Forever & Always ..

After a terrible fight with her dad Shelby , ran away , she moved on her own . Her mom doesn't know she has moved she doesn't know anything about it . SHelby moved to England , Cheshire , England .


2. I think I love you ?

Harry showed me where his room was he had a king sized bed perfect for the both of us . What ? I said to myself . Why am I talking like that ? I barely know him , but he is cute and really nice . I guess I can just find out what will happen when we go to bed . I'm actually kind of nervous . Why ?  I'm not quite sure . " Shelby !!! " Harry screaming my name from downstairs , " hold on !! " I yelled back .  I came down the stairs with pink yoga shorts with one of his sweatshirts , it smelled really good I couldn't resist . He looked at me and chuckled .. " what ? " " you look great ! " " so do you , what did you call me for ? " " I needed to know if you were dressed and apparently you are . " he chuckled . " so to the bed we go . " I pretended to be asleep for about an hour to see if he was going to try anything .. I felt his arm go around me , he pulled me close and whispered " I think I love you .. " my heart dropped . I didn't know what to do . Soon after that I realized I had to use the bathroom so I moved his arm and went , when I got back he was in the same place I left him . When I got back to bed he asked " is everything okay ? " " yepp " I said . Something didn't feel right like something was missing . Hmmm .. He turned around so I turned around , I played with his hair while he was asleep , I kissed his cheek and said " thank you for everything , I think I might love you too .. " it's kind of weird saying that to someone you barely know right ? Maybe just a little . Soon enough I had fallen asleep . 

That morning I woke up in his arms , I turned around and nudged him a little to wake him up " Good Morning , beautiful " he said with his perfect smile , " Good Morning " I said blushing , I got out of bed and went to get my stuff  , " Shelby , are you leaving me this early ? " He said in a worried tone , " Noo Harry ! I'm just getting my stuff ready for the day , do you mind if I take a shower , though ? " I chuckled , " Oh okay , and yeah go ahead when get out I need to tell you something . " , " Thanks and alright . " I said with a smile . After my shower I grabbed the towel that was on the sink dried off and got dressed  , I walked out with a off white shirt , dark blue jeans , and my black hi-top converse and my hair in a wet messy bun . I went downstairs and asked Harry what he needed to tell me , he said " I wasn't asleep when you kissed me last night .. " He smirked , " I wasn't asleep when you said you might love me . Looks like we have something in common . " I laughed . After that I looked into his green beautiful eyes and we made eye contact and he got closer and closer until my phone started ringing he laughed , I couldn't resist it was pretty funny I ran to the couch and answered it ,

Me : " Hello ? "
Marissa :   " Hello ? Shelby ?! Are you okay ? Where are you ? Are you some where safe ? I'm coming to get you ! Just tell me where you are ! "

Me : " Rissa ! Rissa ! Chiilllll . I'm alright ! Okay , I'm actually in London .. but I'm safe I met this guy , his name is Harry . He is really nice , I stayed with him last night . 
Marissa : London ? What ?! Why the hell are you all the way in London ?! How the hell did you even get enough money to go there ? Also what do you mean by some guy ? So you're saying you found some random guy off the street and he offered you stay at his house for a day ? No . You don't do that ! 

Me : Rissa , it's not like that though .. & I'll text you the story .. its not something I'd like to talk about right now . Also , Harry isn't some random guy , actually it was poring rain and it was cold and at like 12 in the morning , I ran to the nearest dry place and I leaned on his door bell by accident  , he answered and I asked he said yes . He is a nice guy & very much respectful .

Marissa : Alright , and whatever you say Shelby , just be careful . I'll most likely be in London on Friday so in 2 days , where will you be by then ? 

Me : Most likely the streets ! I didn't asked if I could stay the week that would just be to much , I mean he feeds me and let me stay at his house and didn't even know me I call that luck . That doesn't happen very often ya know ! But alrightyy , I'll text later , and tell whats going on love youuuu bye!

Marissa : Okayy I understand , and mkay love you bye .

" Who was that ?? " Harry asked in a concerned tone . " Oh it was just my friend , well pretty much sister she has always been there for me , so yeah that was my sister . " I said . " Oh , I thought something bad had happen and by the way your more than welcomed to stay as long as you like , I mean I never have company anyways and if I do its not big deal .. ut its up to you if you want to stay ? .. " " I'd love to stay ! There's only one more thing I would like  you to do for me , if you wouldn't mind ? " " Sure what is it ? " Go shopping with me !! My car doesn't come in until 3:00pm so if you don't mind I'm going to need a ride to the airport , then we can drive your car home then we go to the mall ! " " Haha , umm I guess .. on one condition , lets finished where we left off before your phone call . " He smiled at me , then pulled me in close and then a passionate kiss happen . 


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