Being Perrie Edwards' Little Sister {Completed}

Hello! I'm Caitlin Edwards, Perrie Edwards' half little sister. It's fun being her sister, until things get out of hand. The boys tell me I'm really crazy and outgoing, while Perrie just says I'm wild! But we all love eachother...but I love Nial more than a friend. Our older brother Jonnie and all the boys and girls of Little Mix and One Direction tell me that Niall loves me more than a friend! But I don't believe them!We stick together, no matter what. Well, read and step inside of my world to see what it's like to be Perrie Edwards sister. This is copyright so no one steals the plot line or idea. :3 *A/N Hope you like it!*


15. Waking Up

Caitlin's POV:




That sound rang through my ears, waking me up.

"Ms.Edwards? Are you awake?" 

I vigorously opened my eyes and saw the doctor wearing a bright white coat.                                ( A/N:  Bright, white, rymes! XD ).  

"Ugh...." I groaned.

"Your awake! Your sister and friends have been waiting for you." The doctor explained.

"Can I see them? Or go home?"

"Yes," He said walking towards the door,"I just need to explain a few more things then you can go home."

He opened the door and everyone crammed inside the tiny, white room.

"Is she ok, doctor? Can she go home?" Perrie asked throwing her arms aroun my neck.

The doctor, Dr.Anderson, laughed,"Yes, she can go home. We found out she had irregular heartbeats and a small anxiety attack, nothing to worry about. Just let her rest for a few days, just stay off your feet and drink lots of water." 

Liam nodded,"Will she need any sorta medication or anything?" 

 I giggled, typicall 'Daddy Directioner'.

"No, she's fine, you can go home now – and I mean now. I have another patient I have to tend to."

Perrie's head jerked back,"Scuse us then, let's go, guys."


"Yay! We're back home!" Harry shouted. I laughed,"Woohoo!" 

Louis' phone rang,"Hello?

Oh hey babe.



Alright then, see you here, love you." Then hung up.

"Who was it?" "El, she wanted to know if Perrie's was here, she has to talk to her." 

I looked over to Perrie, her eyes were widened and she looked at me and fake-smiled.

She just fake-smiled at me.

Somethings up.


*A/N: Hellooooooo there's your update, were starting to get in all the drama now! 

*Says in Lumpy Space Princess' voice* DRAMA BOMB!

Yeah... I'm super awkward/weird....

Thanks for the likes, favorites, and comments. I just need feedback, that's all! 

PEACE OUT!!!!! *Makes peace sign with fingers*



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