Being Perrie Edwards' Little Sister {Completed}

Hello! I'm Caitlin Edwards, Perrie Edwards' half little sister. It's fun being her sister, until things get out of hand. The boys tell me I'm really crazy and outgoing, while Perrie just says I'm wild! But we all love eachother...but I love Nial more than a friend. Our older brother Jonnie and all the boys and girls of Little Mix and One Direction tell me that Niall loves me more than a friend! But I don't believe them!We stick together, no matter what. Well, read and step inside of my world to see what it's like to be Perrie Edwards sister. This is copyright so no one steals the plot line or idea. :3 *A/N Hope you like it!*


3. I Have A Girlfriend

Perrie's POV: After I heard the door close, I tip-toed to it. "Perrie, why are you-" I put my finger to my lips to quiet Zayn. All I heard was,"I would love to Niall." Then silence after. I knocked on the door and Caitlin answered. "Y-yes Perrie."She questioned. "What are you guys doing?" They looked at each other and shook their heads. "Then what was the whole 'I would love to Niall' about?"I said raising my eyebrow. She sighed,"If I tell you, promise not to get all exited and jumpy?" I nodded and waited for my response.

Niall grabbed her hand,"Look we know about the 'Don't date family members rule', but I love Caitlin and I asked her out." My jaw dropped,"Oh my god! You know what, I'll save freaking out for later. I'm so happy for you guys!" I said then exited out the door. I literally ran and jumped on Zayn, due to my happiness for Caitlin. "Woah, what happened Perrie?"Jade asked. "Them." I replied an pointed to Niall and Caitlin holding hands. The boys wolf-whistled while the girls 'awed' them. I'm glad Caitlin is happy.

Caitlin's POV: I'm so glad everyone's happy for us. Niall and glanced at each other as everyone looked at us. "What are you guys staring at?" They laughed,"Are you guys gonna tell us the news or not?"Leigh-Ann stated. Niall laughed,"Sorry." He stood up,"Attention! Caitlin and I are dating! I repeat, Caitlin and I are dating!" Harry stood up as well,"Since they have news, I'll tell you my news. I have a girlfriend, her name is Sophie." Liam asked,"When can we meet her?" Harry smiled,"Tomorrow actually, she's flying in from Chicago." He said gathering his things. He waved,"See you guys tomorrow."

The rest of the girls from Little Mix stood up,"We'll be going to, thanks." They said their goodbyes and have hugs and left. I laid my head in Niall's lap while he brushed out my hair. I can get used to falling asleep with his soft touch. I fell asleep, Niall still in mind.

*A/N Hello! Hope you guys like it! The winner to be Harry's girlfriend was... Sophie!! Congratulations! By the way, did you guys see Little Mix's new music video for 'How Ya Doin'? If you didn't, go see it! It's AMAZAYN! Thanks you and goodnight!*

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