" zaynn moaned pulling me into his bed. yep thats how close we are!


"c'mon zaynie .. you've got 10 minutes to be all waked up , im inviting you guys for breakfast today, cause as you figured out im kinda hyper today" i laughed looking at him.


"yeah totally figured out!" he laughed moving his bed sheets away.


"im on to the next room" i smirked moving to the next room.


"Niaaaalll honey i've got NANDOS!" i said while bumping the doors room open.


"AWAKE Babe" niall jumped from his bed rushing to his bathroom.

i giggled at how childish and funny he was. i next walked to louis room. But he wasn't there .. i absolutely taught he was deeply asleep with harry in his bed. True friendship. i smirked.


"Guyyyyys? .." i said while entering harry's room. i've always had butterflies in stomach every moment i lay my eyes on harry.

its like he got this kind of effect on me that i just cant go away from it!!


"Mmm" i can hear both of them mumble.


"hate to wake you up from your honey bunny sleep .. but im hungry and we need to have breakfast before we hid to work." i said while walking towards the bed.


Harry and louis turned around looking at me with a smile on their faces while their eyes were still shut.


"hey Abi" harry smiled to me with closed eyes.

i smiled and could feel my cheeks turn a bit pink. AGH! why do i have to blush every time harry talks or smiles to me.!?!


"'Morning' c'mon get up guys .. im waiting downstairs so we can grab breakfast in Starbucks." i smiled heading to the door to leave.

"sureee" i could hear them says while i walked downstairs.


Wow it totally took me 20 minutes to wake them , i giggled under breath. Oh! i'm such a great friend. 


                                            These boys drive me crazy! and i just love it.

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