Positive. Negative.

Mum and Dad moved us to a private school because they thought it was better. They moved house to keep us safer. They gave us swimming lessons, cycle helmets, self-balanced classes and a balanced diet. They paid our phone bills so we'd never run away. They promised us five grand on our twenty-first birthday if we never smoked.

And still, one of us died.

When an accident happen, and people get hurt, things never end with "happily ever after".

Mary, is a girl, who always has had a difficult life. She had to work at the age of 15 to take care of herself when her mother left and her oldest brother went into drugs. Their parents promised a lot of things. Things they could not keep away from the youngest girl in the family forever.

What happens when Mary finds out she has another brother? What happens when her brother is all the way on the other side of the world? What if her other brother is Liam Payne and he is a world-wide famous singer? What if she gets into trouble and she starts falling in love with one of his best friends?


2. Old Habits

The light in my room, coming through the curtains. I turned around on my bed and stretched, hitting nothing but the cold empty space next to me, like always. 

"But I remember! He did sleep here, didn't he?" I though to myself. 

He did, but he's not here anymore... Whatever, he's probably making break-first of whatever. 

I got off my bed and put nothing else besides a shirt on, because he is my brother and he's seen me in worse clothes than this, or should I say in no clothes at all?

I went quietly down the stair, when I reached the kitchen, to surprise him, but he wasn't there... So I went up the stairs again, into his room.

"Sammy!" I screamed, looking for him. 

I heard cough and them a whole bunch of stuff falling and breaking. 

"Sammy?!" I ran up into his room.

I opened the door with out knocking and what I found there in front of me, shock me...

"Sammy?!" I said, this time in a whispered. 

"Mary?! What the fuck are you doing here?!" He shouted at me, "I though I told you to stay off my room!" 

"I- I'm sorry Sam..." I said.

"Go! Leave me alone child!" he said, and I just ran away from him, and locked myself into my room.


Ten minutes after I had been crying, and sobbing uncontrollably, someone knocked on my door. 

I didn't move at all. The only person I want to see is my mom, and she had, SHE HAD, a spare key to my room. 

"May, I'm sorry, can you open up this damn door?" Sammy said.

"No! Go away Sam!" I screamed, using his real name. 

"Mary, please... You know I didn't meant it." He said.

"Whatever, you probably just want me to forgive you so I won't tell someone, or you'll get in trouble!" I screamed once again, my voice shaking. 


"Save it Sam! I hate to see you like that!" I said, calming down now, "I hate to see you, my older brother, doing this, I hate to see you doing drugs!" 

"That wasn't even drugs! That was just a smoke!" 

"Whatever!" I shouted at him, through the door. 

I got up and started throwing things around the room, things I knew were going to make a loud noise, but wouldn't break. 

"Mary?! What's going on in there?!" 

I didn't answer him. I just keep doing what I was doing.

He kept on shouting through the door, and I kept trowing stuff. Until I broke a little glass box, my dad had gave me, when I was about 2 years old. 

I stopped and fell into the ground, with my knees up to my chest. The sun shining through my window had showed up again, since the yelling, and reflected on something lying on the floor. 

I picked it up and remembered my young school years. I had found the only razor blade I had kept from those times. 

When I was so close to cutting again, so close, I could feel the cold of the metal on my wrist, and I could sense my breathing speeding up, Sammy came rushing through the door. 

"MARY?!?!" he stopped death on his tracks once he saw me. 

"Mary..." He repeated slowly, and quietly, "Don't, please." 

"What do you even care?!" Get outta my room Sam!" I kept on using his real name, like I always did, when I felt angry at him. 

I din't look away from my wrist, maybe if I had, he would't have surprised me, when he grabbed me from behind and took the razor blade away from me.

"What the fuck?" I whispered. 

"What the fuck, really!" He screamed, but not as loud as before, "What were you thinking? I've almost lost you before, I won't lose you again." He finished, and hugged me. 

"I- I'm sorry Sammy" I said again.

"Don't apologize, promise me you won't do it again..." 

"I promise." 

"Some where over the other side of the world loves you, just like I love you, Mary." 

"Ok.. I'm hungry Sammy" I said and looked up at him, still up against his chest, because he was still hugging me. 

"Ok, let's go down stairs and make you some break fast then" 

"Aren't you hungry?" I asked.

"Let's just say, when you smoke pot, you're not that hungry for a long time." He chuckled. 

"Oh, ok" I felt the heat rising up to my checks.   Chapter End Notes:   I'm sorry it sucks, you can beat me up if you want to. But it was kind of just a filler, and I just had to put some info out there, so people can understand a little more of this freaking story! :D 
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