summer love (one direction fan fiction) xx

ok so im lucy im 16 and im sort of a directioner but my little sister is the biggest on of them all she always talks about them and stuff i would never tell her about what happened at the camp that i went to last summer my friend and i would never tell but then.......................xx

hope you enjoy this my first movella FAILED please give me feed back on this one please thx xx


1. summer again !!!! xx


so me and my mate chloe are going back to summer camp again last time was horrible but i told my mum it was amazing(not) as me and chloe went down stairs with our suite cases we shouted "bye" loudly,bzz bzz my phone was going of in my pocket as i pulled my phone out it was an unknown number i answered it and said "hello" then a voice came through the phone very deep and husky "hey babes you coming back to camp today cant wait to see you again" i was about to say something but they hung up i looked at chloe she didn't know what to say i said "just a prank call" i knew who it was it was harry why did he call me 'babes' and say 'cant wait to see you again' i pushed the thought to the back of my mind and looked at chloe she was looking at me with the 'hurry up' look so i said more like shouted "LETS GOO" me and her ran to the bus stop the coach pics us up from there 20 mins later a coach pulled up to the bus stop and me and chloe hop on hoping for 2 seats so we could sit together even though i knew as soon as she saw zayn she would be gone so i had to try and pull her to the seat we would sit in together so as we got on there where seats at the back i thought they where empty but no when i got the zayn was sat with a seat next to him so was harry chloe pushed me in the seat next to harry and she sat next to zayn harry stretched and put his arms up i knew what he was doing so i lightly punched him in the gut(belly) he pretended to be hurt and said"you know you want me babes so you got my phone call then" i nodded and said"yeah and i think you need to grow up if im honest 'babes'" i said sarcastically he put his hand on my cheek and said in my ear "we will end up like last time and you know you liked it so just get over your self and lets start it now" i tried to get his hands of my face but then chloe said a bit to loud "OMG I KNEW YOU TOO WOULD GET IT ON AGAIN" just before i could say any thing harry grabbed my face and snogged me the holl coach was silent from then on all the way to the camp.As soon as we got to the camp all the boys took there tops of i looked at niall and he mouthed to me "like you see" i blushed as that happened he came over grabbed my hand and put it on his abbs i nearly fainted it felt so................



hey guy alicia here um......should i carry this one on or not please give me feed back and sorry didnt wright anything about the little sister i couldnt be bothered sorry xxx 

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