The Future Is Bright

A dystopia where the physical world is destroyed and humans live as scavengers


3. Chapter Three

With the cut on her leg freshly bandaged, with a paper like material Sophie had no idea how James had procured, she hobbled onwards with James supporting her. Again it was probably approaching noon, however the day was uncharacteristically sunny, and Sophie began thinking of where she was supposed to be. “James, the registration centre. They’re going to know we’re not there.”

“Don’t worry…”

“But James its mandatory, if we don’t turn up they’re going to come looking for us.”

With a calmness and composure that scared Sophie, he said, “They have a lot more to worry about than us not attending registration”

Registration was an odd activity; however it was a part of the daily routine for the survivors. They would sign in with their survivor cards which they were repeatedly reminded the importance of, and would be one by one signalled to a plain, white room fitted with an odd machine. There was no speaking, simply one of the staff of the Authority silently supervising the procedure in their otherwise amusing bio-hazard suits, whilst the machine would rotate around the survivor’s head in a perfect circle, scanning. Though the selection of the survivors was random, and only 3- exactly three- treatments were performed during the session, all survivors assigned to that quadrant were required to attend. The tannoy system in the selection area explained that the procedure was a treatment for the illness that all survivors had contracted during the disaster. However what some survivors had noticed, including James and Sophie, was that a large portion of the patients treated during the sessions would die mysteriously hours after the procedure, a possibility if the disease had progressed irreversibly, also explained by the tannoy. And mysteriously, the survivors would discuss- including James but not Sophie- how the bio-hazard suit figures would never speak.

“How far is your friend from here then?” Sophie asked, half wishing she had refused James’s proposal.

“Not far”

However, truthfully, James knew it was impossible to tell how far they were from anywhere. The horizon remained as empty as it did the day before, however the extent of the destruction and ugliness of their surroundings became more apparent in the rarity of the sunshine.

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