The Devil Inside

When Jess was little She dreamed of being the popular girl in high school, the one that got all the guys, went to all the parties, and had everything and anything she wanted. Turns out She didn't know what high school was really like.... And Dreams are just Dreams.


1. Sophomore Silliness

I stared at my feet as I moved quickly down the hallway. I would not look up anyone. Besides, I was going to be late for Chemistry anyway.

"Jess!" Someone called my name, but I did not respond, I needed to get to class. A tardy would look horrible on my record.

So instead, my pace sped up.

"Jess! JESS! JESSSSS!!!" Then the stranger's voice clicked in my brain. I spun around, causing me to run into a burly football player who tumbled my books to the ground.

"Nerd." He scuffed, and pushed around me.

I began to collect my books back up.

"Jess." Harry sank to his knees to help me. His glasses kept sliding down and his curls were unable to be tamed as they always appeared.

I scooped up the rest of my books and stood. "Hi, Harry." I mumbled, and brushed his arm off my shoulder in his attempt to be flirtatious.

"Going to Chem?" He asked, still continuing to walk with me.

I rolled my eyes. "Harry, how do you know my schedule?"

He smirked and looked down, causing his glasses to slip, and he pushed them up obnoxiously. "I don't..."

"You're so transparent." I smiled, then quickly covered it up. I would not give him the satisfaction of seeing me smile in his presence.

He looked up. "Wanna go to the winter dance with me?"

I exhaled, nearing my classroom. "Harry, you've asked me nearly ten times. And the answer will never change. No."

He frowned and nodded to his shoes. When he raised his head again, he gave me his puppy eyes.

"Harry." I pouted at him, crossing my arms over my chest. My class was right there, I could just leave... I looked at Harry again. His face was still in full affect. "Harry!" I laughed, and then quickly covered my mouth. "Stop." My face was serious again. I needed to regain control.

"See ya, Jess." He began to walk away, but I grabbed his arm and stopped him.

"Harry..." My voice trailed, his green eyes pierced into me. I never noticed how--BEEPPPP!!!! The buzzer rang through my ears, leaving me frozen in my tracks.

"That wasn't..." Harry mumbled.

I just nodded.

I did a 180 turn to face my classroom. There was my teacher, Mr. Andrews holding a pink slip to me. "For you, and Mr. Styles. Go. Now."

My mouth opened and closed like a guppy.

"C'mon." Harry muttered and grabbed me by the strap to my bag, slung over my shoulder.

As soon as we were out of earshot, I blew up on him. "Harry! I'm going to get a detention! We're going to get in so much trouble-"

I was cut off by Harry's lips connecting with mine.

Stunned, I shoved him off, and he smiled wildly at me.

"What the actual hell do you think you're doing?" I nearly screamed, but then realizing I was in a hallway, hushed my voice to an annoyed whisper.

"Shutting you up." He laughed, something I had never heard him do before. It was almost... cute. "It worked, didn't it?"

I wiped my lips on my shirt. "No, no it did not." I mumbled.

He took the pink slip from my hands. "So, our first detention." He stared at it.

I finished wiping my face and looked at him. "Yep." I snapped. "Now, let's go and get this over with."

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