Unbelievable Story

Suicide: to kill (oneself)...
The thing is, I though about it. I cut. I try a lot of things. but I never succeed. I failed to myself to do the only thing that was ever on my To Do list. I never regret trying to do it. I didn't wish to do it. Not after everyone had found out. Not after I had to lie to everyone I cared about. Everyone I loved... That was, until I, who hadn't let my walls down for anyone... That was, until he came into my life... Until he made me realize that I really just wanted to be saved and not die. But I still don't know if I can thrust him. Thrust him enough so he would help me. Help me go through it all. Help me fall into him, when no one else would.

Help me take the right way out. Or, let me take the long way down.


2. Memories

In case you're wondering, my name is Sophie. That is pretty obvious. I'm turning 19 next month, Mach 13. I'm Portuguese, from Portugal. I'm a Directioner, of course. And I'm bullied because of that and other stuff. So here's my story...

Family. When I was 2 years old, my dad went away. He ran away. He didn't care about me or my sister, or my mom. He disappeared. One day he was there, the other he wasn't. He vanished. He left me and my sister for my mom to take care of. I was still a baby the last time I saw him, so I don't remember him at all. It's like a gap in my own life. Something that, no matter how hard I try, will never, ever go away. Memories. None. If I saw my dad now, I would be able to recognize him, after all that time. My sister showed me photos, videos and told me memories they had about him. Most of them were bad, like, he pushed my sister off the stairs, or, he pushed my mom off the car, while he was driving. But still, I missed him my whole life, of course, if he came up to me now, I would just slap him and maybe even kick him. I hate him. I do, it's because of him that I'm here, in this horrible world. I mean, the least thing that he could do was taken care of me when I was a baby and my mom was working for our family. I cried. When it finally hit me, I cried for like 2 days, but they if all fit together. So I grew up, without a father and even so, hating him. That's one of the reasons people bully me, for having a different family.

Me. I'm different to. I like guys who don't behave like arses, who are like ''Dope, whazzup?''. I just don't like them, at all. To my opinion, girls are important. Guys are NOT better. You can get a girl and she'll do everything for you, literally. She'll fix your clothes, she'll make you food, she'll pick your stuff up, etc... SO, being that way, my way, I believe guys should treat girls right. That's it. Of course, most of the school girls, don't have their own opinion. They just go with what everyone goes. Likes. I like a lot of stuff that people consider ''wrong''. I like skateboarding, I LOVE it. When I skateboard, it's like everything I thing about and everything that happens in school just vanish. Just like that. When I step on the my board, everything goes away and I have a little bit of hope that everything will go right next day. It doesn't. Every time it gets worse. The bullying, they don't hurt me physically, but emotionally. It still hurts. They make me hate myself. I have friend, I really do. Like one guy... He's my best friend, we tell everything to one another. Whenever I feel sick, he'll go by the school and pick up my missing work. When I want to do something, he helps me with it. And vice-versa. I also like One Direction, and that seems to be the worse of all. I mean, they're just a band. They're just guys who song, Hot, Very Famous guys who sing. I love them. More than myself even. If I could give my life just to meet them, I would. And that's not me being and obsessive fan, that's me saying I hate my life... 

My sister, Katelyn, but we call her Katie. She's 20 years old. And we're twins, kind of, 11 months apart twins. She's in college and Iv don't feel that close to her. I never did. It's like, I have her, but if I could have a choice between her and a stranger, I would choose the stranger. Just because he's more likable to like me, than her. We always fight. me and my sister. I don't hate her. I just cannot deal with her, like I would like to. Her college is in London. She won a scholarship. Because she's like, this really smart person. She's taking this couse, the only thing I know it that it's difficult. She wants to be a Vet. I thing that's cute, she always wanted to play and take care of animals... 

Oh, by the way, I met this really nice girl. Who knows, maybe we'll be friends?

Now let me go, the bell already rang and still have to go to my locker!



Oh, by the way, I met this really nice girl. Who knows, maybe we'll be friends?

Now let me go, the bell already rang and still have to go to my locker! Chapter End Notes: In case your wondering, here's my sis(over by the right) and me(in the middle): http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=354230041337330&set=t.100002872494044&type=3&theater

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