Forever & Always ..

After a terrible fight with her dad Shelby , ran away , she moved on her own . Her mom doesn't know she has moved she doesn't know anything about it . SHelby moved to England , Cheshire , England .


1. Arguing ..

     " Leave me alone ! " I screamed and ran upstairs , while packing my bags . " Shelby ! You're such a bitch , your just like your mom ! " He said . I replied with " I'd rather be like her than you any day , but it doesn't matter I'm leaving . " Tears came down my face as I said that , I don't even know why , I mean I have never liked living with him . I ran out the door , grabbed my keys and my purse , while dragging to suit cases . I started my car and just starting to drive I didn't really know where I was going , I couldn't really trust anyone to be honest , so I had no one to turn to , well I had my mom , but if I we're to bring her into it things would just get worse . I didn't feel bad leaving like I did , I was just sick of everything and everyone . I had saved a whole bunch of money for a crisis like this so I could go some where , I had enough money for a plane ticket & some extra stuff . It was a big decision to make , but I know it would be worth it . I went and bought a ticket , I already had luggage so that was no big deal . So there I was after a long flight , I was in Cheshire , England . " Perfect " I said to myself . I looked at my phone it was from my boyfriend he said " Hey babe , is everything okay your dad said you had ran off ? Where are you ? " Tears can down my face as I replied telling him " We need to break up .. "


Austen : " Babe ? What ? Why ? Please don't do this I love you with all my heart . "
Me : " I'm sorry , I love you . Things aren't working out for me , I've moved out of Virginia , & I'm not coming back , I'm in London .. "
Austen : " What ?! Why ? You didn't even talk to me about this ?! What a girlfriend you are . "
Me : " Wtf Austen ? Last time I checked , I don't need your ' permission ' to move , tell people whatever you want , but bye I'm changing my number to so have a nice life , bye ! "
Austen : " Bye . "

I was walking through a ton of streets then it started to rain , so I ran to the nearest porch , you can say I guess . I was soaked , it was horrible all of it even my luggage , " Great . " I said to myself then I leaned and hit the person door bell , " Omfg , I thought to myself what if they put a gun in my face or something ?! " I said to myself , I'm so scared.. " Hello Beautiful . " Said the guy , he was so cute , oh my . He had curly hair , green eyes , and a perfect smile plus dimples , well I should've leaned on his door bell earlier . I froze , and looked at what I was wearing , I had of a ' P.I.N.K ' sweat outfit on with some tan Uggs . I didn't look the best the rain made my hair curl up , & not in a good way . I was still frozen , " Um , Um , H-hi .. " I stuttered , he chuckled " Are you lost ? "  " Well to tell the truth , I don't know . I just moved here , I got off my plane all alone so I don't know anyone , this is the first time I've ever been here , besides when I was little ."

" Now you know someone , I'm Harry , Harry Styles . What's your name ? "
" Shelby , Shelby Ra.. Maire . " I stopped myself from saying my last name I was kind of ashamed of being his daughter . So , I'm just going to go by my middle name as my last name , it sounds proper , I think . He pulled me in his house , oh and did I mention he only has on shorts ? Oh my gosh .. he was so perfect . " How old are you ? " He asked , " 19 " I said . He replied with " Haha , me too . " Would you like a beer or something ? " " Sure.. um , Harry I know we just met and all but
would you mind if I were to stay a night ? I can promise I'll be out by 9 a.m . " I begged . He looked at me and laughed and said " Now why would I say no to such a beautiful girl , or lady like you ? Oh what I wouldn't yes you can stay and you don't have to be out of the at a certain time , it's no big deal I'm not doing anything tomorrow , oh and you can take me bed . " "No I can't do that I'll sleep here , it's fine . " Nooo , you can just take me bed . " " Or we could just share  .. " I said under my breath queitly , well apparently not queit enough , he said " What a great idea ! " I just laughed and said " Well I'm kind of tired . Can you show me where your room is ? "

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