The Devil Inside

When Jess was little She dreamed of being the popular girl in high school, the one that got all the guys, went to all the parties, and had everything and anything she wanted. Turns out She didn't know what high school was really like.... And Dreams are just Dreams.


2. Detention mishaps

When me and Harry were walking to detention out hands keep hitting each other. Everytime that happened my face turned red, I could feel it. 

"So Jessica?" Harry had this cheeky smile on his face. 

"What." I snapped. I didn't mean to be so harsh. He just looked at me with big eyes. "Sorry. It's just my first detention I'm just alittle pissed, so what did you want?"

"you never anwsered my question?" He had stopped now and his green orbs stared into my eyes. I had to admit he was pretty cute. Wait what am I say. "Hello?" He waved his had infront of my face.

"yea" I smiled answering to his hello.

"YOU WILL!" He screamed in my face. Before I knew it he was skipping down to detention. 

"Crap" I face palmed myself and began walking in his direction.  I didn't mean to say yea to the dance.


 "Jessica. Your late" Mr. Andrews snapped in my face. Ew. His breath smelled terrible.

"Sorry I-I couldn't find my way here" I lied. 

"But we were both walk-" I cut Harry off with my death stare. "I mean what?" He covered it up going back to reading whatever he was reading.

"It won't happen again" I looked around the room. There was only one seat left. Next to Harry. I didn't know there's this many people here.

I was walking to the open seat until the same football player stuck his foot out and tripped me, all my stuff went everywhere. God I only have 2 more years in this hell hole.

"Nerd" He laughed and did a hand shake with his little friends behind him.

"Don't talk to her like that!" Harry yelled at the football player jay. 

"Well what the hell are you gonna do about it?" Jay stood up and walked towards Harry. 

"This" out of know where Harry threw a punch causing jay to spit blood. Gosh I hate blood. All of a sudden I could only see black.


Harrys POV

I punched jay and Jess is out cold. Great. 

"You little shit" jay mumbled. He threw a punch but I ducked and ran to Jess. 

"Mr. Andrews! We need the nurse!" I yelled.

"Harry the nurse isn't here" the next person I thought of was my mom. She's a nurse. It's a good thing I live close to school. I scooped Jess up and ran out the door.

"MR. STYLES! GET BACK HERE" I heard Mr. Andrews yell.  I ran all the way home which took about 2 minutes.

"Mom! A little help here!!" I called placing Jess on my bed. My mum ran in . 

"Mom this is Jess, um she kinda fainted cause she saw blood. And the nurse isn't at school this late" 

"honey go get a cold compress and some water"  I ran down stairs . 


My mom told me to call her mom since she probably won't wake up for a while. Her phone was in her pocket. And I scrolled threw her contacts to 'Mummy:)'. 

"Hello?" Her mom spoke threw the phone.

"erm, hi this is Harry, Jess' friend, well she fainted at school and the nurse wasn't there so I brought her home for my mum to look at her. An I just wanted to tell you she's here." 

"What was she doing after school!? And wa it cause she saw blood? She does that alot." 

"Yea, and We had detention" 

"well Harold I'm not home for a week neither is her father were on a trip.  So when she wakes up would you give us a call?" 


"Thank you nice talking to you."

"okay bye"

I hung up the phone and walked back to my room and set it next to Jess. While my mum was doing whatever she needed to do. wen she returned I told her about Jess and how we're going to the winter dance together. I'm so happy she said yes!


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