Being Perrie Edwards' Little Sister {Completed}

Hello! I'm Caitlin Edwards, Perrie Edwards' half little sister. It's fun being her sister, until things get out of hand. The boys tell me I'm really crazy and outgoing, while Perrie just says I'm wild! But we all love eachother...but I love Nial more than a friend. Our older brother Jonnie and all the boys and girls of Little Mix and One Direction tell me that Niall loves me more than a friend! But I don't believe them!We stick together, no matter what. Well, read and step inside of my world to see what it's like to be Perrie Edwards sister. This is copyright so no one steals the plot line or idea. :3 *A/N Hope you like it!*


6. Where Am I?

Caitlin's POV: When I woke up, I wasn't in my bed. I was in a car, should I be worried? Yes, I should! I looked around then shouted,''Help!" ''Shut up, Caitlin!''Someone shouted. I stood on my knees and saw that it was Perrie driving. I mentally facepalmed myself for not waking up at the right time. ''What the heck! You scared the Nando's right out of me!''I screeched. She shrugged her shoulders,''For the last time, we were gonna be late!'' I groaned.''Why don't you just go to rehearsles by yourself!"

''Just get out, we're already here.''She answered getting out of the car. I ran over to Jade,''Perrie scrared the Nando's out of me! I forgot to wake up and she just decided to take in the car!" Jade shook her head, her curls bouncing up and down. The director went over and told the girls that it was time to get ready then shoot. I say down and got a text from Niall: I'm sorry please forgive me! I love you! Ok? That's weird. Did he -no he couldn't have. I googled his name and found the article,

'Niall Horan cheating on Caitlin Edwards? We snapped this pic of Niall kissing a Mullingar college student. We found out around ten-thirty this morning. We wonder what Caitlin thinks about all of this? We hope for their relationship to stay strong. We have faith in you, Caitlin.' 

I felt like bursting into tears, but I didn't. I'm not going to cry over someone who didn't think twice about their actions. I hope this is another small bump we can overlook, I can't even explain how I feel right now. Perrie glanced at me and I plastered a fake smile hiding my emotions.

Leigh-Ann asked what had happened and I told them, I couldn't take hiding it in. They all pulled me into a hug and told me that I'll get through this. I love them, there like my additional three sister, aside from Perrie. We arrived home and nobody but Danielle, Sophie, and Eleanor was there. They all had found out and told me that they were sorry. They all took me up to my room and told me how to get through this. After a while, they all left except for Perrie. "I'm so sorry, Caitlin. I truly am. If I could back in time and redo his actions, I would."She said pulling me into a hug.

"Thanks Perrie, I love you. It's just that I don't know how to get through this. All I'm happy about is that I have the best sister in the world."I smiled into her neck. We laid there 'till Zayn came in to check on us. "I'm sorry Caitlin, I don't know what got into his mind to do that to you."He sat next to me on the bed. "Thanks Zayn, I'm glad my sisters dating you." He chuckled."And in lucky to even be dating your sister." Perrie and I laughed."Do you know we're Niall is?"I asked. He shook his head,"We haven't seen him since rehearsals."

Perrie pulled Zayn behind her,"You know Caitlin, you don't need a boyfriend. You have us, we can be a happy family together. No boys allowed." I smiled at that, just Zayn, Perrie, and I as one family. Perrie brushed out my hair,"Go to sleep, we don't have to get up early tomorrow."She kissed my check and left. Zayn stayed behind and hugged me,"It's ok, you'll get through this." He stood up and was about to get out."I love you Zayn."I looked at him. He smiled,"Love you too." Then I settled down and fell asleep.

*A/N Hi everyone! Sorry about that... Comment if you don't want them together or if you want her to live a happy life with just Caitlin, Perrie, and Zayn. Well... Thanks guys.*

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