7. Tears fall down (just a dream)

A tear starts to form And rolls down my face Tears start to fall As I lose all my strength Tears form in ur eyes As I take my last breath Tears fall down From ur icy blue eyes U hold me close Crying and yelling my name Rocking me back and forth Tears dry on ur face and mine U hold me close one more time To find that I'm not really gone In time U hear my voice calling ur name U look around But see nothing I say ur name one more time And say to look harder U close ur eyes Only to see darkness U hear my voice And start to cry I say don't cry I'm still here Look harder Down inside A light appears And comes to u It's me In a different form U cry for joy But it don't last I disappear And ur alone in the dark once again To find It was only just a dream And I'm really gone
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