summer love (one direction fan fiction) xx

ok so im lucy im 16 and im sort of a directioner but my little sister is the biggest on of them all she always talks about them and stuff i would never tell her about what happened at the camp that i went to last summer my friend and i would never tell but then.......................xx

hope you enjoy this my first movella FAILED please give me feed back on this one please thx xx


3. im not sure..............x

i wondered was harry telling the truth or was he just being a jerk and thought it would be funny to lie "so babes what do you want to do now" harry said i just punched him in the balls and shouted"STAY AWAY FROM ME STYLES YOU SHOULD KNOW THE NEXT TIME YOU TOUCH ME YOU WILL FEEL REAL PAYNE (see what i did there) OK" he looked shocked at me but i started to cry and run to the cabbin me and chloe where sharing i ran through the door to see zayn on top of chloe and them to you know..........doing it,any ways i screamed and harry came in behind me and whispered in my ear "i like you please just give me a chance to prove it alicia" "fine styles but try any funny business on me and it will be the last thing you do GOT IT" "YES MISS" he smiled and tried to kiss me he said "just one kiss please" "fine" it wasnt a kiss it was more like fireworks i froze when he broke the kiss he smiled and said "that is all till tonight and with that he was gone xx


this is short i know but im at school now so bye xxx  


                       from alicia xxx

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