Positive. Negative.

Mum and Dad moved us to a private school because they thought it was better. They moved house to keep us safer. They gave us swimming lessons, cycle helmets, self-balanced classes and a balanced diet. They paid our phone bills so we'd never run away. They promised us five grand on our twenty-first birthday if we never smoked.

And still, one of us died.

When an accident happen, and people get hurt, things never end with "happily ever after".

Mary, is a girl, who always has had a difficult life. She had to work at the age of 15 to take care of herself when her mother left and her oldest brother went into drugs. Their parents promised a lot of things. Things they could not keep away from the youngest girl in the family forever.

What happens when Mary finds out she has another brother? What happens when her brother is all the way on the other side of the world? What if her other brother is Liam Payne and he is a world-wide famous singer? What if she gets into trouble and she starts falling in love with one of his best friends?


1. No coming back

"I'm home!" I yelled as I closed the door with a boom, so they'd hear me.

"hey baby girl" Sammy, my brother said. 

"wazz up Sammy?" 

"just cooking dinner, are you hungry?" 

"no, thanks, I'll eat before I go tot bed though" I rejected.

"are you sure? You're not on drugs are you? Are you love sick?" He asked

"no Sammy! I'm not on drugs, look who's talking..."

"What? I'm not on drugs!" he discussed.

This is the happiest we've been, ever since my mom... left... I don't talk much about it, because it hurts. Sammy is working now and i'm getting work next Monday too, on a nearby coffee, not Starbucks! Everyone is obsessed with Starbucks, well, not me!

"I'm going up now, ok Sammy?" I said simply.

"Hum, Yeah, but are you ok?" he asked with sad puppy eyes. 

"Yeah Sammy" I said and went upstairs. 


i got to my room and made space on my desk, turned my computer on and started going on twitter.

After I stayed on Twitter for about 10 minutes, I grabbed my backpack and did my homework. 

I heard a knock on the door and stopped texting my friend and looked up to the door, to see Sammy standing there.

"Are you off to bed now?" I asked.

"No Mariana, I'm off to check on you" he said getting closer to me, and sitting on the bed.

"Oh, ok Sammy" I said, with a cute baby voice, just to annoy him.

"Aww, my M is a baby again!" he said tickling me. 

After he stopped tickling me, I looked at him for about 2 seconds, then he asked:

"What is it M?"

"Oh, nothing much, just, what's up with all these nicknames Sammy?" I said childishly.

"It's just cute, because you know every single one" 

"Yeah.." I said after a moment of silence.

"Now really, what is it?" he asked one more time.

"Is she ever coming back?" I didn't like to talk about it, because it hurt him as much as it hurt me, but I always wondered that.

"I don't know sweetie" he said, coming up to hug me.

I started felling sad and felt the tears about to split out of my eyes. 

"is dad coming back?" i asked, hope filling my voice.

"I'm afraid not, Mary." He said.

After that, I closed my eyes and let all the tears I had been holding on for 2 months spill and I started sobbing uncontrollably. 

IO remember nothing else from that night, except, falling asleep in Sammy's arms and him laying down besides me.
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