Being Perrie Edwards' Little Sister {Completed}

Hello! I'm Caitlin Edwards, Perrie Edwards' half little sister. It's fun being her sister, until things get out of hand. The boys tell me I'm really crazy and outgoing, while Perrie just says I'm wild! But we all love eachother...but I love Nial more than a friend. Our older brother Jonnie and all the boys and girls of Little Mix and One Direction tell me that Niall loves me more than a friend! But I don't believe them!We stick together, no matter what. Well, read and step inside of my world to see what it's like to be Perrie Edwards sister. This is copyright so no one steals the plot line or idea. :3 *A/N Hope you like it!*


24. All Comes Out

Quck A/N: Hey guys! No one comments anymore, so I thought I would just end it! 

Caitlin's POV: I forcefully opened my eyes and saw my little Irish boy looking down at me. "Creep," I joked and smiled.

"I can't help myself, you're just so," He leaned down to my ear,"Irresistible." I blushed and pulled him down for a kiss.  

'They're gonna clean up your looks, with all the lies in the books. To make a citizen out of you, because they sleep with a-'

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey Caitlin, it's Liam."

"Hi Liam, what do you need?" 

"I need you and your soon-to-be husband to come over immediately."

"Ok? Thanks bye." I hung up.

"What did he need?" Niall said as he started rubbing my back.

"He needed us to go over, I have no idea why."

"When do we have too go?" He placed little kisses along the back of my neck. "Right now, but not this right now," I indicated my neck.

"Fine, but when we get back home." 

"Perfect," I gave him a peck on the lips and walked off to get ready.


"Ok, I've gathered everyone, literally, here to get my answers, and to listen to different excuses or reasons, in some people's cases." Liam paced back and forth.

When he said he literally has everyone here, he meant it. Zayn, Harry, Louis, Danielle, and surprisingly so was Perrie, Jade, Jesy, and Leigh-Anne.

"Just to inform you, I bribed their pilot to take a U-turn back here. That's why these four are here." Liam said,"First question, why did you cheat on Zayn?"

All eyes were on my sister. "I-I just got kinda tired with him, I guess you can say?" She shrugged.

Zayn looked at her in disgust; well who can blame him? My sister is a... ahem... the 's' word, yeah, that's a valid description.

"So almost a year with me, and you just decide you got tired of me? Unbelievable..." Zayn scowled.

They both started to yell at each other, while all of us where trying to get them to calm down. 

Before they even tried laying a finger on each other, Niall took Zayn to one side of the room, and Jade took Perrie to another.

"Next question, why are you the father of her kid?" Liam pointed to Harry and Perrie. They both immediately looked at each other, wide eyed. Gasps came out of everyone's mouths, except for Zayn.

"What a suprise.." He mumbled, tears now streaming down his reddened face. "Niall, did you know about this?" I asked him. "Uh, a couple mintes before the day I got you back at the airport, Harry and Liam were fighting about that."

Wow, he didn't even tell me.

"Are you made? I'm sorry I just-" "No, don't worry, I know now so it's okay." I reassured.

"Zayn, do you anything to say to Perrie?" Liam looked at him. Zayn stood up, walked over to Perrie, and started yelling,

"What's wrong with you?! First, you cheat on me, breaking my heart while I was actually in love with you. Then, you go and play around with Harry and end up having a kid with him! I've always wanted to raise a little boy like me, but I can't. Since it's gonna have curly hair and green eyes! Great, just great, Perrie. You're the best." He sarcastically said the last part.

"What do you have to say to Harry?" Liam was about to make Zayn get even more aggressive. 

"As for you," He went over to Harry, while everyone watched,"What I said about us always being there for you was a big mistake. You really are the player out of all of us, and whatever happened to Sophie, huh? Oh wait, you must have cheated on her with someone! I'm done, you need help, Harry, you really do," Zayn breathed.

Harry wasn't going to take this,"Well, Malik, Sophie and I broke up because she found out about Perrie and I." He casually spoke.

"You all are crazy mofos, that's why I couldn't take it." Louis shook his head. "Too much drama for the sass master."

Niall and I quietly laughed at his comment, trying not to make anyone upset. 

"Can we just all go home? I really don't want to be here," Harry groaned.

"Oh really? You don't want to be here?" Zayn pushed him, Harry tumbling to the ground.

"You little-" Everyone jumped in, trying to pry both of them off of each other. 

By the time we pulled them apart, their faces were all bloody and now-bruising.

"Fine," Liam panted,"All of you, just go."

We all got up and went to pack up things, very awkwardly. 


None of them said goodbye to be, only Jade, Liam, Danielle, and Louis. What a great sister, Perrie.

Before we all officially left, Liam told us something that made us all think about it.

"Think about the fans while you're all away." 

All of looked at one another, our expressions filled anger, confusion, sadness, and most all; regret.


A few minutes later when Niall and I got home, Perrie texted me.

Perrie: I'm so sorry, I really don't know what to say but sorry.

I ignored her and payed attention to Niall. 

"NIall, promise me that we'll be together-no matter what comes in-between us?" I held up my pinky. 

His nose touched mine,"Promise," then entwined our pinkies. 


*Hello, sorry about ending with no warnings. I figured everyone got tired of it, so why not end it? Thanks for everything. Sequel or no sequel? Comment.


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