The secret that changed my life

Blurb: Trust is an odd thing. What makes you trust someone, how can you trust some people and not others. Like paper once your trust has been crumpled it can never be perfect again. And when people ruin your trust it hurts, but it hurts more when it was the one person who you would never expect, the one person who loved you and the one person who you loved.


3. Sofie

I remember it was a beautiful day. The sun shone brightly, causing me to squint a little every time I looked out of the car window, the sky a perfect blue with small fluffy clouds leaving little shade on the green lush fields. Small birds flew up the fields and I watched them with fascination as they got higher and higher. I remember thinking about the freedom that they must feel, the capability to go anywhere that their little hearts desired. It was a wonderful thought. I longed to be able to travel, as much as I loved Norfolk, I wanted to go further, and I wanted to see the world! The beautiful mountains, dangerous jungles, hot deserts. I wanted to see things, do things, the thought of this made me smile.

The houses that lined the roads were large and beautiful, I started to day dream about what it would be like to be wealthy and all the amazing things I could do with the money. I was prone to day dreaming and it caused me to miss many important conversations that I should probably pay attention to, but I didn’t care at the time. I loved being able to go into my own little world that no one knew about and I loved that I could forget about the real world.

I snapped out of my day dream as we got close to Norfolk, I could feel myself getting excited. It was a beautiful place with loads of new people for me to meet. I was ridiculously sociable, and I accepted and loved everyone that I met. I didn’t care what people looked like or what they did with their lives; if they were nice to me I would love them. As nice an asset as this seems it was more dangerous than anything. I would spend hours a day meeting and talking to strangers, I never thought anything bad of this as the majority of people I met had been lovely. I would soon prove myself wrong though.

We arrived at the caravan site, I pushed my face as close to the window as possible, as if I could push my way through the glass so as I could be out of the car and start my holiday. I realised what I was doing and remembered my age so soon stopped this and embarrassingly sat back normally in the car.

Our caravan was big, it was like a bungalow. I loved living life like I was rich, and thankfully my parents enjoyed this feeling too. They would buy the most extravagant belongings and they would always make sure we went on large expensive holidays. Even though it was just a camping site Mum had made sure it was the best in Norfolk. Near our caravan there was a club house, with a games room, dance floor, restaurant, sports room, and of course a bar. I thought this was the most amazing place, there were so many things for me to do, and explore and so many people for me to talk to. I was buzzing with the excitement.

Our caravan was next to Tom’s caravan. I will never forget the first time I saw him. We were sitting outside on the bench next to our large caravan and I was annoying my ham and cheese sandwich that my mum had just made me. He walked past our caravan towards his own looking at me. His bright green eyes shot into mine, making my heart skip a beat, he had tanned skin and short brunette hair. He smiled when he noticed me gazing over at him, this surprised me as I didn’t notice I had been staring, I quickly looked away and tried not to look back over at him but I had to. By this point he was sitting on the steps that lead into his caravan sipping at a drink, looking back at me. I smiled, not particularly at him, just at the situation. I couldn’t believe that this beautiful boy was looking back at me. 

A small blonde boy walked around from the other side of the caravan, he stopped next to this stunning boy, and then followed his gaze over to me. I tried to look away but this tanned boy’s beauty froze my eyes on him. The small boy said something and laughed, the gorgeous looking boy smiled friendly at him and ruffled his hair a little, before standing up and going into the caravan.

I couldn’t stop thinking about this boy for the rest of that day. I couldn’t understand what it was about him that caused this reaction from me. I kept picturing his beautiful green eyes, his beautiful tanned skin and his stunning smile. I wanted to get to know him, I wanted to talk to him and learn more about him, but for some reason I couldn’t just go over to him. I wasn’t sure what it was about him, but it was like he had some mystical power over me, something that made me turn to jelly whenever I thought about him. He was just perfect.

That night my parents decided to go up to the clubhouse like place for the dance that was on. I wasn’t overly excited about this. I just wanted to see that boy again. As ridiculous and pathetic as I now know that was, I didn’t care at the time. I reluctantly put on the flowery dress my mum had picked out for me and let her tie my hair up in a bun before leaving. I hated how she still treated me like her doll, I wanted to be able to pick out my own outfits like any other normal girl, but it kept her happy and her happiness was more important to me than anything.

We walked up together. By the time we got there it had already started, music blared out of the speakers and the flashing lights made everything seem weird. I hated it. I sat alone on the table that had been squeezed into the corner, I liked it that way, and it meant no one saw me or if they did they didn’t pay much attention to me.

I let myself drift into another day dream. I stared into the lights. Suddenly I heard a voice next to me; it startled me a little bit but also caused me to snap out of my day dream. I turned to see the stunning boy who I couldn’t keep my mind off of standing next to the table smiling.

“Oh, err, hello” I instantly wished that I had thought of something better to greet him with, but that was all I managed to think of.

“You’re staying in the caravan next to mine aren’t you?”                                                                                      

“I think so, I hadn’t really noticed...” I looked away, for some odd reason I was under the impression that playing hard to get was the best way to make him like me. This was stupid, I know.

He laughed, “Don’t lie, you were staring at me just as much as I was staring at you”

I looked up suddenly, not sure what to say.

He smiled, “You want to go outside? It’s warm in here.”

I loved his casualness and confidence that he had. Everything about him gave me butterflies and stopped my usual judgement of things; he managed to somehow blur my vision and sense of reality. He made me feel like nothing mattered, it was magical.

There was a small wall just outside that he sat on. I decided not to try get onto the wall in the fear I would be unable to get on it as smoothly he did. I stood just in front of him admiring him, as he admired the stars above us.

He then looked down at me, and again I quickly looked away.  He laughed; this made it clear to me that he noticed my incapability of being smooth, or anything to do with romance. I gave up and looked at him again, for some reason, no matter how long I looked at him his beauty still stunned me every time.

“You been here before?” He asked, the odd thing was I knew that it was just small talk, but he sounded genuinely interested.

“No, it’s nice though” I wasn’t really sure what else to say to this, I didn’t want to be too blunt; I wanted the conversation to continue and never end.

I loved just being there with him, just being able to see him, and talk. Even if we weren’t talking about anything important or even vaguely interesting.

“It’s not when you come every year for the last 5 years” He smiled as he said this, his smile alone sent my heart into flutters, “I got to go, catch you tomorrow yeah?”

“Sure” I said, trying to act like I didn’t care.

I watched him dreamingly as he walked away, I couldn’t help but smile about the thought that he had just spoken to me! I was so excited; the boy of my dreams had actually spoken to me!

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