summer love (one direction fan fiction) xx

ok so im lucy im 16 and im sort of a directioner but my little sister is the biggest on of them all she always talks about them and stuff i would never tell her about what happened at the camp that i went to last summer my friend and i would never tell but then.......................xx

hope you enjoy this my first movella FAILED please give me feed back on this one please thx xx


2. WHAT THE HELL.......X

it felt so right but so wrong harry is such a jerk and i hated that i liked him shut up i dont."HEY IM.......OH HEY ALICIA IM ZAYN AS YOU MAY KNOW FROM LAST SUMMER HERE REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED" I told him to shut up people where staring he sat on my lap and started to talk to harry i coughed loudly and he looked at me and whispered "you like it really" "get real zayn" i said back as louis and niall came over could this get any worse,oh it could niall grabbed my hand and said "oh by te way harry fancys you like a lot just thought i would let you know" ok this was enough now i grabbed chloes hand and told zayn to move next to harry he wouldnt so i grabbed his arm and pulled him out i sat next to chloe.i must have dosed of because i woke up next to chloe......wait no it was harry "WTF HARRY LEAVE ME ALONE"he whispered in my "thats not what you said last night all i heard was 'harry more more'" ewww he makes me sick "we did it no i would have remember that one styles so get real" xx




sorry its short im short on time today xxxx

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