Being Perrie Edwards' Little Sister {Completed}

Hello! I'm Caitlin Edwards, Perrie Edwards' half little sister. It's fun being her sister, until things get out of hand. The boys tell me I'm really crazy and outgoing, while Perrie just says I'm wild! But we all love eachother...but I love Nial more than a friend. Our older brother Jonnie and all the boys and girls of Little Mix and One Direction tell me that Niall loves me more than a friend! But I don't believe them!We stick together, no matter what. Well, read and step inside of my world to see what it's like to be Perrie Edwards sister. This is copyright so no one steals the plot line or idea. :3 *A/N Hope you like it!*


13. Once Again Together

Perrie's POV: "Guys, I messed up entirely. She won't even talk to me!" I said bursting out in tears.

Zayn came and slipped his arms around my waist,"Look, you didn't mess up, she just took the news hard. It's fine, I'll go and talk to her, make her better." God, his words made me melt.

"Yeah." Louis chirped,"She'll be fine. Besides, I have a great idea!" I looked at him."What is it?" 

"I can invite my sisters so they an become friends!" 

Wow, that was actually a good idea. I smiled and nodded,"Perfect." 

"Zayn, can you please talk to Caitlin right now?" 

"Sure babe." I swear, I'll do anything he wants with that voice. Yes, anything. 

Only because I love him. "Ok, Lou, let's contact your sisters." 

Caitlin's POV: Niall and I were on YouTube, watching our favorite people like PewDiePie, Shane Dawson, UhOhBro, Onision, etc.

"Ha! Oh my god! So hilarious!" Niall laughed 

I giggled just hearing that loud, attractive laugh.

My Niall.

A while later, we stopped watching them and decided to talk.

"What were you going to tell me?" 

I looked at him,"Perrie's going to Paris for tour—without me." 

He looked at me and brought me into a hug, while I just cried my eyes out.

"Hey, don't cry, I'll be here." 

"Yeah, but what am I going to do when you go on tour and leave me?" He didn't speak.

Just silence. 

"Niall." I pulled away,"Please tell me your not going on tour." 

Silence once again.

"In two months..." He spoke softly.

Why? Just when he comes back to me, he's going to leave in two months.

I let it go; so we won't fight once again.

"This is going to be hard, Niall."

His eyebrows formed together,"What do you mean?" 

"We are going to be hard. Our relationship." 

When I said that, my heart shattered in pieces.


Zayn's POV: "We are going to be hard. Our relationship." Caitlin said.

Oh no, Niall was here? Or was she talking to her 'friend'? 

If it was Niall, there won't be any 'Naitlin' with her tone.

After that, there was complete silence. I stood up and knocked on the door. "Go! Climb out the window!" Caitlin whispere-yelled. There was a yelp and then the door opened. "Hey Zayn."


"What do you need?" I rose my eyebrow,"Are you and Niall back together?" She froze. "N-no." "Are you sure? I just heard his loud laugh and two different voices." 

"Ok fine! Niall and I are back together. Just don't anyone." I smile,"Of course." 

Perfect, another secret to keep.


A/N: Hello! Hope you guys like this chapter. Comment ( If you want : / ) what you think Zayn's secret is. Credit goes to 'cece nryup' for the name 'Naitlin'. Thanks guys, please comment some feedback. : )



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