A Savior Will Be There <3

Kyra has Schizophrenia, Bulimia, and depression. Her dad had gone to jail for abusing her mother when she was little. Her brother ran away, and she doesn't even know if he's alive. When the band that kept her from suicide shows up at the hospital after she nearly died, her whole life turns around. The voices in her head keep warning her about something coming ahead, and she doesn't know what. All she knows is that it's something big, and it won't be good.


2. Chapter 2

       I awoke in a hospital bed to some people talking. I sat up rather quickly and my head spun.

      “Whoa, take it easy,” a girl said. I recognized that voice. It was the girl in Hot Topic I talked to. “You were screaming stop it and go away. I didn’t know what happened, so we called nine- one- one. And I’ve been hanging out with these guys, waiting for you to wake up,” she explained. She motioned to the people sitting next to her.

      Five guys. Not just five guys. These guys were my idols. They were none other than the band Black Veil Brides.

      My eyes widened and I fan- girled on the inside. “You, and she, and then-,” I was speechless. I couldn’t finish my sentence. “Why are you guys here?” I finally got out.

      They smiled. “Well, we were on our way in to Hot Topic, and saw you screaming your head off and another girl was next to you. Instantly, we rushed over to see what was wrong,” CC, the drummer explained.

      I noted my aunt was here. A tear slipped down my cheek. “I am so sorry,” was all I could say.

      She looked at me with sunken eyes. “It’s okay sweetie. I know you’re going through something tough, and I shouldn’t have yelled.” She got up and hugged me. We stayed like that for a few moments, and then I pulled away and looked at the girl.

      “I have to apologize to you too. I was really stressed, the voices were really bothering me and they wouldn’t leave me alone. I should’ve been nicer,” I said.

      “It’s fine. I know what you’re going through. I had anorexia and depression once myself,” she informed. She smiled a big smile, a real one.

      “So, let me get this straight. I get to meet Black Veil Brides? I get to meet my heroes who are one of the reasons I haven’t committed suicide?” I confirmed. It made me feel happy. I haven’t been happy since that one night.

      Andy nodded and smiled. “That’s awesome. How about, after you get out of here, we hang out. Just the seven of us?” he raised his eyebrows.

      “Sure,” I exclaimed coolly. On the inside my heart nearly exploded. I was a simple girl from Michigan who had schizophrenia, depression, and bulimia. I didn’t deserve anything like this. They were a big time band, and they didn’t need to waste their time with me, the simple girl from Michigan.

      “Cool. We gotta go, but we’ll be back tomorrow,” he told me. He wrote something down on paper, handed it to me, and left, the rest of the band with him.

      I looked at the paper. 9 numbers were scrawled across the paper in messy handwriting. Andy Biersack had given me his number.

      “What happened after I blacked out?” I asked, interested.

      “Well, Black Veil Brides rushed over, and I called 911. I sat in the ambulance with you, and took your phone, calling your aunt. By the way, here it is,” She tossed my phone and I caught it. “The band must’ve followed, because they showed up a few minutes after we got here. The doctors forced pills down your throat, probably for the voices. Your aunt showed up, and all of us waited here for hours for you to wake up. Your medicine wears off in four hours, just to let you know,” She explained.

      “How long until I can get out of here?” I inquired.

      “They’re going to monitor you for three more nights, then if you’re stable- I mean, if you feel fine, they’ll let you go.”

      Stable. The word kept repeating in my head. This has been going on my whole life, and now they have to monitor me? They knew about it. They diagnosed me with it. Why now do I have to be monitored? I just wanted to leave. I wanted to go home and get into my bed, and fall asleep forever. I didn’t want to wake up. This world is a screwed up place. I wanted to escape it forever.

      “Is it okay if I get some sleep? I love your guys’ company, but I’m not in the mood to stay awake,” I half asked.

      My aunt’s eyes would not leave me. Eventually, she sighed and said, “Sure. I might as well head home and make dinner. You’re right. You need sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow sweetie.” She kissed my forehead and left with the girl.

      “Bye,” I smiled. It wasn’t a real smile like the girl’s, but I tried. It wouldn’t come. I waved.

      “Bye,” the girl replied. She waved too, then walked away. She then proceeded to come back in. “The name’s Serenity by the way.” She ran back out.

      Serenity. I liked the name. The name rang a bell, but I couldn’t place it. Serenity, Serenity, Sere- She used to go to my middle school. I remembered.


      I walked through the hall, hugging my books close to my chest. Today had been the third day of middles school. It was terribly different than Elementary.

      It was terribly different from South Dakota. All of my friends had stayed back, and I had to move to Michigan. I tried to stay in touch, but eventually they would not answer my calls anymore. Nobody knew me here. Nobody to call and tell about my new experiences. Nobody to talk to about the struggles I was facing. My brother was still around, and we were still a big happy family. It was after my mom and dad had . . . but I had my aunt and my brother. I could talk to my brother, but not the same way I used to.

      My face was buried in all the stuff I was carrying. A foot was suddenly in front of me and I tripped, my books sprawled across the floor.

      I looked up to see her staring down at me. The girl who was a year older and had beautiful blonde hair. She had no acne, was exceptionally thin, and seemed to always have friends. She was the girl who was going to bother me all the way through middle school. She was instantly an enemy.

      “Whoops! Sorry!” she exclaimed sarcastically. Her and her friends laughed.


      That’s how it was every day. Images reappeared in my mind of the things she did. It was terrible. I thought high-school would be a new start. She had switched schools along with all of her friends. But  I was wrong. It was worse.

      I couldn’t believe it was her. The girl that I had just been so mean too, who was trying to be nice, bullied me in middle school.

      I couldn’t fall asleep. Thoughts would come and haunt me, making it impossible to sleep. When that was over, some noise would come from somebody or something in the building. Occasionally a nurse would come and ask if I need anything, which did not help.

      Around twelve-thirty, I fell into a restless sleep. I had a dream.

I was in a circular room with blocked windows and one hallway. The room was dimly lit, but the hallway was pitch black.

”Hello, Kyra,” a soothing yet frightening voice cooed.

“W- Who’s there?” I stuttered.

“Nobody,” the voice answered. She walked into the light. She had dark purple hair and black eyes. She looked exactly like me, except fuzzier and dimmer. My hair and eyes had been a little lighter. She had a cold look on her face.

“They’re coming, Kyra. You better watch out,” she smirked.

“Who’s coming. An- and are you m- me?” I asked her.

“Yes, I am you. But I’m also not you. Technically, I’m everybody. I’m everybody who’s diseased like you.”

“What do you mean?”

“What do I mean? Are you really that stupid? I’ve been bugging you since you were fourteen, and you still don’t know who I am?”

I gasped. “You mean, you’re the voices? You’re the one who’s been trying to kill me?”

“Wow. You’ve got to be kidding me! Congratulations, you figured it out!” she yelled sarcastically. “Listen, I’ve brought you here to warn you. They’re coming and they’re going to kill everybody.”

“Who’s coming?” I repeated from earlier.


“That doesn’t help. And you know what? You can’t ruin my whole life, you know. I at least deserve some happiness in my life. I was actually happy today. I met my idols and got one of their numbers. I made a friend. You forget who’s in charge. You think you’re better than me,” I told her. I didn’t know where it came from, but it sort of just came out.

“Listen honey, I could make it ten times worse. Just beware. They’re coming.”


      I woke up, voices in my head. The bright sunlight was in my eyes, and there were obviously people in the room, because there was talking that didn’t sound like the voice in my head.

      He’s a celebrity. He probably does this with fans all the time. They all came yesterday to see you die. They hate you. Andy probably gave you a fake number. You are so worthless! Just give yourself an overdose, that’ll kill you for sure.

      A different voice was talking now. “C’mon. Take the pills. C’mon, you have to take them,” Serenity begged. I took them, and opened my eyes, sitting up. My aunt and Serenity were here, staring.

      “Th- they keep getting worse a- and worse,” I stuttered.

      “It’s alright. You just had the pills. The doctors are going to come in a moment, okay?” Serenity replied with a concerned look. The image replayed in my mind. This was the girl who used to hate me. This was her. Now she was helping me through Bulimia.

      “Is it okay if I talk to Serenity alone? I love you, but I want a small word with her,” I tried to reason. I expected a no, but she got up and left.

      “What’s wrong?” she asked.

      I didn’t know how to put this now that we were here alone. I let out a sigh. “Do you remember Middle Sch-“

      “I’m sorry,” she interrupted. “I mean, I remember you from Middle School. I remember how cruel I was, and how mean and I just- I don’t know what to say. I can’t describe how sorry I am. The moment I saw you in Hot Topic, I felt the guilt rise up again.”

      I was shocked. This wasn’t expected. I was supposed to be the one confronting her, then she comes out and apologizes.

      “Well, why didn’t you tell me sooner? Why DID you always bully me?” I asked.

      “The truth? I felt power. Sixth grade was the worst year of my life. I move a lot. I went to a different school, and when I moved here, I felt opportunity. Quickly, I made friends with cool kids, and when I saw you, I thought I could prove myself worthy. I thought if I could make someone feel bad, then I’d be cool. After middle school, I moved away and was homeschooled. Looking back, I felt terrible. Popularity doesn’t get you anywhere. First there’s Middle School, then High School, then college. Popularity means so much. But after that, then what? Is all those years of being popular going to pay off? If so, how? I learned that way after Middle School. I am so, so sorry,” she confessed.

      I pulled her into a hug. “I forgive you.” My voice was barely a whisper. “You can come back in now!” I yelled at my aunt. She came in, along with five guys and a doctor. I still couldn’t get over the fact that I knew my all time favorite band.

      “Hey,” they greeted.

      “Hi,” I said blandly.

      “Sorry to interrupt, but none of you can actually stay at the moment. If you’d wait in the lobby, please?” the doctor informed.

      My aunt rolled her eyes, and they all left. The doctor walked in and sat down in a twirly chair.

      “So, Kyra, how are you today?” he asked nicely, probably just trying to make conversation. I raised my eyebrows. My makeup was probably smeared, my hair hasn’t been combed in awhile, my eyes were puffy, I was in a hospital gown, and I was tired. My voice was all crackly. How did he really think I felt? He looked like he felt awkward.

      “Well, then. Let’s start, shall we? . . . . . Okay. On a scale of one to ten, ten being the worst, how bad are the voices?” he inquired.

      “It depends,” I started. After a moment of silence, I continued. “They start off not too bad. If I don’t take the pills right away, it escalates pretty fast. So it starts at about a four and then gets past a ten, I guess?”

      “Have you ever passed out like this before?”


      He asked me a few more questions, each with a short answer. I didn’t feel like making conversation. He wrote all of that stuff down.

      “Okay. We just have to see how much you weigh, and then we’ll send you to another room to talk to Doctor Sowell. She’ll ask you a few more questions, then, we can hopefully send you home in two days, alright?” he explained.

      “M- my weight?” I asked.

      “Mhm,” he nodded. My aunt was here, and she didn’t know I had Bulimia. I’ve managed to keep it a secret for a long time and now she’d find out. She was already on my tail enough, knowing about depression and schizophrenia. I sighed, then followed the doctor to another room.

      Knowing the routine, I stood by the height thing, and my height was five’ four. I walked over to the scale. At first I hesitated, thinking I could run, but I decided against it. I stepped on the scale.

      “Kyra, you’re one- hundred pounds. That’s not healthy,” the doctor informed.

      What is he talking about? He’s probably saying that to make you feel good. He wants you to eat more, so you get super fat and die. A voice whispered in my head.

      I told myself that he’s the doctor, he wouldn’t do that. He took my temp, and it was normal. We then headed to yet another room. Waiting for me was a female doctor; tall with sleek black hair and a friendly smile. She welcomed me in and told me to have a seat, then the other doctor left.

      “Hi, Kyra. How are you doing today?” she asked pleasantly.

      “Good,” I replied. “You?”

      “Good. Now, I’m just going ask you a few things. You can be open and honest, it’s only us.”

      I’ve heard this many times before. It’s the same old “It’s only us” or “You can tell me anything. We’re good friends”. They write everything I say down and tell my aunt. I wasn’t stupid.

      “Whatever,” I said to myself.

      She studied me. “Let me ask you to do this one thing. Why do you feel depressed?”

      “I don’t know. I mean, I’m bullied in school. The voices in my head tell me I’m worthless. It’s addicting and I feel like it helps when I cut. I’m fat, I keep puking up my food-“  I kept continuing on all the bad points.

      “Okay. Listen. I want you to find the root of your problems. What’s the real cause of all of this?” she interrupted. “Has anything bad or big happened to you in the past?” I nodded. “Can you explain to me?”

      I took a deep breath. “When I was little, I had a brother. My dad, he, he killed my mom. The next day my brother acted all weird, and he threw something at me and told me to get out. We got better, but we never had the same connection. One day, I couldn’t find him, and I found a note in his room. It said he was bullied in school and he couldn’t take it anymore. He had run away,” I confessed.

      She thought about it for a second, then said, “Maybe the cause of all of this is that maybe if you try hard enough, he’ll come back. Maybe if you torture yourself, he’ll somehow know and come back and save you, and you can be that big happy family again.” She looked into my eyes.

      I looked away quickly.

      “Does that feel right?” she asked after a moment of silence.

      I didn’t know what to think. She was right. She knew more about me even though we’ve just met.

      “Y- Yeah. How did you know?”

      “I just do. It’s my job. You always have to dig deep to find the root of the problem. I learn over time, the best approaches. Now, how do the anti-depressants make you feel?”

      “Well, truthfully? I hate them. They make me feel like a freak. Th-They make me feel like I’m abnormal, and I need to take medication for being abnormal. I mean, I can understand for the voices, and maybe even the Bulimia, but for depression? I don’t like it at all,” I explained.

      I noticed that she never wrote anything down. It made me feel like I actually mattered, like she understood what I was feeling.

      “If your aunt says its okay, we can take you off of the anti-depressants. After a week, you’ll come back, and we’ll see if you can continue without them,”

      I was suddenly a lot happier. My spirits lifted a little bit.

      “Th-Thank you! Really, thank you,” I spat. It felt weird to say that. I realized I hadn’t said thank you in a long time.

      “Now, I think we are just about done here. I’ll be right back. If you could just wait here for one moment.” She got up and left. I sat there patiently, but my stomach kept growling. No. I told myself. You can go without food for five minutes .The other voices started to take over my own thoughts.

      You seriously can’t go without food? Is that really how pathetic you are. Quit being such a baby.

      She walked back in, interrupting my thoughts.  “You’re now free to go back to your room. I’ll talk to your aunt, and then we’ll leave you alone for awhile.” She escorted me back to my room, and I layed back down in the uncomfortable bed. My aunt came in, too, along with Serenity, and the band. CC and Ashley couldn’t make it, but everybody else was there. Jinxx brought along his wife, Sammi. They were holding hands. Part of me felt happy for them, but another part told me they were mocking me, rubbing their happiness in my face.

      They were probably sick of you. They couldn’t stand being near you, but they forced the others to come so you wouldn’t feel bad. Sammi and Jinxx are rubbing their happiness in your face. They want to see you in pain.

      The doctor talked to my aunt. The whole time I sat awkwardly in silence, just listening. The doctor then mentioned Bulimia.

      “Bulimia?” my aunt interrupted. “Nobody told me about this!”

      Everybody stared. I felt too pressured, like I was under a microscope. “Kyra?” my aunt asked worriedly. “Since when have you had Bulimia?” I didn’t answer.

      Since you’re brother ran away and you became a baby, cutting and puking out your food. You’re doing a mighty fine job of being a pathetic freak. You can’t even defend yourself. You couldn’t even tell your aunt about your disease. The voice told me.

      “I- I didn’t, I mean, I-“ I couldn’t get my sentence out. I didn’t know how to tell her.

      “Sweetie! You could’ve told me. That’s what I’m here for!” my aunt pulled me into a hug.

      After that was settled, the doctor continued what she was saying. After awhile, she left, and it was just us in the room.

      “I’m sorry,” Andy piped up.

      “Why?” I asked.

      “Because. I didn’t know you had these- these things. I mean, I knew about the voices. But I know many people with depression and Bulimia, and I know how it is. I have ADHD myself. I was also bullied a lot when I was younger.”

      “Oh,” was all I said. It felt weird to relate to him. He was a rock star, and I was a small girl from Michigan. I knew he had ADHD and had gone through depression, but I never really thought about it. I never thought that he was a kid like me.

      “I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like it just got a little too sad in here. Anybody up for pizza?” Jinxx stated.

      “Um, she kind of can’t leave her bed,” Andy pointed out.

      “No, it’s fine. You guys go. Have a good time. I have my aunt here to keep me company,” I assured. I wasn’t going to let them stay and have a terrible time just sitting and talking.

      “How about you and Sammi go, then you can bring it back here. Jake and I will stay here.” Andy told them. Jinxx shrugged, took Sammi’s hand, and left.

      We talked for awhile. Andy and Jake were really sweet. After about half an hour, Jinxx and Sammi came back with Ashley and CC. The pizza was delicious. The warm, gooey, mozzarella cheese melted in my mouth.

      “So you could make it after all?” Jake exclaimed.

      “Yeah, how are you feeling, Kyra?” CC asked. I just smiled and nodded. He smiled awkwardly, too.

      Day after day, Serenity, my aunt, and the band would come. Some days someone couldn’t make it, but Serenity, my aunt, and Andy would show up every day. We got to know each other lot. The last day came quickly, and I would probably get to leave. Nobody showed up on the last day.

      See? They got tired of you. Turns out you were just another fan that nobody cared about. Serenity got tired, too. You’re aunt realized she was wasting her time with another child that probably would run away, just like her stupid brother.

      A nurse was opening the curtains. “W- where is everybody?” I asked.

      “I don’t know. But good thing you’re awake. We’re going to see if everything’s okay, and then you are free to go!” she said nicely.

      It was nice to know I was finally out of the hospital. I got pretty used to it. Now I’d have to continue my life in school, and pick up on my job. It was great, but my life wasn’t the best life to get back too. At least I only had a few weeks left of school left, and then I wouldn’t have to worry about kids anymore. I never had to talk to them again. Nothing mattered anymore. All of the popularity is gone.

      They took random tests, asked me a few questions, and then told me they’d get back to me in about an hour.

      The hour felt like a day. Nobody was there for me to talk to, and I had just woke up, so I couldn’t fall asleep again. I ignored the breakfast they gave me, but took the apple juice. But what difference was it from my real life? I never talked to anybody.

      The ADHD in me wanted to get out, and I wanted to do something. I couldn’t stand doing nothing. I looked around a lot, and jumped at every noise or creak. Every once and awhile I was allowed to get up and use the bathroom. After what seemed like forever, the nurse came back.

      “Good news and bad news, Kyra. The good news- you’re allowed to go. All of the tests came back good, so you are free. But the bad news. We can’t take you off of the anti- depressants ad you’re going to need more of them. I’m sorry,” the nurse explained.

      “It’s fine,” I lied.

      They put me in a wheelchair, and I was taken down to the lobby. They checked me out, and all of that other fun stuff. They asked if I had a ride, and I told them yes, even though I didn’t I told them that I could walk out to the car myself, and left with all of my stuff. On the way home, I was thinking about today. The past few days. Did they really like me?


      Did they think I was just another fan?


      Shut up. I told myself. I could last a little bit longer without pills. I walked up the steps to my door, and took out my key, but noticed the door was unlocked. Usually my aunt would be at work. Maybe she just left it unlocked by accident. I opened the door, and the lights were off. I flipped on the light, and nearly had a heart- attack.

      “SURPRISE!!!!” some people screamed.

      Those people were Serenity, my aunt, and the band. I’ve never truly had a surprise party, only ones within my family. I’ve never really had friends before, though. Except for my brother. The shock caused me to jump, and I hit the table, causing the lamp to fall over and break. Tears sprung to my eyes. It had nothing to do with the lamp, though. It had to do with the fact that I had people who actually cared about me.

      “Guys! You didn’t have to-“

      “Don’t be stupid! You deserve it. You just got out of the hospital, and you made a couple of friends. I think that accomplishment deserves a little award, you know, after all you’ve been through. Plus it’s your birthday!” Serenity said, patting me on the back. “Here, I got you something,” She handed me a small box with black wrapping paper and a neon green bow.

      I forced a smile. “Seriously, I don’t need it. You don’t have to waste your money on me,” I protested. I completely forgot about my birthday. All of this drama . . . . . I was turning eighteen. I was no longer a kid. It felt great.

      “No. Open it,” she insisted.

      I sighed and went over to the couch. I tore open the wrapping paper. Inside was a box. “Oh, gee. A box. My favorite!” I joked, but my tone wasn’t the happiest. I opened the box. Inside the box was a Pierce the Veil T-shirt. On top was the Black Veil Bride’s symbol necklace. Another silver necklace was in there. It was a heart, and it said believe. A sticky note was on top of it all.

      You’re beautiful, no matter what they say. Stay strong. I’ll always be there. <3

      Andy had gotten me a pair of Batman pajama pants, and fifty dollars. Gift by gift, everybody gave me theirs. At the end, I thanked everybody. They didn’t have to.

      “Anyone up for cake” Serenity piped up.

      Everybody seemed to agree, and we all ended up at the kitchen table. I sat next to Serenity and Andy, Andy net to Ashley, Ashley next to CC, CC next to Jake, Jake next to Jinxx, Jinxx next to Sammi, Sammi next to my aunt, and my aunt on the other side of Serenity. The cake was yellow with white frosting. Blue and black music notes were everywhere, and the Black Veil Brides symbol was huge in the middle.

      “So I’m guessing you REALLY like our band?” Andy smirked. I blushed.

      Everybody sang happy birthday and we all dug in. Nobody talked to much. The cake was delicious. We had some ice cream too, doused in sprinkles. After awhile of eating, I excused myself to use the bathroom. When I go up there, I ran over to the toilet and forced my hand down the back of my throat. I puked up everything I’ve had. I flushed the toilet, and washed my hands, making it sound like I used the bathroom. Not even bothering to step on the scale, I ran back down.

      “Hey, I don’t feel good,” I exclaimed with a weak smile. “I’m going to go to bed for the night, if it’s okay with you guys.” I kissed my aunt on the cheek, and ran to my room. I got changed into my pajamas, including my new batman pants. I washed off the makeup and got into my bed, pulling the covers over my shivering body.

      They’re all glad you’re gone. Now that you’re gone, they’re all going to have a good time. They all knew you puked up your food, and they still think your fat, you ugly whore.

      I ignored the voices and tried to fall asleep. They kept bothering me. I pulled the blankets up over my head and kept rolling around, hoping to shake them away. “No,” I mumbled. “No, please! Go away!” I felt somebody sit down on the side of the bed.

      Slowly, I pulled the covers off of my head. It was only Andy.

      “Wh-what are you doing?” I asked.

      “Everybody else left. We heard you screaming “no” and I decided to come up and check on you,” he explained. “You okay?”

      “Yeah, they’re just bothering me again. The voices, I mean. Nothing unusual.” I said casually.

      “Awe, I’m sorry. Do you want me to get your pills?” he offered.

      “No, I’m a big girl. I can tough it out. If they get too bad, I can get up and get them myself. I have legs, and they’re not broken.”

       “A big girl, huh? Okay, whatever. I’m probably going to stay the night on the couch. Just call me if you need me,” he walked out, but froze at the door frame. He turned around and sat back down on the bed. “Will you do one thing for me?”

      “It depends,” I answered.

      “Please stop. Please stop cutting. Please stop puking up your food. I think you’re beautiful, and you’re hurting yourself. It’s not going to get any better if you keep doing what you’re doing. Find something happier to do. Please? For me?” he leaned in and kissed me. I kissed back, but then pulled away.

      “I can’t promise that,” I told him quietly. He sighed and walked out.



      What do you have to say about that? I asked the voices in my head.

      What do I have to say? I have to say that he feels bad for you because of how stupid you are. He’s playing games with you. Remember, he has a girlfriend? Juliet Simms. He would rather have you be like her. I mean, look at her. She’s perfect! Compared to her, you’re a freaking troll. Go to hell. Just kill yourself, and you won’t have to deal with this anymore.

      I sighed. The voice would always take every little bit of happiness I had in me, and suck it out, like a vacuum. I rolled over, and fell asleep. It’s not like I got any real sleep, though. A dream bothered me throughout the night.

“Well, what do you know? You’re back!” she said coldly.

I was in the same room as my last dream. She walked into the light once again.

“I see you’re not worrying about my warning. I told you that they’re coming,” she exclaimed.

“I can’t really worry when you don’t tell me what’s going on,” I told her. “And can you please give me your name? You still haven’t answered that question. In fact, you haven’t answered barely any of my questions, at all.”

“Patience. It’s a clear skill you lack. It’s probably another reason everybody hates you. Look at what will happen if you don’t prepare,” she waved her hand, and my dream changed.

I watched. We were in what looked like a desert. I could see a small house in the distance and a few shrubs here and there. There was a girl a few feet away, and she was crying over a few people. I realized that girl was me. Those people, they were Andy, Serenity, CC, Ashley, and Jinxx. Jake and my aunt were not there. Another boy was there, too, but I couldn’t tell who. When I got a closer look, I saw my face was tear-stained and everybody else was dead. Their faces were bloody and their bodies were bruised. I gasped.

The scene changed again. We were back in the room we started in.

“See what I mean?” she half-yelled.

“Yeah. I can see that you’re trying to overpower me. You’re trying to ruin every bit of happiness I have in me,” I confronted.

“I would if I could. If you don’t believe me, fine. It’s your choice,” she shrugged.

      I woke up with a start. The sunlight peered through the shutters. I yawned, and slowly got up. I slipped on my slippers and trudged down the stairs, probably looking terrible. The farther I got down the stairs, the more I could hear laughing. A familiar type of laughing.

      “Hey, Kyra!” Andy greeted, finishing up laughing.

      “Hey, what’s going on?” I asked tiredly.

      “Oh, I was just getting to know your aunt. She’s actually really nice and, uh, funny,” he said distractedly. I could tell he was thinking about last night. I couldn’t stop, either. It came out of nowhere, yet it happened so quickly.

      “Well thank you, Andy!” my aunt exclaimed. He smiled awkwardly. Quickly, I changed the subject.

      “So-o-o-o-o-o, how, um, does, um, you do?” my voice raised pitch at the end.

      He gave a small chuckle. “I had fun, but I have to go. I’ll see you tomorrow though, okay?” He raised his eyebrows.

      I gave a weak smile. “Yup.” He left. I breathed out heavily.

      “He’s a nice boy. At first, I didn’t trust him, but he’s alright. He’s also dating  girl named Juliet. I hear she’s very pretty. I have to leave to, for work, and I’m working late. I’ll be home around nine at the latest,” she told me. The part about Juliet sent a pang of hurt through me.

      She’s right. She thinks Juliet is a lot prettier than you. So does Andy. So does everybody else. You wish you were her, don’t you? You wish you could have Andy like her. Admit it. You want him. You want to get all up inside him and-

      “STOP!” I yelled aloud. My aunt looked over. “Sorry, just, I’ll go take my pills,”

      I ran up to the bathroom to retrieve my pills. I took them, and put them away. My aunt yelled up from above that she was leaving. I heard the door slam, and I was all alone. I headed to my room, to write in my notebook and listen to music.

      Max, if you’re out there, please respond. I’m still living in the same house where we used to laugh and play. I’ve worried about you every day. I haven’t spent one day where I forgot about you. Please, Max. I want to know if you’re alive. Please, Max, I-

      I sighed and crumpled up the paper. I threw it across the room, and it made it in the trashcan. I knew I wasn’t going to do anything with it, but it sometimes helped when I wrote out my feelings. For the next hour, I sat on my bed just thinking. A few minutes later, I feel into a dreamless sleep.

      I woke up to a loud band and the sound of something braking. Even though I had my music on very loudly, I could still hear the crash. Curiously, I got up and slowly crept down the stairs. It looked like nobody was there. Another loud bang and the sound of something breaking. Now I knew somebody was here. I peered around the corner, and saw two boys, maybe a little older than me, going through our stuff. One turned around and saw me. He charged at me, and I made my way up the stairs and locked myself in my room. I grabbed my knife and sat under my desk, hugging my knees close to me. Nobody came in for awhile. Then I heard the door creak open. I heard the floor squeak, and then saw feet walking around the room. They found me. The same boys face appeared all of the sudden. I took a slash with my knife, and it cut his knife, only temporarily slowing him down. The other boy grabbed my knife and threw it aside.  I struggled, but he dragged me out from under the desk and duck taped my mouth, tied my hands together, and put a sack over my head. They carried me out of the house, along with a few other things. I heard a car door open, and I was thrown aside. The door closed, and I was engulfed in darkness.

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