How to love someone like you

What if you are on a holiday in Spain with your best friend when you suddenly run into the boys of the world famous boyband, One Direction. You fall in love with Harry Styles, but you're relationship is tough to keep together. Fans that try to murder you and problems with your family. Also you try to keep the friendship of the boys together when you find out that Liam is actually your twin brother and Niall tries to kiss you while he's dating your best friend. A Love story with lots of twists and turns.

(a One Direction Fan Fiction. Partly written with my best friend Megan <3 (Love you sis!) Hope You like it!!! <3)


1. The beginning

 Zoey POV. 

I walked towards the bar with Megan. The Spanish sun was so warm that we needed something to drink. We walked in, ordered some drinks and sat down. The Barman turned up the music and I heard the radioDJ say the name of the next artist; One Direction. "Megan, listen!" I said. It was More Than This, my all-time favorite. Megan and I were Directioners. As the music played I softly sang along. I heard laughter and the door of the bar opening. After a few seconds it was almost like the music turned up, but it wasn't. The people that had come in started to sing along. I turned around and looked who the people were. With a shock I turned back and Megan said to me: "Am I dreaming or are the boys of One Direction standing right there singing More Than This?"


Megan POV.

I had to be dreaming. Zoey and I were in a small village in the middle of nowhere in Spain and One Direction, our favorite boyband, had just walked into our little café. I looked over and saw Niall's blond hair. I always had a crush on him. When he turned around he looked me straight in the eyes. I quickly looked away but I saw him smiling. I couldn't help it, but I also started to smile.


Niall POV

We had just ordered our drinks and I was about to sit down when I saw this girl looking at me. She made me fall in love with her immediately. She wasn't very tall but I wasn't either. She had this beautiful blond hair which lay on her shoulders and it glowed because of the sunlight. And then her eyes.. Oh Boy, her eyes. She had beautiful blue, greyish eyes with a little sparkle in it. When she quickly looked away, I smiled. She also smiled with the most beautiful smile I had ever seen in my entire life. I think I fell in love with a girl from who I didn't even know a name. I looked at the girl next to her. She was very different. She was tall and she had long brown hair with a colored lace in it. She looked at me with two beautiful sea-blue eyes. She smiled, I smiled back and I looked at the other girl again. Then I heard someone whisper in my ear: "Niall, stop staring at those beautiful ladies and come sit with us." Harry was holding a tray with our drinks on it. "Alright," I smiled and followed him. 


Zoey POV

I looked how Niall scanned Megan. He looked like he would come over and kiss her, he looked like he was in love. When Harry came up to him, Niall laughed with his adorable laugh and he walked towards the other boys. Harry smiled and winked at me and he walked away with the tray after Niall. "Niall was looking at you," I told Megan. She had her shy smile on her face. The one she always had when she liked someone. She said: "I don't want to say much but Mr. Styles was staring at you." I could feel I was blushing. My favorite member of the band was actually Louis, but Harry was so handsome... I got up and said:" Be right back," nodding with my head in the direction of the restroom. I walked passed the boys table. When I stepped behind Harry's chair, he pushed his chair back, pushing me over...


Louis POV.

I saw the brown haired girl, where Harry had talked about, walking in our direction. She wanted to walk past Harry when he suddenly pushed back his chair. "Harry, watch out behind you." I said. Harry quickly turned around and he caught the girl easily. We jumped up and her blond haired friend, which Niall apparently liked a lot, rushed over. 


Harry POV.

I turned around quickly when Louis warned me. In the corner of my eye I saw her falling. I could catch her but I saw I had hurt her. "Are you alright?" She looked at me with those beautiful sea-blue eyes. "Yeah, I'm alright, part from the fact I'm hanging in your arms." She smiled at me. I pulled her up and said: "I'm so sorry, what about me, buying you a drink, to make up? I'm Harry by the way." She looked speechless, but her friend took over; "That would be lovely, I'm Megan and this is Zoey, and we know who you are. We're kind of big fans." Megan blushed. "Come sit with us," Liam said. Niall got up and he said: "Megan, take this chair, I'm gonna get another round of drinks. What shall I order for you?" That crazy Irish Boy, he was in love.. We sat there for a while and we talked with the girls. I started to like Zoey more every second. She told me she came from Holland and that she was here on a holiday together with her best friend, in the house of her grandparents. She was 18 years old and she was a big basketball fan (which interested Liam a lot). "But what are you guys doing in this little village? I thought you were on tour." She asked me. I looked at the other guys and said: "We needed a little holiday and Niall's parents have a holiday house near this village. So we thought, why don't we go there!" Zoey seemed to know exactly which house it was after we explained her. When she told which house was her grandparents', Louis said: "But thats the big house with the swimming pool! Remember guys? When we drove past it when we arrived, we said we would love to have a private swimming pool!" "Well, why don't you guys come over tomorrow and then we could go swimming together and after that we'll have a barbeque!" Zoey smiled while throwing the plan into the group.  "I think the boys and I should talk about that, but why don't you give me your number so I can call you when we know." I looked at the guys and they smiled at me. "Alright, here it is," Zoey said while handing me her number, "It's getting late, C'mon Megan. It was nice meeting you boys, and call me if you want to come over tomorrow." Zoey stood up and gave us all a hug. Hugging me as the last one. She held me a little longer than the others. She smelled like a vanilla milkshake. When she let go, She waved at the barman and walked out with Megan. I followed her till the door was closed. "Shall we go there tomorrow?" I asked the others. "Definately!" Niall responded. The others nodded and I took my phone. I texted Zoey; 'See you tomorrow, Beautiful, we'll be there round mid-day. I love you x H. Styles <3'. 


(A/N. I'll try to post the second part tomorrow, but can't promise it. Hope you like it so far <3 And I'm so sorry if I made some Spelling or Grammer mistakes in the text(I'm from Holland...) Xxx LillyStylinson)



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